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Just before the show starts a limo pulls up in the parking lot.The door opens and out steps Vince McMahon.He heads toward the lockers.

The usual pyros and music begin and the show starts.

J.R:Ladies and gentleman welcome to RAW!We have an action packed show for you tonight including the highly anticipated Cage match between Chris Benoit and Triple H

King:Don't forget the bra and panties match J.R, PUPPIES!!!

J.R: What do you find so good about puppies anyway,King?

King:Are you kidding me!! Puppies are gods greatest invention.

J.R: All that later, anyway we start the show with a 1 on 1 singles with Matt Hardy Version 1.0 and Christian.

1st Match- Matt Hardy Vs Christian

The match begins with a lock up and then a push from Matt Hardy pushing Christian to the floor.Christian gets up and as Matt run towards him for an attack he reverses it into an irish whip and then starts punching matt at the turnbuckles. As Christian gains momentum he comes off the ropes and is hung out to dry by a thunderous clothesline from Hardy. Both men are down until the count of six when Matt returns to his feet, he picks up Christian and gives him a snapmare. He then picks Christian up and goes for the Twist of fate but Christian reverses it and then gives Hardy a low-blow which is not seen by the referee and gives Hardy the Unprettier to finish him off. 1....2....3...
Winner- Christian
Match Duration-9 minutes.


When we return Vince McMahon is standing in the ring with a mic in his hands an an evil look on his face.

Vince: I am here tonight for one and one reason only. Now since Eric Bischoff was appointed GM my ratings have dropped like a 93 year old womans breasts. You see Eric, tonight is the first night there has been any real action on RAW and do you know why there is action tonight Eric? Because i had to make the damn matches. Theres been no real wrestling for years. Do you remember the good old days with wrestlers like (as Vince says each name the croud cheers)Jimmy 'Super Fly' Snuka, Hulk Hogan and dare i even say Stone cold steve Austin.
Well Eric, as of tonight you're not going to have to worry about my ratings because Eric Bischoff, YOU'RE FIRED!!! I will announce the next Gm after the cage match inside the ring!!

The croud again cheers.

Match 2- The Hurricane/ Superhero Rosey Vs Randy Orton/Ric Flair

The match begins Hurricane and Flair in the ring and Flair starts to work on punching Hurricane with bodyshots. He then whips him into the corner and kicks hurricane in the chest. Flair then cockily walk over to Orton and gets the tag. Meanwhile Hurricane is still down and as he tries to get to his feet is once more stomped on,his time by Orton. Orton picks up Hurricane and whips him into the ropes as he goes for a clothesline Hurricane ducks out of the way goes back against the ropes then both men hit a double clothesline. They are both down until the count of 8, first man to his feet is Hurricane and he goes to tag Rosey.

Just as Rosey comes in the *Don't try this at home* trailer comes on.

Back with the match Rosey is in control of Randy Orton giving him various suplexes and then a rake to the eye. Flair comes into the ring and knocks Rosey over then he gets Rosey in the figure-four leg lock and Rosey taps out. The referee rings the bell but Hurricane protests and tells the referee Flair was not the legal man and the match continues. However as Hurricane is talking to the referee outside the ring Flair holds Hurricane back whilst inside the ring Rosey receives an RKO and i pinned. 1....2....3...
Winners- Randy Orton/ Ric Flair
Match Duration-17 minutes.


As we return Eric Bischoff takes the picture of himself off the wall and stares at it for a while he then puts it under his arm and heads for the parking lot.As he steps in to his limo the croud start singing "Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!!" Bischoff takes one last look behind him, then leaves.

Match 3- Stacy Keibler Vs Victoria- Bra + Panties

This match is quite quick and consists of lots of hair pulling and screaming. In the end Victoria slams Stacy to the ground stands on her hair and pulls off both her t-shirt and skirt.
Winner- Victoria
Match Duration-4 minutes

There is a 2-3 minute long video clip on the titantron about the rivalry of Triple H and Chris Benoit. Things include, Chris Benoits victory at the Royal Rumble and other things.


J.R: This match is gonna be cruel king.
King: I know i can't wait much longer.
J.R:Well you dont have too King 'cos the match start right after this.

The *Dont try this at home* video is played again.

As we return the cage is coming down and lights are flashing.
Match 4-Chris Benoit Vs Triple H- Cage
The match starts with blows received and given by both opponents. Benoit Irish whips Triple H into the cage who looks drowsy and then gives him the trademark three german suplexes. More clubbing blows occur and Benoit again gets the advantage laying Triple H out. Benoit then getsTriple H on his shoulder and rms his head into the steel many times. He then lays Triple H in the middle of the ring. He thinks about the cover but then he decides to climb out when it looks like Benoit is about to win the match he turns round and looks down at Triple H who is Unconcious. He prepares himself then dives off the top of the 15ft Cage and headbutts Triple H.Benoit also hits the referee who was checking Triple h's health at the time. As both men are down Evolution start to appear and start climbing into the cage. At this point Benoit has just put the barely conscious Triple H in a Crippler Crossface. Evolution then get in the ring and start to hit Benoit and smash him into the cage and knock him out. They then lie Triple H on top of Benoit and climb out the cage as the referee regains consciousness and head back up the ramp. The referee sees Triple H n tp and begins the count. 1....2....3...
Winner-Triple H
Match Duration-21 minutes

Vince Mcmahon is back in the ring and has a mic.

Vince:Now i told you earlier that there was going to be a new GM on RAW and i'm not going to waste any time in introducing her to you. Ladies and gentleman i give your new GM........................ My daughter Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie comes out and gives her dad a hug and puts her hands on her hips as the show goes off the air.

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Good. Might wanna use bold and italics. Oops thats Grendills job. i just started using them. anyway great show. I hope you continue this.

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Good show, when will the next be up - if there is a next one?
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