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Call it corny if you'd like, but I think the WWE should have Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins back together again. Keep the same attire that they have now, and not some generic tag team attire. Keep the tag team attire for special occasions like this past Monday's RAW. I thought the name Midnight Ryders would make sense, and it's of a tribute to the Midnight Express, and Zack/Curt's "wrestling last names" when they were a tag team.

Right now with the state that the WWE tag team division is in, they could stand to use more tag teams. Since finding their own "act", both men have come some way. Curt is in a tag team right now with Archer, as the Gate Crashers? Zack is going singles, and was formerly a WWE Pro on the NXT 2.

"The Long Island Stallion" Zack Ryder back together again with his former tag team partner Curt Hawkins. I like their respective looks, and I think they could be a solid tag team this time around. Over the years, they have both picked up some charisma, and made sense of what type of act they want to be.

Do away with Archer because he sucks, and he belongs in TNA.
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