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The Masters Of Bumps?

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So, who is the best at taking a bump, in your opinion, and making it look legit?
Remember, this isn't who can take the hardest bump, but who can sell a move.

I haven't been watching wrestling long, about 3 or 4 years now, and I know a lot about many things before I started, but I don't get to experience them like some of you guys did. So, I can only really think of Dolph Ziggler as a good one. And I once saw Swagger get hit with the Trouble In Paradise and I replayed it about 50 times just seeing the way he sold it.

Anyway, who do you think is the best?
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Guys, like I said in the first post. It's not who took the hardest bumps, it's who can sell them the best. I didn't want this to be a "OHH LOOK AT HOW HARD THIS GUY GOT HIT! dsfbsakfd!" sort of deal. Posts like the Tommy Dreamer videos from Trouble Trouble was perfect.
Dolph is amazing.

I would've posted some Dolph sells, but I need 10 posts, so I can wait xD I liked that one, just flopping over like he's dead rather than a possible oversell.
Perhaps the thread title is misleading.
That's probably what it is. WIsh I could change it, but meh.

I've never actually seen a Benoit match, so I can't comment there. Like I said, only watched wrestling for about 3-4 years now xD
Bzzt, wrong. Being a great seller means you make things look painful that AREN'T. Being hurt by something that actually hurts isn't selling, it's being in pain.
I sort of disagree with that. I mean, it's still selling if they make it look like their more hurt then they actually are. Even if it is painful. I dunno, just me.
And I can finally post links now :D Here are some highlights from Ziggler selling.
1 - 6 of 87 Posts
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