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The Makdafi Report #1: WWE Raw 5/7/12

Main Points On WWE Raw: 5/7/12
  1. John Laurinaitis Is The New Mr. McMahon
  2. The Summer Of Lesnar
  3. Can Cena Overcome The Odds
  4. Championships Are Passe

1.John Laurinaitis is obviously being maneuvered into the Mr. McMahon role. WWE on this episode of Raw couldn't have beaten you over the head with that fact anymore obviously. Even to the point of having Eve who is the "Executive Administrator to John Laurinaitis" humiliate The Big Show after he mocked Johnny Ace's raspy voice by Eve calling him a "40 year old freak". And demanding that Big Show "apologize" for his actions.

2. The Summer of Lesnar is upon us. This is a blatant copy of last years CM Punk "shoot promo". Just with a newly returning Paul Heyman acting as the designated talker for Lesnar. Hopefully HHH doesn't derail Lesnar like he did to CM Punk.

3.Cena is being positioned as pretty much the same character as he was before The Rock came back to WWE. The sarcastic tone, and the over the top phony rage.

4. The concept of being a champion and that being the motivation for all wrestlers, is a dead concept. CM Punk who is the current WWE Champion seemed more concerned with John Cena beating Johnny Ace than he did with his championship.

Match Of The Show

Orton/Sheamus Vs Del Rio/Jericho was the obvious match of the show. It was probably the highlight of the show. Going 9:50, Jericho pinned Sheamus after Jericho got out of the way of a Sheamus brogue kick, that hit Randy Orton, allowing Jericho to secure the pinfall victory.

After the match Orton hit a repentant Sheamus with a RKO, which lead to a backstage segment featuring all 4 men, arguing and hitting each other, with John Laurinaitis making the match a Fatal 4 Way match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Over The Limit.


Total Time Of Show: 1:31:34
Non Wrestling Time: 1:04:57
Wrestling Time(Bell To Bell): 26:37
% Of Wrestling Content(Bell To Bell): 28.870155463104886

Around 29 percent of WWE Raw: 5/7/12 was wrestling content, as in from bell to bell. Which to me, it doesn't matter how much wrestling content is on an episode, considering every show has multiple purposes it's trying to fulfill.

Here's some other statistics I was interested in knowing, so I kept score during the show........

Number Of Times A Wrestler/Character Told You Their Name:
5 (Laurinaitis-3, Miz-1, Heyman-1)

The Number Of Times "WWE" Was Said During This Episode: 63

Yes during WWE Raw: 5/7/12, the company name was said 63 times. What's interesting about this, is for secondary championships, WWE does not preface the name of the championship with the company name. So with the IC Championship, WHC(secondary to WWE Championship), Divas, you don't get "WWE". You do get the company name with obviously the WWE Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship.

John Cena Namedrops(The Number Of Times John Cena's Name Was Said): 42

John Laurinatis Namedrops(The Number Of Times John Laurinatis's Name(First/Last/Nickname) Was Said: 80

Even for the non subtle world of WWE, saying someone's name 80 times during the broadcast of a show that lasts around 90 minutes is a little excessive.

Notable, Interesting Or Humorous Quotes From WWE Raw: 5/7/12​

Jerry Lawler: "Let's rewrite some more history."
Michael Cole(In an envious manner): "Can you imagine being Miz's mom?"
Mark Henry(During "B A Star" propaganda video): "You look at me and say that dude is 400lbs, nobody bully him, we'll you would be surprised."
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