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The Main Event and A-Dusts WWE

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Well, The Main Event and myself have decided to do a company together. The WWE I was writing has been cancelled apart from the Raws, but they are taking a while to write anyway. So, here is the information.

Company: World Wrestling Entertainment
Promoter: Vince McMahon

Raw and Heat Writer: Myself
Smackdown and Velocity writer: The Main Event

WWE Raw Roster​
Chris Benoit​
Chris Jericho​
Shawn Michaels​
Randy Orton​
Jeff Jerrett​
John Bradshaw Layfield​
Kevin Nash​
Scott Hall​
Ron "The Truth" Killings​
AJ Styles​
Basham Brothers​
Americas Most Wanted​
3 Live Kru (BG James and Konnan)​
Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio​
Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young)​
Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree​
Dudley Boyz​
Charlie Haas and Rico​
Hardcore Holly and Abyss​
Kid Kash and Dallas​
Hurricane and Rosey​
Christian and Tyson Tomko​
Second City Saints (CM Punk and Colt Cabana)​
Low Ki​
Christopher Daniels​
Spike Dudley​
Jushin Liger​
Chris Sabin​
Ultimo Dragon​
Jerry Lynn​
Petey Williams​
Shannon Moore​
Taka Michinoku​
Paul London​
James Tighe​
Aviv Maayan​
Max Voltage​
Lioness Aska​
Trish Stratus​
Gail Kim​
Molly Holly​
General Manager: Eric Bischoff​
Manager: Hiroko Suzuki​
Commentator: Michael Cole​
Commentator: Tazz​
Commentator: Mike Tenay​
Interviewer: Josh Matthews​
Announcer: Tony Chimmel​

World Title - John Bradshaw Layfield​
Intercontinental Title - Raven​
World Tag Team Titles - Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree​
Women's Title - Jazz​
World Junior Heavyweight Title - Paul London​

The Main Event will post his roster soon. I'm going to be away this week, so shows will probably start the week after. Also, we are starting from April, so Wrestlemania has already happened.

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WWE Smackdown Roster

Evolution - Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista
John Cena
Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns
Eddie Guerrero
Shelton Benjamin
Carlito Caribbean Cool and Jesus
Eugene and William Regal
Rhyno and Tajiri
Kane and Lita
Matt Hardy
La Resistance
Billy Kidman and Akio
Chavo Guerrero
The Rock
Jamie Noble
Gene Snitsky
Juvi Guerrera and Psychosis
Chuck Palumbo
Johnny Stamboli
Lance Storm
Mick Foley
Matt Morgan
Paul Heyman
Val Venis
Sean O'Haire
Simon Dean

Commentators: JR & The King
Interviewer: Jonathan Coachman
General Manager: Theodore Long

WWE Champion: Triple H
United States Champion: Carlito Caribbean Cool
WWE Tag Team Champions: Eugene and William Regal
Cruiserweight Champion: Jamie Noble

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nice rosters, this should be a great Booker

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Holy Shit

2 of the Elite Booking legends working together.

This could possibly be THE best thread BTB has ever seen. But it all depends on reliability.
If you two cannot manage to post show regularly, this thread could be a major disapointment. But if you CAN (which im sure you will) BTB history will change, and the future of BTB will change forever, good luck guys :)

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Date: 4th April 2005
Arena: Cow Palace, San Francisco, California
Attendance: 12,048

*That’s the Way*

The show begins with clips from WWE Smackdown versus Raw.

Voice: WWE Smackdown versus Raw, from THQ and Yukes, brings WWE Raw to you here tonight.

Commercials for Playstation and Burger King also air.​

The WWE Opening music plays, and when it ends a picture appears of Eric Bischoff.

*Move To My Music*

The music plays with a new opening. The camera’s show the fans in the arena and then cut to the announce table. The pyro-technics are then let off.

Michael Cole: We are less than 24 hours removed from Wrestlemania 21 and we are live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. I’m Michael Cole and alongside me are my colleagues Mike Tenay and Tazz.

Mike Tenay: What a night it was at Wrestlemania 21, let’s show you the highlights of Raw’s main event.

A highlight video is shown of John Bradshaw Layfield pinning Shawn Michaels to become World Heavyweight Champion.​

Tazz: Well I knew JBL could do it, and neither of you can say he had help or any other excuse to discredit his win.

Mike Tenay: No, a clean victory for JBL but it will be interesting to see how he holds on to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Michael Cole: Well here alongside us are our colleagues, who are the WWE Spanish Announcers: Carlos Cabrerra and Hugo Savinovich.

Carlos and Hugo then talk in Mexican for a while before the cameras cut back to Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: And here are our other colleagues, the WWE Japanese Announcer: Hayabusa and his co-commentator for tonight, Funaki.

Funaki: Thank you Michael Cole, Mike Tenay and Tazz.

Hayabusa and Funaki then carry on speaking in Japanese before the cameras cut to the titantron.

*I’m Back*

Michael Cole: Here comes our General Manager Eric Bischoff, I wonder what he has to say.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, John Bradshaw Layfield will…

*John Bradshaw Layfield*

A long, white limousine drives out onto the stage and stops half way down the aisle. The driver steps out and walks to the back door and opens it. Amy Weber steps out, then Orlando Jordan and then the Basham Brothers. The sun roof is pulled back and JBL appears through the sun roof with the World Heavyweight Championship. He exits the limousine and crowd go ballistic when he lifts the title in the air. JBL and his cabinet walk to ringside. The Bashams jump onto the apron and hold the ropes open to allow Amy Weber to enter the ring. The Bashams and Orlando get in before JBL enters the ring. He stands on the second turnbuckle in each corner holding the World Heavyweight Title above his head. Tony Chimmel then passes the microphone to Orlando Jordan.

Orlando Jordan: Your World Heavyweight Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield.

Orlando then passes the microphone to John Bradshaw Layfield.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Last night I defeated one of the best World Champions in the history of professional wrestling Shawn Michaels, and last night I also became the best World Heavyweight Champion in history.

Michael Cole: That’s a bit of an over estimation.

Tazz: I believe he’s the best in history.

Mike Tenay: I think the Showstopper would have something to say about JBL’s statement.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Can you hear the people chanting my name?

Eric Bischoff: I also hear the word, sucks, after your name.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yes they are saying sucks, to indicate how much it sucks that I have to defend my World Title tonight.

Eric Bischoff: I never said that.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Because I interrupted you. I know Michaels has used his rematch clause for tonight, but I guarantee that I will leave Arkansas…

The crowd go crazy.

Michael Cole: We’re in San Francisco, California champion.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What did I say?

Eric Bischoff: Your in San Francisco, California.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What the, anyway I guarantee that I will leave World Heavyweight Champion.

Michael Cole: Well JBL promising that he won’t be a one night champion. We’ll be right back after this commercial break.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back to WWE Raw. If you’ve just joined us, Shawn Michaels will take on John Bradshaw Layfield in a rematch from last night.

Mike Tenay: Also announced a few seconds ago was Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree are set to defend their World Tag Team Titles against 3 Live Kru, Hurricane & Rosey and Americans Most Wanted.

Tazz: Plus we’ve got Low Ki versus Spike Dudley.

Michael Cole: Well lets kick the action off here on Raw as up now is the Second City Saints versus Chris Sabin and the World Junior Heavyweight Champion Paul London.

*Second City Saints*

Tony Chimmel: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 465 pounds: CM Punk and Colt Cabana: the Second City Saints.

*Hail Sabin*

Tony Chimmel
: And their opponents, first from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 207 pounds: Chris Sabin

*Paul London*

Tony Chimmel: And his tag team partner, from Austin Texas weighing in at 205; the World Junior Heavyweight champion: Paul London.

Tag Team Match
Second City Saints versus Chris Sabin and Paul London
A fast paced match with Cabana having the early offence on Sabin. The match finishes when London hit’s the London’s Calling on CM Punk.
Winners: Paul London and Chris Sabin

Tony Chimmel: Here are your winners: Paul London and Chris Sabin.

Michael Cole: Well our World Junior Heavyweight Champion Paul London hitting his finishing manoeuvre to pin CM Punk.

Mike Tenay: Well I’m sure that CM Punk won’t be happy, but Paul London continuing his recent winning streak.

Tazz: Well I believe that Josh Matthews is backstage with our World Tag Team champions Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree, and Hiroko.

Josh Matthews: Thank you guys and as Tazz said I’m here with the World Tag Team Champions. Rene, tonight you’re in a fatal four-way elimination match and the gold’s on the line.

Rene Dupree replies in French.

Josh Matthews: Your thought’s Kenzo?

Kenzo speaks some Japanese to Hiroko.

Hiroko: Kenzo says that it will be a difficult challenge but that they, only in America, could win this match.

Kenzo Suzuki: Because I love America.

Josh Matthews: Well that match coming up soon, back to you guys.

Michael Cole: Thank you Josh Matthews.

Mike Tenay: I’m hearing that there is something happening backstage between the King’s of Wrestling and Goldberg, Randy Orton and the Undertaker.

The cameras cut backstage where all six men are brawling. The Kings of Wrestling are triple teaming the Undertaker to try and get him down but the dead man continues to fight back. They are fighting all over the parking lot and then fight their way through a door and down a corridor. Eventually they all end up in a locker room as Bischoff gets on the scene as the six men stop fighting.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell is happening? You know what? I don’t care. Tonight, there’s going to be a six man tag team match.

Undertaker: Give me a three on one match, or rest in peace.

Eric Bischoff: Well how about this. Tonight, a three on one match and then next week it will be a six man tag team match.

The men begin to fight off again.

Tazz: Well I don’t know what that’s about, but they certainly aren’t happy with each other.

Mike Tenay: And what a match later tonight.

Tazz: I think the Undertaker may have bit off more than he can chew tonight in that three on one match.

Michael Cole: Yeah but you know how the Undertaker will never quit.

Mike Tenay: You’re right.

The lights then go out in the arena and the fans cheer as they believe it’s the Undertaker.

Michael Cole: We’re sorry folks the Cow Palace has blacked out. We hope to get the lights back as soon as possible.

Raven: At Wrestlemania, I left the Intercontinental Champion. Now, I’m sick of people saying that Raven can’t win a title in the WWE. Now I’m a champion and I’ve heard people say that it was a cheap victory. Are you fans that desperate to see me fail that you have to slag me off, even when I prove myself. I just hope that you realise, that Raven is here to stay and that Raven is going to be the Intercontinental Champion for a very, very, very long time. Quote the Raven, nevermore.

The lights then come back on in the arena.

Mike Tenay: Well Raven had something to say and he’s obviously extremely frustrated with our fans.

Michael Cole: Well our fans have the option to cheer and boo who they want.

Tazz: Yeah and they unbelievably boo Raven.

Michael Cole: Well that’s their choice.

Tazz: The wrong choice in my view.

Mike Tenay: Well anyway guys we’ve got tag team action for the World Tag Team Titles.

*Kenzo and Rene*

Tony Chimmel: The following is a fatal four way elimination match and it is for the World Tag Team championships. Introducing first to be accompanied by Hiroko and Fifi, at a combined weight of 510 pounds they are the World Tag Team champions: Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree.

*Americas Most Wanted*

Tony Chimmel: The first challengers, at a combined weight of 461 pounds: Wildcat Chris Harris and Cowboy James Storm: Americas Most Wanted.

*3 Live Kru*

Tony Chimmel: The second challengers, at a combined weight of 486 pounds: BG James and Konnan: 3 Live Kru.

*Stand Back*

Tony Chimmel: The final challengers, at a combined weight of 516 pounds: Rosey and the Hurricane.

World Tag Team Titles
Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Elimination match
Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree w/Hiroko and Fifi versus Americas Most Wanted versus 3 Live Kru versus Hurricane Helms and Rosey
A slow paced match with Hurricane and Rosey getting eliminated first after BG James hits the Pump Handle Slam on Hurricane Helms.. 3 Live Kru are eliminated next when Americas Most Wanted hit the Death Sentence. Dupree throws Harris out of the ring and Suzuki hits the double leg take down.
Winners: Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

Tony Chimmel: Here are your winners and still the World Tag Team champions: Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree.

Hiroko gets in the ring with the French, Japanese and American flags. Kenzo waves the American flag, Rene waves the French flag and Hiroko waves the Japanese flag.

Michael Cole: Well what a victory for Kenzo and Rene.

Tazz: The most important thing being that they are still the World Tag Team champions.

Mike Tenay: Well I believe that Josh Matthews is backstage once again, this time with Chris Benoit.

Josh Matthews: Tonight Chris Benoit you take on Ron Killings, but why did you attack Chris Jericho last night at Wrestlemania 21?

Chris Benoit: Why? Because I’m better than Jericho. I’m the best technical wrestler in the World, in the history. To quote fellow Canadian, only with me it’s the truth: I’m the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Tonight, Ron Killings will find that out for himself. Last night I defeated Jericho and that’s why I’m better and why Jericho will always look up to me.

Chris Jericho: Look junior, if anyone is doing the looking up to around here it has to be you shortie. You did beat me last night, but I will prove that I am the better wrestler when we next meet.

Chris Benoit: You can only try Jericho.

The two then go nose to nose.

Chris Jericho: See what I mean, your doing to the looking up Chris.

The two then back off, walking backwards so as not to open themselves up for attack.

Michael Cole: Well I’m surprised the situation didn’t blow up there, but I know that those two will meet again sometime down the road. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Well let’s get you back to the action with Low Ki versus Spike Dudley.

Mike Tenay: This should be a great match, but I know Spike Dudley has to watch out for the kicks from Low Ki.

Tazz: And Low Ki must not underestimate the will of Spike Dudley.

Michael Cole: Yeah, especially with Bubba Ray and D-Von at ringside.

*Drop the Bombshell*

Tony Chimmel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring to be accompanied by Buh Buh Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley, weighing in at 150 pounds: Spike Dudley.

*Low Ki*

Tony Chimmel: And the opponent from Brooklyn, New York weighing in at 160 pounds: Low Ki.

Tazz: It’s nice to finally see another superstar from the Hook, and he certainly doesn’t let us down.

Singles Match
Spike Dudley w/Buh Buh Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley versus Low Ki
The match is a slow and steady match with Low Ki ending it after the Ki Crush.
Winner: Low Ki

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner: Low Ki

The Dudleyz get in the ring as Low Ki exits. Buh Buh Ray and D-Von help Spike to his feet. Spike goes mad at the Dudleyz and is heard chanting “Why didn’t you stop him?” Spike leaves the ring and the Dudleyz look dejected.

Michael Cole: Well Spike Dudley not happy but I for am because it was nice to see a match involving Spike in which the Dudleyz didn’t get involved.

Tazz: Sometimes even the best superstar needs some help Cole, and Spike knows that whenever he needs help he can rely on his brothers.

Mike Tenay: Well did you see the look of Buh Buh Ray and D-Von, I’m not sure if they will stand with Spike for long.

Tazz: Of course they will, they’re a family.

Michael Cole: I suppose we will just have to wait and find out. Ladies and gentlemen we will be back shortly after this commercial break.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve just tuned in tonight we’ve already seen Paul London and Chris Sabin defeat the Second City Saints.

Mike Tenay: We’ve also seen Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree successfully defend their World Tag Team Titles when they took on Hurricane Helms and Rosey, 3 Live Kru and Americas Most Wanted in a fatal four way elimination tag team match.

Tazz: Plus Low Ki defeating Spike Dudley.

Michael Cole: And still to come tonight is the Undertaker versus the Kings of Wrestling, that’s Jerrett, Hall and Nash.

Mike Tenay: And of course Chris Benoit versus Ron “The Truth” Killings.

Tazz: And announced during the break, we’ve got Jazz versus Gail Kim for the Women’s Title.

The cameras cut to a dark room where you can see nothing. All of a sudden a spotlight appears and Goldust turns round.

Goldust: I have been watching a certain superstar, rise to the top of his game. Replacing people such as myself in the upper tiers of the wrestling elite, but now my time has come once again. That superstar knows who he is, he knows what is going to happen and he knows why I am here. Tonight, Goldust will reveal all.

Michael Cole: Well Goldust talking about a superstar, but who I have no idea.

Tazz: Neither do I Cole, I just wish the luck in the world to the person who he’s chosen because Goldust is going to attack from behind.

Mike Tenay: That’s true, although I hope he doesn’t because it’s about time Goldust went toe-to-toe with someone instead a sneak attack.

Michael Cole: Lets get going again after the commercial break by sending you backstage to our General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight has been great already, and I’d just like to announce a match for right now. Ultimo Dragon will team with AJ Styles to take on Goldust and A-Train.


Michael Cole: Well here we go folks.

Tony Chimmel: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 350 pounds: A-Train.


Tony Chimmel: And his tag team partner from Hollywood, California weighing in at 260 pounds: Goldust

*I Am*

Tony Chimmel: And the opponents, first from Gainesville, Georgia weighing in at 202 pounds: The Phenomenal AJ Styles


Tony Chimmel: And his tag team partner from Nagoya City, Japan weighing in at 182 pounds: Ultimo Dragon

Tag Team Match
A-Train and Goldust versus AJ Styles and Ultimo Dragon
The match starts off slow with A-Train having the upper hand on Ultimo. When Goldust enters the pace quickens, more so when AJ gets the tag in. Eventually Goldust gets the upper hand. The match ends when Ultimo goes up to the top rope and hits the 450 splash on Goldust.
Winners: AJ Styles and Ultimo Dragon

Tony Chimmel: Here are your winners: Ultimo Dragon and AJ Styles

AJ and Ultimo celebrate as Goldust attacks AJ Styles from behind and then throws Ultimo out of the ring. Goldust continues the assault on AJ Styles and grabs a mic.

Goldust: That, that is what happens when someone steals the spotlight off of me. AJ, you are the superstar, but the star you have become is about to be shattered. By the man who’s name you’ll never, forget………….Goldust.

Michael Cole: Well it seems that Goldust has singled out AJ Styles and I can see Goldust’s point in that AJ has become a big star, but I don’t see why Goldust would want to shatter it.

Mike Tenay: Jealousy, it’s as simple as that. Goldust said it himself, AJ has stolen the spotlight away from him, but I think that Goldust somewhere down the line is going to get his ass kicked.

Tazz: You say that Mike Tenay but Goldust is very resilient. He’s a former three time Intercontinental champion, so we know for a fact he can get the job done.

Mike Tenay: I wouldn’t try to underestimate Goldust because as you said he has won the Intercontinental Title three times, but AJ Styles is a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. And Tazz, he held that belt twice.

Tazz: I can see where your coming from. And I just hope both of them realise what they’re up against in each other.

Michael Cole: And what about A-Train, just walking off after the match.

Tazz: I’m not surprised Cole. He’s been having some good wins lately and then he loses a tag team match without getting pinned. I’m just glad I’m not Ultimo Dragon.

Michael Cole: Well I believe that Josh Matthews is once again backstage, this time

Josh Matthews: Thanks guys, and your right backstage now I have tonight’s challenger and the former World Heavyweight champion Shawn Michaels with me. Shawn, do you think it’s wise having a World Heavyweight Title match tonight after being brutalised by JBL last night.

Shawn Michaels: Yes I do Josh. I lost last night, and I’ll give JBL credit. He beat me fair and square. But, I’m the Showstopper, and tonight I’m going to prove to JBL why I’m called that by winning back my World Heavyweight Championship.

Josh Matthews: Aren’t you afraid of interference from JBL’s Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan and his Co-Secretaries of Defence the Basham Brothers?

Shawn goes to say something but Eric Bischoff walks in.

Eric Bischoff: I’ll answer that question. The answer is no, because they are banned from ringside, oh and that includes Amy Weber. If they get involved in tonight’s main event match, they will be fired and the World Heavyweight Title will return to the waist of HBK.

Josh Matthews: That sounds fair to me, back to you guys.

Michael Cole: Well Eric Bischoff banning the cabinet from ringside and I just can’t wait to see tonight’s main event.

John Bradshaw Layfield is backstage preparing for his match when the cabinet walk in.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Is everything ready?

Danny Basham: No.

John Bradshaw Layfield: No? What do you mean no?

Doug Basham: There’s a problem.

John Bradshaw Layfield: A problem?

Orlando Jordan: We’ve been banned from ringside.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What? By Who?

Amy Weber: By Eric Bischoff.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Not again. How many General Managers am I going to have to go through to find one that isn’t try to screw me?

Orlando Jordan: I don’t know, but we can come up with a new plan.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You better. Leave, I need to prepare harder now, thanks to that moron Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: I’m a moron am I? Well since you say that, I might have a match planned for you at out next Pay Per View.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I’m sorry Mr. Bischoff, it something I said in anger.

Eric Bischoff: I know you meant in, so I have a plan. If you manage to get through this match against Shawn Michaels tonight, at our next pay per view you will defend the World Heavyweight Title against, none other than the Showstopper Shawn Michaels once again.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You can’t do that.

Eric Bischoff: Watch me.

Eric Bischoff walks out the locker room and the cameras cut to the announce table.

Michael Cole: Well what an announcement by Eric Bischoff.

Tazz: Well I think it’s a bit unfair because Shawn will get two shots at JBL.

Mike Tenay: Well Shawn Michaels may defeat JBL tonight for the World Title.

Tazz: I doubt that. I’ve got faith in JBL.

Michael Cole: Well I’ve got faith in Shawn Michaels, and I think that by the end of tonight he will be the WWE champion.

Mike Tenay: Well that’s coming up later, but next is Jazz versus Gail Kim for the Women’s Title.

Michael Cole: Who out of these tow would you give the advantage to Tazz?

Tazz: I’m going to go with the champion Jazz. Although it’s not going to be easy.

Mike Tenay: Well let’s not forget that in her WWE debut Gail Kim won a battle royal to win the Women’s Title.


Tony Chimmel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Women’s Championship. Introducing first from New Orleans, Louisiana, she is the Women’s Champion: Jazz

*Gail Kim*

Tony Chimmel: And the challenger from Korea: Gail Kim.

Women’s Title
Singles Match
Jazz versus Gail Kim
A slow paced match with Jazz having the advantage through most of the match. Gail Kim has a three minute spell on top. Jazz picks up the victory after changing the single leg Boston crab into an STF.
Winner: Jazz

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner and still Women’s champion: Jazz

Michael Cole: Well Jazz retaining her title, but can JBL retain his title tonight? That match of course coming up later.

Mike Tenay: Let’s not also forget that we have a three on one handicap match between the Undertaker and the Kings of Wrestling.

Tazz: Not to mention Chris Benoit versus Ron Killings.

Michael Cole: All those matches will be coming up here on WWE Raw right after this commercial break.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to WWE Raw. We still have three matches left tonight.

Mike Tenay: Not to mention the five matches that have already taken place here on Raw. At the beginning of the show Paul London and Chris Sabin teamed together to defeat the Second City Saints.

Tazz: Then Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree retained their World Tag Team Titles when they defeated Hurricane Helms and Rosey, 3 Live Kru and Americas Most Wanted in a fatal four elimination tag team match.

Michael Cole: Then Low Ki defeated Spike Dudley.

Mike Tenay: Then, AJ Styles teamed up with Ultimo Dragon to defeat the team of A-Train and Goldust

Tazz: And just before the break we saw Jazz successfully defend her Women’s Championship against Gail Kim.

Michael Cole: Let’s now go backstage where Josh Matthews is about to interview the Kings of Wrestling.

Josh Matthews: Tonight you face the Undertaker in a three on one handicap match, and my understanding is that there will be no tags necessary in this match.

Jeff Jerrett: That’s right. Tonight we are going to prove why we are the top dogs in the sport of professional wrestling when we take out the most feared man in this business’s history.

Kevin Nash: I’ve faced the Undertaker before and it takes a lot to defeat him, but you’re looking at three of the best in wrestling.

Scott Hall: Tonight the Undertaker is going to have to bow down to the Kings, just like everybody else does.

The Kings of Wrestling then walk off.

Josh Matthews: Well it seems the Kings of Wrestling are very confident that they will win tonight.

Jeff Jerrett hears the comment and walks back, as do Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Jeff Jerrett: Confident? Did he just say confident?

Scott Hall: He sure did.

Kevin Nash: We’re not confident. We know that we’re going to defeat the Undertaker. Not only that, but we are going to beat him down like nobody has ever done.

Josh Matthews: Back to you guys.

Michael Cole: Thank You Josh Matthews, and well the match between the Undertaker and the King’s of Wrestling coming up shortly but first it’s Chris Benoit versus Ron “The Truth” Killings.


Tony Chimmel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada weighing in at 220 pounds: Chris Benoit.

Michael Cole: Here’s a guy that’s has an attitude problem.

Mike Tenay: Well it’s all stemmed from his feud with Chris Jericho. They’re so evenly matched, but I know Benoit wants to prove he is the best.

Tazz: Benoit’s not got an attitude problem, he’s just confident.

Michael Cole: I believe that there is a difference between confidence and cockiness.

*3 Live Kru*

Tony Chimmel: And his opponent from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing in at 225 pounds: Ron “The Truth” Killings.

Singles Match
Chris Benoit versus Ron Killings
It’s a fast paced match in the beginning but slows down as the match goes on. Chris Benoit wins the match by applying the Crippler Crossface.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner: Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit celebrates and Chris Jericho walks out on stage. Jericho begins to applaud Benoit for his victory.

Chris Jericho: Congratulations on your victory. I’ve just been talking to Eric Bischoff and he’s granted me a match at Raw’s next Pay Per View, which happens to be Backlash. On April 24th, it’s going to be Y2J Chris Jericho versus Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit smiles and nods his head as the two stare at each other.

A commercial is played advertising Smackdown. On the advert are superstars such as Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Big Show and the Rock.

Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. What an announcement by Chris Jericho because at Backlash we will see Chris Jericho versus Chris Benoit.

Mike Tenay: If JBL can retain the title tonight, we’ve also got John Bradshaw Layfield versus Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Title.

Tazz: Backlash is shaping up to be a great PPV, but let’s get back to right now because we’ve got the Undertaker versus Jeff Jerrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

*My World*

Tony Chimmel: The following contest is a three on one handicap match, where tags are not needed. Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 846 pounds: Jeff Jerrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall: The Kings of Wrestling.


Tony Chimmel: And their opponent, from Death Valley weighing in at 305 pounds: the Undertaker.

The Undertaker slowly walks to the ring. He gets to the top of the steps and looks up to the roof of the Cow Palace. He then enters the ring and takes his jacket off. He the takes his hat off. The Undertaker then moves the hat out of the way to reveal he has rolled his eyes into the back of his head. He then begins to look at the three men.

Handicap Match – Tags aren’t needed
Undertaker versus the Kings of Wrestling (Jerrett, Hall and Nash)
The match is of course slow with the Kings of Wrestling never having anything more than a couple of minutes advantage. The match ends when Scott Hall hits the Undertaker over the head with a monitor.
Winner: Undertaker

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner via a disqualification: The Undertaker

The Kings of Wrestling continue to assault the Undertaker who is eventually laid out in the centre of the ring. They leave the ring and the Undertaker’s music is played. A coffin is brought out on a stand by some druids, the casket is standing upright. The druids leave the casket at the side of the ring and the door opens, and out steps Paul Bearer. Bearer enters the ring and is holding the urn. Paul Bearer holds the urn above his head and the Undertaker sits up. The Undertaker gets to a knee and looks up at the urn above Bearer’s head. The Undertaker then stands up and looks at the Kings of Wrestling. The Undertaker then taunts the three by pretending to slit his throat before pointing at the Kings of Wrestling. Undertaker then takes the microphone from Tony Chimmel.

Undertaker: At Backlash, you will all rest in peace.

Michael Cole: What a message from the Undertaker, but more important in my opinion is the return of Paul Bearer.

Tazz: I thought we’d seen the last of him when the Undertaker buried him in the concrete.

Mike Tenay: Bearer returns and looks like he is ready to guide the Undertaker to victory at Backlash.

Backstage we see Randy Orton and Goldberg talking to Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: The Undertaker is going to face the Kings of Wrestling at Backlash. But I’m announcing now that next week that six man tag team match is cancelled, because it is going to take place at Backlash.

Michael Cole: What an announcement. Don’t forget to watch the final part of this weeks WWE Raw to see John Bradshaw Layfield versus Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Title.

Commercial Break


Tony Chimmel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first from New York City weighing in at 325 pounds, he is the World Heavyweight Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield.

*Sexy Boy*

Tony Chimmel: And his opponent from San Antonio, Texas weighing in at 237 pounds, the Heart Break Kid: Shawn Michaels.

World Heavyweight Title
Singles Match and the Cabinet are banned from ringside
John Bradshaw Layfield versus Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels gets the early advantage by messing with JBL’s mind. Eventually JBL gets the advantage but it isn’t for very long. The match ends with a fan jumping the barricade and hitting Shawn over the head with a low chair shot whilst the referee was checking on JBL.
Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield

Michael Cole: Who the hell was that?

Mike Tenay: I have no idea Michael.

Tazz: Looks like we’re about to find out.

The fan removes a mask he’s worn through out the show and reveals himself to be Shannon Moore.

Michael Cole: What the hell is Shannon Moore doing? JBL has brutalised him in the past and now he is helping the man.

Tazz: Well Shannon Moore knows that if you are with JBL, you’re a winner.

The Basham Brothers, Orlando Jordan and Amy Weber make their way down to the ring and the cabinet celebrate.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Here is the newest addition to my cabinet, my problem solver: Shannon Moore

Michael Cole: Well a horrible way to end this match. Don’t forget to watch WWE Heat, which airs on Sunday and of course Smackdown, which comes to you live this Thursday. We thank you for tuning into Spike TV to watch Raw. Goodnight folks.

Raw Round Up
Paul London and Chris Sabin defeated the Second City Saints (CM Punk and Colt Cabana) after London’s Calling.
Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree defeated the Hurricane & Rosey, Americas Most Wanted and 3 Live Kru to retain the World Tag Team Titles after the double leg sweep.
Low Ki defeated Spike Dudley after the Ki Crush.
AJ Styles and Ultimo Dragon defeated A-Train and Goldust after the 450 Splash
Jazz defeated Gail Kim to retain her Women’s Title using the STF
Chris Benoit defeated Ron Killings using the Crippler Crossface
The Undertaker defeated the Kings of Wrestling via a disqualification
John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the World Heavyweight Championship after interference from Shannon Moore.


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wow! awesome show!!! 10/10!

-good opener a fast paced cruiserweight match.
-the Kings of Wrestling - Taker fued is looking great already.
-JBL's cabinet being banned from ringside was good especcially with Moore interfering at the end.
-Raven's promo was a bit out of the blue but a good one all the same.
-Beniot and Jericho will be a great match at Backlash and a great rivalry building to it.
-Goldust's promo left me in complete confusion but it was soon revealed to be AJ Styles in what should be a great rivalry.
-the fatal four way for the tag titles was good and i wonder who will get a title shot at Backlash
-Shawn Michaels vs JBL at Backlash should be good and I think HBK vs Moore next week.

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Wow, what a show. I have never seen 8 matches in one Raw although I am not complaining. I think next week that Shannon Moore will win a match against HBK due to interference from the JBL and co. I liked all your promos and your build-up. My favorite match that I want to see is Goldust vs. A.J. Styles closely followed by HBK vs. JBL.

The story lines are really great and I can't wait to read your next show.

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Velocity Tapings
Simon Dean def Val Venis
La Resistance def Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli
Jamie Noble def Nunzio to Retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

WWE Smackdown

The Pyro goes off and the Smackdown Theme Plays Throughout the Arena

JR: Welcome to WWE Smackdown, what a night we have in store for you, tonight General Manager Theodore Long has a blockbuster announcement

King: I can't wait for that announcement JR, I've been wondering all week long what Theodore Long could have in mind

JR: Also in one on one action tonight Shelton Benjamin will meet Luther Reigns, the protege of Kurt Angle and the winner will get a shot at the United States Championship Next Week on Smackdown

King: That's a huge match, let's not forget that Shelton Benjamin used to be a protege of Kurt Angle, tonight we found out who is really better

Theodore Long's music hits throughout the arena to a huge pop from the Crowd. Long makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand.

Long: Well playas, you all know that tonight I said I was going to make a blockbuster announcement that would rock Smackdown and inparticular the WWE Champion Triple H

The Crowd Boo as Long mentions Triple H

Long: Tonight we will crown a number one contender to the WWE Championship

The Crowd Cheer

Long: No without any further.....

Edge's music hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Edge makes his way out to the stage holding a microphone.

Edge: Cut the music, Cut the music

The Crowd Start Chanting "Edge sucks"

Edge: Now before you make your announcement Teddy

Long: That's Theodore R Long to you playa

Edge: Now before you make your announcement, Theodore R Long, I just wanted to stop you from making a mistake, you see every single time a number one contender gets named I always seem to get overlooked by everyone, including these people

The Crowd Start Chanting "Asshole, Asshole"

Edge: So I am out here to remind you before you make a mistake, that I am here and ready to take that WWE Championship

The Crowd Boo

Long: Don't worry Edge, I am not deciding who is the number one contender however I am deciding who has the chance to compete for that right

Edge nods his head

Long: So tonight, right here in this very ring in a Triple Threat Match, it will be Edge.....

Edge smiles as the crowd boo

Long: Against The Rock

Huge Pop from the Crowd

Long: Against John Cena

Huge Pop again from the Crowd

Long: The Winner will face Triple H in two weeks time on Smackdown, now you better Holla....Holla......Holla

Theodore Long's music hits as he leaves the ring, as both he and Edge head to the back.

JR: What a huge announcement, tonight a Triple Threat Match between Edge, The Rock and John Cena the winner to face Triple H in two weeks

King: I can't wait, Edge is finally going to get what he deserves and that is a shot at the WWE Championship, what a history making night for Smackdown tonight

Chavo Guerrero's music hits as he makes his way out for the following match

JR: Now for our first contest of the evening Chavo Guerrero has his work cut out against Gene Snitsky

King: I hate this Snitsky, what a name

Chavo Guerrero Vs Gene Snitsky

Chavo Guerrero comes out to a decent pop and Gene Snitsky comes out to heat from the crowd.

Gene Snitsky controlls most of the offense in this match.

Match Ending: Gene Snitsky signals for a powerbomb, Snitsky picks Chavo Guerrero up and kicks him in the midsection and goes for a powerbomb but Chavo lands on his feet and starts delivering right hands to the forehead of Snitsky sending Snitsky back against the ropes, Chavo tries to Irish Whip Snitsky but Snitsky reverses and nails a hard big boot to the face of Chavo. Snitsky then picks up Chavo Guerrero and hits the Pumphandle Slam and covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Gene Snitsky

Snitsky stands looking down at Chavo, Snitsky starts stomping away at Chavo Guerrero, the referee tries to restrain Snitsky but gets thrown over the ropes to the outside. Snitsky picks up Chavo Guerrero and hits a second pumphandle slam then gets a microphone.

Snitsky: Is this all I get??

Snitsky breathes into the microphone

Snitsky: This is supposed to be the number one brand in the WWE.....where's the competition

The Crowd Start Chanting "Boring, Boring"

Snitsky: So Since Theodore Long doesn't give me any competition......I am going to pick a victim of my own

Snitsky throws down the microphone as his music hits throughout the arena, he heads up the ramp with an angry look on his face.

JR: This Snitsky is an animal, a disgrace to the Smackdown Roster, he shouldn't even be on it

King: I wonder who's going to be on the receiving end of this outburst

JR: I shudder to think, meanwhile we go backstage to The Coach


Coach: I'm standing by here with Edge who finally tonight get's a chance to become number one contender to the WWE Championship, Edge what are your thoughts?

Edge: I am glad that this time I have not been overlooked Coach, this time Edge has a chance but I mean come on, a Triple Threat Match with The Rock and John Cena....

The Fans Cheer

Edge: Even they know that I should be number one contender, the General Manager has put me in an unfair position.....I should not have to.....

Edge looks past Coach

Edge: What the hell do you want?

The Camera turns around and John Cena appears much to the delight of the crowd

Cena: Yo Edge, chill out stop complaining, these people know that the real number one contender is John Cena

The Fans Cheer

Edge: Well tonight it's not these people that decide who becomes number one contender, they can't screw me again, tonight is my night!!

Edge and Cena go face to face

Cena: You ain't wrestlin me, your fightin the Chain Gang, you won't beat me, besides how can you do that when You Can't See Me!!

The Fans Cheer as Cena taunts Edge then walks away. Edge waits till Cena turns his back then attacks him from behind and throws him against a wall. Edge starts stomping away at Cena then looks around and finds a pipe and nails Cena in the back of the head, Cena drops to the ground as Edge flings the pole down, referee's check on Cena as Edge walks back over to Coach and snatches the microphone.

Edge: Nobody will ruin this night for me, tonight is my night, it's my time!!

Edge throws down the microphone and walks away quickly as medics attend to John Cena

JR: Edge is paranoid with becoming the WWE Champion, brutally assaulting John Cena in the backstage area

King: Well John Cena has it coming to him, shouting his mouth off at Edge, you can't do that to someone like Edge and expect to get away with it

JR: Well Now it remains doubtful that John Cena will compete in tonights main event, we'll have an update on John Cena later on in the show

King: His own fault in my opinion

JR: Up next we have Eugene and William Regal defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against La Resistance


WWE Tag Team Championships
Eugene & William Regal (c) Vs La Resistance

Eugene and William Regal come out to a good pop, La Resistance get heat from the crowd.

An even match with La Resistance eventually isolating William Regal

Match Ending: Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier double team William Regal as the referee is trying to stop Eugene from getting in the ring. Conway and Grenier whip Regal off the ropes then try to double clothesline but Regal ducks and comes off the ropes on the otherside and clotheslines both men. All three men are down, Regal begins crawling to the corner and eventually gets the tag to Eugene. Eugene comes in and clotheslines Grenier, then clotheslines Conway, then delivers a scoop slam on Grenier, then a scoop slam on Grenier. Regal knocks Conway outside the ring and then follows leaving Eugene in the ring with Grenier. Eugene goes to the top rope and comes off with a double ax handle and then covers 1-2-kickout by Grenier. Eugene gets up and then tries picking Grenier up but Grenier hits a quick rake in the eyes of Eugene then goes for a right hand but Eugene ducks and hits The Rock Bottom!! Eugene covers 1-2-3.
Winners: and still WWE Tag Team Champions Eugene and William Regal

JR: Eugene and William Regal retain the tag team titles, an amazing success story

King: A miracle more like, someone Eugene to have a title is an embarressment to the WWE

JR: He's living his dream there's nothing wrong with that

King: Yeah well.....

The King is cut off as Mick Foley's music hits throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd

King: Wait a minute

JR: Can It Be?

Mick Foley walks out to a huge reception from the crowd

JR: It's Mick Foley!!

King: I can't believe it

Foley walks down to the ring and get's in the ring and salutes the fans before getting a microphone. Foley stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd start chanting "Foley, Foley, Foley"

Foley: I'm very pleased to announce that after an on and off spell here in the WWE in the past couple of years, that I am back!!!

The Crowd Erupts

Foley: I've been doing many different things over the past couple of years but none of them have felt right, as a matter of fact the only thing that ever did feel right was competing here in front of you fans

The Crowd Cheer and start chanting "Foley, Foley, Foley" again

Foley: I'm honured by the reception that you have all given me here tonight, Thank You

Mick Foley drops down the mic and gets up on the turnbuckle and salutes the fans

JR: Mick Foley back in the WWE

King: I thought he was retired for good

JR: Wait a minute, look, King its Rhyno!!!

Rhyno is in the ring waiting on Mick Foley to get down from the turnbuckle, Foley climbs down then turns around, Rhyno runs at him and hits the Gore!!! Rhyno then climbs outside the ring and looks under the ring and then brings out a table. Rhyno sets up the table at ringside then quickly gets back in the ring and begins to stomp Foley. Rhyno then grabs Foley and climbs through the ropes and stands on the apron, then pulls Foley out to the apron with him, Rhyno points at the table then picks up Foley in the piledriver position and jumps off through the table.

JR: Oh My God!!

The Crowd start chanting "Holy Shit, Holy Shit"

King: These people just took the words right out of my mouth

Rhyno heads up the ramp and gets huge heat from the crowd.


JR: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen, moments ago, Hardcore Legend Mick Foley came out to the ring and announced that he was returning to the WWE only to be attacked by Rhyno and piledriven through a table

King: What's the matter with Rhyno?

JR: I don't know what was on his mind, but it was a heliacious attack and Mick Foley had to be carried out on a stretcher and that doesn't happen very often

King: I guess Rhyno was just welcoming him back in his own special way

JR: Up now Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero will take on Mark Jindrak

King: What a match this will be

Eddie Guerrero Vs Mark Jindrak(w/Kurt Angle)

Eddie Guerrero gets a huge pop from the crowd. Mark Jindrak and Kurt Angle get huge heat.

Eddie Guerrero controlls most of the matchup

Match Ending: Eddie Guerrero delivers a vertical suplex on Mark Jindrak then spins the hips and gets up with Jindrak and delivers a second vertical suplex and spins the hips again, then gets up and hits a third suplex. Guerrero gets up and signals for a Frogsplash. Eddie goes to the top rope, while the referee checks Mark Jindrak, Angle gets up on the apron and shoves Eddie off, but Eddie lands on his feet and knocks Angle off the apron then taunts him, Jindrak rolls up Eddie Guerrero and pulls the tights 1-2-3.
Winner: Mark Jindrak

JR: Mark Jindrak steals the win from Eddie Guerrero

King: Big win for Mark Jindrak

JR: Eddie Guerrero was robbed, it's a damn shame

King: Wait a minute JR, if Eddie Guerrero had lie, cheat and stealed to win this match you would be applauding him so smart move by Jindrak he's coming a long way under Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle then taunts Eddie Guerrero then from behind Mark Jindrak attacks, Angle get's in the ring and both him and Jindrak stomp away at Guerrero, Luther Reigns comes down and joins in on the action until......

'Well It's the Big Show' hits and all three men turn around in horror. Big Show runs down to the ring and climbs over the top rope, Angle tells Luther to go and get Show, Luther runs at Big Show but Show grabs him and delivers a chokeslam. Angle pushes Jindrak into Big Show then jumps out the ring, Big Show chokeslams Jindrak as Angle runs away up the ramp.

JR: Now we have to go backstage as Theodore Long has an announcement to make

The Camera Cuts Backstage to The General Manager's office were Theodore Long is looking straight into the camera

Long: Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier on tonight during a backstage interview, Edge attacked John Cena with a lead pipe, as a result of this brutal attack, John Cena will no longer be able to compete in tonights Triple Threat Main Event

The Crowd Boo

Long: However Edge's actions will not go unpunished more on that later but as for tonights main event it will now be a one on one match between Edge and The Rock

The Crowd Give that a Mixed Reaction

Long: One Final Announcment is that tonight on Smackdown, Kurt Angle ran away from the Big Show, well next week on Smackdown there will be no running as Kurt Angle goes one on one with The Big Show!!

The Crowd Cheer

Long: Now you better Holla, Holla, Holla

The Camera goes back to JR and The King

King: Well they say one man's loss is another man's gain and tonight John Cena's loss is Edge's gain

JR: John Cena missing out on a golden opportunity to become number one contender to the WWE Title because of an attack by Edge here tonight folks and after we come back from this break we will have Billy Kidman against Juventud Guerrera the winner gets a Cruiserweight Championship Shot Next Week on Smackdown


Number One Contenders to Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman Vs Juventud Guerrera

Billy Kidman get's a decent pop, Juventud Guerrera gets a mixed reaction

High Flying Matchup with both men having an even amount of offense

Match Ending: Juventud Guerrera signals for the 450 Splash and goes to the top rope, Juventud tries for the splash but Kidman rolls out of the way, Kidman then stomps Guerrera a few times then pulls him into position, Kidman climbs the turnbuckle then hits the Shooting Star Press! Kidman covers for the 1-2-3
Winner: Billy Kidman

JR: Billy Kidman with a big win to face Jamie Noble next week on Smackdown

King: What a high flying matchup that was

JR: Indeed it was King

We Cut Backstage to see Evolution in the lockerroom with Triple H walking back and forth

Triple H: Man I can't believe I have to defend my title two weeks on Smackdown

Flair: Don't worry champ we'll get you out of this

Batista: Yeah we got your back

Flair: We're Evolution!

Triple H stops and thinks for a minute then starts smiling

Triple H: I got a plan

We Cut Back to JR and The King

JR: I wonder what that plan maybe

King: I'm sure we'll see soon enough

JR: Up next tonight is a number one contenders match for the United States Title

Number One Contendership to Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin Vs Luther Reigns

Luther controlls the matchup working on Shelton's back

Match Ending:Luther Irish Whips Shelton Benjamin then goes for a clothesline but Benjamin ducks and comes off the ropes on the other side with a clothesline. Shelton and Luther get up at the same time, Luther kicks Shelton in the midsection then Irish Whips him into the corner, Luther runs at Shelton but Shelton moves and Luther collides with the turnbuckle, Shelton rolls up Luther for the 1-2-3
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

JR: Shelton Benjamin will meet Carlito Caribbean Cool next week on Smackdown

King: Shelton was lucky to escape with the victory in that match, Luther looked like he had it

JR: Indeed he did, but on this night Shelton Benjamin prevails

We Cut Backstage to Jonathan Coachman who is standing with The Rock

Coach: Rock tonight you take on....

Rock snatches the microphone from Coach

Rock: Get out of here you sick freak!

The Fans laugh as Coach runs away

Rock: Finally.... The Rock.... has come back to....New Orleans!!

The Fans Cheer

Rock: Tonight The Rock takes on Edge, in a number one contenders match to see who meets The Game eh.....in two weeks time eh.....for the WWE Title eh........

The Fans Cheer

Rock: Earlier tonight, Edge made a statement, by taking out John Cena from the match but that makes no difference to The Rock whoever faces The Rock on any given night, the result will always be the same..and that is The Rock whoopin their candy ass!!

The Fans Cheer

Rock: Tonight The Jabroni Beating, Pie Eating, Not afraid to sweat, Not afraid to bleed, gonna become WWE Champion guarren-damn-teed, people's champ The Rock...

The Crowd Start Chanting "Rocky, Rocky, Rocky"

Rock: Becomes Number One Contender.......If ya Smelllllllllllll What The Rock is cookin!

Rock does the people's eyebrow then walks away

We Cut Back To Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

JR: It's go time now, it's time for Edge to take on The Rock

King: I've been waiting for this all night long, I just don't know who will come out on top

Main Event
Number One Contenders Match to WWE Championship
Edge Vs The Rock

Hard Fought Match with Edge gaining the upper hand and taking control

Match Ending: Edge sets up The Rock for a spear, Edge runs at The Rock but Rock moves out of the way and Edge nails the referee with the spear. Edge gets up quickly and runs at Rock again and clotheslines him down. John Cena's music hits throughout the arena, and John Cena sprints to the ring. Cena and Edge exchange right hands, with Cena winning the exchange then kicking Edge in the midsection and delivering the FU!! Cena exits the ring and Rock gets an arm on top of Edge, the referee stirs around, 1...........2..............3!!
Winner: The Rock

JR: The Rock has become the number one contender, see you next week folks

End of Show


Please Give Feedback on What you enjoyed and what you disliked.

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Any show where Mick Foley AND The Rock is at least an 8. Also, it was very well-written, with good promos and such. 9/10

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RAW: 9.5/10

- Love the fueds building (Styles/Dust, Jericho/Benoit, JBL/HBK, KoW/Taker')
- Great Promos
- Great Roster
- Great Commentary
- Easy to Read

Smackdown! 8/10

- Good matches
- Good promos
- A bit harder to read
- Shorter
- Less Matches Than RAW

I liked RAW better.

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-Not writing names out in full.

-The Mick Foley/Rhyno feud. I think this one will dominate Smackdown.
-Billy Kidman versus Jamie Noble should be a great match for next weeks Smackdown.
-Nice to see the Rock defeat Edge, the feud between him and Hunter will be great, although I think Edge will get involved somehow along with Cena.


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Loved The Rock promo and then the match. Rock and HHH should be a good feud as well as John Cena and Edge. Glad Cena was taken out of the match though as Egde vs. The Rock was good. Should be a bit longer but other then that 9/10

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SD was really good. I prefered it being shorter than RAW as shows wouldnt normally have that many matches in. I appreciate that you want to use all the talent tho.

RAW: 8.5 SD!: 9

Keep it up. I enjoyed this week; where will you take it? We'll see...

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Raw News

Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff has terminated the contract of Johnny Devine. The WWE would like to wish Johnny Devine the best of luck in his future.

Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff is proud to announce three signings to the roster. The first superstar is James Tighe, the second being Max Voltage and the third being Aviv Maayan.

Information on James Tighe
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 200 pounds
Age: 21

Information on Max Voltage
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 140 pounds
Age: 16

Information on Aviv Maayan
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 140 pounds
Age: 18

WWE News

The WWE would like to release the current roster of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

OVW Roster
Chad Collyer
Kevin Fertig
Mark Magnus
Shawn Daivari
Mark Henry
Dan Puder
Matt Cappotelli
John Hennigan
Jonah Adelman
Eric Markovcy
Justice Smith
Daniel Rodimer
Mike Mizanin
Nick Mitchell
Michael Shane
Frankie Kazarian
Teddy Hart
Harry Smith
Jack Evans
Mr. Aguila
Matt Stryker
Shark Boy
Mark Brisco
Jay Brisco
Doug Williams
Bill DeMott (Trainer)
Al Snow (Trainer)
Steven Richards (Trainer)
Tommy Dreamer (Trainer)

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