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This is one of those moments where I want to tell Vince that he isn't a genius because he didn't come up with this idea, Chris did. However, Vince didn't reject the idea either and it worked. I can assure you it won't be that kind of thread. I'll keep this short.

Chris Jericho is on my top 10 of all time greats. This isn't a poll so I don't care who your top 10 of all time are. He is in mine, get over it. With that said I think it goes without saying that perhaps these stars need a hell of a lot more creative freedom. I think many of us already know this. Jericho's list was a hit and it's also funny, or entertaining. We know that Jericho came up with the idea, pitched and it was live on Raw.

There are stars in the WWE that I feel have some sort of creative control over their characters. I don't know if that's due to who they are and how long they've been with the company, or if it's just that particular star that has the mind for this business and their character. I have been around long enough to know that VKM and others want stars that know what they want for their characters. How entirely true that is I don't know.

The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger

He's been around a long time and this finally stuck. It's over and as much as I can't really stand the character it's working big time. Tye isn't some flavor of the month either. This character worked for him and I think he knows that.

Bray Wyatt

We know that he had help from Dusty Rhodes, but Wyatt was a solo idea. Rhodes just pushed him. Bray Wyatt's character in my opinion is the best even with his shit booking. When I say the best I mean with regards to his peers not legends like Taker, or Mankind, or Sting etc.

The New Day

As much as I hate them we know Vince nor creative came up with this idea. All three men made it work and I have to give them that. However, I can't really get into this trio, because overall they suck imo.

Enzo Amore

They didn't give him this character. This man just has the ability to light up a room when he walks in. You definitely can't teach that, or even come up with it unless you are him.

Perhaps there are more talents, but I just think it's important to understand why this argument can and will be made. What good is the business when the stars can't create their own personality to "act" as? I get it, sometimes there are stars who may be better off being pushed, or shown how this works and that's fine. There are also the men and women in this business who have a strong sense of who they want to become. Just ask Stone Cold. It took years for him to really let that character out. Poor Eric told him to go fuck off and that it would never work. Lol.

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The list of Jericho worked only because it was Jericho. He's already an established star with a large following. Anything he says or does will be a hit along the fans.

If he debuted today with the List, people would be like 'who the fuck is this guy?'. Just like how any word the Rock says turns into a catch phrase. Only works because people know who he is.
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