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How do you see Owen Hart's legacy?

The legacy12: Owen Hart

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The Black Hart, The Rocket, The King of Hart, The Most overrated wrestler post his unfortunate death, arguably better than his brother, nugget, the man who cannot grow his damn beard (Jason Sensation remember?); he has been called many things.

But unlike most wrestlers, his image and respect multiplied post his untimely death than when he was alive. Shawn Michaels famously said he is the only guy he knew about whom you can do a two hour show and not hear a bad thing. His legend grew from a mid-carder to a legend based on What If scenarios post his demise.

How do you see Owen Hart's legacy?
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Sad, his death could have been avoided, but still deserved to be in the HOF, once his widow allows it
Mixture of 3 and 5

A good performer
Paled in comparison with his brother
Over-rated after his death
I wouldn't consider him legend at all tbh. He was just a midcarder, who got overrated after his death.

Good wrestler though, no doubt.
I was never a big fan. Sure he was good in the ring but I think people overrate him.
He was a very good wrestler, his match with Bret at WM10 and his match for with Bulldog in European championship finals are two of the greatest matches in wwe history, but he was always a mid carder, he just didn't have that it factor to make it to the main event.

A good wrestler but has become overrated after his death like some many other guys.
He is a mid-carder who is perhaps the most over-rated wrestler.I have always seen him as Bret Hart's brother since I was a Bret Hart fan
Overrated after death? yes. Legend? No but I honestly believe he was a superior talent than Bret Hart. He could wrestle, had the charisma, mic skills and unlike Bret, he had a personality. Too bad his Bret & Natalya didn't get share any of it lol. If he hadn't died, I believe he would have became a legend. Total package in my opinion.
Owen was always in the shadow of his brother and rightfully so, bret had the most number of matches and yet there is no record of him injuring anyone but owen unfortunately broke austin's neck. He had a bit of charisma but was still behind bret hart in terms of skill and even mic skills. Besides his matches against bret hart not many remember his other matches, whereas bret hart had a bunch of five star matches and brought out the best of his opponents. So the argument that he was better than bret doesn't stand. The sympathy factor makes people overrate him. He seems to be one of the nicest guys ever backstage though.
one of the more overated WRESTLERS i have ever seen..

He was cool when he was flying through the ropes way back when, i loved high energy but after that he was just sooooooooooooooooo Boring and Bland to me..man im sorry but his wrestling skills, his wrestling ability was just so uninteresting to me..
Was a better heel than face. Forever in Bret's shadow and was never destined for more than mid card, which to be honest i'm not sure he wanted to be any higher. Put on an incredible match at WM10 and with the Bulldog for the European Championship. Had a great Enziguri. I miss him.
One of the best in-ring talent of all time.
A true legend. A true Hall of famer. Underrated. Under appreciated.
Could easily be the top heel of the company in today's WWE.
Somewhere between "Legend" and "A good performer who was deemed legend posthumously"
I love Bret, but he had his thing, and that's what he did. Owen could do it ALL. Better mic worker, better speed guy/high flier, better bad guy, etc. Owen could have been a wrestler, commentator, or manager, and been as good as anyone at any of those things. Did he die? Yes. Was he being buried beforehand? Yes. Do people remember him more fondly for dying? I doubt it. Dude was just money.

RIP King of Harts
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