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“Since it seems that Richmond has turned into a city for challenges,” said Chris Hero, “Claudio and I would like to offer up one of our own. This goes out to any team, anywhere, step up to the plate and see if they can hang with the greatest, most dominant tag team in professional wrestling today. Local talent? We don’t care. Worldwide phenomenon? Bring it. Champions elsewhere? No matter. Think you have what it takes to hang with the K…O…W? Come to Virginia on August 27th and we’ll find out! Just be prepared to get your bell rung.”

With a majority of tag teams involved in the Tag Wars 2010 tournament that culminates in North Carolina on August 28th, the Kings, arrogant as ever, apparently felt it was only fair to put themselves in a showcase spot the night before they defend the World Tag Team belts against three other teams in Ultimate Endurance.

The champions have left the door open for anyone to answer this challenge, and it could prove a grand opportunity for any team to step up into immediate contention. Teams like Jerry Lynn and Delirious or The House of Truth that found themselves eliminated in the first round of Tag Wars 2010 could step back into immediate title contention with a victory here, and very well face whoever comes out of Charlotte, NC with the World Tag Team Titles. It in turn could also be a team from outside the ROH roster stepping up to the plate, looking to make a name for themselves in the tag rankings, and there is no better way to accomplish that than a victory over the ROH World Tag Team Champions.

“Bring them all on,” offered Claudio Castagnoli. “We shall defeat any team that is brave enough to answer our challenge, and we will dominate every team attempting to take our belts at Ultimate Endurance. The Kings of Wrestling will reign supreme now and forever!”

Who will answer the call on August 27th when ROH debuts in Richmond, VA at the Richmond Raceway Complex? With The Briscoes, The DCFC, The Embassy, Cabana and Generico, The All Night Express, and The Bravados all wrapped up in Tag Wars, what possible team could step into the ring with the Kings and attempt to cement their name in Ring of Honor? Get your tickets now here in the ROH Store and find out.
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