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-Article from BleacherReport.com

"At 2:30 PM on January 9, 2015, Vince McMahon was pronounced dead after have been in a car accident. The entire McMahon Family, friends of them, and all the WWE employees and wrestlers paid their respects for Vince by contributing to the best funeral for him. After said funeral, everyone was wondering who would take over the company. Of course Triple H was ready to take full ownership, given he was Vince's son in law, but in the will that was Vince left, only half was given to him and the other half was given to his legitimate son, Shane McMahon.

Back at WWE Headquarters, Triple H took full responsibility of NXT while Shane took control of Raw and Smackdown. The reason Triple H didn't take control of the main roster is currently unknown to sources. Make sure to tune into Raw this Monday to see what Shane McMahon has in store for the WWE universe. Let's just pray he's better than his father."

Welcome to my first BTB on the Wrestling Forum, WWE-Shane runs the WWE. This is a BRB that I'm gonna migrate of to this site from two other forums, but bare with me as I'm still quite new to this. The story starts a week before the Royal Rumble and the unexpected death of the Chairman of the WWE may be the very thing to have shaken up the WWE for years to come. Many believed that Triple H, the son in law of Vince McMahon and in charge of booking NXT, would take up the Chairman job and run the show his way, but from everyone's surprise, even the one who actually got the company, Shane McMahon was left with the handling of the company. Now, what will happen when Shane McMahon, someone who hasn't been associated with the WWE for almost a decade, takes over?


WWE World Heavyweight Champion- Brock Lesnar

Intercontinental Champion- Bad News Barrett

U.S Champion- Alexander Rusev

Tag Team Champions- The Usos

Divas Champion- Nikki Bella

Kerser is the sickest.
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Seen this on the other site. Interesting route to take with Shane in charge. I've already read the first show, won't leave spoilers here obviously but I've found the direction you go quite interesting. Might drop a review at the other place when I can.

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Monday Night Raw
8:00 PM
1 week before Royal Rumble

Videos are shown of Vince McMahon's moments in the WWE, including his Royal Rumble win in 1999, his various battles with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and pictures from his final years in the WWE. At the end, Vince's picture is displayed with his birth and death dates under it. The show then cuts to the superstars on the stage and the sound of a gong being played a few times before the announcer says...

Justin- Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight, we honor the Late Chairman of the Board, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, in a Vince McMahon Memorial Show.

The Superstars leave the stage to both sides of the ramp leading to the ring as the intro to Raw plays and the Pyro light up the stage.

Michael Cole- Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Vince McMahon Memorial Edition of Raw. We are live in this electric crowd tonight as we wait for the new Chairman of the Board to come out to the ring.

JBL- I don't care what anyone says. No man can replace the great Vince McMahon. The WWE isn't right without him and his walk to the ring that always brought a smile to my face.

Jerry Lawler- I'd agree with you, John, but like with everything, the show must go on.

The crowd sits in anticipation, waiting for the new Chairman to walk out. Some people held up 'Triple H for Chairman' signs as others had 'Once a McMahon, always a McMahon'. The crowd was divided in chanting for Triple H to come out and chanting for Shane to come out. After a minute of waiting, a theme hits the arena...

The crowd with absolutely crazy as Shane stepped out from the back and was met with an incredible ovation. As he made his way to the ring, everyone in the arena chanted his name, along with other stuff as well. (Of course, a CM Punk chant here and there.) Shane got in the ring and grabbed a mic. He looked at the hot crowd as he brought the mic up to his lips and began to speak.

Shane McMahon- "WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW!! *Cheers* It's so great to be back in the WWE... *Big pop from crowd* ...and it's great to be in front of you, the WWE Universe again. *Another big pop* Now, like most of you guys have heard, my father, Vince, passed away a few days ago. I'm torn by the fact that I won't be ever to talk to my father ever again, but of course, the show must go on. So, tonight, in honor of my father, we will have...a 6 man battle royal for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship."

The crowd all literally go 'What?!' before a mix of boos and cheers are heard.

Jerry Lawler- "WHAT?!"

JBL- "What in the world is Shane thinking?!"

Shane McMahon- "Yes, you've heard me right. A 6 man over the top battle royal for the WWE Championship. The participants for this match will be...The Champion, Brock Lesnar *Big pop*...Leader of the Cenation, John Cena *Big Boo*...Leader of the Yes Movement, Daniel Bryan *Big Pop*...The Lunatic, Dean Ambrose *Big Pop*...Winner of the MITB briefcase, Seth Rollins *Big boo*...and The Showoff, Dolph Ziggler! *HUGE POP* The winner of the match and the last one in the ring will be declared the WWE World Heavyweight Cha-"


JBL- "Finally, someone with some type of sense. Stop that man before he starts making pole matches."

Triple H makes his way to the ramp with Stephanie, Seth Rollins, J&J, and Kane. He is met with a mixed reaction by the fans, which The Game smiles at before he raises the mic to his lips to speak.

Triple H- "Shane, brother-in-law-, I can tell by that announcement that you have not a damn clue how to run a wrestling Business at all. To book a championship match before the actual match at Royal Rumble is not only Bad for Business, but is quite illogical. *Mixed Reaction* I knew that, from the first moment we found out that YOU would be the new Chairman, that Vince should have given it to me instead of a quitter like yourself who didn't want anything to do with the business ever again. Be the better man and let me take control of this business while you go back to...whatever that you were doing."

As half of the crowd boo'd HHH, the other half chanted quitter towards Shane, who was getting irritated with The Game's interruption.

Jerry- "I think Shane is getting a bit mad."

JBL- "Who cares? Hunter is absolutely right. He SHOULD be booking and running this company, not a quitter like Shane McMahon."

Shane- "Hunter, if I did give you the business, you'd run it into the ground and let Seth Rollins hold the championship for 3 years. *Cheers* I think that the responsibility of this company is in the right hands, and don't worry about that match at Royal Rumble in two weeks. I'll come up with something for the match that will shock the WWE Universe. Now, will all of you please get off MY stage...except for Kane. You have a match tonight against a man that you have terrorized in the past..."

The crowd is wondering what Kane's opponent is until...

The crowd goes crazy and the Authority is confused when Zack Ryder comes from behind and knocks Kane to the floor. Ryder taunts the crowd as the show goes to commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

Zack Ryder v. Kane
The commercial comes back when Kane is having the upper hand on Ryder in the corner. For most of the match, Ryder tries to come back, but is stopped again and again by Kane. At some point, he finally comes back and hits the Ryder boot. He waits for Kane to get up to hit the Rough Ryder, but when he goes for it, Kane is somehow able to counter it into a chokeslam. He goes for the pin, but Ryder surprisingly kicks out at Two. After that, the crowd starts chanting for Ryder as the match continues. Near the end, Kane has Ryder caught by the throat, but when Kane lifts him, be pushes off and runs to the rope behind Kane. When Kane turns, he's met with a Rough Ryder, which makes the crowd goes crazy as Ryder goes for the pin and the crowd starts counting.

Crowd- 1...2...3!
Winner: Zack Ryder by Pinfall

Ryder is on his knees, surprised himself as he won the match. As he was getting up, J&J came into the ring and mauled on Ryder before Kane got him and hit him with the Tombstone. The show goes to commercial as Kane stands over Ryder.

-Commercial Break-

Rusev v. R-Truth
The match was a complete squash match. It ended with R-Truth tapping to the Accolade.
Winner: Rusev by Submission
As Rusev was celebrating, a man dressed in all black comes up from behind him and starts attacking him. The man drags him outside and puts him through the table. The man escapes through the crowd and leaves the arena. The crowd is completely confused on who this man could be. It was just a mixed reaction and maybe a few people chanting 'CM PUNK'. (Smarks)

The next to come out were the Divas Champion, Nikki Bella, with her sister Brie behind her. Their opponent in that match was suppose to be Natalia, but a view backstage shows Paige beating up Natalia and throwing her into a table filled with food items. Paige then turns her attention to the camera and grabs it.

Paige- "Sorry, Nikki, but it looks like your match has been cancelled, but I just got word from Shane McMahon and he booked me and you in a championship match at the Royal Rumble...but that's not all. This match will be the first Extreme Rules match in Diva history in the WWE and when I'm done with you and your sister, I'm gonna, once again, be your Divas Champ. End of conversation."

Paige, then, throws the camera on the ground and the titantron shows static as the crowd cheers very loud and the Bella Twins are shocked.

Other Matches that Night:
Stardust and Goldust v. The Miz and Damien Mizdow- The Miz pins Stardust for the win.
Adam Rose v. Fandango- Fandango gets the win by Countout
The Big Show v. Jey Uso- Big Show wins by Pinfall

The Main Event:
Cole- Jerry, John, are you ready for this?

-Match card for Battle Royal comes up-

JBL- No, I'm not ready for this. It's a travesty, a bad decision, from the new Chairman of the Board, Shane McMahon.
Jerry- It's gonna be a 6 man over the top rope battle royal for the WWE Championship when Lesnar puts his championship on the line against John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler. I can't wait!
JBL- I miss Vince already.

John Cena's music hits and he comes out to loud boos and a huge 'John Cena Sucks!' chant.

Justin- "The Following Contest is a 6 man, Over the Top Rope, Battle royal...aaaand it's for the WWEEE CHAM-PIONSHIP! First, one of the participants...from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 251 pounds...JOOOOOOOOOOOHN CEEEEEEEENAAAAAAA! *HUGE BOO*"

The commentary crew talk about how if Cena wins tonight, he'll tie with Ric Flair in championship reigns.

*Daniel Bryan's theme hits*

As Daniel Bryan comes to the ring, the entire crowd chants yes with him as he skips to the ring.

Justin- "From Aberdeen, Washington, weighing 210 pounds, Daniel...Bryan!"

The commentary team talks about how Bryan was screwed out of the championship by a neck injury caused by Kane last year and they talk about if he can claim his fourth WWE Championship.

*Seth Rollins theme hits*

Seth Rollin walks out, along with the helpers of the Authority, but his theme is cut off and Shane's face pops up on the titantron.

Shane- "Seth, to make sure that this match is 100% fair for everyone, all members of the Authority are banned from ringside. *Big Pop* If any of them attack any of the competitors, you will be out of the match immediately and thrown out the building by security."

As soon as Seth's Titantron movie continues and his theme resumes, the helpers head to the back and Seth heads to the ring with no introduction.

*Dean Ambrose's theme hits*

Justin- "From Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing 225 pounds, Dean...Ambrose!"

Dean Ambrose dashes to the ring, but before he could attack Seth, referees hold Dean back and keeps him in a corner.

*Dolph Ziggler's theme hits with a huge pop*

Justin- "From Hollywood, Florida, weighing 213 pounds, Dolph...Ziggler!"

The commentary talks about how Dolph Ziggler helped Cena's team take the authority out of power and how he was the surviving man in the match.

*Brock Lesnar's theme hits*

Justin- "And, finally, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 286 pounds...the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock LEEEESNARR!"

Brock Lesnar v. John Cena v. Daniel Bryan v. Seth Rollins v. Dean Ambrose v. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Dean Ambrose immediately goes after Seth Rollins, John Cena immediately goes after Brock Lesnar, and Daniel Bryan goes after Dolph Ziggler. After some time, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins go through the middle rope as they both tried to eliminate each other and Brock was able to spear them both out. The first one to go over the top rope, by the power of Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, was John Cena. Ziggler and Bryan immediately get closeline'd by Brock and both suffer a german suplex from the beast. Daniel Bryan tries to come back and starts hitting Brock with the kicks, but as soon as he went for the last one, Brock was able to duck, get behind Bryan, and german suplex him. Dolph was able to get the upper hand after that and hit a jumping DDT on Lesnar. He, went for the elbow drops, which he succeeds at doing. He calls for the Zig Zag and was about to hit it when Brock grabbed the ropes, causing Ziggler to roll back into a closeline. Bryan, at this point, was on the top rope, and ready to hit the missle dropkick on Brock when Seth climbs up and pulls Bryan out the ring, eliminating him. Seth gets back in the ring and hits the Seth Walker on Dolph, only to get belly to belly suplex'd by Lesnar. When Lesnar turned around, Dean and Dolph pushed him to the ropes and tried to push him out, but it proved impossible as Brock pushed them off. He turned to Seth and picked him up, but then he was lifted up and Attitude Adjusted out the ring by an eliminated John Cena. The last three competitors in the ring was Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. Seth and Dean both looked at each other and nodded with a smile and went after Dolph. They tore through him with punches and eventually threw him out the ring. Being the final two, the crowd broke into a Ambrose-Rollin chant as the two looked at each other. All of a sudden, Seth went towards the rope, stepped over the top rope, and jumped to the ground with the crowd shocked.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jerry- "What just happened?!"

JBL- "I told you so. I told both of you that this match was a bad idea. Triple H even said it. Shane doesn't know how to run a good show, let alone book a match."

As Dean went outside to grab his belt, Seth grabbed his briefcase and they both headed through the crowd. Shane and Triple H ran to the ring, not knowing what was going on as Seth and Dean stood at the top of the staircase. Triple h turned to Shane and pointed at the two, yelling, "Is this what you wanted? Is this the kind of show that you want to be in charge of?!" Then, suddenly, a man walked up behind them and put his fist out. Dean and Seth followed suit. The man, was indeed, Roman Reigns. The show ends as the three, the Shield, stood at the top of the staircase with the MITB briefcase and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

End of Raw

Comment on the show below!

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So the shield is back dean ambrose is the new WWE World heavyweight champion zack ryder defeats kane and shane mcmahon is the new chairman i like this

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- Interview on YouTube

Michael Cole- "Hello, everyone. Welcome to our weekly interview with COO, Triple H.

Triple H- "Hey, Michael."

Michael Cole- "Well, first off, I wanna say that I'm sorry for the loss of your father in law, Vince McMahon, this past week. How are you holding up?"

Triple H- "Well, Vince McMahon was...like the father that I never had. I was thankful that I got a contract in this company to wrestle, thanks to him, and I'm happy he blessed me and his daughter, Stephenie, as we got married a few years back. of course, there were timess in the past when we didn't see eye to eye and we sometimes argued. Hell, we even had a match or two back in the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Agression Era as well, but we got to put aside the bad things and look at the good things about life and Vince was a good man. He's most likely in a better place, probably commentating on a match between Andre the Giant and The Ultimate Warriorup there." *Pointing upwards*

Michael Cole- "Well, I hope he rests in piece and is in a better place. Now, after his death, the will that he left gave Shane McMahon half of the control of the WWE and you the other half. However, you chose to take control of NXT instead of running Raw and Smackdown. Why would you choose to stick with NXT?"

Triple H- "Well, Cole, you and everyone else on the internet fail to realize that I've been putting alot of effort into the future superstars in this industry. As much as I'd want complete control of the WWE and be able to run this company that I see fit, which would be 'Good for Business', you gotta look at the upcoming stars that will lead us to a new generation of the WWE. If I were to give Shane that, I have no clue what he'd do with the up and comers. I don't know if he'd care for the work I've put in since establishing that promotion back in 2013 and I don't have enough trust in him to do what is the best thing to do."

Michael Cole- Well, speaking about Shane McMahon, let's talk about what happened on Raw, the Tribute show for your Father-in-Law. Shane came out at the beginning of the show and booked a 6 man, over the top rope, battle royal for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship-"

Triple H- "Yeah, let's talk about that. The man, my Brother-in-Law, comes out on Raw, a week before the Royal Rumble, where a championship match was already made, and books one that night which, basically, messed up the initial match that was on the Pay Per View. Heck, besides the fact that it was a Tribute show for his dad, I really don't know why he would ddo something like that out of the blue. It makes no sense to me or the WWE Universe. The next thing he'll do is make a battle royal where everyone tries to fight to get INTO the ring. What is he, Vince Russo?"

Michael Cole- "Well, before you interupted, i was gonna talk about the end of Raw, which saw the reformation of the Shield and what must of been a dark day in the WWE. Dean Ambrose now holds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Seth Rollins, the man that you helped win the MITB briefcase, turned on the Authority in what seems like a plan from the very beginning. What are your thoughts?"

Triple H- "Frankly, I'd rather refrain from answering that question because I don't want to give the Shield the shadow of the doubt, but I will say this...Dean Ambrose is in for a rude awakening on Raw cause I have a plan for him. As for that rouge, Seth Rollins, I plan to deal with him on Smackdown this coming Thursday because no one goes against the Authority. This is one mistake that Shane has brought apon the WWE and I plan to fix it, preferably without him screwing up again with yet another terrible idea. Now, I gotta get on my flight in a bit, so can we wrap this up?"

Michael Cole- Well, it just so happens that I have no more questions left for today, so thanks for joining us today, Triple H, and for you guys watching, tune in on Smackdown this Thursday at 8/7 Ct. on Sci-fy or the WWE Network.

-End of Interview

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Thursday Night Smackdown
8:00 PM
1 week before Royal Rumble

A video is shown of what happened on Raw, including Shane coming out and making the battle royal, Triple H telling him it was a bad idea, and the end of the show where Triple H is yelling at Shane and the Shield stands victorious with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the MITH Briefcase.

The theme for Smackdown plays while the intro runs on the titantron. When the intro ends, it's cut to the cameras that showcase the pyro exploding, then pans the fans.

Michael Cole
- "Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman, to Thursday Night Smackdown! Tonight, Triple H will address the WWE Universe about Raw and his punishment for his former Authority member, Seth Rollins. My partners for tonight is none other than Booker T and JBL."

JBL- "I still stand by my word from Monday that Shane McMahon doesn't know how to run a show.
Wherever he was before coming back here, maybe he should go back."

Booker T- "Ah, come on, John. People make mistakes, and Shane probably has a plan for correcting this. I mean, you can't seriously be thinking that he's gonna screw up a second time in a row."

JBL- "That's exactly what I'm thinking. The only man in power that I can trust right now is the COO, Triple H. That's why I'm excited for whatever his punishment will be for that backstabber, Seth Rollins."


Triple H comes out, with Stephanie, and makes his way to the ring. Once he's in the ring, he's surrounded by a mixed reaction, which The Game finds humorous. He grabs a mic and looks at the crowd before speaking.

Triple H- "On Monday, on Raw, Shane McMahon, my Brother-in-Law, announced that he's been made the new Chairman by Vince McMahon in his will. Like most of you, I wanted to see if he had the WWE blood in him to run the best show for everyone here and for the people watching at home. I expected the absolute best from him and I was speculating that he'd give Raw its highest rating in years with this new era, but...he fell flat on his face with the poor job that he did with booking a simple main event. Instead of hyping the championship match at the Royal Rumble between Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena, he instead thinks that 'since it's a show for my father, why don't we put the most prestegious championship in the company on the line....in a battle royal!' Great idea, Shane...except for what happened later that night. In said battle royal, we saw a great match between 6 of the best in the industry, but what makes crap hits the fan...is the winner of the match, Dean Ambrose, with the runner up who was in cahoots with him, Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose not only make a mockery of me, Shane, or my Father-in-Law, Vince, but they made a mockery to you people. Although, it is all Shane's fault, the ones responcible is those two idiots who ran off with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the Money in the Bank Briefcase, which leads me to my punishment for Seth Rollins. I made sure that he's in the arena tonight, so I'm making a little Gautlet Match so that I can get back what belongs to the Authority. The people Seth will be facing is The Big Show, Kane, and a new member of the Authority that you are very familiar with. If any one of those guys beat Seth, they will be the new MITB holder and the contract will belong to that person. That's...what's 'Best for Business.'"

Triple H's music plays as he exits the ring and goes back up the ramp, but his theme is cut of by-


As the theme plays, Roman Reigns comes from back to the Stage and stands in the way of Triple H and Stephanie. The two turn around to see Seth and Dean jump from both sides of the barricade to the ramp, trapping the power couple. Seth has a mic and begins to speak.

Seth Rollins- "So, that's it? A gautlet match? I would think you, of all people, would have a better idea than that. However, it doesn't seem like you two will be watching the match, per say. Roman, Dean, let's get 'em."

Seth throws down the mic and the three come closer to the power couple, but Kane comes from the back to help...only to get speared by Roman. Big Show, who was behind him, decides to back away and keep his ground. As the Shield got closer to the COO and his wife, Triple H books it from the side ramp and heads backstage, trying to bring Stephanie with him. Dean, however, grabs Stephanie as Seth Rollins hits a flying knee on Triple H. The Shield, then, kidnaps Stephanie to the back and out of sight as Big Show looks on.

-Commercial Break-

As the commentary talks about what happened before break, Rusev's music hits and him, with Lana, comes to the ring with somewhat aggressive facial expressions. When they both enter the ring, Lana looks at the crowd and begins to speak into the mic she was holding.

Lana- "On Raw, my Rusev had crused that stain on the earth, R-Truth...when a man in all black clothing attacked Rusev with no warning and no reason. I, for one, is ashamed of a country where guys like these can attack a defenseless man and not be hunted down by authorities. In Mother Russia, that man, whoever he may be, would already had been executed as late as Tuesday Morning, but right now, he's just running around as a free man without a bounty. That's why me and Rusev will be taking things into our own hands. Right Now, in this very ring, we offer a match, no, a slaughter in the form of a challenge, to the man who attacked Rusev on Monday. If he, however, is unlikely victorious, we will offer that man a United States Championship match at the Royal Rumble. *Cheer* Now, mystery man, make your way down to this ring and we will start the ma-"

While Lana was talking, the mystery man slid into the ring and attacked Rusev with a barrage of punches. Lana quickly exits the ring as the match starts.

Rusev v. Mystery Man: If Mystery Man wins, he gets a U.S Title opportunity at Royal Rumble
The beginning of the match sees the Mystery Man assaulting Rusev. At a certain point in the match, at the 2 minute mark, Rusev hits a kick on the mystery man and stands over him, about to go after the mask, but as Rusev bends down to put his hands on the mask, the Mystery Man rolls Rusev in for the pin with the crowd counting-

Crowd- 1...2...3!

Winner- Mystery Man

As soon as the bell rings, the Mystery Man rolls out the ring and head through the crowd.

Lana- "Wait. Can we at least know who you are?"

The Mystery Man thinks for a moment, then moves through the crowd to get to a sign to raise up to Lana, who gets mad as the crowd laughs and cheers.

"No Chance in Hell"

The Mystery Man, then, makes his ways up the stairs and looks back to the crowd before leaving the arena.

JBL- "Who the hell is that man? And why is no one stopping him?"

Booker T- "I don't know, but whoever he is, he's gonna be in my new Fav 5. Hahaha."

Later on in the show...

The Shield's theme hits and Seth Rollins stands at the top of the staircase with Roman behind him, but before they start going down the stairs, Triple H's theme hits and he comes out to the stage with a facial expression with the mix of Worried and Pissed Off.


Seth and Roman look at each other for a second before laughing at Triple H with the crowd and the COO confused. To solve this confusion, the two member's of the Shield point to the titantron to show Dean Ambrose with a fishing hat on his head, a fishing pole in his hand, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Dean Ambrose- "You know...it's not bad to fish in the Puget Sound here in Seattle. You can catch some unique creatures from beyond the deep that you've never seen before. However, it's sometimes best to throw your catches back into the sea, where they belong, so I have a big blubberfish here *The camera pans over to Stephanie, tied up in a chair, gaged, and by the edge of the pier* who is just asking to go back to where she truly belongs."

Stephanie cries for help, to which Dean gets closer and puts two fingers to his ear, trying to find out what she may be saying. After a bit, Dean turns to the camera.

Dean Ambrose- "Don't worry, I speak fish. She says that she's not a blubberfish. She's a suckerfish."

The crowd laughs as Triple H gets mad and starts walking around the stage with frustration.

Dean Ambrose- "Here's the deal. If you don't want your wife to sleep with the fishes, then you have to make the gautlet match a no disqualification match. If you decline, I kick this little mermaid into the Puget Sound."

Triple H tries to think of a way out of this, but he has no other choice.

Triple H- "Fine. The match will now be a no disqualification match. Now, can you please untie my wife?"

Dean Ambrose- "You can come get here for yourself. I think I'm gonna go get a Seahawk jersey."

Dean leaves the scene as Stephanie struggles in the chair, both worried and pissed. Triple H runs to the back, where he heads to the garage and gets into a car. He takes off into the night as the Sheild's theme continues. Seth and Roman make their way to the ring and stand together as they wait for Kane to come out, which does, to start the match.

Seth Rollins v. Kane, Big Show, and ???: Winner gets the MITB Briefcase
The match starts with Kane, who is immediately speared by Reigns and pinned for the win. The Big Show comes down with a chair and gets in the ring. He hits Reigns before he was able to spear him, but gets hit with a flying knee by Seth. From there, Show and Rollins have a battle that lasts about 6 minutes, which ends with Seth getting the pin during a commercial break. Roman and Seth stand in the ring, waiting for the third guy to come out, but when Brock's theme hits, they prepare themselves for the worse. When Brock enters, Roman runs at hit, which results in him getting belly to belly suplexed out the ring to the outside with a thud. Seth gets onto Brock and tries to punch him a few times, but Brock pulls him off and hits a backbreaker on Rollins. For the next 5 minutes, Brock is in control and hits a couple of German Suplexes on Seth before hitting an F5 on him. Before Brock is able to pin Seth, Cena's theme hits and John comes out to the ramp with a mic.

John Cena- "Lesnar, at Summerslam, you dismantled me and took away my championship. Because of that, I'm gonna make sure that any opportunity you'll have to regain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be crushed by me."

Lesnar gets ready to after Cena, but when he got out of the ring, Roman comes out of nowhere and hits a spear. He, then, picks up Brock and pushes him into the ring, where Seth hits the Curbstomp and pins Lesnar for the 3.

Winner- Seth Rollins

Cena taunts at the top of the ramp as the two members of the Shield celebrate the win as Smackdown goes off the air...

-End of Smackdown

-From Smackdown Fallout on WWE's YouTube Page

Triple H arrives at the Pugent Sound in the car he left the arena with and runs to his wife, who is glad to see him. Triple H is able to un-gag Stephanie and untie her from the chair, but Dean comes out of nowhere(with a Seahawk Jersey on) and pushes the two into the Puget Sound. As the power couple yells at Dean, he turns to the camera with a smile.

Dean Ambrose- "I don't know if Stephanie is wetter now...or when Triple H showed up. We'll never know..."

Dean walks off as the video ends.
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