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a D-Generation X story

Oh yeah the story I'm writing might be a little jumbled as I get confused sometimes when writing. This story is about the character I made as myself in all the Smackdown! games since I thought some of you might think that sucks! (And it might) I will also throw something together that will involve Evolution, a re-faction of
D-Generation X and MAYBE a 'gang' war VS the now non existent NWO faction in which case they will have to some how reform also if this idea sucks just tell me, and if you think I can't pull of a good story
feel free to say so but regardless I will at least begin my story.

SO nobody is going to answer eh?
Then I guess all start my story but come on when you read it can you tell me if it sucks or not.

King of RAW
The Pyro goes off in the Pepsi arena, thousands of fans stand on their feet and cheer in excitement as the RAW theme fades into the speakers.
Well you think you can tell us what to do?
The entire arena stands on their feet they want to see this they HAVE to see this, the song is recognized as the theme for DX.
Instead they get evolution doing an impersonation of DX, 20,000 people boo the minute Batista is seen: for screwing HBK/Goldberg from winning a on on one title match on RAW.
Triple H grabs a microphone.
"What the hell did you expect Chyna, Shawn Micheals, X-Pac,Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, DX!" He said each one louder and angrier than the last and shouted DX with power in his voice.
"THAT was the old D-Generation X we are the NEW D-EGENERATION X and NOone can stop us."
"Some of you might say 'Well Triple H what about Evolution, why change it?' I'll tell you why..."
"Because yesterday a snot nosed little punk had the nerve to walk up to ME and tell me that Evolution was a rip-off of DX!
And I'll tell you I beat his ASS!
Evolution is not a rip-off of DX, Evolution IS D-GENERATION X, and we've got the balls to prove it!"
suddenly Randy Ortan goes under the ring and pulls out a
sledge-hammer and holds it in the air.
Triple H speaks again "We have no time for failures, only the bst of the best will ever get into DX and that's all there is to it."
He then hands the mic of to Ric Flair.
"The BEST of the BEST just like the SIX-teen time world champion."
Everyone in the ring smiles... Then Randy Orton hurls the
sledge-hammer at the Nature boy's head, busted open he rolls out the ring barely conscious.
J.R. rages "OH MY GOD, he just hit Ric Flair with the sledge-hammer!"
"Ok let's face it Ric Flair never even deserved to be in EVOLUTION but D-GENERATION X, certainly has no time for an old washed up
six-teen time champion like Ric Flair." Randy Orton stands cocky in the ring giving his little speech. "I mean come on that means he lost the championship like seven-teen times, besides I'm the LEGEND KILLER it was only a matter of time before I got to the guy, he's old as dirt
DX only receives the best of today, not the best of yesterday."

A reply to Calum or CUM or whatever the F*CK your name is, what is this?!:It could be a good storyline just your pretty crap at it.
For one I could write a story a hundred times better than you can and OH YEAH thanks for being specific mister master of storylines it could do you some F*cking good to tell me what I did wrong you dumb F*ck. Don't you mean I'm pretty crappy at it what the hell is crap at it you retard I hope english isn't your first language you assh*le.
If you didn't notice I'M NOT DONE it will be great you moron you gotta be patient.I'm pretty crap at it. You're pretty crap at grammer Mother F*CKER!

By the way for the person or maybe people reading this, this takes place after the RAW where Batista came back in the match between Shawn Micheals and Goldberg, though I will try to edit and update as much as possible.

Orton smirks then hands the microphone to the six foot five monster Batista.Everyone in the arena boos pissed at Batista for ending the title match.
"SHUT UP, everyone knows that Goldberg and HBK got EXACTLY what they deserved last week, besides it was only an amount of time before I collected that bounty.Both Micheals and Goldberg learned one thing last week you don't SCREW with DX."
"WHOA WHOA WHOA, wait just a minute there BATISTA," Shawn Micheals had come from backstage hoping to put his two cents in.
"Beleive me I know not to screw with D-Generation X, HELL I WAS
D-Generation X, YOU my freind are just a cheap imatation and I'll prove it tonight."
The audience cheers as Micheals continues.
"ME the HEART BREAK KID Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair, and Kevin NASH versus D-Imatation X in a 6-man tag match."
Triple H glares at Shawn Micheals and takes the microphone from Batista "Let me get this straight you want ME to fight three burnt out old men, in a six man tag match tonight one that just got hit with a sldge hammer?" "The answer is YES!"
BOOS release from the crowd as Eric Bichoff steps onto the ramp next to Shawn Micheals.
"WAIT, hold on just ONE second.Ric Flair can't fight in that condition he's a mess.Now I would allow you to find a new tag partner but I already have other plans, for the return of DX."
Micheals was becoming impatient already.
"AND what's that Bichoff a Handicap match!?"
Eric Bichoff paused "Yeah."
"Fine then me and Kevin Nash are going to-"
"What you and Kevin Nash?"
"Yeah me and Kevin Nash you said a handicap match."
Eric Bichoff streaked a stupid smile across his face then wiped it away almost imidiately.
"I never said it was three on two, I said it was a handicap match I gave Kevin Nash the day off earlier."
Triple H smiled in the ring, he thought he'd know what was coming next, he didn't.
Bichoff continued "Triple H you're probably smiling because you have a three on one match against Shaw Micheals...The truth is you don't.
You see I'm giving Shawn Micheals a match against Mark Henry.
Now you will still have a three on one match because of something that happened earlier take a look at the titan tron."
A man in all red and black comes walking on to the screen he has short cropped hair, a red vest, and an all black shirt on with to red elbow pads and gloves.He also has a red belt and black pants with a red design with red and black shoes and a pair of sunglasses.
"Well that's Bomber he won his dark match last week here on RAW I don't know what he has to do with anything he's the newest member of our RAW roster."J.R. comments confused.
"I don't know either J.R. bu-" before Jerry Lawler can finish Eric Bichoff (on the screen) turns to Bomber.
"So you ready for your first telivised match?"
Bomber rubs his beard and mustache (similar to Triple H's former one).
"Yeah Eric I'm ready I want to go out there and be the king of RAW!"
As Bomber begins to walk away Bichoff mutters under his voice "The king of RAW?"
The titan tron cuts off and switches to Eric Bichoff in the ring.
"He wants to be the KING of RAW I'm the king of RAW damn it! I'M ERIC BICHOFF I'm the GM of RAW!"
Bichoff twists his face into a sadistic smile "So tonight it will be Bomber versus DX in a NO HOLES BARRED three on one street fight, Shawn Micheals and Kevin Nash and even Ric Flair will be banned from ringside.

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