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I've already got this up on some other sites so the first few shows are already up on this exact post. Unfortunately, I won't be able to show my full writing capacity since I'll be posting recapped shows. The reason why? Well if I get a low rated Promo, I'd have to make it bad or if I get 100% rated Promo, I'd have to make it perfect which isn't easy to do, same thing with matches. Recaps make it easier to really show how bad or good a promo has been. I'm not going to post another BTB on this site until I reach 100% Public Image at Global or go... bankrupt! Most of these wrestlers are completely unknown so I don't blame you if you decide not to read, I'm just posting this for my own enjoyment, and for others who feel like reading. I've got a lot of plans after this BTB already so I'm not going to stall with it and I'll get shows up early but I'll try to keep a day between them in the very least. My ROH thingy died before even getting up, to those that feel like having a quick read, I'll post what I had written thus far, although it isn't much. I won't be writing full shows like that for this, I might eventually but for now, I just want this thing advancing quickly but progressively. I'd like feedback on my recap writing style, if you think I should do it differently and such. Also, this is done on EWR although some might not like it, I feel it helps me a bit, plus if I recall, Szumi had used EWR too, I don't know if it was all the way through his BTB but I know he started it off with it. Anyways time to start it up. I know it might be a lot to take in with so much information but I won't be putting up as much information from now on. Also I'll be giving some details on new stars signed since they aren't really popular, I don't know most of them either so I'm shaping them into my image.

Game Info:
Game: Extreme Warfare Revenge 4.2
Difficulty: Rock Hard
Game Start Date: October 1st 2010

Promotion Details
Owner: Murdoch Zombie
Head Booker: Jonathan Tshinanu
Based: Los Angeles, California, United-States
Promotion Size: Backyard
Promotion Rank: #31
Money: 6110$
Public Image: 8%
Monthly Performance: 000?
Risk Level: 50%
Production Values: 0%
Merchandising: 0% / $0 p.m
Advertising: 1% / $10000 p.m

Sponsor: Position / Contract / Risk / Pay Per Show
HD Vision Readers: Main / 10 Months / 41 % / $9 000
Snuggie: Minor #1 / 2 Months / 49 % / $10 000
ShamWow: Minor #2 / 4 Months / 21 % / $10 000
Slap Chop: Minor #3 / 8 Months / 46 % / $8 000

AWA Championship: Vacant

Staff Member: Contract/Cash/Position/Talent/Morale/Booker
Johnny Guy: 22 Months / 1,000$ Per Month / Referee / 16 Talent / ??? / No
Laughing Larry: 34 Months / 4,000$ Per Month / Announcer / 10 Talent / ??? / Yes

Workers (Male):

Andrew Aubrey Aster:
26 / Lightweight / Canadian /
Open / 2K Per Apperance /
Main Eventer / Heel / High Society /
31OVR / 52BRL / 51PD / 49TCH / 62CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / -- /
Piledriver / Elevated DDT/
1 - 0 - 0

Bradley Bush:
22 / Heavyweight / American /
Open / 2K Per Apperance /
Midcarder / Heel / Bodyguard /
1OVR / 40BRL / 2SPD / 10TCH / 25CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / -- /
Chokeslam / Triple Powerbomb/
3 - 0 - 0

Chris Ewing:
20 / Lightweight / American /
Open / 1K Per Apperance /
Midcarder / Face / Dude /
6OVR / 15BRL / 43SPD / 37TCH / 30CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / High Spots, Shooting Ability /
Octo Stretch / Sharpshooter /
1 - 1 - 1

Dany Only:
31 / Lightweight / American /
Open / 2K Per Apperance /
Upper Midcarder / Heel / Rebel /
19OVR / 42BRL / 48SPD / 52TCH / 45CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / -- /
Only Impact / Only Impact /
0 - 1 - 2

James Ewing:
21 / Lightweight / American /
Open / 1K Per Apperance /
Midcarder / Face / Dude /
5OVR / 39BRL / 20SPD / 53TCH / 40CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / Shooting Ability /
Done Deal / Clash /
2 - 1 - 0

Jet Stryker:
24 / Lightweight / American /
Open / 2K Per Apperance /
Main Eventer / Heel / Rebel /
25OVR / 39BRL / 46SPD / 47TCH / 43CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / Shooting Ability /
Stryk Out / Stryk Clutch /
1 - 1 - 1

Kyle Kincaid:
25 / Lightweight / American /
Open / 2K Per Apperance /
Upper Midcarder / Heel / Egomaniac /
18OVR / 12BRL / 55SPD / 40TCH / 62CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / High Spots, Announcer, Trainer /
Kincaidinator / Class Act /
1 - 0 - 2

Liberty Kid:
21 / Lightweight / American /
Open / 1K Per Apperance /
Midcarder / Face / Fun Babyface /
0OVR / 5BRL / 52SPD / 15TCH / 44CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / -- /
Liberty DDT / Liberty Splash /
0 - 0 - 3

Los Jalapeño:
23 / Lightweight / Canadian /
Open / 2K Per Apperance /
Upper Midcarder / Face / Luchadore /
11OVR / 12BRL / 58SPD / 41TCH / 52CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / -- /
Jalapeño Cutter / Jalapeño Heat /
1 - 0 - 2

Michael Avery:
27 / Lightweight / Canadian /
Open / 2K Per Apperance /
Main Eventer / Face / Old School Face /
24OVR / 39BRL / 65SPD / 70TCH / 70CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / High Spots, Announcer, Fonz Factor /
Bear Snare / Schnozbuster '83 /
2 - 0 - 1

Retail Dragon:
26 / Lightweight / American /
Open / 2K Per Apperance /
Upper Midcarder / Face / Underdog /
22OVR / 14BRL / 71SPD / 49TCH / 40CHR /
???MRL / 100CND / -- /
Springboard Diamond Dust / Shooting Star Press /
1 - 0 - 2

Workers (Female):

Non Wrestlers:

Crystal Bush:
28 / Lightweight / American /
Open / 4K Per Appearance /
Manager / Heel / Authority Figure /
6OVR / 17BRL / 34SPD / 30TCH / 80CHR /
???MRL / 100CND /Diva /
Double D Diva Drop / Schmetterling Slam /
0 - 0 - 0

Tag Teams & Stables:
Tag Team/Stable:

Canadian Connection:
Michael Avery & Los Jalapeño

Ewing Brothers:
Chris & James Ewing
The Clash

Rebels With Attitude (AKA Hate Junkies):
Dany Only & Jet Stryker

Current Feuds:
Battles Won / Clean Wins / Cheap Wins / Ambush Wins / Other Wins /

Ewing Brothers Vs Rebels with Attitude:
30 HT
2BW│2BW / 1CL│0CL / 0CH│0CH / 0AW│0AW / 1OW│20W /
November 28th 2010

Retail Dragon Vs Kyle Kincaid:
48 HT
2BW│3BW / 1CL│0CL / 0CH│1CH / 0AW│0AW / 1OW│20W /
November 28th 2010

Michael Avery Vs Bradley Bush:
0 HT
0BW│2BW / 0CL│0CL / 0CH│0CH / 0AW│2AW / 0OW│00W /
December 4th 2010

AWA 001: Genesis [35]
AWA 002: December Disaster [35]
AWA 003: New Year's Celebration [43]


Hello ladies and gentleman, I’m fellow American Wrestling Association spokesperson, James Duncan ready to bring you all the news within the company at any time. Today’s edition will give you the inside news on who’s in the company, what their role will be, and a small peak at their gimmick, get ready to know the AWA roster!

With a low budget of 39, 000$, the American Wrestling Association set it sights on spending their cash. With the advertising cost at 10, 000$ this basically meant the company was now down to 29, 000$ along with the standard 1,000$ for production values they were now down to 28, 000$ along with a 5,000$ saving for a rainy day, this left the American Wrestling Association with 23, 000$ to work with. First things first and that was hiring the company an announcer. The easy choice was Laughing Larry (Announcer, 10 talent, Booker, 35 years old, Male) for three years on a verbal contract giving him 4,000$ in which mister Larry signed happily. This brought the budget down to 19, 000$ with that, we moved on to the workers, Larry would be the only staff member for the time being.

The first worker signed called himself Stryknyne but, AWA wasn’t too satisfied with that name and re-dubbed him Jet Stryker (14 overness, open, 2,000$, upper mid-card, rebel gimmick/formerly punk, heel). Jet Stryker doesn’t give a damn about what he’s told to do; he simply does what he feels like doing. Along with having no respect for authority, Jet isn’t afraid to use dirty means to win a match or simply to make his way to the championship. His sole and only goal in this company is holding it’s most prestigious (and only) championship dubbed the AWA Championship, even possibly become the first ever champion. The AWA has big plans for this star and hope that he can become the face of the company. However, he still has much to improve on with a 43% charisma and no real attributes. Despite his lack of great skills, he’s still young in his career and has much room for development. His finishers are the Stryk Out (Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick) as well as the Stryk Clutch (Texas Cloverleaf).

The next worker added to the company with the help of Jet Stryker was his partner from NWA Anarchy, Dany Only (9 overness, open, 2,000$, mid-card, rebel gimmick/formerly punk, heel). Surprisingly, Dany Only is a much better overall competitor than Jet Stryker but he isn’t as over and is already in his thirties. The American Wrestling Association has yet to decide if they want the duo to be an official tag team for the company or not. Currently, the company is against the idea considering the fact that they have no tag team championships and won’t have some for a while. Still, they don’t want to rule out the idea completely and the two will most likely team once in a while within the company. Should he have been younger, Dany could have been Jet Stryker right now but AWA is looking for someone in their twenties to lead this company and Dany won’t really cut it. This isn’t too say Dany won’t get a push and should he grow in overness quickly, he could be seeing a championship in his future. His gimmick will be very similar to Jet Stryker. His finisher is the Only Impact (Double Arm Underhook DDT)

Third worker added to the company and biggest one thus far; Smash Bradley (3 overness, open, 2,000$, mid-card, bodyguard gimmick/formerly none, heel/formerly face). This big man is only twenty-two years old and is barely over with the crowed. In the ring, he’s slow (2) and a not-so-good technical wrestler (10) he is however developing his brawling skills (40) still, he isn’t the best on the microphone either (25). Luckily, he’s young which means there is a lot of space for improvement, he never had a gimmick and the company debated on giving him a bodyguard gimmick or a monster gimmick, in the end, the bodyguard gimmick was chosen. What’s left to do is find him a manager or even another charismatic wrestler he could protect. AWA is looking to find someone with high charisma to help him improve as well. His finishers are the Chokeslam as well as the Triple Powerbomb.

The previous worker signed was a huge heavyweight… well the fourth worker signed is 5’4 and 161 lbs the exact opposite of Smash Bradley, he goes by the name of the Retail Dragon (8 overness, open, 2,000$, mid-card, underdog gimmick/formerly blue collar, face). This small man is highly compared to Rey Mysterio… or at least it’s this companies Rey Mysterio. The Underdog gimmick was a clear and evident choice for the company who saw that it would work perfectly, far better than a blue collar gimmick. Within the ring, Retail Dragon moves at amazing speeds (compared to the rest of the roster at 73) and is getting better and better with his technical abilities(49) unfortunately, his size keeps his brawling skills low (14). He is decent on the microphone (40) but has much room to improve. He’s definitely got a future in this business and AWA will definitely give him the opportunity to shine within the company. His finisher is the Springboard Diamond Dust as well as the Shooting Star Press, both moves that showcase his athletic abilities.

The American Wrestling Association has finally found not only its Authority figure but Smash Bradley now renamed Bradley Bush’s manager. She goes by the name of Tara Bush (2 overness, open, 2,000$, non-wrestler, authority figure/formerly girl-next-door, heel). Yes she’s another heel but she won’t be wrestling which is a plus and we now have an authority figure. Unfortunately, the fact that we don’t have any writers means she won’t have much face time at first. She will be Bradley Bush’s ‘younger sister’ and while Smash’s the dumber guy, she will be the brains behind everything that occurs. Tara has fairly good charisma (62) while she sucks in the ring. It’s believed that despite her low show time, she will still gain some overness quickly. Her finishers are the After-School Special and the Low Blow.

Another small wrestler signed to the company is Michael Avery (22 overness, 2,000$, upper mid-carder, old school face/formerly none, face/formerly heel).Michael Avery can do a lot in the ring, he’s relatively fast (65) he is great when it comes to fighting technically (70) and can speak on the microphone without much struggle (70) although he isn’t the best in brawling (39) against a guy like Retail Dragon, he could pull off an amazing match. He’s naturally charismatic (fonz factor), he’s ready to take most crazy bumps AWA have for him so get ready to see him in the more riskier matches AWA have (high spots), furthermore he’s got great announcing skills so if he ever suffers an injury or we’re in dire need of some announcing then Michael is there for us. The good thing, well he’s only 27 years old, if Jet Stryker fails to impress then Michael Avery will definitely be the fall back. His finishers are the Bear Snare (Full Nelson with his legs wrapped around the opponents abdomnen) and the Schnozbuster ’83 (single knee face breaker).

Once more, AWA hired a Lightweight wrestler. This new wrestler is similar to Retail Dragon, both hide their face with pride and respect for the Mexican wrestling that is Lucha Libre. He goes by the name of Los Jalapeño (3 overness, 2,000$, mid-carder, luchadore, face) despite the fact that he is a Luchadore he is born in Canada. Los Jalapeño is fairly good within the ring, he isn’t the best but he isn’t the worst either, especially when you compare him to Bradley Bush. He can’t handle himself in a brawl due to his size (12) but is pretty fast (58) and his technical skills are developing swimmingly (41) much like his charisma (52). He will be playing your typical Luchadore, very similar to Retail Dragon however, the difference in skills is clear. His finishers are the Jalapeño Cutter (cutter) and the Jalapeño Heat (High Angle Senton).

Liberty Kid (2 overness, 1,000$, Mid-Carder, Fun Babyface gimmick/formerly none, face), one of the cheapest workers signed to the roster thus far is another Lightweight wrestler as well as the youngest one (21). He can’t do much in the Brawling criteria (5) but his speed can match the likes of Los Jalapeño (52). Unfortunately, he still has a lot of room for improvement in his technical skills and he isn’t the best with his charisma (15, 44). He’ll be a character meant for entertainment more than anything although, if he ends up improving through time, he could see his career going uphill instead of downhill. His finishers are the Liberty DDT (Top Rope DDT) and the Liberty Splash (Moonsault).

The trend continues with another Lightweight worker who goes by the name of Kyle Kincaid (10 overness, 2,000$, Mid-carder, Egomaniac gimmick/formerly Obnoxious, heel). This worker has good speed in the ring and could keep up with the two previously mentioned quite easily (55) furthermore, his technical skills are improving rapidly (40) along with his great charisma… at least compared to the rest of the roster (62). Adding to that, Kyle isn't afraid of big spots and is willing to compete in risky matches, he's also great as an announcer and seems to be able to teach others the ways of the ring, you know what they say, some people are better at teaching than executing (high spots, announcer, trainer). He’s going to play your typical egomaniac, thinks he’s the best in the world at what he does, and feels like he’s superior to everyone like a king basically. If you had to compare him to a big star then Jericho would be your guy. Why exactly did the AWA chose this gimmick, well that’s rather simple, he’s always looked up to the likes of Jericho and that’s one of his favorite stars of all time, since he watches a lot of his promo’s, he could easily cut one similar to him and thus Kyle Kincaid is our personal Jericho. His finishers are the Kincaidinator (High Angle Springboard Moonsault) and the Class Act (Single Leg Boston Crab).

Two more wrestlers were added to the roster at the last minute, one of them goes by the name of James Ewing (1 overness, 1,000$, mid-carder, dude gimmick/formerly dual sports star, face). James Ewing is relatively new to the business, and is slowly improving in most skills, such as his brawling skills (39) and his technical skills(53) but despite his size, he isn’t fast compared to the other competitors in the company (20). Furthermore, James, much like his younger brother, has great shoot-fighting ability (shooting ability) The new gimmick he has was made so that he improves with his charisma (40). He will most likely be teaming with his brother most of the time, despite the fact that there is no tag team division, the company wants to build these two up as the top tier tag team once the division is made. His two finishers are the Done Deal (STO) and the Clash (Top Rope Diving Drop Kick).

The next and last addition to the roster was James Ewing’s younger brother who goes by the name of Chris Ewing (1 overness, 1,000$, mid-carder, dude gimmick/formerly none, face). James Ewing was ecstatic about the fact that they were both getting signed and expressed his gratitude with a message to the company. Chris much like James, is slowly improving within the company, although his Brawling Skills pale in comparison to his brothers (15), James speed pales in comparison to his speed (43) while James Ewing is superior to Chris when it comes to technical skills as well (37) along with his charisma (30) but this isn’t too much of a surprise considering the fact that Chris is younger than James. In addition to these stars, Chris isn't afraid to take big bumps and enter risky matches, furthermore, he's got great shoot-fighting abilities (high spots and shooting ability). His finishers are the Octopus Stretch and the Sharpshooter, both submissions. The Ewing’s combined finisher is the Clash (Double Diving Drop Kick)

That's all the details on the newest additions of AWA, I'll be back for some more news, for now, just stick around, give your opinions on this roster of talented (scratch Bradley Bush out of the list) wrestlers. This will definitely be an interesting company.
The AWA had a dilemma moments ago with Tara Bush refusing to be a manager for Bradley Bush, thus, the company has decided to cut ties with Tara Bush thus terminating her contract when she rejected the offered release (The true story is that I signed her as a non-wrestler thus I couldn't make her an Authority Figure/Manager). Her replacement? Crystal Charmichael renamed Crystal Bush (6 overness, open, 4,000$, manager, authority figure gimmick/ formerly seductress, heel). Of course, we had to take 2,000$ from are rainy day savings but we figured it was worth it. Her skills are forgettable in the ring with low Brawling (17), speed (34) and technical wrestling skills (30) but we didn't pay her for that, we got her to look good and be great on the microphone (80 charisma, diva. Plus, the fact that she'll be in segments with Bradley Bush, and she's the best in the fed on the microphone, far better than Tara Bush, maybe her charisma will rub off on Bradley.

AWA 001: Genesis, November 28th 2010
“Setting The Stage”
  • - Coming into this show, I have to say, I was expecting more fans than the number we received. In case you were wondering how many fans came to the show, well let’s just say only two guys made it, two teens at that. So we made twenty dollars out of the tickets, not sure if the sponsors will be happy with the low revenue, hopefully they don’t drops us too quickly. They were obviously surprised at the low amount of fans as well. Still, you’ve got to start somewhere, maybe these guys will be pleased with the show and slowly the fan base will grow, or maybe I’m in way over my head and getting to the top is just about impossible? I don’t know, we’ll just go on with the show in hopes that we’ll be able to put on a good one.

    - The two teens turned their attention towards the big screen television. Backstage within the small arena were Crystal Bush and Bradley Bush. Chances were, these guys didn’t know who the two were, and actually, Crystal was a bit more popular due to her suggestive photos through the internet. Crystal wore a short black skirt, a white blouse suggestively unbuttoned and a black jacket along with some glasses. She definitely looked good if I do say so myself. Standing next to her was the seven foot, three hundred pounder, Bradley Bush who was lighter than her and clearly didn’t resemble her but we decided to continue with the idea that they are siblings. He wore a Bret Hart, Vader, Taker type of attire with the main colors being red and black. Crystal had a microphone in hand and immediately began claiming herself as the queen of AWA. She continued, saying the owner of AWA had given her authority over the whole company. Much like the Queen of England, people have to respect her and such. She moved on to hyping her client and brother, Bradley Bush stating that soon enough Bradley would claim the AWA Championship, that he is the biggest competitor here and that no one could stop him. She dropped the microphone and muttered something to Bradley to leave the scene. The segment was decent, definitely the best of the night as you’ll soon find out.[58]

    - Next up is the one who could and might possibly be the future of the American Wrestling Association, Jet Stryker. Jet had a grin on his face as the scene switched to where he was which looked awfully similar to that of Crystal and Bradley’s segment. Jet wore black ripped jeans with his neck long black hair. Jet Stryker completely buried his opponent which is basically what killed the segment. He spoke about Chris Ewing and his inability to wrestle with a partner and without one, in fact, he wrestled even worse without one. The chances of Chris Ewing were slim to none, hell, they were impossible, in the end; Jet would easily perform the Stryk Out and end the match with a Stryk Clutch. Chris needed to face facts; Jet was better, end of story. Not worse segment of the night, he’s still learning the ways of the microphone but he’ll eventually learn it. One rule he needs to learn though, NEVER totally bury your opponent. Maybe next time we should book him before one of our best speakers and not after. [36]

    - Jet Stryker Def. Chris Ewing: The first match in the American Wrestling Association ever. It starred Jet Stryker and Chris Ewing, of course it wasn’t exactly the best booking decision on the part of the committee. They aren’t the two greatest wrestlers in the company neither are they the second best, giving it to someone better would have set the tone a bit better. Chris Ewing came out with some black show jeans with a grey tank top and some shades. The match had a fairly good opening until… they knocked the ref out… real early. Now, there would be no problem with this if it wasn’t too early but it was which pretty much ruined the tone of the match. They didn’t even capitalize on it and continued the match as if Johnny Guy hadn’t been taken down. Chris Ewing tried to get some high flying moves into the match but none of them got any elevation, all of them seemed like he was falling down and not actually jumping. Believe it or not, but through all of this time, Johnny Guy… was still on the ground. Dany Only, Jet Stryker’s partner within other promotions as well as this one ran down the ramp. This garnered a reaction from the two fans who were anticipating what would occur. Dany Only spun Chris around and connected with the Only Impact (Double Arm Underhook DDT), immediately slipping out the ring following it. Jet Stryker hooked the long seconds later and Johnny Guy suddenly and miraculously came back to life. One… two… three, Jet Stryker won his first match while Chris Ewing lost his first. It wasn’t over yet, Dany Only slid back into the ring and the duo began pummelling onto Chris Ewing until his brother sprinted towards the ring. The fans easily found out James Ewing’s purpose, to help out his brother. James slid into the ring with a chair in hand, which scared the other two into leaving the ring. The crowed only got into it when Dany Only came into the ring but that was about it. The match still had some decent spots, fifty one rating, low one star, not that good. [28│14│51]

    - Worst interview of the night by Dany Only following the match, he still sweated from that simple run-in he did moments earlier. He wore similar attire to that of Jet Stryker, almost identical. Dany Only avoided what just happened and got to talking about his match. He buried James even worse than Jet Stryker buried Chris Ewing. The segment ended ahead of time and finished with Dany Only stating that in the end of this match, the only thing that will matter will be the Rebels with Attitude.[32]

    - James Ewing Def. Dany Only: The second match of the company had its ups and downs but it was superior to the opener. James wore an attire identical to that of his brothers although he didn’t have the fancy shades. Dany Only however botched a lot of his kicks, missing them by miles or barely even touching them. James Ewing simply played off the horrible kicks as if he had avoided them. This seemed a bit like a comedy more than anything. The crowed reacted even less within this match, I’m surprised they didn’t simply walk away from the arena after this. Still, both competitors put on a decent match which almost garnered two stars. They showed wide variety of vertical suplex, reverse suplex, ordinary suplex. Jet Stryker suddenly came down the ramp but this didn’t get much reaction, I expected more but those two fans aren’t easily pleased it seems. Stryker didn’t care about the ref and slid into the ring before jumping high into the air and performing a roundhouse kick to the face of James which actually connected pretty well. Although it looked blatantly identical to Kofi Kingston’s, it still looked good and went well with the name Stryk Out. Johnny Guy signalled a disqualification while Dany Only and Jet Stryker continued the beating on James Ewing. Chris Ewing soon ran down the ring with the mistake of not bringing a weapon with him. Dany and James quickly delivered double low drop kicks before Dany rose him up and performed the Only Impact. The Rebels with Attitude stood in the ring, posing for the two fans. If the fans reacted more, the overall rating of this match could have been better with some decent match quality – with AWA standards that is-. [30│10│59]

    - On the Big Screen television, Michael Avery and Los Jalapeño appeared. They spoke about their opponents in the main event, Kyle Kincaid and Retail Dragon. Now this match hadn’t been booked till earlier during the night. With this match, we also decided to make Michael and Jalapeño an official tag team although they’d only be partially active, definitely not as much as the Ewing Brothers or the Rebels with Attitude. They called themselves the Canadian Connection and showed it. Jalapeño sported a red, white and red mask which basically represented Canada, along with match tights. Michael Avery didn’t represent his country as much, wearing some white tights with some boots and knee pads which basically made any of his tights below his knees invisible. His attire resembled that of Jericho’s in 2005. His white hair reaching neck high while his wrist bands represented Canada as well. I started getting the feeling that we were making them too patriotic and that they’d appear like heels when they weren’t. They talked about their opponents and stated that tonight they intended to make this the greatest match AWA could ever hope to have and to make it the match of the night. This had been my attention of course, putting our four top wrestlers in the ring together. Michael did most of the talking due to the fact that he’s the top and most charismatic guy in the company. The Canadian Connection stated tonight was the beginning of a new era in the industry. Pretty decent promo, again, with AWA standard, although it didn’t top the opening promo.[44]

    - Bradley Bush Def. Liberty Kid: The two worst wrestlers in the company on one of the top matches of the night, you might think it’s a bad idea and a bad booking decision on AWA’s part but trust me it wasn’t. Bradley Bush couldn’t wrestle for shit and Liberty Kid had been signed to job, what better way to hide Bradley Bush’s skills than in a squash match right? Now I already knew they’d put up a crappy match. This would lower the fans expectations thus raising the quality of the next match. Anyways, Bradley continuously botched moves after moving, from a head butt, to a clothesline. Liberty did his best to raise the quality of the match. His kicks and punches were meant to be ineffective but Bush walked into them and actually received damages. We ended the match fast after that when Bradley performed a big chokeslam, which believe it or not, happened to be the highest point of this match. Crystal raised Bradley’s arm high before they left the ring, much to the pleasure of the two fans. [23│7│43]

    - The Canadian Connection Def. Kyle Kincaid & Retail Dragon: Kyle Kincaid wore some tight red and white pants while Retail Dragon wore his odd red and black attire. You’d think they were Canadian right? The fans immediately had their attention pulled by this Power Ranger like attire. Still, the match looked great, Retail Dragon and Los Jalapeño showed some good fast paced wrestling moves within the ring and Kyle Kincaid exchanged many holds with Michael Avery. The match didn’t have much botched moves and definitely carried the show and rose the rating for it as well. This match had the most crowed reaction and match quality of the night. The ending came when Kyle Kincaid refused to tag in for Retail Dragon and thus the Canadian Connection gave Retail a beating. After countering a top rope dropkick by Los Jalapeño, Retail forced Kyle into the ring. Kyle found himself having a taste of his own medicine, receiving a beating from Jalapeño and Avery. In the end, Avery connected with the Schnozbuster ’83. Laughing Larry’s laugh could be heard over and over again as Avery hooked the leg for the pin fall victory. The Canadian Connection went backstage celebrating while Kincaid and Dragon argued. Suddenly, Kyle pushed Dragon, Retail stood his ground and pushed him back. Kyle attempted to throw a punch but Retail easily ducked under it and back flipped, performing a Pélé Kick and knocking down his partner. Retail Dragon looked down on his partner, ending the show and going backstage. This earned the highest reaction of the night, the best match quality of the night and the best overall match of the night. I feel that the fact that the previous match had some horrible quality, that it raised this ones as well thus, AWA’s plan worked perfectly. This definitely was the genesis of a new era. [35│17│61]

    Overall Show: [35]
AWA Monthly Notes

  • • AWA 001: Genesis was attended by 2 people and it made $20 from ticket sales.

    • Wrestlers Jet Stryker, Bradley Bush, Michael Avery, Kyle Kincaid, Retail Dragon and Dany Only all requested a higher wage. AWA’s reply has yet to be given although, AWA will most likely not be raising any of their wages anytime soon.

    • AWA have made a profit of 20$ after this week.

    • Chris Ewing [1 +2] gained overness this show unlike his brother who’s overness stayed the same.

    • Dany Only [9 +5] gained overness this show, it seems AWA were right in thinking that Dany and Stryker could be the future of this company.

    • Jet Stryker [14 +7] gained overness this show. He’s definitely moving along as the star of the company. He’s the second most over star in the company. Jet Stryker received a push to the main event.

    • Kyle Kincaid [10 +3] gained overness this show. We expected him to gain overness but we’re surprised he got more than Chris and James who had more appearances on the show.

    • Liberty Kid [2 +2] gained overness this show. We definitely didn’t expect this. His job was to well… job. We expected Bush to gain overness and set the match-up just for that, well, sometimes things don’t always go your way I suppose.

    • Los Jalapeño [3 +8] gained overness this show. Again, he isn’t someone who we thought would gain so much overness. It seems the crowed like him a lot; expect him to get more show time.

    • Michael Avery [22 +9] gained overness this show. Michael garnered the most overness on the show while he already had the most as well. Not surprised though, he’s the top wrestler within the company of course and if there’s anyone who could get a higher wage, it’d be Michael Avery. He also received a push to the main event because of this.

    • Retail Dragon [8 +3] gained overness this show. Retail gained a bit of overness, but equal to that of Kyle Kincaid.

    • Ginsu and the Clapper have cut their deal with the American Wrestling Association due to their increasingly risky material. The company has signed new deals with HD Vision Readers and Slap Chop which allowed them to increase their risk to 50%. Unfortunately, they are making 2,000$ less than they could be making with Ginsu and The Clapper.

    • For those wondering, the referee at AWA 001: Genesis happened to be Johnny Guy who recently got released from IWS. He’s being paid 1,000$ on a monthly basis.

    • In other news, ROH have a new owner in Ed Hellier, this caused the release of several competitors while others have joined the company.

    • WFX Overload & OVW TV has both been promoted to Prime Time Slots on their television network.

    • The retired stars this month are; Smith Hart, Abdullah the Butcher, Ted Turner, Cary Silkin, Afa and Gene Okerlund. We all thank those legendary men for their hard work and perseverance within this business.

    • The top three televised shows are Raw (Highest Rating: 6,98), TNA Impact (Highest Rating: 5,24) and SmackDown (Highest Rating: 3,47)

    • The top ten companies are World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Dragon Gate USA, Lucha Libre USA, CHIKARA and Jersey All Pro Wrestling.

    • The best wrestler in the world is currently Kurt Angle while the Next Big Thing is Alex Shelley. Both are working for TNA which says a lot about the company’s future.

    • The American Wrestling Association is ranked #35 in the promotions ranking, thus, the worst in the world.

AWA 002: December Disaster, December 4th 2010
“Disaster was bound to happen!”
  • - The second show coming from the American Wrestling Association. The show had been scheduled to be near the end of December but I believe there was a miscommunication between the staff members and not only did the show end up being on a Saturday but it happened to be pretty early during the month. On the bright side, we did make more money this show than the last time… yeah about 10$ more cash with an extra fan coming in. The two teens had come back again this time with what seemed to be their dad or I might just be wrong. Still, we’re slowly progressing forward and considering its December and everybody’s busy with Christmas coming up, I’m surprised we didn’t get zero ticket sales from this. Well, it’s time to get December Disaster on the road; hopefully it doesn’t end up being a disaster… bad pun intended.

    - The three fans in attendance turned their attention towards the big screen television Sophie our financial advisor had brought from home for the show. Jet Stryker and Dany Only were backstage, collectively known as the Rebels with Attitude. They had the same attire as last time, sporting black jeans with neck high hair. Jet Stryker started off stating that the Ewing Brothers are nothing but wannabe’s. They are obviously copies of the well known Hardy Boyz, although there are a few differences, they won’t make it to the top, none of them will ever be remembered, and they can’t perform a good match worth a damn. Tonight in the main event, the Rebels with Attitude will Stryk the legacy of the Ewing Brothers before it even has a chance of beginning. Personally, I didn’t like the reference to workers who aren’t in the company and never have been but the guys booking this thing had no problem with it so whatever. Only spoke as well, stating that after tonight, the Ewing Brothers won’t matter, the only people that will matter –add emphasis on only- will be the Rebels… with… Attitude. This segment didn’t garner a high rating but was still decent compared to the other horrible interviews we had today.[34]

    - Bradley Bush Def. Los Jalapeño: First match of the night, I think the American Wrestling Association have a problem with booking good openers. I do not believe they realize that to set the tone, you need a good opening bout. Bradley Bush took over during the beginning of this match with his horrendous and continuously botched moves. I saw the dad muttering to his kids why they brought him here and them replying its just the big guy, he sucks. Man do I feel bad for Bradley. Bradley Bush continued hitting power moves and Jalapeño got little offense with the only highlights being a diving splash and a springboard splash but that was about it. I could see him doing his best to get Bradley over but even Shawn Michaels would have a hard time making Bradley look good… trust me. Bush eventually ended the match with a great Chokeslam and a pin following it… at least he perfected that move. Bradley Bush did not finisher there and rose his opponent again before performing a second chokeslam. He appeared to be done, walking out of the ring, before getting back in, grabbing Jalapeño by the neck and raising him again before planting him down for a third chokeslam. Finally he left the ring. Crystal Bush didn’t appear this time around, she couldn’t make it with such late notice since she already scheduled a photo shoot. Furthermore, this helps us save money, we had to pay her 4,000$ per appearance, now we’re saving 4,000$! Although her microphone skills are dearly missed. [29│10│48]

    - The three fans were glad to have this match finally end, they turned their attention to the Big Screen television again. The one who appeared this time happened to be the Egomaniac, Kyle Kincaid. He wore his typical wrestling attire with a short sleeved AC-DC shirt as well. He spoke and talked about how he is the greatest wrestler in this company and should be treated this way. Crystal is obviously avoiding his talent by placing him with dead weight like Retail Dragon. She might as well have put him against the Canadian Connection in a two on one match up because the results would be the same. I personally think he could have added, I would have lost because saying the results would be the same does not come out right from an Egomaniac like Kyle Kincaid. Still he continued talking about how he’s going to teach Retail Dragon a lesson for ever messing with him, after tonight, Retail Dragon will be no more, but Kyle Kincaid will have just begun. Best segment of the night believe it or not well tied with another match that is. [48]

    - The scene quickly shifted to Retail Dragon who sported his usual Power Rangers like outfit, I can’t get tired of laughing at his look. Still, it gains him some attention, who can get their eye off of a twenty year old wearing a costume like that, I sure can’t. Anyways, onto the segment itself. It seems it was a bad idea to have Kyle and Retail following each other, it seemed like were shoving the match-up down their throat too much, I thought the idea of them being one after the other had nothing less than brilliance behind it. Retail spoke about pride, honour and respect for the sport and that Kyle had none of it. Retail has never seen such blatant disrespect in a match before, he continued stating that the Dragon will teach Kincaid about respect, that you never abandon your partner no matter how much you may dislike him or hate him, you must put your feelings aside for the victory. I’m pretty sure if this segment had not been scheduled after Kyle’s, it could have gotten a better reception. [28]

    - Michael Avery Def. Liberty Kid: Considering Michael faced off against a not so good star this week, he still seemed good. Liberty and Michael shook hands before the match actually begun, giving the impression that they were both faces. The match saw Michael charge at Liberty Kid several times but Liberty simply dropping to the ground and rolling himself up in a ball like he had been scarred. Eventually Johnny Guy threatened to disqualify him and the Kid finally got a bit more serious. The match had fast movements with Liberty Kid performing several Springboard Splash consecutively on Michael Avery, attempting to keep the better competitor on the ground until Michael delivered a Dropkick straight to the chest of his opponent. He proceeded to lifting up his opponent and performing the Schnozbuster ’83… man we need to get that move a new name. He proceeded to locking in the Bear Snare… we also need a new name for that. In the end, Liberty Kid passed out thus Michael won by submission! Immediately following it, Bradley Bush came down the ramp and delivered a huge big boot to Michael. He tossed Liberty out of the ring with one hand before performing a devastating Chokeslam to Michael. He pointed down to his opponent and gave him a cut throat taunt. We’re hoping Michael Avery can help Bradley’s overness get up after the beat down. [30│10│59]

    - Backstage were the Ewing Brothers, Chris and James Ewing following the match-up between Avery and Liberty. They looked pretty identical with the only difference being Chris wearing his shades. Chris immediately began speaking about how the Rebels with Attitude had crossed the line while James replied towards his brother stating that they were Rebels after all so it isn’t much of a surprise. Chris continued saying that tonight, there’s definitely going to be a legacy ending and that will be the Rebels with Attitude one. They plan on giving the Rebels with Attitude a beat down they should have received long ago from their mama’s when they were little babies! Not a good segment, worst of the night and again the trio of fans seemed disappointed at the crap we were showing them. Although following this, they’d definitely be pleased. [19]

    - Kyle Kincaid Def. Retail Dragon: This match happened to be the best match we have ever had here in the American Wrestling Association, it had the biggest reaction from this company, the best match quality and it was the best segment having a match within it. Kyle Kincaid and Retail Dragon came out looking ready to fight. They locked up and Kincaid quickly got the advantage. In the beginning he toyed around with the younger stars and it seemed like this would be a classic squash match but after Retail successfully landed on the top turnbuckle by some miracle when Kyle attempted the turnbuckle powerbomb, the match turned for the better. Retail mounted a great offense with some top rope drop kicks, hurricanranna’s, a suicide dive to the outside on Kyle Kincaid and even a frankensteiner. Kyle however didn’t allow himself to lose too easily. After a missed Shooting Star Press, it seemed that Retail Dragon had sealed his faith. Kyle locked in the Class Act, hitting boots after boots to the head of his opponent but that actually woke Retail up. He suddenly sprang back to life and crawled all the way to the ropes, breaking the count. Kincaid, angered at this placed, Retail dead center in the ring. He charged towards the ropes, jumping onto them before jumping off, seemingly flying within the air while doing a flip and performing the Kincaidinator on to Retail Dragon. This time the match definitely had to be over but Retail managed to kick out at the last mili second, saving himself from a harmful loss. The Egomaniac went for another Kincidinator but Dragon dodged at the last second. Kyle took some time to get up which gave Retail his energy back. The Power Ranger got on the apron before jumping onto the top rope and back off, bringing Kincaid’s head down with him for the Springboard Diamond Dust. He wasn’t done there. He made it to the top rope, jumping high into the sky, back flipping within the air attempting the devastating Shooting Star Press, it failed once more. This time, Kincaid had rose his knees at the last moment and Dragon landed perfectly on it. Kyle quickly performed an odd pinfall while holding on to Retails tights and putting his feet on the rope and being crowned the winner. He quickly high-tailed it after the match, when Dragon tried to catch him. [48│24│73]

    - Ewing Brothers drew with the Rebels with Attitude: Two great matches on one show believe it or not. I expected the quality to lower because of the great match that preceded it but it didn’t lower by much. There happened to be a great reaction and the quality was there as well. The Rebels with Attitude and the Ewing Brothers immediately got into a brawl, James taking on Jet and Chris taking on Dany. The brawl finally found itself into the ring. Only and Chris Ewing starts things off. Chris did not think much and found himself on the receiving end of several boots and a big elbow drop. He immediately hooked the leg but Chris kicked out early. The only real botch of the night came when Ewing tried to go for a swinging neckbreaker which looked more like a standing cutter. Eventually Stryker and James got into the ring with Jet performing several strikes to his opponents with his legs. Chris Ewing made his way into the ring when James got dropkicked into his corner. Unfortunately, the moment Chris got in the ring, he got blasted into the face with a Superkick by Jet Stryker. Instead of going for the pin fall, Jet charged down towards his opponent and started throwing hands towards his face. James Ewing entered the ring as well which cause Dany Only to get in to and the ring broke out in to a big brawl. The bell eventually rung and Laughing Larry declared that the show’s time limit had struck. They didn’t stop brawling and the other workers backstage came down separating them, ending the show on a high and disastrous note… pun intended. [40│20│60]

    Overall Show: [35]
AWA Monthly Notes

  • • AWA 002: December Disaster was attended by 3 people and it made $30 from ticket sales.

    • We made 4030$ profits after December, mainly because we didn’t book Crystal for an appearance.

    • Chris Ewing [3 +1] gained overness this show, most likely because of the main event, I believe that if he didn’t have that bad segment, his overness could have gone higher.

    • Dany Only [14 +2] gained overness this show, expected more but it’s still some good gain.

    • James Ewing [1 +2] gained overness this show, seemed people liked him a bit better than his brother this time around.

    • Jet Stryker [21 +2] gained overness this show, again, not a big gain this week, but still a pretty good gain.

    • Kyle Kincaid [13 +1] gained overness this show. (He actually gained a lot more but because I ended a feud with Michael Avery after starting it accidentally, his overness went down to 7 so he could have been 21 right now but I’ll just cut my losses.)

    • Michael Avery [23 -8] loss overness this show. (He actually did not gain anthing but because I ended a feud with Kyle Kincaid after starting it accidentally, his overness went down to 23 so he could have been 31 right now but I’ll just cut my losses.)

    • Retail Dragon [11 +5] gained overness this show, the most this week, surprisingly, not many people gained a lot of overness.

    • Bradley Bush and Los Jalapeño didn’t click in their match but we didn’t expect them to click either.

    • TNA have risen to a Global Ranking and thus have gotten many of its stars to Written Contracts.

    • JAPW have risen to Cult Ranking and have signed many stars to open contracts.

    • Murdoch Zombie has bought the company. He is proud of the work AWA has done so far.

    • Jim Kettner, El Tirantes, Adrian Street, Kip James, King Kong Bundy, Bobby Heenan, Shana have all retired. We thank them all for their hard work in this business.

    • AAA Sin Limite has gained a Prime Time Slot.

    • James Ewing is now 22 Years Old.

    • Edge has taken over as the best wrestler in the world states EWBattleground, claiming that Mistico is the future as well and that Chris Hero is the best on the independent scene.
Top 100 Wrestlers In The World (2010)

  • 1. Shawn Michaels (WWE)
    2. Kurt Angle (TNA)
    3. CM Punk (WWE)
    4. Edge (WWE)
    5. A.J Styles (TNA)
    6. Daniel Bryan (WWE)
    7. Chris Jericho (WWE)
    8. Samoa Joe (TNA)
    9. Triple H (WWE)
    10. The Undertaker (WWE)
    11. John Morrison (WWE)
    12. Chris Hero (ROH/PWG/DGUSA)
    13. Christian (WWE)
    14. Austin Aries (ROH/PWG/JAPW)
    15. Alex Shelley (TNA)
    16. Brock Lesnar (Free Agent)
    17. Rob Van Dam (TNA)
    18. Desmond Wolfe (TNA)
    19. Kaval (WWE)
    20. James Storm (TNA)
    21. Jeff Hardy (TNA)
    22. Homicide (ROH/PWG/AAA)
    23. Claudio Castagnoli (ROH/CHI/EVOLVE)
    24. Chris Sabin (TNA)
    25. Randy Orton (WWE)
    26. William Regal (WWE)
    27. R-Truth (WWE)
    28. Rey Mysterio (WWE)
    29. Paul London (PWG/AAA)
    30. Davey Richard (ROH/PWG)
    31. Evan Bourne (WWE)
    32. Christopher Daniels (WWE)
    33. Douglas Williams (TNA)
    34. Kazarian (TNA)
    35. Carlitos (JAPW/LLUSA/ROH)
    36. Kofi Kingston (WWE)
    37. Justin Gabriel (WWE)
    38. Jack Swagger (WWE)
    39. Jeff Jarrett (TNA)
    40. John Cena (WWE)
    41. Tyler Black (ROH)
    42. El Hijo Del Santo (WWE)
    43. Shelton Benjamin (ROH/AAA)
    44. Colt Cabana (ROH/PWG/LLUSA)
    45. Jay Lethal (TNA)
    46. Steve Corino (ROH/JAPW/CHI)
    47. Ultimo Guerrero (CMLL)
    48. The Miz (WWE)
    49. Chavo Guerrero (WWE)
    50. Ric Flair (TNA)
    51. TAKA Michinoku (Free Agent)
    52. Hurricane Helms (ROH/LLUSA)
    53. Brian Kendrick (TNA)
    54. Keji Mutoh (LLUSA/ROH/JAPW)
    55. Montel Vontavious Porter (WWE)
    56. Robert Roode (TNA)
    57. Tyson Kidd (WWE)
    58. Shane McMahon (Free Agent)
    59. Roderick Strong (TNA)
    60. D’Angelo Dinero (TNA)
    61. Jimmy Jacobs (PWG/DGUSA/EVOLVE)
    62. Matt Hardy (WWE)
    63. Mistico (CMLL)
    64. El Generico (ROH/CZW/PWG)
    65. Jay Briscoe (ROH/JAPW/PWG)
    66. Sabu (TNA)
    67. Masato Tanaka (JAPW/DGUSA)
    68. Dolph Ziggler (WWE)
    69. Mister Anderson (TNA)
    70. Al Snow (TNA)
    71. Mike Quackenbush (WWE)
    72. Kevin Steen (ROH/IWS/HWA)
    73. Masahiro Chono (ROH)
    74. Paul Burchill (DGUSA)
    75. Eric Young (TNA)
    76. Syxx-PAC (LLUSA/JAPW)
    77. Joseph Mercury (WWE)
    78. Drew McIntyre (WWE)
    79. Booker T (Free Agent)
    81. Sheamus (WWE)
    82. Sting (TNA)
    83. Yuji Nagata (Free Agent)
    84. Tajiri (WFX)
    85. Jerry Lynn (ROH)
    86. Finlay (TNA)
    87. Satoshi Kojima (DGUSA)
    88. Matt Striker (WWE)
    89. Cody Rhodes (WWE)
    90. Shocker (CMLL)
    91. Kenny Omega (ROH/PWG)
    92. Jun Akiyama (IWA/CZW/WWC)
    93. Perro Aguayo Jr. (AAA/MaxPro/IWS)
    94. Mike Mondo (OVW)
    95. Scotty Too Hotty (Free Agent)
    96. Kenta Kobashi (DGUSA)
    97. Ted DiBiase (WWE)
    98. Mark Briscoe (ROH/JAPW/PWG)
    99. Sonjay Dutt (Free Agent)
    100. The Rock (Free Agent)
Top 35 Companies In The World (2010)

  • 1. World Wrestling Entertainment
    2. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
    3. Ring of Honor
    4. Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion
    5. Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
    6. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
    7. Dragon Gate USA
    8. Lucha Libre USA
    9. Jersey All Pro Wrestling
    10. Chikara
    11. Ohio Valley Wrestling
    12. International Wrestling Association
    13. Combat Zone Wrestling
    14. World Wrestling Council
    15. International Wrestling Syndicate
    16. Heartland Wrestling Association
    17. Wrestling Fan Xperience
    18. Full Impact Pro
    19. Shimmer Women Athletes
    20. EVOLVE
    21. Internation Wrestling Cartel
    22. Maryland Championship Wrestling
    23. All American Wrestling
    24. NWA Anarchy
    25. Maximum Pro Wrestling
    26. All Pro Wrestling
    27. World League Wrestling
    28. East Coast Wrestling Association
    29. Wrestlicious
    30. Chaotic Wrestling
    31. Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
    32. Pro Wrestling Express
    33. Women Superstars Uncensored
    34. Inter Species Wrestling
    35. American Wrestling Association

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So with the fact that Crystal Bush didn’t make an appearance on December’s December Disaster show meant we made a 4000 dollar profit along with the 20$ made from ticket sales on the first show and the 30$ made on the second show meant we had a total of 4050$ to spend. We realized that if we wanted more diverse matches throughout the show, we needed a bigger roster which only meant that new stars we going to be signed, well not necessarily stars with an ‘s.’ Only one new competitor will be joining us here in the American Wrestling Association signed personally by me, official spokesperson, booker and basically the whole staff of AWA with the exception of Laughing Larry and Johnny Guy (he doesn’t do much though, he just sits and waits for the meetings to end) along with Sophia the finance chick, she does a wicked job, trust me. Anyways, we’ve decided to hire someone new and his name is Andrew Aubrey Aster (27 overness, open, 2,000$, main event, high society gimmick/formerly cocky, heel). The most over star in the company, although we all decided to hold crowning the champion off till 2012 came around, we’re reluctant to put the championship on him when the time comes. Fact of the matter is, we’re the smallest, most vulnerable company out there, any of them can see that we’re making progress or one of our stars are getting popular and sign them to written contract, him and Michael Avery are the ones who we fear will be taken by the higher companies. Still, Andrew Aubrey Aster isn’t the best wrestler in the company but he’s over which has already placed him in the main event scene and thank god he doesn’t cost much. His former gimmick of simply being a cocky star felt too generic in my mind so we made him a high class, high society type of guy. He’ll be keeping the heel part of himself, we do in fact, need more heel’s. Unfortunately he’s another lightweight with mister Bradley Bush being the only heavyweight among us. He’s the best in the company when it comes to brawling (52) but he’s still fast, matching up to Kincaid, Liberty and Jalapeño with only Dragon and Avery really surpassing him, his technical skills are also up to par with our top technical wrestlers, again with the exception of Avery. His charisma is also in the top of our company with Crystal –here it comes again- Avery surpassing him. So you can definitely say that Avery and Triple A are our best competitors. He doesn’t end his matches with anything spectacular, only a Piledriver and a Elevated DDT, we’re working with him to get some more interesting finishing maneuvers. He’ll be debuting on AWA 003: New Year’s Celebration.

AWA 003: New Year’s Celebration, January 30th 2010, Preview
“AWA Match of the Year Candidate?”

What better way to start off a new year for AWA than with a great show. The American Wrestling Association will have its first match under the reigns of Murdoch Zombie although he doesn’t have much to say backstage, simply waiting for the money to pile in and giving his occasional opinion on certain subjects. Now onto the show, I’ve decided to get you guys a little preview of what’s to come this upcoming event to maybe get you guys just a lil’ bit excited for the New Year’s Celebration after that December Disaster. Last week you all saw Kyle Kincaid go against Retail Dragon in what is dubbed the AWA match of the year. Unfortunately, Kyle Kincaid had to go on and not only grab Retail Dragon’s belt while doing the pin but he also put his feet on the ropes getting the cheap victory and running away after the match. How did this all start, well with the arguing that ensued in the first main event of AWA when they teamed up to face the Canadian Connection. They lost and that show concluded with Retail Dragon looking down on Kyle Kincaid after he knocked him down with the Pélé Kick. Now, the hottest rivalry in the AWA will be continuing, Kyle Kincaid will face off Retail Dragon in another singles match, will they create another match of the year or will this be a flop. But much more important than that, will Retail Dragon get revenge on Kyle and get the victory this time or will Kyle use his sneaky ways to come out with a second victory. Only time will tell.

Also happening will be the Monster, Bradley Bush facing off against the team of Los Jalapeño and Liberty Kid in a handicap match. On AWA’s Genesis, Bradley Bush dominated Liberty Kid in a quick (yet terrible) squash match. The following week, the authority figure, Crystal Bush scheduled (off-screen) a match between Bradley Bush and Los Jalapeño, the one who had main evented and won the first ever main event of the American Wrestling Association. Bradley easily disposed of Los Jalapeño and continued the beat down after the match with three huge chokeslams before departing. Later on in the show, he attacked Michael Avery after the match but Michael has made no real action of revenge towards Bradley, claiming he’d give his thoughts on the attack in this event. Now, that Jalapeño and Liberty are no longer alone against the biggest wrestler in AWA, maybe they can finally take him down.

Another hot rivalry within the company is the one between the Ewing Brothers and the Rebels with Attitude. It all started on AWA Genesis when both Ewing Brothers took on the Rebels with Attitude in separate single matches. The first match saw Dany Only interfere and help Jet Stryker beat Chris Ewing while the second match saw the Rebels with Attitude completely decimate his brother James Ewing along with Chris when he sought to save the former. This led to a tag team match on AWA 002’s December Disaster. The two groups gave their input on the match before the actual main event and went on to put up the second greatest match in 2010 which could have been the top if it had not been immediately preceded by Kyle Kincaid versus Retail Dragon. The ending came when the clock ran out and Laughing Larry declared that the time limit had been struck. The groups did not seem to hear it and continued battling to the back to conclude the show on a great note. The two return for another fight this time a Hardcore match, the first ever within the company, who will win with no rules to limit them, no time to stop them, it’s all or nothing for these two groups.

It’s a New Year and we want simply the best we have to offer for our fans, the AWA have scheduled this main event to have the best stars in the company facing off one on one. It will be the one known as the Best in AWA, Michael Avery against the ‘Your Superior’ Andrew Aubrey Aster. The newest acquisition will look to win this one and show the company and the world that he is the future of this business, who will win? Who will prove that they are the top and hottest thing in the company find out on AWA 003: New Year’s Celebration. We might have some AWA Match of the Year’s candidate if all these matches live up to potential (and hopefully get overall ratings higher than 40). Of course that’s ignoring the handicap match.

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AWA 003: New Year’s Celebration, January 30th 2011
“AWA Match of the year candidate”
  • -- Believe it or not but we set a new record in the American Wrestling Association history, yes we had six ticket sales… it doesn’t sound like much but considering the state of the company, the fact that it’s only are third show and we’re the lowest ranked company in the world… I’m pretty satisfied with the results. This was indeed the first show of 2011 and had been set so far from December, I happened to be surprised anyone remembered us. Our loyal fans, the two brothers and his dad were there once more, with three new people who didn’t seem to know the three guys. Anyways, enough about our fans, those fans came to see us so we should be talking about ourselves. The first show of the year was dedicated to wrestling most of all. We believed to have struck gold with three of the four matches set for tonight and hopefully we did. Still, we wouldn’t be starting the show off with a match; the fans directed their eyes towards the big screen television. The newest acquisition to the American Wrestling Association roster, Andrew Aubrey Aster, stood backstage, with a blank background behind him. He wore a cheap suit to make him look rich, his hair was gelled back and he looked like someone who could attract any girl (if it were not for the fact that he has a small salary). He immediately got on the microphone to begin the show. He claimed that he was the newest acquisition to the roster and the greatest one at that. He would be bringing this company to the top with his popularity, money, looks, and wrestling ability however the company didn’t acknowledge it and refused to award him the championship. Crystal Bush also believes he needs to prove himself to the roster and so he will have to face what some say, is the top star in the A-W-A; Michael Avery in tonight’s main event. He does plan on winning and convincing the staff that he is the perfect poster boy and that he should be champion. Going on to say that these fans and Michael Avery aren’t worthy enough to watch him in the ring, that ten dollars isn’t enough to come watch him, they should be paying hundreds of bucks to see this man. He concluded his segment, claiming that tonight is just a small obstacle on his way to his inevitable, reign as champion. It was a nice interview, not our best, but it did its job of introducing Andrew Aubrey Aster. [43]

    - Retail Dragon defeated Kyle Kincaid: Kyle Kincaid grinned all the way down to the ring, letting the fact that he beat Retail Dragon last week be known. Retail Dragon came down the ramp, gathering the attention of the crowed as usual with his odd power-ranger like costume. He entered the ring while Kyle Kincaid seemed to be giving him a free shot. Retail Dragon looked to the (small) crowed for advice in which it was clear they wanted him to hit Kincaid. Retail Dragon nodded and suddenly blasted his opponent with a spinning heel kick, reminding the crowed of a certain Rob Van Dam. He immediately blasted Kyle with all kinds of kicks, roundhouses, cockscew kicks, enzuigri’s, dragon screw’s, this was until Kincaid retaliated with a huge clothesline, he then began working the ground game with some submissions. Chickenwing, arm lock but also took to the sky with a diving splash. This match was entertaining (AWA standards of course) and happened to be the best match we had had since starting this company, outlasting their previous match by a single rating. Retail Dragon seemed to be out of it as Kyle Kincaid went for the Class Act in order to finally culminate this match and possibly this series, it looked like Retail Dragon would tap out as he was in the dead center of the ring, grabbing the top of his mask and hitting his head off the mat to try and distract his pain but nothing he did worked, however, the hitting his head off the mat made Kyle believe he had tapped out and thus he let go of the submission raising his hands in the air but no bell was ring and by the time he realized that, it happened to be too late, Retail happened to be outside of the ring, on the apron and he immediately took to the sky, springboarding off the ropes and successfully pulling off a diamond dust on Kyle Kincaid before hooking the leg. Johnny Guy fell to the floor, smacking the mat three times before declaring Retail Dragon the winner with Laughing Larry laughing at Kyle Kincaid’s misfortunes, however, Retail had taken a little too much time celebrating and Kyle had healed up, the egomaniac jumped on the ropes before springboarding off them and performing a springboard clothesline. He continued the ambush, locking in the Class Act in which this time, he did submit although it wasn’t actually a match. Kyle Kincaid eventually let go before leaving the ring. [49│25│74]

    - Once more, the attention was shifted backstage where Michael Avery happened to be. He quickly got on to what was on everybody’s mind after last month. He had been beaten down by Bradley Bush, he doesn’t know if Bradley’s mentally disabled, if he just felt like doing a beat down, if he simply hates Michael Avery or if he’s trying to elevate himself through Michael Avery. He doesn’t give a damn what’s the reason for it either, because he has other things to worry about than a huge idiot. Tonight, he’s facing Michael Avery and apparently, people backstage have been billing it as a match of the year candidate, he doesn’t know if he can top his friend Retail Dragon’s work in the ring, or Kyle Kincaid and their ability to put on a show, what he does know, is he’s going to do his best to put on a show. Andrew Aubrey Aster believes that he should be champion, well Michael Avery begs to differ, here, you can’t let yours words speak for yourself, you let your actions speak for yourself and the more he spends time in this company, the more he’s going to learn that. Tonight, he’s going to show Andrew that words, money, popularity, they don’t give you a victory, however, wrestling ability and the fans, that does get you victories and tonight he’ll find that out the hard way. Good segment by Michael Avery, only topped by Crystal Bush’s amazing charisma (AWA Standards). [55]

    - Bradley Bush defeated Los Jalapeño & Liberty Kid: Liberty Kid and Los Jalapeño were out first, hopping up and down as they talked strategy on the match that was about to happen. Bradley Bush followed soon after, once more without his sister, Crystal Bush. He entered the ring and immediately the two charged after him, Bradley easily pushed both down with his massive hands. They got back up for a second attempt in which Bradley Bush foiled once more, simply raising his arms and clotheslining them, he really resembled Khali in the ring. He took down Liberty Kid with a big boot, before lifting Jalapeño up and tossing him outside with a huge military press. He continued dominating Kid inside with some chops to the chest, powerslams, back body drops, simply squashing his opponent in another attempt at getting the big man over. He continued his domination when Jalapeño came back in the ring, grabbing both men by their throat and sending them back down, thundering to the mat with a double chokeslam. He lifted Liberty Kid back up, power bombing him not once, not twice but three times on Jalapeño before putting a boot on Kid who happened to be on top of Jalapeño and getting the victory. [33│9│58]

    - An interview followed the segment with Jet Stryker and Dany Only backstage, collectively known as the Rebels with Attitude. Jet quickly got on the microphone stating that tonight there was no time limit, there were no rules, there was nobody to stop the rebels with attitude from completely stryking away at every part of their body. Dany Only followed suit claiming that the only thing that there would be is the Rebels with Attitude and the Ewing Brothers, and everybody knew what that meant, the chicken shit Chris and James would be getting their ass kicked all over the city, all over the state, all over the country, hell, they’d be getting their ass kicked all over the world and handed to their parents on silver platters. Jet Stryker and Dany Only would be teaching those two punks a lesson they’ll never forget, because dude, when you mess with the Rebels, you get some Attitude, and trust them, you don’t want some attitude. The segment was decent, not great, they still need to get more charisma but the words spoken were pretty good. [33]

    - The man who had suffered a loss against Retail Dragon appeared once more, evidently fuming after falling short to Retail. He quickly ripped into is rival, claiming Retail Dragon’s victory was nothing but a fluke and wouldn’t happen again. The thing is, Retail had tapped out during the map but Johnny Guy was too stupid, idiotic and parasitical to realize this and you simply took advantage of me having a civilized conversation with the referee. Congratulations Retail Dragon, you defeated a distracted man, what do you get for this wonderful accomplishment, a ‘victory’ otherwise known as a mistake and something that will never – happen – again. He added emphasis on the last three words, continuing and stating that he had a little discussion with Crystal Bush and they established that the referee was indeed an idiot but he’d get another chance, this time refereeing a HARDCORE MATCH. Johnny Guy better not make a mistake this time and Retail Dragon better realize that that was the only victory he’ll be having against the Best in the World at anything he does and everything he does, Kyle Kincaid. [42]

    - Ewing Brothers defeated The Rebels with Attitude: The Rebels with Attitude made their way down to the ring, looking smug as ever and cockily trash talking the fans, out of nowhere, the Ewing Brothers ran down the ramp and attacked their arch rivals. They immediately took one of the Rebels for themselves, Chris pairing up with Dany and James pairing up with Jet. The Ewings got the advantage, and although at different ends of ring, they used the same move, a suplex onto the railings. They immediately, looked for weapons under the ring and while James pulled out a steel chair, Chris hit the jackpot with a steel baseball bat. He swung viciously to the chest of Dany Only several times, James didn’t share the same luck. When he swung, Jet skill fully moved out of the way, before stryking him in the chest and forcing him to let go of the steel chair, he followed this by DDT’ing James onto the Steel Chair, grinning at his work, he went to help out his partner with Chris Ewing. However, it looked like he didn’t need help, Dany Only had secretly grabbed some Brass Knuckles and while Chris was taunting Dany, he was blasted with the Knuckles, as he spun around dazed, Jet charged, jumping off the steel steps leading into the ring and spearing the heck out of Chris Ewing through the railings. Instead of going for the easy victory, they slid in the ring and screamed to the fans ‘Come on, GIMME SOME ATTITUDE’ which the fans replied with their own flurry of boos, in which they approved. They went back to work only to find that James had two brass knuckles in his hand, Dany and Jet both charged recklessly with Dany getting a shot to the face but Jet managing to perform an STO and get James down. He continued working on the elder Ewing, proceeding with two suplexes on the ramp. He looked inside the ring, back to James and inside the ring again before sliding in. He charged towards the rope, jumping onto the top one and springboard moon saulting onto James on the outside. Chris Ewing, although massively hurting. Had found that Dany Only who had received a knockout punch from James was completely out of it. He quickly hooked the legs in which Johnny Guy had spotted while the rest of the crowed were still shocked about Jet, they hadn’t noticed the pinfall and were brought back to the others when the bell rung and Chris declared winner. Jet wasn’t at all satisfied and attacked Chris viciously. Dany eventually got back up and helped while James still laid out, not too far away. Eventually they left and Chris along with James were helped back. [42│23│62]

    - Andrew Aubrey Aster defeated Michael Avery: Michael Avery came out first to a warm reception followed by a colder reception when Andrew Aubrey Aster came out. Andrew got the early advantage during the match, sending Michael Avery reeling with various strikes, punches, kicks, punches and more kicks. Eventually he tried to end the match early, lifting him for the Piledriver but the Star, Michael Avery, managed to counter with a back body drop. He charged towards the ropes and came back, jumping into the air and falling to the ground with a leg drop. He didn’t end there, going to the outside, and springboarding back in with another leg drop. Before ending this series of drops by going to the top, jumping off and performing a third leg drop. The master of leg drops quickly hooked the leg but Triple A showed some heart and resilience by kicking out. The dazed Andrew got back to a vertical base only to be brought back down with a dropkick. Again, Aubrey got back up only to be brought down a second time with a clothesline this time. He returned to a vertical base a third time, jumping over a spear and retaliating with a huge super kick. He continued this new offense with a quick complete shot. The two continued exchanging offenses throughout the match, neither getting a clear advantage. This was until Bradley Bush stepped out backstage during one of Michael Avery’s series of offense, Michael Avery immediately found himself distracted by this threat. However, this slight second of distraction cost him, Triple A spun around him, put him in between his thighs and brought him down for a piledriver before hooking the leg and getting the three count for the victory. Bradley Bush finally entered the ring, lifting Michael Avery up and bringing him back do reality with a Chokeslam. This ended the show with Triple A wanting no part of Bush and simply walking out of the arena, and backstage, thus ending our best show yet. [45│31│59]

    Overall Show: [43]​
AWA Monthly Notes

  • AWA 003: New Year's Celebration was attended by 6 people and it made $60 from ticket sales.
  • We made 2060$ profits after January
  • Andrew Aubrey Aster [27 +4] gained overness this show, most over guy in the company.
  • Bradley Bush [3 -2] lost overness this show, we were trying to get him more over and he goes and get himself less over, I'm starting to think this guy is hopeless.
  • Chris Ewing [3 +3] gained overness this show, got the pinfall and the victory, no surprise, plus this pushes him up the card.
  • Dany Only [16 +3] gained overness this show, surprised but he did have a good match.
  • James Ewing [3 +2] gained overness this show, not as much as Chris but he did not get the pin.
  • Jet Stryker [23 +2] gained overness this show, not as much as Dany Only despite his tremendous feat during the match.
  • Kyle Kincaid [14 +4] gained overness this show, of course due to his great match with Retail Dragon.
  • Liberty Kid [4 -4] lost overness this show, no surprise since he's currently jobbing.
  • Michael Avery [23 +1] gained overness this show, nothing much to say about this.
  • Retail Dragon [16 +6] gained overness this show, a lot, this victory helped out it seems.
  • Andrew Aubrey Aster turned 27 this month.
  • EVOLVE, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Women Superstars Uncensored and Maximum Pro Wrestling have all gone bankrupt.
  • We've raised our public image and money this month.
  • ROH have a new TV show on Thursdays! ROH Thursday on CBS, graveyard time slot.
  • Sgt. Jim Nelson, Hurricane Havana (became a road agent), JT Wolfen, Mark Coleman, Ax, Chris Nelson, Kato Kung Lee, Angel Mortal, Michael Porter, Gerald Briscoe, Pat Patterson, Jim Ross all retired, we thanks them for all they've accomplished throughout the career, specifically Gerald Briscoe, Pat Patterson and Jim Ross.

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I honestly suggest you write this without EWR. Basing all this writing around a game seems unneccessary to me.

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I honestly suggest you write this without EWR. Basing all this writing around a game seems unneccessary to me.
What might seem unnecessary to you might seem necessary to someone else, I like using EWR, gives me more of a challenge, helps me deal with surprising injuries and such. Furthermore, later on, I won't be pushing certain people because they might not be over, guys like Bradley Bush aren't getting over when I'm trying to get him over and getting him lots of victories, if it doesn't work then he'll eventually just stop getting pushed, that's why I like using it as a base. Now I'm gonna try and keep this as un-rude as I possibly can, I'd rather you actually commented on the show, and the content of it, instead of criticizing rather I'm writing this completely off the top of my head or by using EWR. The reason I posted this on the site was indeed for people to read and to be interested in it, if you aren't interested, so be it, as much as I'd like to get you interested, if it means not doing it on EWR then it won't happen. :/

Also, just a quick note, finished booking AWA 004, so I'm going to start writing it and posting, possibly within the week :] and thanks to Boxing King for the comment hopefully you have time to read it fully ;)

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Alright, my main problem with EWR, compared to say, TEW2010, or just writing, is that it really limits you creativley. I hope that you will do some of the things that EWR cannot(3-Way feuds, angles, matches, shows longer than 12 segments, having non wrestlers still fight on regular shows under circumstances, segment length, etc), but like I said, I am really impressed by the amount of writing you put into this, and will continue to read. If you are using EWR, it will take a loooong time before you even get to reigonal size. Look forward to seeing new guys come in as you get bigger, and will be reading. BTW, I remember Laughing Larry. Always hired him when I used to do backyard EWR games.

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Alright, my main problem with EWR, compared to say, TEW2010, or just writing, is that it really limits you creativley. I hope that you will do some of the things that EWR cannot(3-Way feuds, angles, matches, shows longer than 12 segments, having non wrestlers still fight on regular shows under circumstances, segment length, etc), but like I said, I am really impressed by the amount of writing you put into this, and will continue to read. If you are using EWR, it will take a loooong time before you even get to reigonal size. Look forward to seeing new guys come in as you get bigger, and will be reading. BTW, I remember Laughing Larry. Always hired him when I used to do backyard EWR games.
I suppose I might switch to booking off my head, but things such as TEW2010 cost money so I'd probably get the 05 one and so far, I don't really have plans for 3-Way feuds or angles, my shows are of the right sizes and my non-wrestler barely appears on the actual show. Still, my next btb's after this one is over will definitely be me booking off the top of my head. Still, that's a long way to go, it'll probably take over a hundred show before I get there. Glad you're actually reading though :]

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First of all, loving the idea of this. I love the backyard to global stuff, and I have read the first two shows, so no worries on me not following stories. Six fans is pretty epic, slowly growing in size, written well.

Aster is new is he not? Anyway, he has a good gimmick, but I am getting the feeling that he and Kincaid might clash with the gimmicks? One is the best in the world and the other is the greatest, I am not all that sure, but I reckon it might end up clashing, once again, written well.

I can see Kincaid winning this match, you are setting the feud up between the two of thse men nicely. Dragon hitting his head on the canvas was a nice touch and Kincaid thinking he had won fitted with his gimmick. It was a good match and hopefully we see more of these two after that beat down, no quelms with this.

I can't decide. Are you going to feud Bush and Avery or Aster and Avery? Confusing but interesting to say the least. Nothing to say other than that, just clear that up soon please, because I can see just a one off match between both Bush and Avery, but it could also be used to get Bush over more than three :p.

Squash match? Sure was. No complaints, although I don't see this doing any good for the team and their overness. Nothing really to say about this, but with Bush as a monster, I don't think he will do all that well. Drop him now.

What a horrible catchphrase, that is horrible. Anyway, the arse quips were good, but I don't think I liked this segment, while it did flow, I don't believe that it built the match up enough, mind you, the feud could have done that enough. That is just my opinion though.

Chris Jericho like character. I like. Kyle Kincaid is probably my favorite in your thread. You built the feud up well, and the hardcore match at AWA004 should be one to see.

Awesome ending and you had the right team win, but you seem to have two wins from the faces in pretty crappy circumstances, both Retail and The Ewing's went over without having a good finish to the match. Once again, just my opinion, you did make them look weak in the end though. Good match though.

Looks like I am going to get my answer here...

I see what you did there with the ending, put Triple A over while continuing the feud between Avery and Bush, good choice here. Either way, I hope we get Triple A and Avery again soon, but all in all, it was a good match. Good Work.

Overall thoughts, your writing was good, some of your booking was questionable but I see why you did a lot of it. I liked the show, but it wasn't amazing. That's about it. Good Work!

Ahh, I was right with Bush, has gone back down to one. I don't mind the overness changes and it was a good thing you didn't have Crystal Bush in the show, you would have had no profits. Good Work and keep it up.
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