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The Joke Thread

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It's just like Rate the song above thread. Only with jokes.

I'll start:
*This guy, Tom, was in debt to a bartender. So he went to him:
"Hey man, is there anything I can do so I don't owe you anymore?"
The bartender thinks.
"Ok, here is what you do:
1.You drink 20 beers, WITHOUT PASSING OUT

2.You fight the rabid dog outside

3.You f**k my 98 year old Mother"

Tom thinks a little.
"Ok, I'll do it"
He starts with the beers. One by one, he drinks em all, without passing out.
"Ok, good, Tom, now the dog."
Tom goes outside.
Vicious screams and howls are heard, but then, Tom returns.
"Ok, I'm done, now where's this old lady I have to fight?"*
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Two men having drinks at a penthouse bar, it is them and the bartender. First guy gets up and walks to a window "man it is a looong way down,[email protected] guy looks out and agrees.
First guy says "$100 that I can climb out step off the ledge and float there cuz it is so windy" 2d guy looks at the bartender who just shrugs his shoulders 2nd guy looks abcks and says "I'll take that bet"
1st guy opens the window, the wind comes blasting through and he proceeds to climb up and out, steps off and does float there.
2nd guy in amazment says "double or nothing I can do it too!" he slaps down another $100 and climbs out ond off the ledge and falls to his death.
1st guy puts the money in his pocket and orders another drink
Bartender says "Man Superman, you're an asshole when you drink"
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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