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The IWC acronym needs to retire

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Literally anywhere else any other online line community discussing their favorite tv show, music, or even a favorite shoe brand, they would be called and considered themselves fans.

But in pro wrestling, its the IWC like its some underground cult dungeon that is exclusive to few.

When anyone ever finds interest on ANYTHING guess what? We GOOGLE it! Forums, history and documentaries could be found on the first page.
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It is very outdated. Obviously back in the 90s back in the days of AOL chat rooms and CompuServe bulletin boards and that shit, okay, only a very small percentage of wrestling fans were discussing the business on the internet, and there would have been a clear distinction in the way the thought about and consumed the product. These days literally everyone has the internet and maybe spare for young children, basically every wrestling fan has talked about the business on the internet in some fashion, be it with friends over twitter/facebook or perhaps on a dedicate forum like this one or other communities around the web like Reddit, youtube, etc. The more appropriate distinction for today would be hardcore fans and casual fans, but even then it's not exactly easy to pigeon hole people into either camp.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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