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It’s really funny when people here say that X retired wrestler would “tarnish” their legacy if they have one more match. And then they cite HBK or Flair as examples

It really won’t tarnish anything for Austin if he has one more match as long as it’s done right.

Did Goldberg tarnish his legacy with his match vs Lesnar? I think not. If anything he fixed his legacy with that match.

Goldberg only fucked things up when he decided to have a real match with a broken down Taker and even that wouldn’t have been a big deal if they didn’t botch the match so badly.

If Austin comes back for a match/ storilne and they keep the match short and fast like Goldberg vs Lesnar or Taker vs Cena ,HHH vs Batista, etc I think it would work out great and will give us all a final good memory with Austin .

He still have “the look” and looks like can execute his signature moves still flawlessly. His stamina is probably only going to be good for a 5-6 min match but that’s more than enough to produce a fun match.

Just have him has his signature entrance , then stack his opponent before the bell rings, do some punches, his kicks , a few clotheslines, then attempt a stunner, get blocked, make his opponent do a few of their moves, finished attempt that gets reversed into stunner , then 1—2-3 Austin gets the pin , celebrates with beer and everyone goes home happy.

Again- his legacy will only be tarnished if he attempts to have actual 15 -20 min back and forth 5 star matches like he had in his prime.
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