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The Hurricane vs. Rey Mysterio

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Both men enter the ring to large pops, and they face each other. They they up, with Hurricane managing to force Mysterio into the corner. The ref pulls them apart, and Mysterio explodes with a dropkick. He hits a clothesline off the ropes, followed by a spinning heel and a slip behind into small electric chair. He goes for the cover, but Hurricane kicks out. Mysterio runs the ropes and is intercepted by Helms, who hoists him up. Mysterio flings around Helms, grabs his head, and slams him to the mat. Again, kick out at two. Mysterio pulls Helms up and sets him up for a tornado ddt. He runs up the buckles, but Helms counters into the chokeslam. Mysterio manages to get a foot on the ropes. Both men climb to their feet and exchange punches. Mysterio goes down, and is hit with a high back-body, and followed up by a flying clothesline. Hurricane then runs the ropes and hits a cross-body, followed by a spinning heel. Hurricane stalks his opponent, and hits his floating neckbreaker. Hurricane then goes up to the second. He does for second rope neckbreaker, but Mysterion ducks. Mysterio then jumps up on the top rope, and flies off with a legdrop to the back of the head. Helms kicks out at two, and Mysterio goes for another cover, which again results in a kickout. Mysterio runs the ropes and springboards, hitt a reverse heel on Helms. He runs the ropes again and comes into a body scissors into a bulldog, but Hurricane holds him up. Mysterio hits Helms in the stomach and then pushes off the mat, up to the head, and hits a headlock takeover. However, Helms rolls through and almost catches Mysterion in a three with a rollup. Hurricane then grabs Rey into an atomic drop, followed by a running clothesline into a reverse bulldog. Cover, and a kick out at two. The Hurricane then applies a leg vice to the head of Mysterio, but Mysterio manages to turn and get Hurricane on his back for a near fall. Mysterio then tries to get up, but Hurricane grabs him and attempts the Eye of the Hurricane. Mysterio turns, but Hurricane flips over his back, drops to his knees with a neck breaker, and his the Eye anyway. Somehow, Mysterio kicks out. Mysterio then pulls himself to his knees, and ducks a Shining Wizard. Hurricane lands hard on his hip, and is long in getting up. Rey dropkicks him in the back, draping him on the second rope. He hits the 619 to the delight of the crowd, and gets ready for the West Coast Pop! He hits it, but Hurricane manages to flip through and powerbomb Mysterio! Hurricane then uses a flip over pin to pick up the victory.

Tell me what you think of it...
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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