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I just saw Alice Cooper at the civic center and i found out it was my 250th concert ive ever been to..and I figured that concerts are the greatest thing to go to..especially Distrubed, Ozzfest, As I Lay Dying, Bloodlet, SlipKnot, six feet under, Killswitch Engage..those are my favorites concerts ever..Those concerts are the best to let out anger and Ill admit it im a mosher..it's the best thing to do at a concert..and with the kittie/OTEP concert coming to the chance very soon..that should be top 5 after it's all set and done..Concerts are the greatest things to attend..

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Why should rants only be bad though? I understand your venting out..but at the same time it should have both sides. Seriously ive heard positive rants that were good.. I just think there should be changes once in a while

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but what is it that you're actually ranting against?
this is talking about your favourite concerts, how you like concerts. So why not move this to music?

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Yeah, your rants kinda suck. Mine are far worse though.

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Captain America said:
And what songs of his do you base that opinion on?
All of them, I hate Alice Cooper.

bigboy2 said:
mine about yankeesman was by farf the best EVER!
stfu. That was the worst. Rants about BTB suck.

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i knew it. i knew you were a jelous man of me.

all in jokes outsiders edge. you have your opinions and i have mine

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Titanic Overture

10 Minutes Before the Worm

Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio

Today Mueller


Fields Of Regret

No Longer Umpire

Levity Ball (Live At the Cheetah)

B. B. On Mars


Apple Bush

Earwigs To Eternity

Changing Arranging

Mr. & Misdemeanor

Shoe Salesman

Still No Air

Below Your Means

Return of the Spiders

Laughing At Me

Refrigerator Heaven

Beautiful Flyaway

Lay Down and Die, Goodbye

Caught In A Dream

I'm Eighteen

Long Way To Go

Black JuJu

Is It My Body

Hallowed Be My Name

Second Coming

Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Sun Arise

School's Out

Luney Tune

Gutter Cat vs. The Jets

Street Fight

Blue Turk

My Stars

Public Animal #9

Alma Mater

Grand Finale

Hello Hooray

Raped And Freezin'


Billion Dollar Babies

Unfinished Sweet

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Generation Landslide

Sick Things

Mary Ann

I Love The Dead

Zorro's Ascent

Make That Money (Scrooge's Song)

I Am The Future - From The Motion Picture "Class of '84"

No Baloney Homosapiens

Teenage Frankenstein

Give It Up

Thrill My Gorilla

Life And Death Of The Party

Simple Disobedience


Spark In The Dark

House Of Fire

Why Trust You


Only My Heart Talkin'

They all suck my balls.
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