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The Great Khali

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How does this guy still have a job with the WWE?

Not only is he going on 40 years old, his in ring skills are absolutely horrendous...and obviously he has no mic skills. The guys is constantly botching in the ring and nobody really seems to take him seriously anymore.

Just wondering how much longer Vince feels the need to continue to pay a guy that most WWE fans could care less if he is on the roster or not.

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They are using the wrong people for the comedy skits.

Golddust, somebody who is tailor made for this stuff, (Now with 33 percent more ass!) is being squandered on Superstars. He's had a bunch of really nice matches...that nobody saw.
Please give us DashingDust or whatever. With the freshly demented Cody Rhodes it would be an excellent way for a long time company man like Golddust to get sent off.

The WWE are unctuous buckets of toadmucus for not using Regal. Regal is hilarious and he's still a fine wrestler. Regal>Great Khali.

Santino was a MMA fighter before he became a comedy act jobber. I wish Paul Heyman was around to make him a shoot wrestler and book him against Daniel Bryan. Santino could do the comedy stuff, but still be a over as a totally credible wrestler.

Oh, and Booker T for commentary.
So, TL ;DR...
Spinneroonis for everybody, merry Christmas, bitches.
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