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She stared at the eyes of the beast
And he looked upon her gaze
She has nothing to fear at all
He cannot devour the brave

She embraced his emotions
Decided part of the creature
Became in command
He has to accept and obey

One point from the finger
He calls her mistress
Now, they move through the winter
In the harmony of the darkness

The brown one understood her desire
In passion they became together
As now the tale have been told
They travel the wilderness forever

And off they go...
She rides the beast
And they go through time
And this is how the story began


(Guitar Solo 1)

She's feeling good
She's feeling great
Surprising the monster with a rose
As now, obedient to her voice

She tells him tales
Listens to her words
Only she commands him so
Without question
Or objection

Growing through the ages
As this girl ruled the wilderness
With her feminine touch
As nature... conforms her
Every place she steps foot
Becoming the queen... of the land
And to her furry creature

He's all for her
And she's all for him too

(Guitar Solo 2)

She has no fear
Dancing across the field
Riding on her demon
Together, they travel the earth
Without the fear of the unknown

Now, watch them

(Outro Guitar Solo)


I should post some of my lyrics here, every so often.
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