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The Gay Gimmick?

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You'll see one very soon in "Sugah" Dean Ambrose.
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It will always be associated with negativity in professional wrestling because they do nothing but further negative stereotypes. You will never see a strong, gay male character unless he's constantly hitting on the other guys. You won't see a gay guy that wins, overcomes adversity & breaks stereotypes by telling a male superstar that he's not attracted to him. That's why it won't work. You just get heels being sleazy.
No. No. Just.... No.

I didn't like that Jordan character in TNA, and I turned off the TV each time I see Jordan on...
You'll see one very soon in "Sugah" Dean Ambrose.

That would be hilarious.
According to stories I've heard Adrian Street did it the best.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards Best Gimmick (1986)
Some guys have pulled it off really well. Takes a real pro to take that sort of persona on. Won't see it in today's WWE, though. Can't have America's kids exposed to an "alternative" lifestyle! Gotta hammer it in their heads that gays aren't people!
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Dino's hilarious. Street was creepy in an entertaining way from time to time. Never seen "gay" Adonis. Billy and Chuck were in the GOAT segment. That's a pretty good track record.

Don't judge Dino by other gay gimmick workers fyi for those who aren't aware of them and wont give him a chance. It's DDT so it's instantly brilliant. Plus he tags with a blow up doll from time to time too.
You forget Rob Feinstein's Gay gimmick.

The distasteful charade starts at 2:20


We really need a Daniel Bryan NO! Smiley.
You forget Rob Feinstein's Gay gimmick.

The distasteful charade starts at 2:20

Ha I've never seen that before.
Goldust pulled it off fairly well. He had Lawler calling him derogatory names.

My favorite gay character was Pycho Mickie James when she had the lesbian crush on Trish Stratus.... probably because I can relate.
JBL should've come out of the closet live on air in 2005, to capitalize on the Brokeback Mountain craze at the time. He could've had a relationship with 'Cowboy' Bob Orton.
One thing why I'm "glad" the shows PG atm. Linda, PG, openly showing "gay" people is a no go, and in this case that's fine by me, because the WWE wouldn't go with regular gay guy and just mention "oh, he's gay btw" and let him wrestle normally, it would be the whole f*in variety of stupid gay stereotypes times 12. They'd probablly hire Zema Ion, put him in fishnets and get him a Blue Meanie shirt, give him pink hair and hairspray and his pink cobra would smack asses for a finisher. About as stupid and ignorant as if they resigned the Iron Sheik and made him an Al Quaida general running around with mustard gas ffs. fpalm
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