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The Future of Pro Wrestling?

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Oh yes I'm doing a thread that's doesn't have to do with pics of half naked Women.You know, I was watching The Rise and Fall of WCW on my DVD Player, and it had me thinking, how we complain of the how the direction of Pro Wrestling is not great, and very inconsistent.We call it the PG Era at times, as we see Wrestlers like Punk, being held in a cage, meaning he cannot say a word, or put more feeling into his promos, because the Company doesn't want to see their younger audience to see hear those words.It's funny, for all their advertising to the younger crowd, who is buying the merch, the Adults.Back in the day, let's say in the attitude era, I used to see half naked Women like Sable, dance in tight ass bikini and I was 8 or 9 at the time.My Parents never covered that up, nudity, etc, so when it came to seeing cuss words, nudity, and Wrestlers just tearing it up on the microphone, I saw a reality, I was used to seeing.These days, we are trying to keep their children away from that, but seeing images like that, doesn't mean the person will turn out a drunk, or drug addict, especially me since I am straight edge.Arn Anderson said in the Rise and Fall of WCW, that in the 90's the industry turned the corner, and how the Wrestlers were more about the money, and shitting on the craft, the art of Wrestling.People ask me, when will the PG Era go away fully, well I say, when those little kids that get behind the Cena's of the world, and grow up, and see what the kids of 94 with Hogan saw, and how they wanted something different.That is why ECW survived so long, as WWE and WCW were trying to create stars, as ECW wanted to show Wrestling, in it's various forms.

Seeing the great PPV's lately from TNA Destination X, and even WWE like Extreme Rules, and seeing a more darker Champion in Punk, we just get what we wanted, but it will take time.Vince knows he has to change to stay at the top, and TNA was smart enough, for once in having Aries as Champ.The Future of Wrestling to me, is a question mark, but I'll be behind it, till the end.
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So this is a UFC thread now?
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