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The future has been confirmed: Not Rollins, Not Reigns, Not Bryan...Triple H

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Yesterday (the ending) was a complete Triple H booking.

IWB say "He has to go heel". Vince says no.
IWB says "He cant wrestling/mic". Vince keeps pushing.

Triple H turns him into a heelish face without having to do one wrestling move or use the mic.

The day the company goes to Steph (not wishing anything bad on Vince of course) and Steph makes Triple H full creative...the sports entertainment business enters a completely different generation.

Hell, you people adore NXT. And the reason that The Authority is still in is because sometimes these things are your wildcard.
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Truthfully, I expect them to go Stone Cold 2.0 with Reigns to try and get him over....Have him raise hell, torment the boss, etc......That is what I got out of the end of TLC....
Or hes taking over where "The Vigilante" Sting left off in fighting The Authority.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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