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The Begining of the promotion

The Franchise was tired of sitting on his couch at home day in day out watching these crappy storlines being produced and charecters with no gimmic and charecters that he had seen back stage or at house shows but never on television.So he sat there for a good 3 hours think what he could do to make the wrestling buisiness exiting what he could do to shock the wrestling world.Then it came to him,he had the money so why not build his own promotion that dosent side track the talent and listens to the fans and creates the best storylines that could possibly be created.So he went to the old ECW arena were local shows were in there often and he walked up to paul E. Heyman that owned it at the time and asked him how much the arena would cos him (by this time paul was desprate to sell as ecw had gone out of buisiness) Hayman gave him a price and the franchise thought about it for a moment and then decided he'd take it.Haymen was then to offer him the old ecw ring for the right price which again the franchise willingly accepted (Why Not).The next couple of days he was ringing around trying to catch up to the former ecw roster and trying to get then into his buisiness.He phoned Rob Van Dam,sabu,chris daniels,danny doring,road kill,kid kash and others.At the time RVD was working in an independant promotion but wasent going no were and decided to join and brought a couple of people down with him including matt morgan and nathen jones.Sabu was sat at home waiting for the call as he herd from haymen that the franchise was running thigs now.Doring road kill and daniels were all together in ccw but they took the offer from the franchise as he was offering more money and title chances.then he rung up kash who at the time was with TNA but thought that he wasent getting much of a puch there and decided that hed join with the franchise but kash suprisingly brough AJ Styles,chris sabin,kevin nash,petey williams and some how managed to get jarrett.

The Franchise thought well now i have a ring i have a building i have staff and i have talent but all i need now is story writers,So he got back to haymen and asked his he new any story writes heyman said i have 2 people in mind the first would be vince russo and the second would be me because i'm out of a job so why not join...what is it you calling you company again? franchise replied with Franchise wrestling alliance.Heyman thought about it then said okay but what about Franchise championship wrestling.Franchise willinly agread with heyman.Heyman was to then get in contact with russo who took the job as vince mcmahon had just sacked him from the wwe.

So now the company was set but they need a date and a card which he went and discussed with the roster and........(tell me what you think)
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