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April 4, 2003

Talking-Eric Bishoff caomes out and says he made his own wrestling when he talk to Vince.M. He says that there will be a 16 man tourny for the world title. It will take place tonight. Then Vince comes out and says that the US Title will have a 8 man touny to see who will be the US Champion. And then they go to the first match.

1. Lance Storm VS Test. Test wins after he hits him with a chair whent the Ref was down.

Backstage- Vinne mac is talkin to Triple H and says that he is in the World tourny and got him an easy wrestler to fight.

Backstage- Jeff Jarrett is pissed off that he is not in the World Title tourny and they go to RVD which is getting readdy for his match for the frist round of the world title match.

2. Rob Van Dam VS Billy Kidman. Rob Van Dam wins after the Five Star on Jeff Jarrett.

3. Edge VS Billy Gunn. Winner is Edge after his finsher and will face RVD next week.

Talking- Triple H says that he is the best around and will forever be the best and will become world champion after the PPV at Backlash and says that he wants someone at his side and says he is also the best Ric Flair. Ric Flair comes out and says that he is the best and Triple H is also the best as of right now and will help him to get his title and they leave.

4. Raven VS Booker T. Booker T wins after the book end and then he does a spinoronnie.

Backstage- Chris Jericho is talkin about the main event and says that he is going to beat Rhyno and then booker T and become the world champion kuz im King of the world.

5. Main event Chris Jericho VS Rhyno. Chris Jericho wins by tap out and then kicks him in the after the match.

Preview Thursday Night Mayhem
Triple H VS Matt Hardy
The US title tourny
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