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Sorry its late here comes Ch. 1

The Fall of Triple H

Chapter 1: The Historical Game

For the last few weeks Evolution has still had a problem with a lot of the superstars: Orton, Benoit, Jericho and Maven. So after Survivor Series, Those men took on Edge, Snisky, Batista and Triple h and the winning team would take control of raw for 4 weeks. In the end Orton’s team won. Triple H was able to survive with his world title. This week was Orton’s time to rule and he could not win the title until Triple h was dethroned of the title. So Orton set up a 15 Man Battle Royal with the WHC on the line as the main event.








Triple H




The Match:

HHH has just entered the ring as the bell rang to start the match. Just as Maven ran to attack the Game, Batista intercepted the move with a Spinebuster. Batista showed off his muscles to the out cold Maven until Benoit snuck up on him and hit a German Suplex! Flair on the other end of the ring is chopping Benjamin down to size until Snisky comes in with a Big Boot to the face of Flair. Then Gene tries to throw Benjamin out of the ring but Shelton thinks fast and uses the T-Bone Suplex to throw Snisky out of the match.

Elimination 1: Gene Snisky

Three minutes into the match: HHH is in the corner trying to eliminate Benoit but Shelton jumps HHH with a Body Splash followed by a Hip Toss. Benoit climbs to the top rope and flying head butt onto The Game! Out of nowhere the unknowing Benjamin gets hit with a Double DDT from the allied Edge and Christian. Benoit goes for a snap suplex on Edge but Christian breaks it up and hits an Unprettier! Maven charges the two but Edge ad Christian counter it by picking Maven up into a Double Suplex! The two go to the ropes and drop maven out of the ring.

Elimination 2: Maven

Edge and Christian shake hands and then Batista double close lines them both out of the ring

Eliminations 3 and 4: Edge and Christian

10 minutes into the match: HHH is being ganged up against Jericho and Benoit while Benjamin is picking down the already beaten up Flair and Batista. Jericho pulls HHH’s legs from underneath him and hits the Walls of Jericho. Benoit goes over to Batista and hits the German Suplex 3 consecutive times. Evolution is being taken apart piece by piece. Soon Flair pokes Benjamin in the eye followed by a low blow! Before Benoit and Jericho can break their submission maneuvers Benjamin has gone over the top rope.

Elimination 5: Shelton Benjamin

HHH and Batista take advantage of the moves being broken and trip up the two Chris’s.

3 minutes into the match: Flair has set the Figure Four Leg Lock on Jericho and forces Jericho to watch his friend Benoit endure the Pedigree, Batista Bomb, Front Drop Suplexes, and a Batista Close Line. Evolution tries to eliminate the Wolverine but he holds on. Jericho tries to put Flair onto his back and succeeds! Jericho jumps to his feet to save his friend but Batista sees him coming and hits a horrifying Batista Close Line. Benoit is on the apron outside the ring holding onto the ropes enduring punches from the champ. Just as Flair comes to join in the elimination of Benoit he moves his hands across his waist signifying that he will become champ. HHH sees his and hits Benoit once more and heads to Flair. Pulling the hair of Ric, HHH talks trash and throws Flair over the top rope.

Elimination 6: Ric Flair

Flair begins to complain towards HHH. The Game ignores him and goes back to work on Benoit. Before HHH can get a hit Benoit hits him with a head butt. Soon the two grapple with one another in a power of strength. Batista on the other hand is manhandling Jericho and power slams him to the ground near HHH and Benoit. Batista gets HHH to move to the side and he goes to the other end of the ring. The bull raises his arm and starts to charge up for another Batista Close Line. Batista charges and goes right for Benoit! The Close Line hits and Benoit goes to the ground followed by Batista. The titron shows a rewind of the moment and everyone sees Jericho pull down on the top rope at the last second sending Batista down at the same time with Benoit!

Elimination 7 and 8: Chris Benoit and Batista

Just like that the match was left to Jericho and HHH. The assassin walked around Jericho like a lion would with a wounded prey. The Game pounces Jericho and the fists start to fly! HHH pulls Jericho to his feet and sets up for elimination but Jericho counters with The Walls of Jericho but can’t seem to get it on fully. Batista and Flair starts to run down to the ring to help HHH but Flair stops Batista at the last second. Jericho stops going for the Walls of Jericho and hits the catapult over the top rope. HHH lands on the ring apron and stares off at the entrance to see Flair giving HHH the finger! HHH turns around to receive a drop kick from Jericho ending the match.

Elimination 9: Triple H

Winner and new WHC: Chris Jericho

HHH is shocked and tries to get into the ring but Flair grabs HHH by the leg and pulls him back out. HHH tries to knock Flair to the ground but Batista grabs HHH’s fist before it made contact with Ric. The cerebral Assassin Low Blows Flair with a kick and whips Batista into the steel stairs! It is obvious that Evolution is no more now. Jericho is still celebrating in the ring as HHH grabs a Sledge Hammer from under the ring and goes into the ring. Jericho stands still with the title smiling. HHH looks curious and looks back to find the whole Raw Locker Room Parading to the ring, heels and faces alike. HHH turns around to get an RKO from Randy Orton, but instead HHH pushes Orton away and runs. He bumps into Jericho and knocks him down and takes the WHC back. HHH then runs out of the ring through the crowd as the superstars stop to watch the defenseless HHH run away like the scalded dog he is with title in hand. Triple h may walk out with the title but not as the true champion. Jericho leaves the ring and grabs a mic.

Jericho: Snoz Zilla! Keep in mind you just pissed off the GM for next weeks Raw with that stunt. Because of that you will compete in an “I Hate Triple H” street fight with you against anyone who wants a crack at you at the same time! So give me back my title or pay the consequences.

Outside HHH continues to run into his limo and drives away

To be continued

Chapter 2: I am The Game for a Reason!

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Wow that was amazing and I am glad that you decided to continue and yes stylesclash, it is like the story of Triple H and him alone, well kinda.

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The Fall of Triple H Part 2

Chapter 2: I am The Game for a Reason

Raw the week after the Battle Royal, Jericho ordered Triple H to come out and give him back his belt. Soon Triple H came into the ring and challenged Jericho to a match for the WHC. Jericho decided to take the challenge and he took the title away from Triple H fast after agreeing. As Triple H tried to get the title back but then thought about it and remembered that Y2J was the GM tonight. As Triple H went back Jericho called out and said that their match was going to be a Ladder Match!

Ladder Match for the WHC

Chris Jericho© vs. Triple H

Both men stood there facing one another. Jericho looked confident as usual because he knew it has been years since Triple H has ever been in a ladder match. The last one was 2 years ago at Armageddon, which he did win. Facing HBK in that match is one thing but Jericho was another. Shawn was old and experienced and he was young and experienced.

The match started with Triple H challenging Jericho for a test of strength. As Jericho began to place his hands with his opponent’s Jericho suddenly hit a Reversed Russian Leg Sweep making HHH land on his nose. That was a big move to start the match with. Chris decided to stay back and let HHH get back to his feet. HHH was smart and strong. He should have gotten up by now. Soon Jericho goes in to check. HHH acts fast with a sucker punch to the jaw of Jericho followed by pulling his legs from underneath him. The assassin spreads Jericho’s legs apart and drops an elbow between them.

JR: Triple H is a desperate man. Batista and Flair left him last week and the only way to control things is with the WHC

King: This is great!

HHH grabs Jericho’s legs and sets up for a catapult. Jericho gets launched over the top rope near the ladder by the entrance. The Game leaves the ring and searches underneath it and pulls out another ladder, which is smaller compared to the other one. Going into the ring with the ladder HHH sets it up and climbs it.

King: What! This is terrible and unjust!

JR: the ladder is too small! It can’t reach the title belt!

King: Like I said terrible and unjust

Indeed it was HHH could not reach the title with such a small ladder. HHH climbs down and looks over at Jericho, who for someone reason has pulled the other ladder closer to the ring and is halfway climbing it. He must still be hurt from the catapult from earlier. Pulling the ladder closer to Jericho’s ladder HHH figures he can climb it and push Jericho off the ladder. From following his instinct, which has won the title many times, HHH figures it will cause more damage to Jericho if he fell on the ropes and back into the ladder. Luckily for the game he was mart enough to pull it off. Jericho out of nowhere dropkicks HHH once both reached the top of their ladders from outside the ring! Chris sprints across the ring and plants a bulldog on the former champ. Now the time came for the Walls of Jericho and gets it locked in! Soon HHH taps to the submission move but since it is a ladder match it wont work that way. Jericho breaks the hold by flipping HHH over onto his back still holding onto his legs. It was HHH’s turn to go over the top rope by use of a catapult! The Game falls outside of the ring in pain as Jericho goes and jumps over the top rope to land on HHH! Chris gets up first and picks up HHH and whips him into the stairs. Jericho is in control of the match as he soon delivers a series of tackles into HHH’s gut into the guard railings. But with HHH being so smart he plants a DDT so Jericho’s head bounces off the side of the guard railing. Both men are down but The Game gets up first. Placing the stairs face up beside the ring HHH picks up Jericho for a suplex and drops him forward onto the steel stairs. As the assassin goes back into the ring he stops and goes back to the injured Jericho. HHH picks him up again in a suplex and drops him forward again. Making an easy decision HHH goes for it again picking up Jericho into a suplex. This time Jericho is able to get back to his feet and picks HHH up into his won suplex and drops him forward onto the guard railing stomach first! Then Jericho grabs HHH’s heads and flips his body off the railing and his back onto the stairs! The crowd goes crazy over the ingenuity of the native from Canada!

JR: What fast thinking by the champion!

King: Even I will admit Jericho got the game good that time.

JR: If Chris can take advantage he can win the match.

Jericho starts to stand up. Once he is up he goes and grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring. Suddenly a bell goes off followed by music. Suddenly two men come down the ring and Jericho can’t believe it! It’s the WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield and his assistant Orlando Jordan!

JR: they are SD! What are they doing here on Raw?

JBL and Orlando go into the ring and surround Jericho with no way out. Jordan gets a kick in and locks Jericho in a full nelson standing up. With Jericho in a perfect position JBL runs into the ropes and delivers a Close Line From Hell onto Jericho after Orlando jumped out of the way. HHH is back up on his feet and sets up a ladder outside the ring and then goes into the ring. After a few moments JBL, Orlando, and HHH have set Jericho on the apron outside the ring right in front of the ladder. HHH hits a stunner like move on Jericho forcing his neck down on the ropes followed by another Close Line From Hell sending Jericho flying into the ladder! HHH takes the small ladder and leans it up on a corner while Orlando grabs Jericho back into the ring. JBL picks up Jericho and uses the Fall Away Slam to send Jericho into the ladder in the corner. JBL this time picks up Jericho who receives a Low Blow from the WHC Chris Jericho. Chris tosses JBL out of the ring and hits he insurgury on HHH sending him to the floor and out the ring.

King: Where is all this energy coming from?

JR: His heart King…his heart by dog gone it!

Jordan charges Jericho who trips him. Orlando is facing downwards at the ring and Chris hits a leg drop on the back of his head. This makes Jordan flip onto his back. Here it comes Lion Sault on Jordan! Soon JBL and HHH are back in the ring and it becomes a handicap ladder match once again. After a few seconds of taking another JBL, HHH beat down the Raw official music starts to play as all The Raw superstars come out. JBL grabs the takes the motionless Orlando out of the ring and the arena. HHH on the other hand gets caught in the ring. The game endures a Batista Bomb, Figure Leg Lock from his former companions Batista and Flair. Orton drags HHH to his feet and nails a RKO! The Raw superstars help Jericho to his feet and get him to latch the Walls of Jericho onto HHH. After a minute Chris lets go of the move and sets up the ladder. All together with Benoit, Maven, Orton, Batista, and Flair, Jericho grabs the WHC to regain the gold!

The Winner and still WHC: Chris Jericho

HHH rolls out of the way realizing what has happened and runs out to the parking lot. It is Maven to notice HHH running away. HHH runs into the parking lot with Orton, Benoit, and Maven close behind. HHH opens up his limo door and drives away. Orton, Benoit, and Maven looked pissed off yet happy but all of a suddenly a limo with horns hits Maven and he lands on the roof of the hood. A black car takes out Benoit sending him into some boxes. Then without having to think Orton turned around knowing what was coming…HHH’s limo was ready to run him over as well. Orton dodges the limo but gets attacked from behind by a man and that man was HHH! The limo driver in HHH’s limo comes out to reveal herself as Stephanie McMahon! Quickly HHH sends Randy into the pile of boxes with Benoit

Raw goes off the air with 3 SD! Superstars and 1 Raw superstar looking over at the damage done.

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wow i think raw could use you as a story line writer

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personaly I think triple hhh is a pussy back when(wwf) when him an steve austin were tag team champs after austin got threwin threw a plate glass window when under taker was cuffed triple hhh took that cheap shot an also when he tipped the undertakers bike on him the sat on taker with a chair while the bike was on him still an threatend him then kane came out an he ran like a little girl

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Slayer_911 said:
personaly I think triple hhh is a pussy back when(wwf) when him an steve austin were tag team champs after austin got threwin threw a plate glass window when under taker was cuffed triple hhh took that cheap shot an also when he tipped the undertakers bike on him the sat on taker with a chair while the bike was on him still an threatend him then kane came out an he ran like a little girl
Please learn how to use correct punctuation and grammar.

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That was another awesome chapter Heroes and I never saw JBL coming over to RAW or you bringing back Steph. Amazing job!

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The Fall of Triple H

Chapter 3: A New Game

It has been 2 weeks since the incident on Raw took place. HHH is nowhere to be seen. Then at the main event of Raw where Jericho defeated Michaels to retain the title a video was played showing that HHH has quit Raw and joined SD! So now on SD! HHH has joined JBL’s cabinet and Stephanie McMahon in the ring to start the show.

HHH: Hello to all my fans here on my new home, where I am now going to be until the fateful day comes when I retire. I am here with my new friends Orlando, Danny, Doug, Amy, and my best friend who got me here the WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield! Then there is the love of my life Stephanie McMahon. Without these people I would still be on RAW where I would have to face the entire roster every night! So I ask you the fans to appreciate me because I will never leave you my fans that enjoy chanting JBL and Triple H

JBL: It was a pleasure to get myself a new man to look and help me and my championship stay safe from the men in t6he back trying to cheat and bully me. So tonight. You will not see HHH or me in action tonight because tonight is our night off.

Suddenly Long’s music plays as the GM enters the arena

Long: Holla holla HHH! Tonight is JBL’s night off but not Triple H’s. Tonight a man confronted me from your past and challenged you to a match in the main event and that match will happen! Now lets show the crowd your opponent…

A bong sounds around the arena and the lights go off. On the titron lightning bolts strike across the screen and underneath the fist Taker appears through the mist rising from the floor

Taker: HHH…to stand in my yard you will have to either leave and go back to you play pen on RAW or stand your ground to take on Death itself!

HHH and his group complain while the show goes to a commercial

Later that night in the main event Undertaker is in one corner while HHH stand in the other with Stephanie outside the ring.

Triple H versus The Undertaker

HHH walks towards Taker mouthing off trying to get into the dead man’s head. Taker retaliates with a sucker punch to the chin. HHH falls to the ground and Taker hits a Leg Drop followed by an elbow. Pulling the Game to his feet taker whips HHH into the ropes and attempts a big boot to only have HHH counter with kick to the other leg. With the hurt leg The Game puts one of his knees under the leg and the other knee drops down onto taker’s hurt leg. Soon a Boston Leg Lock is locked onto taker’s leg. Using his superior power Taker forces HHH off with his leg. Both men are up at the same time and HHH gets the taste of taker’s foot right into the mouth. The Game is pulled up to his feet and whipped into the turnbuckle. Taker charges HHH with a Body Splash followed by a series of Body Splashes. On the last Body Splash HHH catches Taker and gets a Body Slam in. HHH kneels over Taker’s head and talks trash. In true classic Undertaker, the dead man takes HHH by the throat and sits up. Soon taker gets to his feet to deliver a Choke Slam! At least he would of if HHH did not lock in a Sleeper Hold when he was raised up. Suddenly Taker runs his back into the turnbuckle to loosen HHH’s grip. Then Taker bends down and tosses HHH over his head to break the hold. Here comes a pin by Taker 1…2…kick out by HHH! Undertaker follows up that move with a headlock to try to get a submission. A minute passes by and HHH is about to submit. Suddenly JBL, Orlando, The Bashams, and Stephanie come to his aid. The Bashams and Steph distract the ref while JBL and Orlando break up the hold. Taker retaliates with a Big Boot to Orlando and a Choke slam to JBL! HHH turns Taker around and hits a Pedigree! 1…2… The ref stops the count as Eddie Guerrero and Booker T try to stop the pin. The Cabinet goes to stop the interference but Eddie pulls out a iron pipe and takes out JBL and Orlando and Booker T nails a double Book End on both Bashams! HHH tries to get control through a lecture but gets nailed from behind by the risen Taker. While the ref is distracted with Eddie and Booker T, The Game is on the ropes and Taker close lines him out of the ring. Taker leaves the ring and pulls up HHH for a Tombstone Pile Drive! HHH goes over Taker’s head with the thanks of Stephanie and Amy. Then HHH nails a Pedigree onto Taker! HHH rolls Taker into the ring and gets the ref to count for a pin 1…2…kick out by Taker! The crowd cheers and HHH is shocked! Steph cries out in a high pitch annoying voice. HHH goes for the plan to stomp a hole into Taker and go for a pin 1…2…kick out again by Taker! Eddie brings the ref over to the other side of the ring and tries to distract him again. Booker T enters the ring and nails a Scissor Kick on HHH! After leaving the ring Booker is swarmed by Amy and Stephanie where Booker decides to run. Eddie comes to Booker’s aid and gets swarmed n as well. Accidentally Eddie pushes the women to the ground and Stephanie lands hard against the guard railing and seems to be hurt. Eddie goes up to Stephanie and tries to help but HHH comes out and whips Eddie into the stairs then checks on Steph. The ref soon calls for everyone to leave. Two refs come down to help Steph to the back. Not before Eddie leaves HHH calls out, “I coming for you Eddie…Eddie!” Taker quickly turns HHH around and the two start to slug it out. Taking the upper hand, Taker kicks HHH in the gut and goes for the Last Ride and gets it! Here comes the pin 1…2…HHH kicks out! After dealing with the shock of the kick out Taker takes HHH up to his feet and gets nailed by HHH’s close line. HHH runs to the ropes and drops an elbow followed by running into the ropes again leading up to another elbow! HHH decides to repeat himself one last time too many because Taker sits up in time to dodge the maneuver! Undertaker runs into the ropes himself and hits his Flying Close Line! Taker brings HHH up to his knees and starts to bring the punches down upon the big nose of The Game! Soon Steph comes back out but Eddie stops her and pulls her back. The ref turns around to watch and HHH nails a Low Blow on Taker! Looking to see what the distraction was HHH leaves the ring and charges and Close Lines Eddie Guerrero. Sending Steph back by herself HHH goes back to pin Taker 1…kick out by Taker! Pulling and risen dead to his feet HHH goes for a Pedigree but Taker reverses with a Back Body Drop! Eddie gets back up to his feet walks up to the ring and looks at HHH while lying on his back dead in the eye and holds up both middle fingers and heads to the back. HHH pulls himself out of the ring but Taker grabs him by the hair then pulls the opposition back into the ring. Now here comes HHH being put into position for another Last Ride but HHH reverses with his own Back Body Drop. As Taker comes back up to his feet HHH nails a Pedigree! Here comes the pin 1…2…3!

The Winner: Triple H

As the winner’s music is played HHH holds his arms in victory and cheers. HHH has survived The Undertaker and stared his quest to take over SD! as he did with RAW. Before that is possible HHH must get rebels Eddie Guerrero and Booker T to follow before he can. Find out HHH’s plan in the next chapter.

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Wow, I didn't see the whole SD thing coming but that is cool! Great to see you are going on with this thread because this is a great idea. I think we may see a JBL Triple H match in the future because Triple H ??? but I think it will happen.
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