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To put it as simply as possible, This is the E-Fed shows at the bottom of the forums. WE Champion knows what I'm talking about, so bear with me. It features NO WWE superstars, and has it's own shows and PPVs.

The shows are

Meltdown - Thursdays

ShockWave - Sundays

I'll begin with the card I posted for yesterday's shockwave, and go from there.

Match 1
Universal Tournament Qualifier
John McHenry Vs Dynamo

Match 2
Universal Tournament Qualifier
Darkness Vs Chris Bradley

Match 3
Universal Tournament Qualifier
Darren Masters Vs Y2JZA

Match 4
Grudge Match
Viper Vs Adam Meek

Main Event
Non Title Match
TFG Psycho/Jack The Ripper Vs Fire and Ice

The EWF title Sequence plays, and the show goes straight into a spectacular Pyro display. The camera pans the sea of signs and screaming fans, before resting on Dan and Karl at the announce table.

Dan: Welcome everyone, to an extended edition of EWF Shockwave! We come to you from the sold out Madison Square Garden! Tonight is going to be off the hook!

Karl: That’s right Dan, and it looks like it’s going to be kicked off by the first of three Universal tournament qualifiers.

As Dan is saying this Dynamo is climbing into the ring for the first EWF match of his young career. The lights slowly dim as "Here Comes The Money" blasts through the arena. The quartet of Money Inc make their way onto the stage to a chorus of boos. All four members are fanning themselves with a number of $50 bills. One fan throws a soda at John, hitting him in the head. Furiously, he orders Fire and Ice to take care of the fan, which they do so by pulling him over the guard rail and beating him up. John and Alicia continue towards the ring, but are stopped by the referee. He orders Alicia, Fire, and Ice back into the locker rooms. They protest but eventually make their way to the back. Dynamo taunts John, who promptly slides into the ring and spears him to start the match. John starts pounding Dynamo in the head continuously, until the ref has to forcefully pull him off. He stands up in a blind rage, and pushes the ref away. Picking up Dynamo, he whips him off the ropes, and hits a vicious elbow to the face, sending Dynamo crashing to the floor. He quickly follows it up with a running leg-drop, and a cover 1…..2….then he pulls Dynamo off the floor breaking the count. The ref looks at him as the fans begin a chorus of “You Suck”. John stands up taunting the crowd, who boo even more. Dynamo on the other hand, slowly makes his way onto his feet. John turns, and is met with the Shock Tactics.

Dan: Oh My God! The Shock Tactics! This looks like it’s going to be a huge upset!

Dynamo falls onto John and the ref, along with the crowd starts to count 1…….2……The lights go out. The arena is plunged into darkness, the crowd buzzes, but as if nothing happened, the lights come back on, but now John is lying on top of Dynamo. The ref has no choice but to count the cover 1……..2………3!

The ref raises John’s hand, as he slowly crawls out of the ring and up the ramp to a chorus of boos.

Karl: Does this man have any dignity? He'll take a victory any way it is given!

Dan: But you have to admire his brains. He knows exactly what to do to get what he wants!

Backstage, the camera shows a nervous Chris Bradley warming up for his match against the ominous Darkness. There's a knock on his door, which he answers, only to see no-one is there. But pinned to a door is a note saying "1:47". He rips it off the door and throws it in the bin before leaving for the ring.

Virgil: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall…

“Psycho” hits and Chris Bradley makes his way out to the ring to the un-interest of the fans. He tries his hardest to get them to cheer for him, but they aren’t having any of it.

Virgil: Making his way to the ring, weighing 210lbs, from the Northern Wilds Of Canada, Chris Bradley!!!!!

He makes his way into the ring, but the crowd is still unresponsive. He lowers his hands as the fans begin to boo before Darkness has made his way from the back. Then, a long screeching noise is heard before "Prayer" hits the arena's waves. The Lights flicker a few seconds before turning off completely and the Ramp starts to fill up with smoke. The huge form of Darkness appears on the entrance way, raising his powerful arms to his side (like Triple H on the ring's apron) and appears to be screaming something in pain. He then proceeds to walk down toward his prey in the ring. Chris Bradley is warming up in the ring, as Darkness slowly walks down the ramp, before stepping onto the apron, and over the top rope. Surprisingly, Bradley doesn’t leave the ring, but stays in his corner, as darkness finishes his ritual entrance. Chris then does the one thing he shouldn't, he jumps Darkness, but to no effect, He tries again, but still no effect. He tries for a third time, but Darkness just turns around, and pushes Bradles accross the ring, into the opposite turnbuckle. The fans let out a gasp at the visible strength of Darkness. Bradley gets up, shakes it off, and makes another attack at Darkness, who reacts slowly with a Damnation. Bradley drops to the floor holding his throat. Darkness turns, and shows that TFG Psycho is on the stage. TFG nods at Darkness, who turns back to Bradley and signals for the "Darkness' Call". He swings him by his throat, and hits it with full force, causing Bradley to bounce. He hits the floor, and immediately begins to quiver in pain. Darkness puts one hand on him as the ref counts 1.......2........3

Darkness leaves the ring with no emotion on his face, as EMT's rush to the ring to check on Chris Bradley, and the show goes into a commercial break

-----------------Commercial Break----------------

The show returns with Dan and Karl looking very serious.

Dan: Folks, we have two very important pieces of information for you.

Karl: That's right. During the break, Chris Bradley was taken to a nearby medical facility due to the vicious assault by Darkness.

Dan: And also during the break, we found out that the match between Adam and Viper, scheduled for after the next Tournament match, will not take place due to the fact that Adam was brutally attacked yet again by Viper, Chud, Joey Matthews, and Money Inc. He has also been taken to the local Medcal Facility

After saying this, Complete Darkness engulfs the arena. A woman Giggles, 'You chase what you'll neva see let alone catch.

An unforseen future nestled somewhere in time.
Unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs.
Judgment day the second coming arrives.
Before you see the light you must die.

Forgotten children, conform a new faith,
Avidity and lust controlled by hate.
(The) Never ending search for your shattered sanity,
Souls of Damnation in there own reality.

Pyro’s go off and a masked figure in a black leather trench coat comes flying from under the stage, the lights go back off and he lands with his arms extended facing away from the camera.

Chaos rampant,
An age of distrust.
Impulsive habitat.

Bastard sons bagat your c*nting daughters,
Promiscuous mothers with your incestuous fathers.
Engreat souls condemned for eternity,
Sustained by immoral observance a domineering deity.

Lights flash on and off as he arrogantly turns round and slowly walks to the ring keeping his head down at all times so his face cannot be seen and slides in. He lies in the ring motionless for a few seconds.

Chaos rampant,
An age of distrust.

He jumps up arms out stretched.

Impulsive sabbath.

Blood starts flowing from either side of the tron.

On and on, south of heaven
On and on, south of heaven
On and on, south of heaven
On and on, south of heaven

Blood gradually stops

Dan: WOW! That guy's wntrance always gives me the creeps no matter how many times I've seen it!

Before Karl can reply, 'Man Without Fear' hits, and Darren Masters walks out to the stage, raises his arms, and makes his hands into gun fists. Masters walks half way down the ramp, then runs from halfway down, to the ring where he slides in. Masters then climbs onto the second rope, points towards the crowd, moves his arm from left to right, then throws his arms into the air, making the gun fists again, then jumps down, and runs to the opposite turnbuckle, jumps up, and yells to the crowd, Masters then gets down, and takes off his red leather trenchcoat, as he and JZA lock eyes. The atomsphere intensifies till it is at fever pitch.

Karl: We knew this would be a classic confrontation, but you could cut the tension in here with a knife!

Dan: What would you expect? Both of these guys are huge fan favourites, and are both full of talent! Either of these men could carry the EWF as it's champion!

Both men are still locked in an intense staredown as the bell is rang and the match gets underway. Both men take a couple of steps forward, and are nose to nose. Masters, the slightly taller of the two, steps back and extends his hand. JZA hesitates, as the crowd becomes louder and louder, JZA then steps back, as he accepts Darren's gesture. The crowd erupts and both men start to circle the ring. They lock ia a collar/elbow tie up, and begin to push each other in a test of strength. Masters, gains the advantage, being 40lbs heavier than JZA, and pushes him towards a neutral corner. The ref runs up to break it, and Masters lets go cleanly, but tries to hit a snap punch, which JZA ducks, sending Darren into the corner and fires of a couple of punches of his own, as the crowd explodes again. He grabs Masters, and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle, following him and hitting a clothesline, that sends him onto the canvas. JZA doesn't let up, and neither do the fans as he stomps a mudhole into Master's chest. Taking a couple of steps back, he slaps his knee, signalling for a running knee smash. He charges, but Masters slides out of the ring at the last second. JZA falls to the canvas, holding his knee, as Darren takes a breather on the outside. The ref begins the ten count on Darren 1.....2.....3.....4 he begins to get to his feet 5......6.....7.....8 he manages to roll into the ring before the ref can count any further. JZA, has propped himself on the turnbuckle opposite Darren, and is motioning for him to get up. He does, and JZA runs towards him looking for a clothesline, but Masters hits a spear out of desperation!

Dan: What Impact!!! Masters sure has learned how to deliver a spear with quite effectiveness!

Both men are stuggling to get to their feet, as the ref starts another ten count 1....2....3...4.....5...both men are on one knee, breaking the count. They get to their feet, to a mixed chant of "Darren", and "JZA". Both men start throwing wild punches at each other, each one connecting with more force than the last. Both men rear back for one last punch, both men connect, and both men hit the canvas with a thud. The ref starts another ten count 1.....2.....3......4.....5......6.....7.....8......9.........he hesitates, before counting the 10. The fans are puzzled, and the ref doesn't know what to do.

Suddenly TFG Psycho's voice can be heard on the PA system

TFG: What the fuck was that? These people came to see one of these men advance in the tournament. They did not come to see both men ELIMINATED. So I declare that this match will continue....with NO countouts, and NO disqualifications!

the fans let out an uncharacteristic cheer for TFG's statment, as the ref calls for the match to continue. Both men get to their feet and look at each other in amazment at what is going on. Both men then slide out of the ring, and go under the apron. Darren produces a singapore cane, while JZA manages to find a black steel chair. They get back into the ring with their respective weapons, and stare each other down again. JZA throws the chair at Masters trying for a gorified, but Masters moves, and hits him in th head with the sinagpore cane. He drops it and gets the first cover of the match 1.......2.......JZA kicks out. Masters reacts quickly though, picking up the cane and hitting JZA in the chest with it numerous times, the frustration is visibly building on Darren's face. Dropping the cane, he walks to the corner, and crouches down, setting up for a second spear. JZA stands up holding his ribs, visibly hurt from the recent attack.

Karl: If Masters hits this spear, then it could be lights out for JZA.

Masters charges, but JZA does a RVD style monkey flip over his head, and Darren crashes shoulder first into the second turnbuckle. He turns round slowly, and JZA capitolises with a Shining Wizard. Masters crumbles to the floor, and drags him into position.

Dan: It looks like JZA is ready to end this with his infamous "Wing Clipper".

He climbs onto the top turnbuckle, and executes a perfec Wing Clipper onto the prone body of Masters. He gingerly covers him 1......2......Darren manages to get a foot onto the ropes. JZA is visibly upset that he couldn't put Masters away, so he drags him into the middle of the ring, but then goes to the outside, and fetches a ladder out from underneath the ring. He slides it near the turnbuckle, and gets back in. Masters is still down, so he sets the ladder up in the corner, and begins to climb to the very top. Once at the top, he signals for the "Superstar".

Dan: What the hell??? JZA hasn't used the superstar in ages! He must be getting really desperate.

Karl: Either way Dan, this match is ending after this move. Someone is going to win in the next few minutes!

JZA hesitates, but dives off the top rope, only to have Masters roll out of the way, letting JZA crash into the canvas with a vile impact. JZA lies motionless, while Masters cralws over to him, roll shim over and lays on top of him for the 1.....2.....3!

The crowd is going ballistic! They know they have jusat witnessed one of the greatest matches in EWF history, and they are showing their appreciation to both men. Mastyers slowly staggers to his feet, and has his hand raised by the ref. He walks over to JZA and tells the ref to help get him on his feet. They do, and JZA looks around with a glazed over look in his eyes. He stops on Darren. Both men stare at each other, before Darren wraps his arms around him in a sign of respect. He raises his hand, and both men make their way out of the ring, with the fans still cheering madly.

Dan: Think yourselves luckly ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed on of the most spectacular matches in EWF history! Both men will go down in the record books as two of the very best the EWF has to offer!

Karl: I agree with you there Dan, but not to put a damper on things, but we still have our tag team main event to call. TFG and JTR were challenged by Fire and Ice last week, due to heat (Excuse the pun) between PI and Money Inc. Now these four men will go at it in a non title match, ahead of an immenent TFG/JTR Vs Masters Twins Tag Title Match. What kind of warm up will Fire and Ice prove to be? Well we are about to find out!

The camera cuts to TFG and JTR walking through the back wearing their tag belts. They seem to be talking strategy, but non of it can be picked up by the camera crew.

The action cuts to the ring as "What a scene" hits as Fire and Ice make their way out from the back. The fans boo, but their enthusiasm isn't what it could be seeing as they are all spent from the previous match. F+I climb into the ring, and mount the turnbuckles, taunting the crowd with money from their pockets. They climb down, and pace the ring waiting for their opponents.

"96 Quite Bitter Beings" hits, and the fans start booing, again not as loudly as they could but still quite loud. They wait, but no-one shows up. The music hits again, but still no-one shows up. Fire and Ice look visibly pissed off, and start to walk towards the front of the ring. "96 Quite Bitter Beings" hits for the third time, and F+I stop in their tracks. However, TFG and JTR don't come from the stage, they come from behind through the crowd, carrying a chair each. They hit the ring, just as Fire and Ice are turning around. Both men get planted square in the head, and simultaneously hit the canvas. They drop the chairs and the ref calls for the start of the match. JTR picks up Ice, and sets up a horizontal Ripperbomb. TFG climbs the turnbuckle, and signals for th Psychosis Drop.


TFG dives off the top rope, and hits a perfect Psychosis Drop. Jack gets the cover as TFG gets off the floor 1....2.....3.

TFG and JTR get their hands raised by the ref, then TFG hoes and gets a microphone.

TFG: Darren, Chris, were you watching? You may have won a number one contenders match to face us when yopu want, and in any type of match you want, but I promise you when you get in the ring with us you'll be left just like these two losers.

He looks at JTR and smiles

TFG: On your backs realising that no-one is good enough to take these away from us!

"96 Quite Bitter Beings" hits again, as the champs leave Fire and Ice down in the ring, and the show goes off the air.

--------------------END OF SHOW----------------

Well that's about it. Judge it well!

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That shows you guys what EWF is all about. Read some of our rps too.
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