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This is my first ever BTB thread. I’m just getting into it, and I can take what ever feedback anyone gives me, so feel free to do so.

Wrestlemania has just ended, and so is the current era of the WWE. This story is to see what happens when Mr.McMahon gives a major announcement and brings a new, revolutionary era to the WWE landscape, he calls it “The Era Of The Merge.” The old, the current and the new all fight to be the one and only, ultimate, face of WWE.


Alexander Rusev
Big Show
Bray Wyatt
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Erick Rowan
Evan Bourne
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
Kofi Kingston
Kurt Angle
Luke Harper
Matt Hardy
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Steve Austin
The Miz
The Rock
The Undertaker
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H



Alberto Del Rio
Bad News Barrett
Big E
Booker T
Bubba Dudley
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Damien Sandow
Darren Young
Drew Mcintyre
Dvon Dudley
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Sin Cara
Spike Dudley
The Great Khali
Titus O'Neil
Tyson Kidd
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu​



WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan
United States Championship: Dean Ambrose
Tag Team Championship: The Usos

World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan
Intercontinental Championship: Big E
Tag Team Championship: The Usos​

Keep The Faith, Reds.
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RAW - SHOW 1 (7/4/2014)

*Raw theme song and pyro starts*

Cole: Welcome, WWE Universe, to the first ever Raw after Wrestlemania 30, which the Universe has been buzzing about!

Jerry: Oh, that is correct Cole! We have seen The Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak come to an end at 21-1 after Brock Lesnar completely destoryed him!

Cole: Oh that is right, King. We have also seen Daniel Bryan, continue his Yes Movement by defeating Randy Orton and Batista in a triple threat match to win the WWE Undisputed Championship! But we also know, that WWE Chairman, Vince Mcmahon is going to come out to address what he has in store for the WWE Universe.

*Vince McMahon’s theme song gets played*

*Light pop*

Jerry: And here he is, the big man himself! Ohh I am excited!

McMahon: Welcome to WWE Raw, right here in Alabama!

*Loud pop*

McMahon: Today, I would like to announce two things that will change the WWE landscape forever. The first announcement, unfortunately, NXT will be going off the air, starting from next week.


McMahon: Now onto my huge announcement. We here at WWE would like to bring on, a new era. A new era in the WWE, and a new era in wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce to you, the new, the revolutionary era of the WWE, The Era Of The Merge!

*Light pop*

McMahon: You all seem confused. What’s going to happen, is that we, would like to bring back twenty superstars, that had their own moments and days in the past, to the current roster. These wrestlers will show up every week and do what they are known to do, to wrestle and perform for all of you.

*Light pop*

McMahon: Each brand will get ten of those superstars. So, to not make you wait longer, here are the superstars going to Smackdown.

Booker T, Bubba Ray Dudley, Dvon Dudley, Edge, Goldberg, Goldust, Mankind, Shawn Micheals, Shelton Benjamin and Spike Dudley are all coming back to the WWE and going to Smackdown!

*Big Pop*

McMahon: Now.. on to Raw.

*Crowd Waits*

Chavo Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Hurricane, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Rikishi, Tommy Dreamer, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are all coming to Raw!

*Huge Huge Pop*

*Crowd Starts Chanting “This is Awesome!”*

McMahon: Also, one last thing. All the Raw superstars will compete today in a battle royal match to determine the number one contender for the WWE Title, which will be our main event, thank you.

*Loud pop*

*Vince Mcmahon walk off the stage*

Jerry: Oh my goodness, this is huge!

(Commercial Break)

Cole: Welcome back to the longest running, episodic show in history, this is WWE Raw! We saw the chairman himself, Mr McMahon tell us some huge news a few moments ago.

*Replay comes up in the titantron*

Jerry: Oh, if that wasn’t big news, I don’t know what is!

Cole: More on that later, but for now, we have our first match for tonight, The Hurricane takes on Kofi Kingston!

Jerry: Oh, this is going to be a great match!

-----Match #1 (Hurricane vs Kofi Kingston)-----

Cole: Here is the bell and we start the match!

Hurricane is all pumped up for the match, as he runs around the ring playing with the fans. Kingston takes his opportunity to attack as Hurricane turned his back to the crowd. Kingston with a few backbreakers, and into a submission lock. The crowd cheering on for both Kingston and Hurricane! Hurricane trying to break free, Kingston holding on tightly, but Hurricane gets to the ropes. Hurricane sneaks up to the top corner as the referee is trying to hold Kingston back. Hurricane goes with an outstanding dive and puts Kingston down to the mat! Cover! 1..2-Kickout. Hurricane throws Kingston into the corner, tries to get a clothesline, but Kingston gets out of harms way! KINGSTON TRIES TO GO FOR TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Hurricane ducks! Hurricane tries for a chokeslam! Kingston reverses it! And both go for a kick into eachother’s skulls!

*Loud reactions from the fans*

Kingston jumps on the top rope and jumps, but Hurricane ducks out of the way! AND HURRICANE WITH A CHOKESLAM! Here is the cover! 1...2..-KICKOUT! Hurricane can't believe it. He makes his way out of the ring and into the announcers table with frustration. And Kingston DIVES OUT OF THE RING AND INTO HURRICANE! Both men laying down outside the ring, the referee beginning the count. 1...2...3...4...5 And Kingston makes his way out of the ring. 6...7...Now Hurricane. Kingston clapping to heat things up!

*Crowd starts clapping*

KINGSTON TRIES TO GO FOR THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE AGAIN! Hurricane ducks! AND HITS A SPEAR! Hurricane goes for the cover! 1..2...THR-KICKOUT! Oh my god, how did Kingston kick out of that?! Hurricane in disbelief, fans cheering on. He asks himself "What can I do?". Kingston now back to his feet, AND GOES FOR A ROLLUP! 1..2..-NOPE. KINGSTON HITS THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE! COVER. 1...2...3! Yes Kingston has done it!

Kofi Kingston def. Hurricane by Pinfall

Jerry: Fans amazed by the performances of these two athletes, what a match this was!

Cole : What a way to kickoff tonight's show! We will be back after the commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

*Scenes of Rey Mysterio in the ring with fans cheering*

Cole: Welcome back, to WWE Raw! We are just preparing for a match that will see Rey Mysterio taking on Chavo Guerrero!

-----Match #2 (Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio)-----

*Chavo comes out with light pops from the fans*

*Bell rings*

And here we go! The fans will enjoy this match. Mysterio not wasting any time and goes straight to work! Kicks left and right to Chavo, topped off with a drop kick! Fans cheering, Mysterio tries to go for another kick but Chavo reverses it into a suplex! Cover, 1..-Kickout! Chavo throws Mysterio into the corner, tries to go for a clothesline but Mysterio gets out of the way, and hits a stunning hurricanrana! Chavo down on the mat, Mysterio goes for the frog splash! Hits it! Cover, 1..2..-Kickout!

Mysterio wastes no time and hits a dropkick! Chavo down on the ropes! Fans cheering on louder! Mysterio runs up to the ropes AND HITS AN EARLY 619! MYSTERIO GOING FOR A FROG SPALSH!

*Lights turn off*

What the..?!

*Lights turn on again*

Oh my goodness! It's Randy Orton! And he's attacking Mysterio! The referee tries to stop Orton as the bell rings. Orton pushing the refs off his way. And now taking the chair! RANDY ORTON ABOUT TO HIT REY MYSTERIO WITH A STEEL CHAIR!

Rey Mysterio defeats Chavo Guerrero by DQ.

*Loud pop from the fans*

Oh wha-IT'S JEFF HARDY! Jeff Hardy stopping Orton, completely destroying him! The officials are trying to separate the two of them! But Jeff Hardy goes on and attacks Orton like an animal!

(Commercial Break)

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw! We have seen shocking scenes a few moments ago, as Mysterio was attacked by Orton, and the same happened when JEFF HARDY returned and completely destroyed him!

Jerry: I can’t wait to see what happens next!

-----Match #3 (The Shield vs The Wyatt Family)-----

*Bell rings*

Here we go. Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are tagged in first.


What the?! Oh my god, It’s Kane! It’s Kane! Why is he out here?! All 6 superstars are in shock. Kane gets into the ring and takes everyone out one by one! Kane goes for the mic.

“My name is Kane. And I am the big red machine. And all the other 9 participants in the battle royal, will forever burn in hell.”

*Loud pop*

-----Main Event (WWE Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal)-----

*Batista, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H all come out*

*Bell Rings*

And here we go!

Batista and Chris Jericho going for Cena. Cena reverses, tries to get a punch, both duck and CENA GETS HIT WITH A BIG BOOT. And Jericho sneaks up and THROWS BATISTA OFF THE RING! 8 men remaining! RVD and Orton have a go at it! Orton, TRIES TO HIT AN RKO! RVD reverses it! tries to throw Orton off, BUT BOTH HAVE A HOLD OF EACHOTHER AND GET ELIMINATED! Jericho Hits Punk with the CODEBREAKER! Triple H throws Jericho off! Austin throws Punk off! And now ROCK THROWS TRIPLE H OFF! Austin tries to throw Rock off! But both of them slip off the ring!

My god! Who is the winner?!

*Replays come up on titantron*

Ohhh! BOTH LANDED AT THE SAME TIME! What a match! Both of them win! Does that mean we will have a triple threat WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules between Daniel Bryan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin?! Only time will tell…

Both The Rock and Steve Austin win The Battle Royal

(Screen Fades Away To Black and The Show Ends As Austin and Rock Are In Shock)


Well I guess that was the end. I spent about 8 hours on this and to get an idea of how BTB's are done. I put myself in so much stress to finish this right now, 6AM.
I was supposed to have a Bryan vs Big E match, but that will be done on the next Raw. And I have rushed almost everything because I was so tired. I am sorry, but I will try to make everything next time. I hope you enjoyed this.​

Keep The Faith, Reds.
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SMACKDOWN - SHOW 1 (11/4/2014)
Arkansas; Little Rock – Alltel Arena (18,000)

*Pyro and theme music starts*

Cole: Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman to Friday Night Smackdown! We have a treat for you tonight as we are going to see ten superstars return to the WWE and also, a 10 man battle royal to determine the number one contender of the Undisputed WWE Championship!

JBL: This is going to be a great day!

*Shawn Michaels’s Theme Song Starts*

*Big Pop*

Cole: And here is, the Showstopper, The Heartbreak Kid, HBK, Shawn Michaels!

HBK makes his way to the ring as the fans cheer on. Grabs microphone. “It is great to be back here, where I truly belong!”. Crowd go on even louder. “It’s been a while since The Showstopper has been right here in this ring, and this time, I am staying in Smackdown! As you all know, we are going to have a ten man battle royal tonight, and I will be taking place in it, not just to wrestle, but to win it!” “Now..”

*Shelton Benjamin’s Theme Song Starts*

*Small Pop*

Cole: Uh oh, what is Shelton Benjamin doing here?

JBL: Don’t be silly Cole, he’s trying to make a name for himself right here in the WWE!

Benjamin grabs a microphone for himself. “Aha. Are you sure about that HBK? The last time we met in the ring, you sneaked off with a kick that gave you a lucky victory, but that was long ago, I am Shelton Benjamin, and tonight, I will show you exactly why I am The Gold Standard!”

*Things start to heat up between Benjamin and HBK*

*Teddy Long arrives*

Teddy Long: Oh hold on, hold on, playas. Now before things get out of hand, we know that both of you just came back to the WWE, and right now, you both are going to face off in a match!”

*Pop from the crowd*

“But not any match, the winner gets to have a spot in tonight’s main event. Good luck to both of you.”

*Small Pop*

Cole: Well, there you have it, our first match for tonight, just announced by the Smackdown GM himself, we will be back after the commercial break!

(Commercial Break)

Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, we shall get things started with a match between The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, and The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, here we go!

-----Match #1 (Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin) Winner gets a spot in tonight’s main event.-----

*Bell rings*

And here we go, we start off with a faceoff between both men. Both going for a grapple, and HBK turning it into a submission. A really tight submission, but Benjamin gets his hands on the ropes a few seconds in. And again, another grapple, HBK turning it into a backbreaker, throws Benjamin into the corner, and gets a few chops to the chest. HBK excited runs into the turnbuckle, but Benjamin gets out of the way. Now Benjamin with a few chops himself, preparing for a run and does a fantastic monkey flip! He then jumps on the corner, and does a moonsault, but HBK rolls out of the way!

Benjamin tries to go for a clothesline, but HBK ducks, and Benjamin hits HBK with a kick into the back of his skull! Both men down now! Both of them get up in fashion, HBK goes for a punch, Benjamin ducks, and HBK goes for the roll up! 1..2..-Kickout! Now Benjamin goes for the rollup! 1..2..-Kickout again! Benjamin gets up and goes for a german suplex, and hits it! And another one! Goes for the cover, 1..2..-Kickout! Benjamin goes to the outside of the ropes, jumps! Lands in the inside area, tricking HBK into hitting a sweet chin music, and goes for a moonsault! Here is the pin, 1..2..-No! Kickout by HBK.. Now Benjamin taunting him as he finds his way back up to his feet.. and out of nowhere, Benjamin tries to go the PayDirt, reversal, SWEET CHIN MUSIC!
Cover, 1..2..THR-KICKOUT! How did Benjamin kick out of that? HBK waiting for Benjamin to get back to his feet, tries to go for another kick, but no, Benjamin ducks and goes for the armdrag takedown, and another one! HBK staying at his corner, wants the focus. Benjamin goes for the sidelock takedown, and the pin, 1..-No! Michaels going for a punch, Benjamin ducks, and goes for the forearm strike to the skull! Michaels slowly walks over to the ropes. Benjamin goes for the roll up, but Michaels holds down to the ropes, and Benjamin goes up with a powerful clothesline which sends both of them outside the ring! What a match this has been! It’s win or lose, this match continues live from Arkansas!

(Commercial Break)

Ladies and Gentleman, we are back, live to Friday Night Smackdown, Michaels going for a superplex, but Benjamin counters! Benjamin going for ducks and punches here, as the momentum changes, going for a backbreaker! Ouch! Going for the cover! 1..2..-NO!
Benjamin going for a punch, Michaels ducks and goes for a Sweet Chin Music, now Benjamin Ducks, going for a kick himself, blocked, uses the other leg and hits Michaels in the skull! Ouch!! Benjamin going for a pin, 1..2..THRE-DENIED! Now Michaels uses the ropes to help him get up, Benjamin throws him into the top corner, going for a superplex, but Michaels pushes Benjamin down! You can hear the crowd! Michaels going for the elbow drop, and he hits it! Now Michaels waits for Benjamin, he is back to his feet, Michaels going for the Sweet Chin Music, Benjamin ducks, AND MICHAELS HITS THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC FOR THE SECOND TIME! Cover! 1..2..3! Michaels wins in what was a very, very difficult challenge!

Cole: Wow! What a match, both of them!

Shawn Michaels defeats by way of pinfall Shelton Benjamin


*Backstage Scene Comes Up*

Jimmy Uso: We come not to fight, but to win. Let us show them what we are truly made of.

Cole: Oh boy! That match is next!

-----Match #2 (The Usos vs Cody Rhodes And Goldust)-----

*Bell rings*

Jimmy and Rhodes are tagged in. Both start with a light faceoff. Jimmy runs behind Rhodes and gives him a powerful german suplex. And again. And again! Jimmy runs across the ring to deliver a powerful knee to the skull! Here’s the pin, 1..2..-Nope. Rhodes tags in Goldust. Goldust getting Jimmy’s ankle to prevent him from tagging out. Goldust pulls Jimmy’s ankles to the centre of the mat and starts with an ankle lock. Jimmy not very close to the ropes, and tags in Jey! Jey goes to work with a dropkick to Goldust’s shoulders. And again. He pins, 1..2..No. Goes with a facelock submission, and Goldust quickly counters that into a powerslam.

Goldust takes Jey onto the turnbuckle, going for a superplex, but no, Jey pushes Goldust into the mat. Crowd cheering on, but Rhodes cuts that short by attacking Jey off the turnbuckle. The ref starts the count, 1..2..3..4..5.. and Jey is in, but Goldust hits a quick big boot to the skull! Goes for the pin, 1..2..-Denied! Goldust preventing Jery from taking his partner in, while Rhodes is now tagged in. Rhodes quickly goes to work on the back with a few kicks, and turning it into a backbreaker! Rhodes about to hit a kick to the skull, but Jey ducks and clotheslines Rhodes and himself off the ring! We will be back to continue this amazing tag team match…

(Commercial Break)

Ladies and gentleman we are back here, and now Jimmy and Rhodes are in the ring fighting it out. Rhodes tries to tag Goldust in, but just misses his chance. Jimmy going for a german suplex into a pin! 1..2..TH- Nah! Rhodes in frustration, tries to kick Jimmy with the most powerful force, but Jimmy ducks and he accidentally hits his partner, Goldust right into the skull! Ouch! Rhodes in shock, Jimmy sneaks a rollover! 1..2..3! He got it! The current WWE Tag Team Champions win another match!

The Usos defeat Cody Rhodes & Goldust by way of pinfall.

*The Usos leave to backstage*

Cody Rhodes, in pure disbelief in the middle of the ring. Ohh, now his partner, Goldust is back up.. doesn’t seem happy. Goldust in frustration.. and goes on to attack Rhodes! Goldust gives back a powerful kick to the skull.

*Goldust leaves to backstage as Cody Rhodes hurt in the middle of the ring.*

Cole: Oh my.. is this the end of The Rhodes and Goldust Partnership?

JBL: I may very well think so..

-----Match #3 (Big E vs Mark Henry)-----

Well, here we go!

*Bell rings*

Both men starting to be tough against eachother with an intense stare-off. Mark Henry pushes Big E, and he pushes Henry back even harder. Henry mad, goes with a powerful punch, but Langston ducks and pushes Henry to the turnbuckle, with a smile. Ref tries to move Langston away from the corner. Henry frustrated jumping onto Langston, but E moves out of the way as Henry hits the turnbuckle. Langston delivers a powerful big boot to the skull. Following with a leg drop! Here is the cover: 1..2.-No! Langston tries another big boot but misses, Henry counters with a huge bodyslam! Henry not done yet, going with a few backbreakers and powerslams as well. Henry throws Langston into the corner, going for a clothesline, but misses! And Langston with an amazing dropkick!

Big E anticipating something big, waiting for Henry to get back to his feet…

Oh wait! It’s Shelton Benjamin with a steel chair! Benjamin hits a hard hit to Langston’s skull, knocking him out!

Big E defeats Mark Henry by DQ.

Benjamin leaves the ring with a smile on his face and let’s Big E all for Mark Henry. Henry coming back to the ring and hitting The World’s Strongest Slam!

Cole: Oh what a night this has been! But we still have two remaining matches, the Battle Royal Main event, and a tag team match between Team 3D and Edge & Christian. But that will happen, after we come back…

(Commercial Break)

Cole: Welcome back, ladies and Gentleman to Friday Night Smackdown! Next up, we have the huge tag team match between Team 3D and Edge & Christian!

-----Match #4 (Team 3D vs Edge & Christian)-----

*Bell rings* Here we go.

Bubba Ray Dudley and Edge tagged in. Edge ducks Ray’s kick and goes with a powerslam, following a drop kick! Edge tags Christian in. Christin goes with an elbow drop. Tries another one, but Ray rolls out and tags Dvon Dudley in! Dvon goes for a powerful big boot to the skull!
Edge attacks Dvon as the ref is distracted by Ray. Ray frustrated. Christian goes for some uppercuts. One more, but Dvon counters it into a backbreaker! Dvon tags Ray in, and Ray goes straight to attack Edge first. Without focus, Christian sneaks up for a rollup, gets the count, 1..2..TH-No! Christian quickly tags in Edge. Edge goes on with energy, hits some forearm attacks to the skull, and finally a powerslam.

Edge anticipating.. waiting.. and finally.. gets the spear! Cover! 1..2..3! Edge & Christian win!

Edge & Christian defeats Team 3D by way of pinfall.

Cole: Now on to our main event! The battle royal will start with two contestants, after each contestant is eliminated, a new superstar comes in to join. The final man standing is going to be crowned the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!

-----Main Event (World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal)-----

We start off with Booker T and Sin Cara!

Booker T starts off with a suplex. Throws Sin Cara into the ropes, with a clothesline, but misses! Sin Cara with a risky kick off the ropes, gets Booker T but almost gets eliminated. Sin Cara tries to come back, but Booker T kicks his hands off the ropes and Sin Cara gets eliminated.

Mankind is next!

Booker T creeped out by Mankind..until he takes off his socks. Booker T is completely unfocused, and Mankind gets a swing at Booker’s skull, and Booker T knocked out, falls out of the ring and over the top rope.

It’s Shawn Michaels!

HBK filled with energy! Runs rowards the ring, hits Mankind with his flying forearm hit to the head. And gets a swing at The Sweet Chin Music! Simple as that, Mankind is elminated.

Now Ryback!

Runs toward the rings, tries to go for a clothesline, HBK ducks, goes for the kick, Ryback ducks, now Ryback hits the clothesline with force! But HBK gets the last laugh as Ryback fell off himself.


Sheamus sneaks up behind HBK, almost eliminating him! 1 feet touching the ground! Still struggling! But what?! All the other 4 opponents, Del Rio, Sandow, Goldberg and Henry try to eliminate both! Goldberg eliminates Rio, Sandow and Sheamus! Now Both HBK and Goldberg hit a clothesline to eliminate Mark Henry! Oh boy what a stare-off this is..Goldberg pushes HBK out, 1 feet touching the ground, HBK gets ahold of Goldberg’s head to counter it, and YES! Shawn Michaels wins this battle royal and is headed to Extreme Rules to face Daniel Bryan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in a fatal four way match!

Shawn Michaels Wins TheWorld Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal

Cole: Well this is all for tonight, what an amazing show, and goodnight.

*Screen Fades To Black As Show Ends*

Next event:

RAW - SHOW 2 (14/4/2014)
Arizona; Phoenix – US Airways Center (20,000)

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