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I started this thread a while and lost it so im gonna start it again!! So this Will begin from the Survivor Series PPV 2011 from Madison Square Garden. All the results of the event will be the same except for the Big Show vs Mark Henry Match which I will specify now.

Survivor Series 2011

Mark Henry has just disqualified himself intentionally and is hell bent on causing some serious damage to the Big Show. He goes to grab a chair to deal the same fate to him as he did at MITB. as he scales the ropes to jump on his chair rapped leg, the lights turn off....


The NYC crowd losses its mind!!! Kane is on the way to the ring in his new evil looking mask! Kane enters staring a hole into Henry's soul. Kane Picks up the chair off of Show's leg as henry backs off, Kane shockingly turns around and SMASHES BIG SHOW IN THE SKULL!! Henry and Kane then look at one another laughing jubilantly. What the hell is going on??? Henry Picks up show and nails a Worlds Strongest Slam! Kane and henry then lift arms showing their new found alliance... but why? The New York crowd is in shock but half are cheering because they are crazy smarks!

More to come!!

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I kind of would of liked to see a little more detail in the initial post, but I guess I will have to wait and see the details.

Couple of questions, are you using the same rosters of this time? If so, are all the champions the same?

As for the Mark Henry and Kane, I am not too big on the idea of them being friendly with one another, as I would of rather seen Kane destroy the Big Show, then have Mark Henry suffer the same fate. Kane in the masked gimmick works better as a loner in my opinion. I will wait and see how this unholy alliance comes together, but I felt the need to post my thoughts on what appears to be an important part of the version of WWE that you are doing.

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Hey thanks for the feedback! Hope you will be a viewer! the first raw is halfway done and should be up sometime this weekend. Now as for detail i shall give that to you. oh b/w i dont write for divas because well they are pretty well irrelevent now

WWE Champ- CM Punk
US title- Dolph Ziggler
Tag Champs- Air BOOM

WHC- Mark Henry
IC champ- Cody Rhodes

Divas Champ- (who cares)

Rosters are pretty much the same as are existing storylines (including The Rock vs John Cena) aside from the formation of the new unholy alliance as you call them lol. Sin Cara is injured as is Rey Mysterio.

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Live Hershey PA

Last nights Survivor series event is recapped showing Cena getting embarassed by the Rock in the middle of the ring by being Rock bottomed.


Cena comes out to his usual response of half boos and half cheers. seems like it is mostly boos tonight. He grabs the Mic and talks about last night's events. he states that he is in fact not bothered by the Rock's actions last night. stating it takes alot more to rattle the chain gang leader. additionally he outlines that he is not upset at New York or any of the fans booing him as it is their right and they make the show what it is. he then draws to the fact that the rock is not in Hershey and he is. the rock he says only shows up to the biggest of big events while Cena is there every night to make it big himself...


The Miz and R truth share mic time to insult Cena. they state that even though they took a crushing defeat at the hands of the rock, they still feel as if they gained a moral victory. Cena last night, the ulmity unfailable Cena was rattle. there was a dent in his armour realizing that the fans he so pandered for hate his so severly. they cite that this is only the begining of his slow and painful demise. they complain that the only reason why Cena is on the marquee is Little Jimmy and his Merchandise sales. "By the time the awesome truth is done with Cena, all that merchandise will be a novelty item. We will erase you from the WWE history books."

Cena retors, saying if its a fight they want, its one they'll get, "if you want some....

Miz blindsides John with a punch to the side of the head, and him and truth begin to stomp Cena. Cena furiously fights back tossing truth over the ropes, he then turns his attention to Miz who he lifts for an AA. Truth emerges and delivers a blow to the back of Cena's head. Cena goes down in a heap as it is revealed Truth used Brass Knucks. Miz then puts Cena in his pattented STF, relentlessly holding on. Truth then pounds continously on Cena's head until officals storm the ring to separate the two before they destroy Cena.


We return with a recap of what happened showing Cena being helped off by trainers to the back in which he will receive medical attention.


Zach Ryder comes down to the ring to a decent pop. He grabs the mic and talks to the crowd directing his comments to Johnny Ace. Stating that after getting a huge ovation from the MSG crowd that he deserves it. its what the people want!!

Vicky guerrero
EXCUSE ME!! it is my honour to introduce to you, my client and Zach Ryder's opponent tonight, Jack Swagger.

**On you Knees**

Match 1: Swagger Vs Ryder:

The match is back and forth until Ryder gains momentum. as he sets up for the Ruff Ryder, Ziggler arives out of nowhere and hangs ryder off the ropes into a waiting Swagger who picks him up for a Gutwrench powerbomb. Ryder counters into a Ruff Ryder. 1....2......3!!

Ryder wins!

Ryder Grabs the mic.

RyderZiggler bro! you saw that, i took out your buddy one on one, last night, i had all of Madison Square Garden chanting my name even when i wasnt even in the match! what more do i need to prove? I deserve the US title, Woo Woo Woo YOU KNOW IT!


We return to Kofi Kingston in the ring. He has a mic

KofiI know you have all been wondering. How come Kofi Kingston has been out here alone as one half of the Tag Champions well i'm here to set the...


Primo and Epico make their way to the ring with their manager Rose Mendez.

Primo: the reason hommes? the reason why Evan Bourne isn't here is becuss he es suspended from ze WWE. Why as he been suspended Epico?

Epico Because, he disrespected John Laurenitas, he try to be a big shot, trying to make himself bigger than he was, so he argued with Big Johnny, and Johnny put him on the shelf where he belongs.

PrimoDat means, ju may be out of luck hommes, because according to Mr. Laurinitas, we are the number one contenders for the unified tag team titles. whether or not your druggie partner is by your side is another story.

Primo Vs Kofi Kingston

the match ends in a DQ as Epico attacks Kofi about 8 minutes into the contest. the double team continues as Primo grabs Kofi's belt and smacks it off Kofi's skull!! the trio leave the ring as a fallen Kofi struggles to get up


( Clip of Edge spearing Hardy off Ladder at WM


(Shawn Michaels pushed off ladder through 3 tables)

(Chris Jericho reaching for title)

(Undertaker being pushed off the ladder by Edge)


(John Cena AA on Edge off the ladder at Unforgiven, winning the title)



We pan to Big Johnny's office where he is talking to.........Heath Slater? But why?

Heath Mr. Laurenitas, i'm tellin' ya this idea is gon change this entire industry. Ratings are gon sky rocket straight through the roof, big time exposure for the company, all that jazz.

JohnnyHeath, I think its a wonderful idea, and i cannot wait to see this take off. This is what this company is all about. Revolutionizing.

HeathIll announce it on Friday, thank you sir. Mr Laurenitas you a genius! (Heath shakes his hand as he exits. Johnny turns around to see none other than the new WWE Champion CM Punk standing before him.

Johnny Cm Punk congratulations on winning the WWE championship. You really made me proud last night(offers his hand)

PunkDo you want me to shake that?


PunkI'll tell you where to stick that hand. Don't worry its a VERY familiar place. I came here to show you this on my shoulder. I want you to take yourself a very nice look and i want you to get used to it, because this title isnt leaving my side anytime soon. that eats at you dosnt it. So no, I didn't come here to play nice with you Funkman. I came to give you an invitation, to the Punk party tonight in the middle of the ring.

JohnnyI'd love to Punk, but i got alot of work back here to do.

PunkWhat a damn shame. I really wanted to see the look on your face when i went out there, with an entire arena chanting my name hoisting my gold proud in the air, i wanted to see that deer in the headlights look of horror. I'm going to do something guys before me couldnt do, revolutionize the title, change the way things operate, and that change begins tonight with my very special surprise for everyone tonight. now you know that I'm the man! the guy who you suits in the office hated so much is offically the best in the world. and then maybe if you come close enough, i can do you a big favour. because i know that you never even touched this belt before so maybe i can put your brownnosing ass straight to sleep and you can have it in your dreams.(Punk smiles and walks away, as Johnny turns pulling out his Torch to text God knows who)


Wade barrett makes his way to the announcers table to watch the upcoming match, clad in an expensive looking dress shirt.


Randy Orton makes his way to the ring looking more pissed off than usual after his stunning defeat at the hands of Wade Barrett.


Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring alongside Vicky Guerrero doing his normal show off routine.

Match: Dolph Ziggler Vs Randy Orton

The match is a heated, evenly matched affair. Orton goes for the RKO but as he does Ziggler jumps a foot higher catching him for a Zig Zag! One......Two.............. No kickout!! Ziggler is frustrated. He scales the top rope back facing Orton... He show boats on the top rope for a little . He dives in the air for a picturesque moonsault when... WHAM Orton ducks under it and catches him in mid air for the RKO. 1.... 2...............3

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton celebrates as Wade Barrett leaves the announcers booth with a mic.

WadeLadies and gentlemen, please give the sincerest applause to the victor of tonight, The Viper, Randy Orton! (crowd boos this sarcasm.)

WadeBut lets not forget what happened last night, where i took you, the big bad wolf, the Apex Predator or whatever these uncultured morons like to refer to you as(cheap heat), i took him, and totally and utterly humbled him.

Wade Sure, sure you were impressive tonight, and hell you'll be impressive the next time you get in the ring, but make no mistake abou' it you're reign as the most dangerous in this buisness is soon drawing to a close as the Barrett Barrage is running through the WWE. So enjoy this victory, and the next few you may scrape by with, but remember, when you run into me, you will not, and i repeat will not ever be the same again.

Orton grabs himself a mic.

OrtonYou know Wade, sometimes, i like to consider myself a nice guy........... sometimes.( a little laugh) So as a nice guy I’m gonna give you a chance to relive your glory of last night, come on in this ring and beat me again, 1…..2…..3. I promise, I will try my very best to not punt your skull straight into the 18th row(cheers)
Barrett, looks a bit taken aback, but he obliges and enters the ring. Both men begin to fire rights at one another, back and forth. Orton gets the upper hand and backs him into the corner, with fists. Orton irish whips him to the opposite corner, after Barrett bounces off the turnbuckles he walks into and RKO… No barrett slips out and low blows Orton, he rolls out of the ring with smug smile on his face.

Before we cut to commercial we are shown the slow menacing saunter of Big Sexy Kevin Nash walking in the hallway. We are informed he will address the HHH situation after the break.

We Return as Kevin is in the ring. He explains his reasoning of his attacks on his best friend. Ever since he claimed the job as COO he changed. He’s not the HHH he met in 1996, not the HHH he helped mold into a star. Now he has become HHH the corporate boss, he left HHH the man behind. “The problem is, HHH the business man is insignificant he can’t lead this company into the new era, he’s too wrapped up in his own ego, his own massive, unmanageable ego. This company needs a selfless leader, to be the successor for Vince McMahon. So I’m going to make a proposition right here right now, you and I, one final battle, when you get out of the hospital bed I put you in, you step into the ring with your old buddy big Kev, and we decide who the true leader will be. Winner takes the COO job of the WWE. When all the dust is settled, it will be HHH rolling around in a wheelchair, while I walk myself into the office, and I bring this company into the greatness it deserves.

(Kevin exits the ring like a boss.)



Mark Henry makes his way to the ring, menacing and evil as always.


Santino makes his way to the ring, in his usual goofy way.

Match: Santino Vs Mark Henry

Pretty much a squash match. Henry takes this with a convincing WSM, for the 1. 2. 3. Henry exits the ring to grab himself a chair, as he is in a destructive mood. suddenly


The Big Show appears on stage with the most angry of looks. as he steps forward though.......BOOM!!!! Flames block his path almost looking as if they engulfed him. as they subside, Kane has appeared on the stage and begins to duke it out with Show. Henry however travels up the ramp to help his masked partner. as they overpower Show, Henry lifts Show up for a WSM on the stage!!!! Kane however, not content seems to start directing traffic for Henry, they both drag Shows carcass to the edge of the stage. Kane wraps his hand around Big Shows throat and Henry does the same..........


Kane and Henry looks down at their fallen prey as medical personel tend to Big Show. A large football like mobile stretcher is brought out and Big Show is carted off on it.



CM punk makes his way to the ring which now has a red carpet, with a giant gift box placed in the middle of it.

Punk Last night, I defeated Alberto Del Rio to once again become your WWE champion! (big cheers) And now tonight, in front of all you good people, we will have ourselves, the Punk Celebration!

PunkAs much as I am an arrogant self promoter and as much as I love to throw parties to celebrate my accomplishments, This isn't just my party tonight, this is the party for all of you. Because tonight is the first day of a new era. An era which undeserving, undertalented, underated, and overall underacheivning hacks are constantly shoved straight down your throats even when you make it very clear how much you people are sick of it. Sick of the Alberto Del Rio's of the world getting their constant shots and exposure while the poor people at home, struggling to compute the brutal mutliation of their once beloved English language. (Huge laughs)

CM PunkSo a few weeks back, I made the promise to all of you that I would make this title interesting again, and tonight it will begin. A few months back, when our good friend Johnny Cena (boos/cheers) was holding this title i told him that i would change the design as it has been far too ugly for far too long! (Cheers of anticipation roar)

PunkWell, my first reign with this strap was a very much disputed one, and as such I could not fullfill that promise to all of you. But tonight, I will make good on my promise

(Huge Pop)

PunkYou see, this belt (points to the spinner abomination) it represents the downside of this industry. For years, for years, all you people has called for it, clamored, begged, pleaded, for the WWE to get rid of this thing. Everyone agreed, it was a disgrace to the most prestigious belt in this industry. An insult to Buddy Rogers, an insult to Bruno Sammartino, and insult to Bret Hart, Stone Cold, the list goes on. And for years, Vince McMahon, laughed at your pleading, and kept things just the way they were.


PunkSo tonight, the ignoring of the audience, the people of whom make this business what it is, comes to an abrupt end. Which brings me to this giant gift box, ladies and gentlemen, my gift to you, the new era in the WWE......

Your new WWE Title!!!


PunkNow as we....


Del rio comes to the arena driving a Bentley Continental GT. He comes to the ring with Ricardo with a scowl on his face.

Del Rio Punk, it no matter what the belt look like. What these peros want, it no matter, the only thing that matters is that the belt belongs to Alberto Del Rio. Last night, you get lucky, just a fluke, nothing more than a fluke.

Punk Flukes? you want to talk about flukes 'berto? You're entire run in this business is a fluke. Everything you have gotten, all the opportunities, they haven't been earned, nothing you have has been earned, it has been either A. been handed to you on a big gold platter, or B. the product of luck. But i can see why the WWE decided they wanted you as their top guy, as the main ace in the business. its the same formula they have used on many guys. Big guys, with a certain "look" become Mr McMahon's golden boys without a droplet of charisma or a hard working bone in their body. But you see Alberto, now it's a new era you are living in, the Punk era, and in the Punk Era, only guys who have built themselves up from the dirt to make themselves starts will survive, which means guys like you are just piss out of luck!

(Big Pop)

Punk Oh and in the Punk Era, what these people want, actually matters. So in that regard you are also piss out of luck! I mean lets look at things from the fans perspective. When your music hits, the fans aren't excited to see you, they want to see the kind of car you rented. I mean look at it this way, the guy who introduces you gets a bigger reaction than you! You define irrelevancy.

Del Rio You think I care about these scum here in Hershey. I can buy and sell all of them, dey mean a nothing to me. The only thing that matters is my title. Because I have a rematch clause and I promise you perro, next time, in the middle of the ring, you will lose to Alberto Del Rio.

PunkAlright, that sounds cool, but you know for every theory, i like to test it out...


End of Show

please leave all your feedback. thanks for viewing!

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Smackdown will come to you from the Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey.

Just announced on WWE.COM, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett will square off in one on one action. will the Barrett Barrage continue of will the Vipers Venom quell The Brawling Englishman

Following their apparent alliance, Kane and Mark Henry will explain their actions to the WWE Universe. Also, in lieu of their attack on the worlds Largest Athlete the Big Show, Show will not make the trip to Smackdown as he is at home nursing a back injury.

Cody Rhodes will declare himself a "New Man" to all on Smackdown. tune in for an answer to this cryptic message.

We learned Heath Slater has an announcement for the WWE universe from his conversation with John Laurenitas. Tune in to find out what the One Man Southern Rockband has in store

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Meltzer Report

The WWE board of directors have decided upon market research that "theme" PPVs do not draw as much as previous general ones have. So they have released a tentative list of upcoming PPV events and locations.

Jan 29- Royal Rumble Toronto Ontario

Feb 24- Insurrection - London, England

Apr 1st- Wrestlemania- Miami Fla

Apr 29th- Backlash- Detroit Michigan

May 27th- Judgement Day- Portland Oregon
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