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~ The End of Year 2010 BTB Newsletter ~

Hey there, guys, and welcome to a look back at the year 2010 in the world of BTB. This was indeed the thing I talked about in the Discussion Thread some time ago, and for those of you go received some private messages from me, this won’t come as a surprise. Essentially, what this Newsletter is represent is a fond view of the happenings in the BTB section in 2010, with a view to what to expect in 2011. Included in this Newsletter are features on certain bookers, along with an interview and a few general questions asked to members of the BTB community … oh, and did I mention this is where the award winners are announced? No? Well it is, so that’s just a little bonus, I guess.

Anyway, enough of my jibba jabba. Thanks to everyone who assisted with this, and hopefully this provides you, the bookers, with joy, as we take a journey back through 2010 and cast an eye forward to 2011.


2010 – The Year That Was
It seems somewhat hard to believe that an entire year has passed since Wolf Beast posted the Newsletter at the closure of 2009, but I guess that is how 2010 was in a way. It went by fast. Unfortunately, at times the BTB section was in stark contrast to this, with the activity moving very slowly at times. So much was it focussed upon at times, it seemed like that it was the only thing being talked about in the BTB section. Gone was actual activity and in was talk of inactivity. However, upon closer analysis, was 2010 really all about inactivity. I don’t think so. As DC was the first to point out (I believe) in the Discussion Thread, this year it seems as if we have seen a lot of talented bookers posting in their threads for at least a small part of the year, with others around for almost all of it. While the awards are still to come in this Newsletter, in this article (of such, I suppose), I’ll try to look at some of the brighter aspects of BTB in 2010.

First and foremost, yet again this year we saw some great stuff from THE bookers of the BTB section of this era – Wolf Beast and Legend. While other greats such as Szumi and DDMac have become near completely inactive, Wolf Beast and Legend have continued to put on the best stuff in the section, and by quite some distance. From Wolf Beast this year, we may have only had one PPV and a handful of shows, but his nominations for the BTB Awards speak for themselves. He’s been nominated for pretty much every award across the board, and there’s no wonder why. The fact that he can be a contender for best feud of the year while posting perhaps less than a month of shows just goes to show how well respected he is, and how good of a booker he is. Legend, meanwhile, has been nominated for just as many awards, and he too has continued to put out quality, with a few more shows posted than Wolf Beast. With some of the most captivating and unexpected storylines (the Terry Funk heel turn was completely unexpected and double as awesome as it would have been anyway because of it) the BTB section has perhaps ever seen, along with probably the best command over the English language BTB has seen, it’s no wonder that Legend commands the respect he has from the BTB section. While neither has been as active as they were in past years, the shows they put out were certainly a huge positive.

Under them, I believe we have a really good base of bookers, who, while they’re not quite top bookers yet, are doing a very good job as the new regulars. The year 2010 was truly a breakout year for the likes of Melvisboy and Shock, who have commanded themselves some respect of their own. Melvisboy, while his shows haven’t been pumped out as regularly as he may like, has endeared himself to the section due to a mix of booking and writing talent, along with just being a nice ol’ guy. Shock has been a guy who has been improving for two years now, and, after perhaps winning the Most Improved Booker last year (I can’t quite remember, but I’m fairly certain he did), he’s in with a chance to win it again this year, showing how far he’s come. The booking has become much more logical and solid, while his promos have gained in substance. With more improvement, Shock could be well the one to take off to the top of the section next. He has a fair amount of ability and a unique thread in having a logical TNA, so as long as he continues to book, he should be able to gain more and more attention. 2010 truly was a breakthrough year for these two bookers, and, as a result, the section is much better off for their presence.

Under them, I feel as though there’s another solid base of bookers gathering. While in 2009, I felt it was just the Wolfy show, with perhaps a bit much lacking in the “midcard” of BTB, if you will, I think there’s a solid base of bookers who are always there, just plugging away now. While they may not have the attention or the ability of any of the aforementioned guys yet, a booker like a RatedRKO31 or a BambiKiller is invaluable to the section. They may be a bit off being at the top of the section, but having these guys around and posting shows not only keeps the section active, but it also means you have a bunch of guys who are able to assist one another and improve. Having them post in the BTB Discussion Thread only ups their value, as it means they add that little bit more to the section. Are they likely to be the big bookers of 2011? No; however, at the same time, they’ll be the guys who will keep the section active and continue to improve into possibly the Shocks and Melvisboys. Was the section inactive? Yes, but, without the solid base of bookers we have posting often, it would have been a lot worse off. 2010 was a year for these guys to make their start in the section.

So for a year that was often talked about in a negative light, I have to feel like we got some real positives out of it. There’s a lot of bookers starting to improve, and a lot of bookers capturing the imagination of their fellow bookers. The spread in the award nominees proves just that. It is now up to them to take the ball and run with it. This brings me to what follows.


2011 – The Year That Will Be
Last year Bradley wrote an interesting article about the bookers looking to break the proverbial glass ceiling of BTB in 2010. While this may be a slight modification on that, my inspiration for this came from that article. The difference between that article and this article is that, simply, this isn’t going to be about breaking through the glass ceiling, because I don’t feel like that’s done in a year, as shown by the upper echelon of BTB still being commanded by the same bookers. This article, rather, will focus on upcoming events in 20111 in the form of which threads to watch for. The six threads (because I couldn’t cut it down to five :$) that I personally feel will be THE threads of 2011. Let the countdown begin.

6) WWE: A Strong Response – Nige™
Nige is a guy who, quite simply, splits opinion. There are some of those who think he’s already the best in the section, while there are others who feel he needs work. Personally, I’m in the second group; however, I’m also someone who believes everyone needs work, because nobody is truly perfect. While I don’t think Nige is on that upper echelon of BTB that I spoke about previously, I do feel like he’s one of the best positioned to get there.
Working in Nige’s favour is the fact that he already has that base of people who think he’s there at the top of the food chain. While it may seem odd to point this out because it doesn’t have any effect on the writing, to be a thread that’s at the top of the section, you need the support. If you’re not noticed, then you can’t be at the top, plain and simple. That’s not all Nige has going for him though. While I feel like I’ve been saying it a lot lately, I have to reiterate it here – Nige, right now, seems to be one of the fastest improving writers and bookers in the section. His shows of late have improved greatly, and if he can keep up the improvement, he surely has to be one to watch in 2011.

5) Melvisboy’s WWE: The Comeback – Melvisboy
Perhaps the booker to make the biggest impact this year (read on to see if others agree and vote for him as the Breakout Booker of the Year ;)), Melvisboy has gained himself quite a following in his first full active year (I believe it’s his first, although I wasn’t around when he first was). With sublime writing skills matched by what has been very solid booking thus far, Melvisboy’s next show is his Royal Rumble, making perhaps the biggest strength of his thread for this coming year that he’s in the time that everyone wants to book. While he’s no certainty to get WrestleMania 25 up due to not always been the most consistent with posting shows, the run to WrestleMania will definitely be worth reading, so I highly recommend you check out the best modern day-ish thread this section has.

4) WWE: The Return Of Greed – iMac
While he hasn’t been around as long as Melvisboy, iMac just comes in before Melvisboy due to the fact that I feel like he certainly will get WrestleMania 23 up this year. iMac, unlike the previous two names, has seemingly come from nowhere this year to bring us some captivating writing courtesy of The Evolution Of Greed. With both exciting writing and booking, iMac has been able to put it together to not just deliver one of the best Pay-Per-Views of the year in the Royal Rumble, but also put on one of the best weekly shows of the year with his Night of Champions edition of Monday Night RAW. With WrestleMania coming and lots of exciting storylines already happening, iMac is certainly one of the top bookers to watch in 2011.

3) Shock Presents: TNA – The Revolution
With the only TNA thread to succeed in a long time, Shock brings something a little different to the table. There are multiple reasons to be excited about the future of this BTB – it’s something different to the other successful threads in the section, it is constantly active with shows being posted almost weekly, and it has Bound For Glory within reach in 2011. The most exciting thing about this thread is the fact that Shock has probably been the most improved booker of the past two years. While his writing it still perhaps the others mentioned before, it has improved, and isn’t at all out of place with his booking, which has improved in leaps and bounds. If this thread is still active at this time next year, who knows, it may well be up there as one of the better TNA threads ever in the section.

2) Legend Presents: WWE 2006 – Now Stop Your Grinnin’ And Drop Your Linen – Legend
While he hasn’t been as active over the past few years, I have been told activity will come this year, so that makes Legend a must here. Possibly the best pure writer the section has ever seen, Legend manages to combine his writing skills with different and innovative booking that you won’t see in any other thread. With The Great American Bash and SummerSlam coming soon (my early tip for PPV of 2011), if this thread can get on a roll once again, then it should surely be a must read for everyone in the BTB section.

1) Being The Booker – Wolf Beast
Quite simply put, he is the man of the BTB section. Wolfy’s booking and writing are both top notch, and with his thread now having run for SEVEN YEARS, there is no doubt that he is ALWAYS the top booker of the section. A recent return means his BTB simply has to be the BTB for 2011.


The Interview
Now, normally I ask for people to put forward their names to be interviewed, but this time I decided against that. This is a special little Newsletter, so I figured I had to get someone special. I also had to get someone who had been active for the whole year, so putting them together, there was only really one person I could think of – the opinionated TKOW. While TKOW isn’t one of the top bookers on he site, he’s still a pretty damn good one, so advice from him should be listened to – trust me, he gives it out even if you don’t ask for it. So, read on if you wish to see the opinions of one of the elder statesmen of BTB, TK-Oz.

BkB Hulk: Alrighty, I'm here for a very special interview with a very special guest. From GWE Dynamite fame, TK-Oz.

Thanks for doing this.

TKOW: You're lucky to have me, dick.

And while we're at it, Alcoholic's a dick too.


BkB Hulk: I'm going to use my powers to edit this interview and make you look even stupider than you are now.

Anyway, this is a special interview, but we still have to talk about you, I guess. Thus customary first question - how long have you been booking?

TKOW: Always knew you were a fascist.

BkB Hulk: I prefer Nazi.

TKOW: Erm well I guess I've been active for about five years.

There's only one Nazi around these parts.

It's not like the Nazi leader is the only dictator in world history you know.

BkB Hulk: He had by far the greatest facial hair though, and that's what matters.

TKOW: Anyway, I joined up in 2004, but wasn't really an active member. Then a year or so later was when I began to start writing for the fun of it. The last few years is when I've really improved.

And that's a good point.

Though Stalin has a sexy moustache.

BkB Hulk: Would you call yourself horrible when you started off then?

TKOW: Well...I'd say I had a lot to learn. I didn't take it seriously so I just booked however I wanted. If anyone wants to go see for themselves just how limitless the boundaries of my early booking were, look for threads made by Kingpin2003.

You'll find some uh, interesting stuff.

BkB Hulk: Any highlights that you wish to tell us of, or are you a bit shy?

TKOW: Let's see...Kane winning a number one contender's match and beating Triple H for the world title in a 2 out of 3 falls (including a Hell in a Cell) match, before Mick Foley coming out and firing Triple H (I used to hate Triple H in 03, but then, who didn't?); more Kane pushes, The Ministry and DX both returning in one segment, and of course Vince McMahon being "shot" in the park by an unknown assailant, with Ted Turner being seen in the vicinity. Yeah. There's more stuff, but those are the ones off of the top of my head that I remember.

BkB Hulk: Well, at least it sounds entertaining, I guess.

When was it that you started to improve? Was there a definitive thread, or did it just come gradually?

TKOW: I would definitely say it came over time. When I go back and look at my previous work, I see that over time, I learnt more and more about building characters and stories and then developing them, and learning how to book intelligently. Era of Darkness will always be my defining thread (and hopefully will be in the future), but it wasn't a sudden improvement.

Some of it comes with age, some with experience, and the rest with reading other threads and developing your understanding of how booking works and how you can improve your writing.

BkB Hulk: Do you think the inability to stick with a thread maybe hindered your progress up until EOD too?

TKOW: Not really. No one should stick with a project if they're not enjoying it or passionate about their writing just for the sake of having a long lasting thread. Look at WCW Rules, look at Emperor DC. Do those guys have long lasting threads? No. Do they completely trump most of the bookers who have long lasting threads because of their better writing techniques and booking skills? Yes.

Quantity > Quality.


Quality > Quantity.

BkB Hulk: Consistency with writing is also a requirement I would think for improvement. DC and Ruley secretly have BTBs lasting hundreds of shows. They just don't post them.

TKOW: Don't believe that.

They probably have a hundred documents each with starting posts and maybe the odd show, but nothing concrete.

BkB Hulk: :lmao

TKOW: Anyway, consistency does come into it, but for me, it's not a major factor in improving yourself as a booker and writer.

BkB Hulk: Were any of your other threads before EOD any good, or all just garbage?

TKOW: I think the 2001 WWF one had potential. Perhaps if I had thought of that later on, as in, when I had developed more as a writer, it's something I could've pursued, but alas it wasn't meant to be. The midcard was a bitch to book to. I had a 2007 thread which I think was alright. None hold a candle compared to what I did in EOD though.

Oh and there was a thread that got deleted in the failed forum crossover but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. All I remember was posting one show and dying and then Wolfy replying there and saying it was a shame because it had potential. So it must've been alright I guess.

BkB Hulk: What has led to your inability to stick to a thread thus far? Are you too creative, or are you more of a WCW Rules type - ie scared of the letter "t"?

TKOW: Haha, no. I am creative, and I do every now and then open up a Word document and start writing out some stuff for a random project, usually depending on what I've just seen - YouTube and old WWE DVDs (especially WrestleMania 19, one of my favourite events of all time) are responsible for that. The biggest reason for not being able to stick to a thread is simply that I do not have enough time.

When I started EOD, I had all the time in the world since I had just dropped out of uni and wasn't working. I was unemployed for about six months. Those were the months where I developed the bulk of EOD.

BkB Hulk: Alright, onto EOD now, what's been your favourite part about the thread overall?

TKOW: Hmm, interesting question. I'd say what I've enjoyed the most is building characters and developing stories with the knowledge of what I have planned further down the line. In particular I've simply loved writing out Batista's new heel character. Shock, Rocker, whatever he is these days, had already turned Batista heel when I joined the thread. Then when I took the reins, I developed his character and with every promo, found that he was becoming easier and easier to write for. The promos just began to come to me naturally. As well as that, the character's attitude grew darker and darker, which of course fits in with the overall theme of the thread. I guess that's my favourite part of it too (if I can have two favourites) - the fact that my thread

Everything and anything that happens within EOD (I hope) fits with the "dark" tone that I've employed, and if it doesn't, it will in the future.

BkB Hulk: Alright, normally I would ask generally, but since this is for the end of 2010 newsletter, I'm going to ask specifically about that. Thoughts in about BTB in 2010 as a section?

TKOW: Boring. If I'm being honest. Wolfy was around, Legend was around, even Mac made a comeback, and some jobber called brian_kendrick's_b has, I have to admit, improved himself. Other than that, I haven't seen much. Perhaps I'm forgetting the start of the year, I don't know. I'd say in terms of activity and general enjoyment in the section, there have been better years.

I've also noticed, this year more than ever, that there seems to be a new crop of writers. I had a look at the End of Year Award nominations and PARA is right - times have changed with the names listed there.

BkB Hulk: Would you say for the better or for the worse?

TKOW: The worse.

There's a few people around who, granted, are doing well from what I've seen. iMac is someone I never noticed before, had a look at his shows, and was impressed. Melvisboy is doing well for himself, though there's something about his work that hasn't quite clicked yet. He's developed, but he's not quite "there" yet, there's no "spark". Nige, a "controversial" booker and writer, from what I've seen recently, has actually improved a bit. I still don't agree with some of his booking and his writing isn't the best I've seen, but considering he's been consistent, he deserves a mention.

BkB Hulk: What do you then want to see improve in the section in 2011?

TKOW: I want to see a higher quality of writing and booking. I want to see boundaries pushed, edgier content, and more effort. I want to see evidence of the so called "new bookers" read more of the work of Wolf Beast, Szumi, Legend and DDMac and learn something from what they read. I'd also like to see those four names I mentioned come back for another run but I'm not holding my breath.

If you're developing a character or story, keep it simple. Don't use big, abstract ideas. Anyone can book a world championship feud. Why should I care about yours in particular? Why should I care about your characters and the stories you're presenting in particular?

Give me something to care about and I'll read.

BkB Hulk: I'm going to move this back onto a personal note - what do you hope to achieve in BTB in 2011?

TKOW: Well, I hope to have some time to write, but I'm not holding my breath. Life, and especially my uni work, comes first. However, I would like to FINALLY post SummerSlam in EOD. I should've posted it a long time ago, but I never got round to it. That's my aim at the moment. Who knows what the year will hold. Hopefully, if I post SummerSlam and then do a bit of recapping (sorry John),

I could past Unforgiven and No Mercy too.

BkB Hulk: Recapping sucks tbh.

Anyway, apparently people like to know about the actual person behind the accounts on WF. Quite frankly, I don't even wish to e-know you, but for those who want to know about you, how would you describe yourself?

TKOW: Haha well, behind this account, I'd say in life I'm quite a reserved person who's more comfortable with people he knows. Also a bit of an old man at heart if I'm being honest. I do of course going out, socialising, all that sort of thing, but I also enjoy just bumming out at home and watching a film. I'm more active than I used to be, I go to the gym now, but I'm not sporty.

I'm quite ambitious and creative and I study Drama at university. I enjoy film and TV and the theatre. No, that does not make me gay.

Some people like to put on an impression of who they are and fail, others succeed. Especially at my age, and even more so people at my age at university, people seem to feel the need to tell everyone on Facebook that they're going out or they got drunk, which is all well and good, but I don't like overdoing it. I'm not going to be impressed that you managed to go out four times this week.

Is that enough? :side:

BkB Hulk: You could have just agreed with Alco and said you were a grumpy old Turk looking man.

TKOW: I wouldn't want to give Tony that satisfaction.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I'm not in fact English, but I think most know that anyways.

BkB Hulk: It's okay, I wouldn't admit to being English either.

Anyway, following my usual interview formula (yeah, it works for me), we'll get to some name association 2010 style in a second, but just some more general questions about this and next year.

TKOW: Respect the Empire you Aborigine scum.

BkB Hulk: Such a racist.

Biggest racist ever.

Anyway, what was your favourite thread of 2010, what are you looking forward to seeing in BTB in 2011, and what booker do you think should be watched out for in 2011?

TKOW: Unless my name is Adolf I think I'm fine.

BkB Hulk: If I've already asked those questions, I'm sorry. I'm tired and I can't be stuffed scanning back up.

I make a great interviewer.

TKOW: Of course. You don't have the star power to be a guest.

Anyway, my favourite thread of 2010 and of all time is Being the Booker. No question. I already answered what I want to see in BTB in 2011, ***.

BkB Hulk: Sad but true.

Homosexual slurs too. You're a bad man.

TKOW: In terms of who to watch, I'd say yourself, and iMac.

By *** I mean biker.

Who drives a Harley.

BkB Hulk: Anyway, name association 2010 style time?

Hopefully you’re familiar enough with the names, because it's partially why I picked you for this.

TKOW: And shoot.

I know hard it is for you to do so, but try.

BTW Ghetto Anthony's back!

BkB Hulk: What can I say? The thought of you is a big enough turnoff to never be able to "shoot" again.

And I have no idea who that is.

Hi Ghetto Anthony.

I'm talking to your cousin Oz.

TKOW: Troublemaker.

BkB Hulk: Anyway, back on track. Melvisboy.

TKOW: No, hold on a minute.

Why would you be thinking of me when shooting anyway?


BkB Hulk: I knew interviewing you would be a mistake.

Unable to shoot right now because I'm talking to you. Duh.

TKOW: Don't deny this is the best hour of your life.

BkB Hulk: 2 + 2 = 4.

TKOW: Using the right hand to type and the left hand = able to, kid.

It's called multitasking.

BkB Hulk: Yeah, but the thought of you turns my dick into an inny.

TKOW: That's your problem.

BkB Hulk: Imagery at it's finest.

TKOW: Anyway, Melvisboy.

BkB Hulk: Yeah probably should get back to that.

TKOW: From what I've seen he's alright, and I know you think highly of him, but there's still a lot of room for improvement. I think maybe his road to WrestleMania will inspire him to create his best work yet.

BkB Hulk: leeroy-riz.

TKOW: Erm, I know who he is, but I'll be honest, I can't remember his work right now. Got anything to remind me?

BkB Hulk: He was with OML for some time.

TKOW: Ah yes I remember now. Interesting fellow. Needs more personality for me to remember him,.

BkB Hulk: We'll run with a theme here and go OML next.

TKOW: Again, he's alright, but can improve a lot. He needs to step up with his writing skills. Also, not even bothering to write a preview in full? I mean, I can understand the full show, but...the preview?

BkB Hulk: BambiKiller.

TKOW: Catchy username. I know him more from the Smackdown vs. RAW game discussion thread than BTB, actually. Fun guy. Can count on him for a reply to a thread within seconds of your post.

I like his enthusiasm for the forums.

BkB Hulk: Legend.

TKOW: Fantastic writer. One of the best the section has seen or will see. Despite a few bumps down the road, I've always held him in high regard. Can't really say enough about the guy. His recent booking, with the whole ECW angle and Big Show's slump from dominance to the midcard, was questionable. He has assured me it all has a meaning though. He's still awesome.

Wish he'd come back.

BkB Hulk: Stoj.

TKOW: The ultimate JOBBER.

The absolute JOBBER.

The Almighty, the Alpha and Omega of jobbers.

Love him though. Fun kid, has potential, if he can stick to his current 2004 thread, he can do very well. I should know. I didn't half put a dent in his plans. Never mind.

BkB Hulk: I'm almost convinced the thought of writing a PPV has scared him away. Oh well.


TKOW: Nah, he's probably trying to set up some virgin to score with. Unsuccessfully.

As a wise man once said, hardly a prodigy.

I wish he'd learn how to use either the Caps Lock or Shift key once in a while. It hurts my eyes to see his posts. Strangely though, his outlandish booking style is entertaining. At least he's being different to the usual dross that unfortunately drags the section down.

BkB Hulk: Shock.

TKOW: How many times can one person change their username? Granted I've done it a few times, but those were simply alterations, not full changes. Anyway, he's another one of those that has potential, but unfortunately I cannot read TNA threads since I don't want the product. I guess I should thank him because in a way, if he had never let me team up with him, I may never have created EOD.

BkB Hulk: Yeah, "thanks" a lot, Shock.

Family ties right here - Jon Power (I can't remember his current name).

TKOW: The name makes me laugh. To be fair, if they are "family", I can't tell the difference between the two.

BkB Hulk: Talk to them on MSN. Very, very different kids.

Plus Jon has vids of Shock playing Xbox on youtube iirc.

Must watch.

TKOW: I see.

BkB Hulk: Yep.


TKOW: Another one of the greats. Even his early work is entertaining. His feud between Randy Orton and Edge is a contender for the best written storyline of all time in BTB. Perhaps should've held back on the Kennedy push. I'd love to see him back, but alas, according to my sources, it isn't going to happen.

BkB Hulk: Crazian.

TKOW: Fun guy. I'd like to see him back and booking on a permanent basis. I haven't talked to him a lot, but it seems like we'd get on well. If you're reading this, Crazy Asian, add me on MSN.

BkB Hulk: TeaZy.

TKOW: Oh God.

That is all.

BkB Hulk: RatedRKO31.

TKOW: From what I've seen, he can improve. A LOT.

BkB Hulk: Nige.

TKOW: Nige...a few years ago, we used to be quite close. Yeah I know that sounds GAY for the net, but we were friends. Then some things happened, some thing were said, and we ended up on bad terms. Since then I think we've sorted out most of the problems we had. Despite everything that's happened, he deserves credit for being able to stick with his thread for so long.

His booking is still questionable and he seems to be a realism freak, so I'd encourage him to stray away from that and focus on what he'd like to book, rather than confine himself within the walls of reality. His writing has improved but he can still do better.

BkB Hulk: Alcoholic.

TKOW: Mah boy Tony! The Belgian waffle himself. I wish he'd remember that bros come before hos. He'll learn though. Anyway, in terms of BTB, he's one of the best at having created his own promotion and sticking with it. I was disappointed to see the recent post in there about Hogan wanting more established stars in the thread. Hopefully he doesn't turn it into TNA. Hogan should retire also.

Love the guy.

Needs to come on MSN more often.

BkB Hulk: Emperor DC.

TKOW: Can be a harsh prick, but he often speaks the truth. I'll be honest, in my earlier days I used to hate the guy. Then when I stopped being so serious (Joker reference. awesome), I realised that actually, he's just having a bit of fun. I love how he claims he's too busy for anything yet as soon as he sees a post he likes he'll reply almost instantly. Chronicles anytime soon? I doubt it. Worth a try though.

BkB Hulk: WCW Rules.

TKOW: One of the most intriguing personalities you could meet over the net. His choice of words amazes me every time we talk. His writing speaks for itself, and even with one opening post, he grabs your attention wholeheartedly. I owe him a lot for EOD. I bounced ideas off of him, and he did me. Even though he only posted one show, it was one of the best single shows I've ever read. Love the guy.

I'd jump at the opportunity to work with him again.

BkB Hulk: TheLoneShark.

TKOW: Even if he did get bored after the opening post.

LoneShark, isn't he the guy who said he's bisexual?


Anyways, I haven't seen much of him in BTB, but he seems to have a big mouth. I'd tone it down and focus on writing.

BkB Hulk: Bradley.

TKOW: He's been around for a while now, and whilst being known mainly for being Nige's "fanboy", I think he's a decent booker. I've used this word a lot, but it goes to show just how important it is: improve.

He can most definitely improve. I judged a match of his in the most recent BTB World Cup or tournament, whatever it was, and it was poor. He needs to gain a better understanding of in-ring psychology and logic, as well as find a style of writing that is exciting for his reader, but doesn't over do it, as so many do, WITH TOO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS.

BkB Hulk: Wolf Beast.

TKOW: Without a doubt, THE best booker in the section ever. I just can't stop praising the guy. He's the one that every booker whose work EVERYONE needs to look at. He's stuck with the same thread for all the time he's been here and he's come so far, it's just incredible. He's truly mastered both booking and writing, and even though he's come back again, and again, and again, I want him back, again.

Some will say Szumi, some will say DDMac, some will say Legend. Ask those three guys; I guarantee they will ALL say Wolfy.

He's the best ever, end of.

BkB Hulk: iMac.

TKOW: I never took notice of him, assuming he was just another noob. Then you told me about him, and I had a look...and I was impressed. It's been a while since I've seen someone step up, and apart from yourself, this guy has some serious potential. Perhaps I should change part of my name to Mac, it seems to bring good fortunes. Anyway, yeah, he's doing well, and I'd encourage anyone who hasn't read his work to do so, because it's enjoyable to read. I meant to give him some feedback for his post Royal Rumble RAW, but couldn't get round to it. He's definitely caught my attention though. One to keep an eye on in 2011.

BkB Hulk: HarlemHeat.

TKOW: He's alright, but like a few others, there's room for improvement. I'm not going to be drawn in by someone who's "good" or "alright", I want to see something special, something that shows me you've got potential. iMac's done that. Harlem could do it too. Perhaps he should stick to one project, rather than fantasy WrestleManias, to keep his writing focused, and thus help it develop.

BkB Hulk: KOP.

TKOW: Really nice guy. Much like myself, he knows what it's like to be continuously drawn to a long lasting project when you have plans that have been in your mind for a while. Even just reading this will probably spark his interest in UTF again, lol. I think his recent work hasn't been his best because he hasn't been entirely sure about what he wants to do. If he can recapture his previous form, he could be one of the best in the section today.

BkB Hulk: PatMan.

TKOW: He's a good guy, and a good booker. Some of his work has been great, and I think his recent 2007 thread is slowly getting better and better. Again, with the road to WrestleMania, I expect to see him turn things up a notch. A softcore version of DDMac. Needs that one promo or match to really establish himself IMO.

BkB Hulk: Okay, finally, TKOW.

TKOW: Fucking brilliant.

BkB Hulk: :lmao

BkB Hulk: Alright, with all of that done, do you have any final words for BTB so I can go to sleep?

TKOW: Yes. PARA, Reney and Szumi, if you're all still alive, you all need to come back, and blame this awful interviewer for forgetting to mention you. His own countrymen! Well apart from Szumi. BTB, step it up. Wolfy, come back and own the place again. Mac, come back and own the place again. Legend, come back and own the place again. iMac, good luck. Stoj, you're a jobber. Dubya, where the fuck are ya?

And BkB Hulk...you're ok, kid. WrestleMania feedback on its way.

BkB Hulk: Didn't forget to mention them. Only names relevant to 2010 here son.

Get yo facts straight.

TKOW: Oh fuck off you little Aussie twat.

And with that I'm out


BkB Hulk: I'll have to find a better guest next time.


And thanks (I suppose).


The General Consensus
This is something a little different here to follow up on The Interview with. While it’s nothing in-depth, I presented a handful of bookers with five questions concerning 2010 and 2011 in BTB. They answered the following.

“What are your general thoughts about the BTB section in 2010?”

Shock: Well, it's been a mixed bag. Some good bookers like yourself, Melvisboy and iMac have come into the spotlight and guys like Wolfy, Legend, PatMan and others have booked this year, not to mention the short-lived return of DDMac. But when guys like that aren't booking then it can be kinda dull in comparison.

HarlemHeat: I thought it was a huge improvement from 2009, much like 2009 it was a slow year throughout but looking back we had some pretty big moments such as the recognition and rise of Melvisboy, BKB, imac.

Melvisboy: Oh you, asking me stuff, it’s like old times. It’s been good. I think there’s been a lot of quality work in there, guys like BkB Hulk, Shock, Nige, iMac, and obviously Wolfy and Legend’s cameos all producing high quality work, so I’d say quality-wise, it’s been a good year. Maybe there just needed to be more bookers booking, if you get what I mean.

Legend: Like the last few years, it's been a lean year, but there's still people plugging away, so that's the important thing.

“What did you find was the best aspect of the BTB section in 2010?”

Shock: What did you find was the best aspect of the BTB section in 2010? New bookers~!

HarlemHeat: The fact that it was like turning a new leaf, the end of an era and into a new era with BKB becoming mod and several young bookers showing that they have tremendous ammounts of potential.

Melvisboy: Great pay-per-views. I was doing my nominations for PPV of the Year, and I found myself saying “Oh yeah, but what about THIS one” all the time, because there have been so many memorable big events from good bookers, it’s been a pleasure to read them all. There’s too many to list, but even guys like Crazian, who didn’t stick around for ALL that long, left us with one great event to enjoy, even if he didn’t continue after that. That goes for a lot of people – there’s a good PPV ‘catalogue’ if you wanted to call it that, for 2010. That and interviews, those were really insightful and interesting reads.

Legend: Hard to say really. The Disc. Thread sucks, the tournament stuff should never happen again, and the actual booking has been few and far between. I'd say having two nice guys as Mods is pretty cool :p

“What would you like to see improve in the BTB section in 2011?”

Shock: The amount of top-rate bookers that are consistently active. IMO, the discussion thread lights up the section in general when it's busy in there so more activity in there would be nice, one way or another.

HarlemHeat: Reviewing. Plain and Simple. It has the numbers, it has the old guys and it has the new guys booking but it needs people reading each other's shows, people usually come, post in their thread a show and then log out- then wonder why it isn't as good as it was back in 2008 or 2007.

Melvisboy: Personally, I’d like to see a Summer BTB Tournament (or whenever there is activity) which doesn’t fall on its face. It’s a good concept, it livens things up in the section, and frankly there was no real reason for the other one to fail, it’s just Dubya disappeared and when he finally got back, it was a case of “Well, it’s too late now.” And that was that. I believe it can work, and it’d be good if it did, it just needs reliability from everyone involved, imo. Bookers, judges, hosts, it doesn’t matter really.

Legend: More booking/writing and less pointless time wasting in the Disc. Thread. Seriously, get rid of that thing; it's nothing but a nuisance.

“What do you personally want to achieve in BTB in 2011?”

Shock: Just to keep on going and to make it to the end of the year as a consistent booker.

HarlemHeat: I wish to have a BTB stick for the entire year, I don't mind if I don't post a show every week or only get through three PPV's the whole year I don't want to suddenly say nah, im starting up again.

Melvisboy: This is beginning to feel like my innovative question in the Discussion Thread :side:. (Editor’s note: I was kind of pissed when I saw this asked in the Discussion Thread, as I had this planned for some time. I was too lazy to change the question though, so deal with it, jobber. ;)) What do I personally want to achieve? I’d like to get my Royal Rumble posted (which is pretty much a lock/guarantee to happen as it stands right now), as well as posting Wrestlemania 26 before the year is out. That gives me a long time, but seeing as it took me ten months real-time to get five weeks BTB-time because of the whole three-shows-a-week thing, who knows. I’m optimistic though.

Legend: Ideally, I'd like to make it all the way to WrestleMania 23, but that seems unlikely, so I'll just say make to the end of 2006 in my thread.

“What ‘event’ from a booker are you most looking forward to in 2011?”

Shock: Looking at those who are still active, Melvisboy's WM. I haven't read iMac's thread as much as I should but I am looking forward to him getting to WM too. If those not active come back, then Legend's Summerslam, TKOW's Summerslam, PatMan's WM (if he comes back and gets to that point), and Alco's Maple Leaf Mayhem. It may be a week away in BTB time, but I'm not getting my hopes up. That's all I can think of right now.

HarlemHeat: Wrestlemania by iMac, Backlash by STOJY (if it happens and he doesn't return with a new thread).

Melvisboy: That’s a tough one, really. Despite the fact I’ve managed to never feedback on anything he’s ever done, iMac looks pretty good right now, and his Wrestlemania 23 should be amazing. I’m really looking forward to Manias from RatedRKO31 and OML/leeroy-riz too, whereas on a non-Mania scale, BkB’s Backlash and Judgment Day and so will be great as well. In a way, it’s a good thing that I can’t decide. It means we’re in for a good year. There’s plenty of people I’ve left out, like Shock, Nige etc, but I just can’t mention all the things I’m looking forward to because there's so many. As I say, I’m optimistic. :D

Legend: Wolfy will no doubt be back, so I'll say his SummerSlam, but that BkB should produce something tasty as well I hope.

So there you have it. The (somewhat clashing) opinion of four guys who have all been active at times in BTB in 2011.


The 2010 BTB End of Year Awards
I’m sure this is what you’ve all been waiting for. I want to thank the fifteen people who took the time to vote – it’s much appreciated. Now, without further ado, here are your winners of the 2010 BTB End of Year Awards.

Best BTB of the Year
3) WWE: A Strong Response (Two Votes)
2) Legend Presents: WWE 2006 – Now Stop Your Grinnin’ And Drop Your Linen (Three Votes)
1) The World Wrestling Entertainment (Nine Votes)

Match of the Year
3) Brent Albright vs. Paul London – Judgment Day – Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
2) Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker – WrestleMania 22 – BkB Hulk (Three Votes)
1) Ultimate Jeopardy – One Night Stand – Legend (Five Votes)

Promo of the Year
3) Terry Funk’s recorded promo from after One Night Stand – Legend (Two Votes)
2) CM Punk calls out Steve Austin for the first time – Melvisboy (Five Votes)
1) Triple H and Shawn Michaels go over their past – BkB Hulk (Seven Votes)

Pay-Per-View of the Year
3) Judgment Day – Wolf Beast (One Vote)
3) SummerSlam – Nige™ (One Vote)
3) Vengeance – Legend (One Vote)
2) Royal Rumble – iMac (Two Votes)
1) WrestleMania 22 – BkB Hulk (Ten Votes)

Best Non-Pay-Per-View Show of the Year
3) RAW: Night of Champions – iMac (Two Votes)
2) WWE vs. ECW: Head To Head – Legend (Five Votes)
1) RAW Roulette – Wolf Beast (Eight Votes)

Best Booker of the Year
3) Legend (Two Votes)
3) Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
2) Nige™ (Three Votes)
1) BkB Hulk (Seven Votes)

Breakout Booker of the Year
3) Shock (Two Votes)
2) iMac (Four Votes)
1) Melvisboy (Seven Votes)

Most Improved Booker of the Year
3) RatedRKO31 (Three Votes)
2) Nige™ (Four Votes)
1) Shock (Seven Votes)

Most Underrated Booker of the Year
3) iMac (Two Votes)
1) Shock (Six Votes)
1) Melvisboy (Six Votes)

Best Match Writer of the Year
3) Wolf Beast (Three Votes)
2) BkB Hulk (Four Votes)
1) Legend (Seven Votes)

Best Promo Writer of the Year
3) BkB Hulk (Three Votes)
2) Wolf Beast (Four Votes)
1) Legend (Six Votes)

Most Creative Booker of the Year
3) greasy_chip_butty (Two Votes)
2) Crazian (Four Votes)
1) WCW Rules (Nine Votes)

Most Inspirational Booker of the Year
3) Nige™ (Three Votes)
1) BkB Hulk (Five Votes)
1) Legend (Five Votes)

Best Reviewer of the Year
3) Stojy (Two Votes)
2) Melvisboy (Four Votes)
1) BkB Hulk (Nine Votes)

Best Used Character of the Year
3) Terry Funk – Legend (One Vote)
3) Mr. Kennedy – Wolf Beast (One Vote)
3) CM Punk – Legend (One Vote)
3) Gregory Helms – BkB Hulk (One Vote)
3) Rob Van Dam – iMac (One Vote)
2) Bobby Lashley – Legend (Four Votes)
1) CM Punk – Melvisboy (Five Votes)

Best Feud of the Year
2) Kurt Angle vs. John Cena – Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
2) CM Punk vs. Steve Austin (Two Votes)
2) Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H (Two Votes)
2) Melina vs. Alexis Laree (Two Votes)
1) Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena – Legend (Four Votes)

Biggest Shock of the Year
3) WCW Rules going M.I.A on more than one occasion (Three Votes)
2) Ric Flair winning Money in the Bank at BkB Hulk’s WrestleMania 22 (Four Votes)
1) DDMac returns out of nowhere (Seven Votes)

Biggest Disappointment of the Year
3) Lack of activity (Two Votes)
3) WCW Rules again not sticking to a thread (Two Votes)
2) DDMac disappears again (Three Votes)
1) The King of BTB Tournament failing (Four Votes)

Funniest Moment of the Year
3) The Interview with Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
2) OML shits bricks about the BTB Tournament (Three Votes)

Greatest Moment of the Year
2) BkB Hulk’s WrestleMania 22 capping off the year (Seven Votes)
1) Szumi’s Trio Ownership finally coming to its conclusion (Eight Votes)


And so that brings an end to this Newsletter. I’d like to once again thank everyone who voted for the Awards, along with everyone who contributed to this. Hopefully it’s provided a somewhat interesting read and (belatedly) set a good tone for 2011.​

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Don't know about any of you guys, but I would've loved to see the question, "What inspires you and motivates you to book?" I know my answer would be that after reading this entire thing, I'm pumped and ready to go! Congrats to everyone who won awards, every single one of you deserved it! TKOW, I'll work on that personality :p

Thank you so much to BKB for getting this done and posting it for all of us to read. Here's to a fantastic new year!

Captain Cally
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I'm surprised TKOW knows who I am...

Anyway great stuff. This was a great read throughout. Congrats to everyone who won. Here is to 2011 everyone....cheers!

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Quality read, thanks to BkB and anyone else who was involved in this for taking the time out to do this. I especially liked TKoW's interview as it made him seem more (without sounding rude) human and I realise he and I are very much alike (love of theatre etc). This newsletter has also made me realise 2011 could be a truly fantastic year if some bookers step up their game, return or just plain keep on owning.

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He was a troll who posted a ridiculous Royal Rumble that the majority of the forum found funny. I personally didn't find it that funny and was hoping OML taking the BTB Tournament far too seriously would win.
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