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The Emotional Roller Coaster: Royal Rumble 2011 at a Glance

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Another year has passed, and another Royal Rumble has passed. The Road to Wrestlemania has begun, and at the forefront of that race stood one newcomer by the name of... Alberto del Rio.

But of course, you already knew that.

This Royal Rumble was something very unique to everyone in attendance and watching. Aside from the massive number of 40 participants this year, the WWE has slowly begun shifting the nostalgia trip that we are usually given from the old 80s generation to the generation a majority of us have grown up with: the New Generation with Big Daddy Diesel, and The Attitude Era of Booker T (WCW Era). It wasn't very surprising considering that as the years go by, the children would never even recognize the Pipers, Doinks and whatnot. This was a year to commemorate a much more fonder time as we step into the new decade.

But aside from that, this Royal Rumble fully brings the Youth Movement full circle. This year, newcomers were all in the face of this Pay-Per-View. Dolph Ziggler delivers a great match against World Heavyweight Champion Edge, The Miz successfully defends his WWE Championship against "The Viper" Randy Orton, Eve claims her second Divas championship against Natalya and Laycool, and the Royal Rumble match, dominated by the Nexus and planting a Corre/Nexus rivalry, became the most telling news of all in its winner; The Essence of Excellence, Alberto del Rio.

There were plenty highs and lows in this PPV that it could be argued as one of the best or one of the worst. I for one take it down the middle; it was an alright Royal Rumble PPV simply for the fact that it really wasn't about the RR. It was about bringing in a new Era. The most memorable image I have in my head after tonight is the sight of the final four. How symbolic it must be to look at that image of the 2 current faces of the company along with 2 young wrestlers who are bound for glory. With the win of ADR, the Youth Movement is, in the eyes of the WWE, a major success.

However, disappointment still lies. The Miz did not deliver anything near a great match against Randy Orton, and was overshadowed by not only the interference of the Nexus, but outclassed by having to follow a stellar match in Dolph Ziggler vs Edge. The anticipation of revitalizing the Divas division is crushed as Awesome Kong did not debut, but Eve claims the Divas Title in a match she was never supposed to be a part of. Edge's little tease by using the Unprettier is all that it was; a tease. Like the WWE always seems to do, they crush the IWC's hopes that a returning Captain Charisma would win, or that Booker T would at least have a bigger showing. And for the first time in what seemed forever, HHH or HBK are nowhere to be seen. The final entrant, Kane, was thrown out in a manner of minutes, and big Mark Henry could not stand against the immense youth and power of the New Nexus. It was as if the Attitude Era's flame has reached its last few centimeters of wax; not one member of that era stood dominant at any time.

But all that seems to be water under the bridge, as a man who was destined for greatness since birth wins a shot and a dream. Alberto del Rio, a man who the WWE spent years trying to acquire, wins.

And suddenly, a guy like me at the tender age of 23 couldn't help but feel quite old.

It was still a Rumble to Remember.

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