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The Drew Mcintyre Gimmick?

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Ok, an interesting topic that is "The Chosen One" Drew Mcintyre!

Lets face it, we have all talked about this guy at some point or another, and whether or not you like this guy, he has improved a lot since his debut.

But for me it is his gimmick that still confuses me!

Why you ask? Well lets be honest he was given the chosen one gimmick and hand picked by VKM himself, only to fall from grace, go on a massive losing streak and disappear from TV.

Whatever happened it's in the past, and should remain in the past, that's the way I see it.

Now the gimmick! surely by now he is known not to win hardly any matches and jobs to almost everyone on the roster. His chosen one gimmick was great, yet premature in my eyes, but! and a "Big" but..:cool2 If he was ever to be handed back his massive push would people even believe it now?

So my thinking is if they do return to the chosen one gimmick at a future time, what kind of gimmick should he have in the mean time, and how do you build up someone who has fallen so far?
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Don't think we will see a Drew McIntyre push to be fair. Just a jobber from now on I think, never lived up to his potential when he was chosen by Mr. McMahon

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Well... Swagger showed some character after the loss on Raw last night so I'm expecting something from him, and maybe the same could happen for McIntyre.

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You're big Drew fan, it's been very well documented.

- Pushed too soon and too hard, but ironically, it never had a big or meaningful payoff.

- He didn't connect well with the crowd for some reason.

- His run as a tag champ reign with Cody was ruined/overshadowed by the Cena/Nexus angle, which was going downhill anyways...

- He was overall average in most aspects, and stuff like his accent didn't help.

- Vince was removed from TV by the time he most needed his big sponsor, both in realistic and kayfabe terms.

- Back to the way he was pushed: Why did he become an Intercontinental champ, instead of the WHC?
Basically, WWE introduced Sheamus and he was pushed to the moon, and he became the WWE champ...
Drew's push is nothing in comparison.

NOW, Drew is one of best wrestlers on the roster and he has really perfected "the small" things, facial expressions, movements, doing the "little things".
Have in mind that he has now been wrestling for more than 10 years!

He still may lack the mic skills (he is just average) and the accent may still "hinder" him, but the biggest issue is the "lack of charisma", ie the "classic Rock charisma".
I still think that he can eventually learn how to convey/channel his charisma better.
Him flirting with women in the crowd and sitting on the announce desk and taunting the commentators is a good start...

Too bad no one watches Superstars. :/

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IU would love it if Drew McIntyre had a looser gimmick and who in the end,is sick of everybody making fun of him and become basically a guy who just want to destroy everyone
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