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Real Name: Edward Nichols

Nickname/Alias: The Dirty Diamond

Age: 24

Height: 62

Gimmick: Grandson of a wealthy oil barron, If Ric Flair, and Ted DiBiase where to play soggy biscuit and both men miss and hit roddy piper that would be the direction of a gimmick i'd look in.

Hometown/Country of Origin: Tulsa Oklahoma

Theme Music: Low Life: kid rock

Character Rep:Johnny Knoxville

Ring Entrance Description:
Low life rocks the PA the camera holds on the ramp as the Diamond steps out from behind the curtian. He has a towel drapped over his head an under armor cut off sleeve shirt kick boxing shorts that match in color a mouth peice rests in the waist line of the shorts. His fists are taped all the way up to the bends in the elbow and he wears black wrestling shoes. The lights on the sides of the ramp shine green and gold, and a spot light shines on him. He walks up to the camera and brings the towel off his head and rests it on his neck and puts his face in the camera and grabs the sides shaking it back and forth telling everyone how great he is. He walks past a fan and puts his hand out as a fan goes to slap it he pulls back and runs it through his hair. He runs up the stairs stops and throws the towel down on the mat. He climbs through the ropes climbing to the middle turnbuckle pointing at the fans and then back at himself. He drops down to one knee and says a quick prayer stands up and puts his mouth peice in while shaking his head back and forth and clinching his fist.
Top 10 Moves:
1. The Claw
2. Spine Buster
3. Throat Thrust
4. Irish whip with a spear
5. Punch and kick combo
6. A whip into the rope followed by a spine buster, sidewalk slam or a Lou Thesz press with punches.
7. Cloths line
8 Belly to belly and Belly to Back and Belly to side and fisherman Suplexes
Fisherman with out the pin
9 Single leg crab
10 Cobra Clutch Slam

Signature Moves:
1 Double D leg lock (Fold one leg over the top of the other in the shape of a four. Then put one foot on each side of the folded leg and pull up with the leg that is straight
2 Double D Arm lock (a half nelson half chicken wing also more effective if applied in a set down camel clutch position)

Main Set up move to all Finishers: The T.B. Slingshot Suplex

Primary Finisher: Shot collar
Double under hook face buster ( Setup like the pedigree. Only landed like the X-Factor.)

Secondary Finisher:The Treatment (put your arms under opponents like the set up for the full nelson but then cover opponents mouth and nose with your hands most effective if your able to set down like the camel clutch)

I'm going to Disneyland!
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Character looks good, welcome to EPW!

We have a PPV coming up, but you should be booked for the show after, if you have any questions you can PM me ;)
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