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Let’s take a look back at the difference in roster position for everyone from Wrestlemania 26-27, shall we? (Yes, we shall.)

John Cena – At 26 he successfully regained the WWE belt from Batista. At 27 he’s challenging Miz for the same belt. He’s pretty much in the same position he’s been in for the past several years – the main event guy.

The Miz – Miz made the biggest leap. Last year he successfully defended the tag belts alongside Big Show against Morrison and Truth. This year he’s the champ. Not much room for improvement there.

Jack Swagger – Last year he surprised everyone (well at least he surprised the hell out of me) by winning MITB and went on to become WHC champion shortly thereafter. This year he’s *deep sigh* Cole’s trainer. Poor, poor bastard.

Orton – He beat up his two bitches Cody & Dibiase in the 2nd match of the night at WM26. This year (after a very successful face run) he’s taking on CM Punk in what is my most anticipated match of the night. I’d say his status has improved greatly even though it’s merely a singles match.

Edge – After winning the Royal Rumble he failed to nab the WHC belt from Jericho at WM26. At WM27 he enters as champion against hot newcomer Alberto Del Rio. He about the same aging main eventer he was last year.

Cody Rhodes – Predictably got owned at WM26 by Orton in a 3 way match. This year he faces Rey Mysterio, one of the most popular faces in the company. His stock has risen dramatically.

HHH – Last year he cost Sheamus his title at Elimination Chamber and took him to school at Mania, giving Sheamus some much needed credibility along the way. This year he’s challenging Taker’s streak. Although on paper it looks like an improvement to me it seems like his last dying gasp. I think he has about the same chance of beating Taker as Bushwacker Luc does and I’m predicting his retirement so he’s lost steam.

CM Punk – Lost to Mysterio last year in a decently booked grudge match. This year he’s got his hands full with Randy Orton. I’d say it’s a slight improvement.

Undertaker – blah blah blah Shawn Michaels blah HHH.

Sheamus – At WM26 he sought revenge against HHH after recently losing the WWE championship and this year he may have a match with Daniel Bryan for the US title. This is an alarming fall from grace.

Soooo I’d say the biggest improvements go to The Miz and Cody Rhodes and the most pathetic plummets go to Jack Swagger, Sheamus and Ted Dibiase who likely (hopefully) won’t even make the card this year. Thoughts?

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Sheamus: I know he's been losing a lot recently but...I don't know, i still think the guy is absolutely amazing. Sure, he's not in the main-event slot at Mania this year, but i feel that this guy got so over as a heel last year, that he'd be able to come out on Raw the day after Mania, challenge whoever is champ and look credible as hell. So even though he's not in a major feud right now, i still think he'll do ok.

Jack Swagger: I like him as Cole's trainer. Sure, it's not the same as winning the MITB match, but Cole-King is going to be a very very popular gimmick match, so being involved is still a pretty high profile role. Put it this way, his role is on Par with Stone Cold's at mania this year...is that really a bad thing?
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