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::We are greeted with the raw co-G.M. as Raw hits the airwaves.::
Austin: I promised everyone that the WWE will never be the same again after tonight that things are going to change and Stone Cold doesn't break promise.
Footage is played of last week and what happened ending with Austin saying "The WWE will never be the same again"
Austin: Well it is time and after tonight the fans will know which WWE show is number 1!
::A brand new Raw promo hit's the airwaves with footage of past raw superstars and some past highlights it gradually goes through time ending with the current superstars and current highlights.::

::A huge amount of fireworks spray the arena as we are finally live. These fireworks are different to the usual fireworks display these consist of mostly gold fireworks but are huge and J.R. and King agree they are the best yet. The fans are screaming their heads of as Bischoff's music hits and out comes the other co-G.M.::

Bischoff: Austin did a lot last week in his first week as co-G.M. he re-hired the Dudley’s, J.R. he made matches left right and centre and now look what he has done he has created a brand new Fireworks display and new opening promo. He has surely already gone over the budget. But I don't care he is ruining Raw he is saying he will make it better. But the only true way he can make it better is if I am in charge that's why I am going to start making some changes because he ain't the only G.M. around here. Firstly I would like to cancel all the matches that he set for Judgement Day last week they have now all been wiped of the card. Secondly I would like to fire J.R. and the dudely boys. Thirdly . . . . Glass Shattering makes the crowd rise to one of the biggest ovations heard in a long time. The crowd is going of their nut as Austin makes his way to the ring were Bischoff now stands looking worried. Austin grabs a mike.

Austin: Fair enough. You want to make some changes around here just like I have been making. So if you want to reverse what I have done so far I will make some more changes. Morley your fired! Another change is this Austin flips the bird to Bischoff and BANG! A huge stunner that leaves Bischoff down for the count. Guess what Bischoff your fired! Austin's music hits and Austin grabs some beers and spills them onto Bischoff before leaving.


Match 1: Handicap match - Steiner vs. La Resistance
La Resistance makes their way to the ring for the first match off the night against Steiner in a handicap match. As Steiner makes his way to the ring King announces that Austin has reversed all the decisions that Bischoff just made and yes he has really fired Bischoff and that security recently removed Bischoff. Steiner is soon in the ring as the bell rings and the action gets underway. Belly Belly supplex to the first member of La Resistance Steiner dominates both men with a number of supplex and under hook belly to bellys. But soon enough with a Steel Chair as an aid Steiner is busted opened in the middle of the mat and La Resistance get the three count. But soon enough Austin's music hits again and out he comes soon enough both members of La Resistance are lying on the mat after getting a stunner each. Austin says things are going to change and that their is no more cheating on Raw. La Resistance your fired!
Winner(s): La Resistance

Camera's cut to the back as Stacy and Test are shown in the back Stacy says that Austin was a little harsh their but she guess's that was a warning to everyone in the back. Test say's that he ain't worried because all he needs tonight against Jericho is his fists.

Match 2: Test vs. Jericho
We return to the ring as Test's music hits and out comes Test and Stacey. Test has a mic in hand soon enough and asks Austin if he and Steiner still have their match against RVD & Kane at Judgement Day which was announced last week? But instead of Austin the 0.00 hits and out comes Jericho who runs at the ring. Clothesline to Test which knocks him down onto the mat followed by a kick to the face and soon enough Jericho is applying the Walls of Jericho to Test. Test holds back the pain to reach the ropes but Jericho pulls him back to the middle and soon has Test tapping.
Winner: Jericho


We come back to Austin's beer covered office were he announces a few things these include that yes Steiner and Test still have their match against the Tag Champs for the belt at Judgement Day. That the main event tonight is HHH vs. Kevin Nash for the belt. Austin is about to go on when La Resistance run into his office. They are very angry at what happened to them and complain that Steiner and Test both lost their matches tonight but still get a shot at the title. Austin says fine he might have treated them a little harsh earlier so he will give them one more chance to clean up their act. If they use another weapon again to win a match in WWE they will be fired forever but he will give them one more chance. Tonight they need to beat the team of Kane and RVD to stay in the WWE. Also the tag titles are on the line! Now get the hell out of my office!!

Match 3: La Resistance vs. RVD & Kane (Tag Team titles on the line)
It is announced if any weapons are used in this match that it will be immediately stopped and whichever team used it disqualified and the team will be fired from WWE.
La Resistance comes out for their second match off the night this time with the titles on the line. RVD and Kane are soon exchanging punches with La Resistance with Kane taking out both men. Kane totally dominates both and soon hits a double choke slam. He gets the pinfall victory.
(Note - Last week on the show I wrote that Kane and RVD broke up and lost the titles to Steiner and Test but I decided to reverse the decision and make it seem like nothing happened to the two and that they still have the titles. I did this because I will have Test & Steiner feuding between these two before Judgement Day so pretty much for storyline purposes.)
Winners(s): RVD & KANE

The camera's cut to J.R. & King who announce that La Resistance have been fired again. Also that Austin has announced a number of other matches which include Jazz & Teddy Long vs. Trish & a mystery opponent, Goldberg vs. Jamal Rosie and Rico all these matches for tonight. They also mention next week all of the Raw matches for Judgement Day will be announced.


Match 4: Jazz & Teddy Long vs. Trish & The Hurricane
We are back live for Jazz & Teddy Long vs. Trish and . . . THE HURRICANE.
It is announced it can be Male vs. Female during the match. The action starts off with Jazz and Trish going at it and rolling around on the mat. But Jazz gives Trish a big boot to the face which stops the rolling on the floor. Jazz goes for the cover but Trish somehow kicks out just in time. But soon enough Jazz has given Trish a Power bomb followed by a top rope power bomb. Teddy begs Jazz to tag him in and instead of pinning Trish she tags in Long. He lies on top of Trish as the count begins 1 . . 2 . . Hurricane stops the count. He then climbs the top rope and does a flying jump landing on both Long and Jazz he then dominates both of them. But Jazz gives him a Clothesline that straight puts him onto the mat. Trish has finally gotten back up though and hits the Stratsifaction on Jazz followed by one to Long. Cover to Jazz 1 . . 2 . . 3 . As Trish celebrates they announce that Jazz wasn't the legal person and as Trish turns around smack by a steel chair to her face which was held by Jazz long covers 1 . . 2 . . 3 Trish is busted open as Teddy and Jazz look proud at what they had done and celebrate as Hurricane comes to Trish’s aid.
Winner(s): Jazz & Teddy Long

Match 5: Goldberg vs. Jamal Rosie & Rico
Goldberg looks ready and 3 minutes later has given each man a Spear and Sledgehammer and has covered them all for the three count.


Glass erupting again has the crowd rising as Austin makes his way to the ring.
Austin: Jazz for punishment your title has been stripped off you and at Judgement Day it goes on the line in a rumble which whoever wins gets the title. Any Diva from the past or present can enter if they have held the title before. Well Austin said that RAW will change and he has made some minor changes so far so here is another. We need a new chief of staff since Morley lost his position so the new Chief of Staff is . . . . MICK FOLEY!! Foley comes out to a huge ovation by the crowd and thanks Austin for giving him the spot and he goes on talking. When Bischoff comes running out through the audience soon he has security chasing him as he enter the ring. But for his troubles he gets a Stunner of Austin and a taste of Mr Socko from Foley then he is dragged away by security.


Match 7: HHH vs. Nash ( For the title )
Austin music again hits and out he comes. He would like to make sure no cheating happens in this match so he will be ringside just like he was last week for the main event.
Nash comes out and is ready in the middle HHH's music hits but nothing again but nothing . . . Austin goes and checks what is happening when a car comes zooming out of the back smashing the entrance. It is heading straight towards Austin as he just manages to move out of the way but his foot gets stuck under the wheel. Bischoff the emerges out of the car with a steel pipe in hand with Austin stuck under the car Bischoff starts hitting Austin with it. Austin is soon bleeding and Nash runs over to help but all of a sudden HHH appears out of nowhere smack with a sledgehammer followed by a pedigree through the announce table and a three count in the ring 1 . . 2 . . 3 and HHH retains the title as Bischoff works over Austin some more and has HHH joining in soon with the Sledgehammer. Raw goes off the air with them still working Austin over who looks close to death with Bischoff grinning your right RAW will never be the same again!
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