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The curious case of Dante Chen

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Great look, entrance, size, solid in ring, first wrestler from Singapore in WWE? Can talk on the mic (not with a huge amount of charisma but not horrible) but something just not clicking yet for me.

Is it a heel turn needed? Is it his facial expressions and smiling too much (permenant mask?) a slight character tweek, or simply any type or meaningful storyline and involvment. He actually seems to be getting more over with the nxt crowd but he still seems close but missing a key element to get to the next level that will take him to the main roster rather than the future endeavored line.
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He just needs a dancing gimmick.

Seriously though, Dante I think is in that stage of like where a lot of wrestlers in NXT have been in the beginning. Generic smiling babyface..and then they transformed in to something more interesting. So Dante just needs to find that "something" that makes him more interesting. I really do like him. Id like to see him be even more serious. Apparently he is well liked within the crowd at NXT.

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He got injured at the worst possible time and it really hurt his prospects. Needs a character revamp or some vignettes as well at this point if he's to be reestablished

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Reboot him, reinvent him, rebirth him from his origin as Dante Chen comes to America digging a hole all the way from Shanghai popping his head up soon in a town near you.
Holy Christ, they could use the old box/platform thing from Rey Mysterio's early entrances. Instead of launching out of it into the air, he just slowly sticks his head up like a goddamn prairie dog.

You're welcome, WWE. This one's on us.
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