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This thread is for any of my fellow Torontonians who have ever walked towards Dundas Square and have ran into some of these people I'm about to talk about.

The crazy old witch lady from Snow White!

This lady places curses on everyone she approaches and has a tendency to stalk people.

The "Believe" guy!

This dude stands on the same corner every day, through rain or shine, and screams "Believe in the Lord" in your face every time you pass him. You'd be hard pressed not to have a heart attack when he does it to lol. The guy is pure win!

The ranting dude!

This guy has a different rant in the broad daylight every week! Whether it be on the bus, in the mall, at a person, or in some case at animals and street signs, which can be pretty damn amusing to see!

Have any of you guys met any of the wonderful characters of Toronto or seen any that I haven't mentioned?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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