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I was thinking of the way the storyline is going and i really had wished that Triple H would have just gone heel to make Punk more famous but that obviously didnt happen. But i was thinking about a twist that could happen to shake it up a little bit.

Basically the Story has the faces teaming up with Triple H while behind the scenes the Heels are going against Triple H and siding more with John Lauranitis. Triple H so far seems to be good and nothing is pointing toward a bad guy character, while all the faces think he is doing them fairly.

But what if they suddenly flip flop things and all the Heels and John Lauranitis is right about Triple H being a "bad" boss. John Cena can be in on the whole thing as well and all the Heels will actually be good guys while the faces turn heel since they are sideing with Triple H. The select few "really good" faces (like Punk, orton, etc.) turn on the "heel" Triple H.

I know WWE will take the more predictable route and make Lauranitis the "bad guy" but what would you guys think if they flip flopped it around just to throw everyone off?
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