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When Hall actually arrived, Shane went right up to him, called him a piece of shit, and told him how much he’d made him hate the business while he was in the WWF. Hall tried to pretend like he was still friends with Candido and Bigelow but both told him that he was a jerkoff and that he knew how he screwed them all over. Bigelow told him to leave because the didn’t want the entire locker room to get a bad rap because Hall was high at the time. Hall took a cab ride home within the hour. It started a commotion in the locker room, although Bigelow didn’t let Shane kick Scott’s ass like he wanted to. If Scott had come in and apologized for what happened in the past, they’d have dealt with it but he came in pretending that they were all friends and it pissed them off. On Scott’s way out the door, he even made some smartass comment about how ECW wouldn’t even be there in 6 months. (For the record, ECW lasted about another three years after that show, give or take a few months) He says that he’s heard a lot about Scott being a cokehead and that he snorts a lot and figures he’ll be shooting up eventually. He doesn’t like kicking a guy when he’s down but feels Scott was in the wrong and that he shouldn’t have even shown up at the show. The only Clique guy he thinks he wouldn’t even say hello to would be Triple H and that’s because he’s such a brownnoser. Trips used to carry Scott and Shawn’s bags and had “that big nose of his up Kevin’s ass.” He felt bad for Justin Credible for the whole situation because it got heat on him although he’s ECW through and through. Afterwards, he talked to Paul E and was told that he was the locker room leader and whatever decision he made would be respected.
Damn... just read this and didn't knew that.
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