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The Casual Effect, i aint gonna hold back any longer

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Its seems that over time many people have forgotten the most important ingredient to a good wrestling experiuance, THE GOOD WRESTLING

and by WRESTLING i dont mean, body builder physics, sugically modified breasts, huge arenas, profit margins, acting ability, compelling story or any of the other irrelavant that no-one should give a submarining phoque about

If i wanted to see narrative fueled fist fights with constant resting i'd watch a movie
if i wanted a compelling story i'll read a book
If i wanted comedy or constant talking i'd look up a stand up act on youtube
If i wanted to just stare at women, without being impolite in public, i'd also look to the internet

I watch wrestling to see the stuff that no other medium can give you, not even video games
the actual part where you see guys showing who is the dominant welder of the martial art of Puroetsu, play a fighting game featuring a pro wrestler to see what i am getting at

is enduring 2 hours of cliche poronogrphy grade writing to what you consider wish fulfillment over anything with originality or substance i suggest immediantly navigate your local torrent site and download something called a movie

any of them really because you are so low maintenance

perhaps i'm romantisisng the past here (and by past i mean 2002-2005) but irememebr when most wrestling with the influx of guys with the handcuffs off, allow your mind to be challenged to explore new wayts to showcase it, about learning about openminded, paitiance and feeling great that you spent your time watching such an underappriated medium at its most pure

wish fulfillment is BS you dont need that to enjoy anything

"but but dude ineed a reason to watch this, motivation for my time, A BACKSTORY!" do you need a backstory to play Pong you ****, how about football? Or Poker? If the proicess of wathcin g sometihing unfamiliar isnt fun for you WELL THEN MAYBE YOU ARE NOT A WRESTLING FAN, JUST A FLY BY NIGHT MAGPIE WITH ADHD,

not that im not appriative of me calling people out just to add fuel to the fire that drives the need a for a REVOLUTION but have i have become miffed thatn this overwhelming number of noobs has negatively influanced the direction of pro wrestling content forever

instead of humanity pursuing the next Flair vs Stemboat or Savage vs Steamboat or Michales vs Untertaker or Michaels vs Triple H or the next Dreamslam 1, we have an endless supply of 3 hour long C movie experiance at 40 dollars a pop with unimagionative re skinned formats and formulas

CONGRADULATIONS MANCHILDREN you have effectively raised an army of consummer zombies that lack not only artistic standards but opposeable thumbs

i would be inclined to look the other way except these bumbling poorsports have the audacity to hate on us and are subject to idiiotic whining


except the only imbalance here is coming from your undeveloped inner ear you uncooridnated lack of self esteem

thsts no reason to be a sandy crotch vagina when im explaining why the more deserving artists get brushed aside for the most petty of reasons or showing how it could be better which noone yet has called me out on, ewhich shows what you know

whats also infuriating are internet personaliies whose jobs involve spreadingn the "good word" that wwe feeds its fans to make them feel like something bewtter when time comes to question why you blindly support these hacks out ofn habit, these chamipons of mob-mentality arent really suprising since im quite used to unqualified nitwits getting undeserved jobs

except that within mainstream wreslting circles being a noob is a f***ing prerequisit, apaatrantly "trying to disaccociate themsleves with wrestling" if that actually happens i'll eat my hat

I know that goingn thorugh life without a pin script can be frustrating but calling WWE the best show in town, Miz the equal to Benoit and Lou thez and cody Rhodes to shelton benjamin or ADR or Sheamus or Swagger ot Jericho or Midsterio is nothing less than absolutely re****ed

when sheltyon and carlito and Mporrison got their first singles piushes it showed us that they and their wreslting styles are the way of the fufture in a way never displayed since bret/Michaels, yet WWE and TNA and ASW continue to go backwards, to play it safe, no desire to turn around the insults wreslting and its fans feel from the world laughing at us every day of our lives when it is far form our fault

to those swayed by WWE history montages thining that eveything is hunky dory as it ever used to be,heres the unpleasnt truth your teahcewrs also lied to you when they said anyone, even you, can become an astronaut, regardless of current social status theres something called talent

theres more talent in CAw feds Efeds Botch reels fantasy booking projects and speculation and logical coinsenseus than what the miastream products give you, WHERE IS THE QUALITY CONTROL

you may think that we are never gonnn aber happy no matter what they do, thought he truth is people like to challenge eachother and themselves to be better, it doesnmt make them alien or cruel it makes them STRONG SPSIRITED ARTISTS


its no reason to resent them at least no more than you resent Bryan Danielson for his enormous cock, so the next time you think

"well WWE and tna are just fine because they make more money and make more compelling tv than what you do"

remeber that that belif is as pathetic as the ending to victory road 2011. Al Qaeda makes more money than me and more compelling tv than most of the IWC, does that make them justified too?

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Re: The Casual Effect, to those who try to hate the IWC, i ant gonna hold back any lo

Everygame of football or soccer has a backstory (previous results, effect of losing etc..). If you want to watch WRESTLING then go watch the olympics. I watch entertainment.

Oh and Undertaker Micheals, Flair vs Steamboat and Savage vs Steamboat all had a backstory.

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Re: The Casual Effect, to those who try to hate the IWC, i ant gonna hold back any lo

I've seen a more coherent string of thoughts on a paranoid schizophrenics YouTube channel.

You've also somehow made me feel dirty for being a CHIKARA fan due to your sig. Thanks.
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