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I couldn't agree more. Jobbing to Clay is one thing, but not even including him in the "beat the clock" challenge on RAW is a disgrace. Ziggler is better than most of the superstars today, I hate to see him being treated like that. HE IS a championship material to me, and not a U.S. championship.
I think that he should be drafted to Smackdown again, go for the WHC. Smackdown needs big stars right now and even though Ziggler isn't the biggest star out there, he can contribute to the show massively.
Ziggler is the future (if WWE won't be stupid and ignorant enough to release him) of the WWE. His WWE match with Punk was one of the best I have seen during 2011, and I cannot see "wrestlers" like the Great Khali being featured (even though he's a face) instead of talented wrestlers like Dolph.
I think it's time for the WWE to stop relying on past wrestlers and move on, give young talent like Cody and Ziggler a chance for the big gold. See how it goes.
I had enough of big stars like Cena and Punk (with all the respect for Punk) winning titles over and over again while young wrestlers are jobbing in squash matches.
His match with Clay at Extreme rules was a joke.
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