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The BTB Mega Standings – Autumn/Spring 2010

Yes, I kept my promise. The Mega Standings are indeed back and they will continue to run on a seasonal basis. This is the spring edition of the Mega Standings, meaning the time span that is of interest is from September 1st to November 30th – or from the beginning of spring to the end. Simple.

What are these awards? The Mega Standings is basically a system used to recognise the guys who have been doing a good job with their BTB, and give them a bit of encouragement. It’s a list of the top BTBs for the season, as voted by you, the members of the section. As the members of this section, you vote by simply sending me a PM to cast your votes. In this PM, you make a list from 1st to 7th, 1st being the best, 7th being the, well, 7th best. List these not in the order of the amount of votes you are giving them from 1 to 7, but rather at the top put your vote for 1st, at the bottom your vote for 7th. It is from these votes that the scores are tallied. If someone places your BTB 1st, you receive seven points. 7th, one point. I’m sure you can work all of the rest out in between. From there, I’m going to post the people who got the top ten tallied scores, showing who the top ten rankings were for the Mega Standings.

There are obviously a few guidelines that need to be followed. First of all, you can only vote for active BTBs for the time period. BTBs that are considered active are those that have gone for over one page, and have at least one show posted within the seasonal span. Secondly, you may not vote for yourself. Anyone who does vote for him or herself will be automatically disqualified from the Mega Standings, and thus cannot place, no matter how many votes they get from other people. Finally, please, do NOT just vote for your friends. It’s simple enough. Just vote for who is deserving. This did not necessarily happen last time, as a few very suspicious votes came through. I get that some people will have different opinions, but it is clear that certain bookers are NOT the top bookers of the section, especially when you’re the only one who has voted for them at all. If you feel the need to ask people to vote for you or you try to negotiate swapping votes, then you’re probably not someone who belongs in the Mega Standings at all anyway, meaning you’re just wasting your time.

Below is a list of threads that may be voted for, listed alphabetically for thread starters. Please note that only one thread has been used per person, and that if you have had multiple threads during the seasonal span, then your most recent thread has been used. If you have a thread that has met the criteria to be considered active, is your most recent BTB (please note that if you have had a thread that has met the criteria but you have since started a new thread that your old thread will not be considered) and is not listed below, PM me with a link and I’ll add it in.

#1Hulk-A-Maniac – WCW 2001: The Day The Earth Stood Still
amrocky25 – AMRocky25 Presents: WWE – The Future
ASCS Shock – ASCS Shock Presents: TNA 2010 – The Revolution
BambiKiller – WWE: Smacked Down
BkB Hulk – The World Wrestling Entertainment
captaincharisma2k5 – WWE: Dawn Of The Nexus
Cobra T Washington – SCW
Conceited – World Wrestling Entertainment – The Conceited Way
Coolquip – WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
CoRyP2008 – TNA: It’s On Brother!
crooked_reflection – TNA – Both Boats Are Sinking and We’ve Got One Foot In Each
Cynic – WWE: Our Sacred Scars
DDMac – 2007 & Beyond: Recovery
DH – WWE: A New Year Revolution
douba-douba-e1013 – WWE: It’s Entertainment
Eazy C – Elite Wrestling Society
greasy_chip_butty – GCB’s WWE
greenchad1 – Diva Chaos: A Women’s Wrestling BTB Revolution
Gunner14 – Gunner14 Presents : GWF. The Global Wrestling Federation in association with ESPN
HarlemHeat – WWE ™ ~ The Wings of Change are Blowing
hitman_1128 – TNA Wrestling – Heyman vs Bischoff/Hogan....Take a Side
iMac – WWE: The Evolution Of Greed
JakeC_91 – WWE – New Age
Jethro – WWE – The Next Generation
kid o mac – WWE 2010: The Return of Excellence
KOP – WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury
Legend – Legend Presents: WWE 2006 – Stop Your Grinnin’ And Drop Your Linen
LegendofBaseball – NWA: Respect, Honor & Glory (Circa 2002)
Les Turrey – WWF Attitude: Road to WrestleMania
Mark. – Pro Wrestling Warriors
Melvisboy – Melvisboy’s WWE: The Comeback
mobgoblin – WWE :Transfer Of Power
Mr MJ™ – WCW 1999: The New Era
Mr. Kanefan – World Wrestling Entertainment – Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Mike J Cab00se – Mike J Cab00se presents: WWE
MyDeerHunter – WWE: A New Dawn
Nige™ – WWE: A Strong Response
Nitro_4_Life – TNA 2010: Time to Get Real
PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
RatedRKO31 – RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution
Robcore™ - World Wrestling Entertainment 2006-9
RRS – World Championship Wrestling 2003: The Rebirth
Stojy – WWE 2004: Ballin’ To Backlash
Sykova – TNA: Never Surrender
TeaZy – MeTheBooker
The Storm – WWE 2006: “The Golden Era”
TheLoneShark – WCW 2007: Don’t Call It A Comeback…
the_enforcer4 – XPW: The Decade of Heyman
timfly – WWE – My Time
ToddTheBod – TNA: Learn To Love It
TotalNonstopHonor – TNA: Immortal
Wolf Beast – Being The Booker
WP – World Wrestling Alliance – “What If The Alliance Won At Survivor Series 2001?”

That’s basically it guys. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to post them in here or PM me. If you need only a small bit of clarification that could be sorted by looking at the last Mega Standings, then the thread has been included below to make it easier for you. The deadline for voting will be 11:59PM, December 5th by my time (in Melbourne).

Get voting. :)

Last Mega Standings

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You may have missed out my thread WWE Draft The Return. Not sure.
You started a thread since that doesn't meet the criteria. Only your most recent thread is used. If it doesn't meet the criteria then none is.

Phantom Thief
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I suppose, but I haven't written a show for the new thread, and wrote 5 for the old. I guess I thought there would be some kind of rule involving recent shows. Sorry about that.

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Thanks for including mine in this, good luck with it.

I'll read a few more from the list and PM you with my choices. GCB

i ain't got no type
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I'll try to understand this and submit in my free time, I'm confused about it though...Spring is usually from March-May...Could be country differences or w/e. Nonetheless, this MegaStandings thing sounds cool, I'll do it.

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We just came off of Spring, soo what it means is: Spring(in Aus)/Autumn (America).

Good luck everyone.

Captain Cally
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A nice to see this back. Hopefully I remember to get my votes in..... still have to look at some threads.
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