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The BTB Interview - June 2012

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OK, so here we go again. It’s been twelve months since we’ve had one of these in the section, so I guess we’re long overdue for the return of The BTB Interview. With all the talk of a lack of activity in the section over the last six months or so, I felt it was only right to interview a guy who has consistently provided some high quality shows during that period. You all know him as the man who gives the Kirby seal of approval, it’s 619IDH!

iMac: Okey doke, let’s get this show on the road. For my first interviewee, I’m here with a guy who’s been a real constant in the section for the last year or so. So yeah, 619IDH, thanks for taking the time to do this.

619IDH: 'tis no problem, my good man. Feels weird that I'm semi-important enough to finally get one of these

iMac: Very much deserved given the quality and creativity you bring to the section. Although as the first interview in a year, the pressure's all on you today.

619IDH: Aw shit~!! It's okay. Kirby only squeaks under pressure. But he doesn't break. I can handle the push.

iMac: You'll notice how I like to put my guests at ease early on. Although if this turns out to be a failure, it's all on you buddy.

619IDH: Mac, I swear if you screw me, I'm turning heel and the entire section's gonna feel it. Besides, who says failure can't be fun?

iMac: Yeah, but I generally find it's funnier when it happens to someone else. Anyway, let’s get to it. Everybody has a story to tell, so we may as well start at the beginning. Tell us how you first became interested in the crazy art form of professional wrestling.

619IDH: Being truthful, if we're talking about pro wrestling in general, it actually game from the video games. Had to be in maybe fourth grade when my cousin got a copy of WWF No Mercy for his N64 (most knarley game ever, btw). We played the hell out of it 'til an older cousin actually told us this stuff was on TV regularly. First match I ever saw was Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit for the IC title. And been here since.

iMac: Wow, kickin' it old school with the N64. Sweet.

619IDH: Oh yeah. Still do since buying games for it is hella cheaper than paying 60-70 bucks for new games on newer systems here. And being a college kid...yeah. That's a lot of noodles I save on.

iMac: You mentioned Benoit and Angle. Would they be two of your favourites from back in the day?

619IDH: Back in the day and to this day two of my all-time favies. Probably ironic considering my love of characters, really. Just the sheer intensity both men could harness was unbelievable. And that's not even getting into any of their matches together. But I'm sure we all know that. Plus, watching those guys go at it as a kid, you couldn't have paid me to say wrestling was fake. I couldn't tell with them.

iMac: I guess if there's two guys who are gonna get you hooked on wrestling, it's gonna be those two. But speaking of characters, does it really get much better than Kurt Angle and his Three I's?

619IDH: It's Impossible, Imac 8*D

iMac: I tap out. Nothing’s gonna beat that. It’s all downhill from here.

619IDH: Best get used to doin' this interview with a broken FREAKIN' keyboard then.

iMac: :side:

619IDH: Don't use that one. That was terrible.

iMac: Too late, it's already in. But we'll move swiftly on. What was it that brought you into the Be The Booker section of Wrestling Forum?

619IDH: Technically speaking, probably Google. But on the real, I'd been a member of the Forum for about a year. Didn't find much of a place there, but just stumbled upon some threads in there back in 07 that were running - DDMac (I think), Legend, Wolfy, kane01 and his partner. But the one that actually spoke to me the most was some newbie thread by a guy named Kdrag. Not too long after, I started writing a few 'let's do 2007 over' shows that I myself was only supposed to see, but then got enough gusto to start a thread. A terrible thread, but a start nonetheless.

iMac: I of course originally remember you from your WWE: Anarchy Revitalized thread, a thread I happen to hold the last ever post in, btw. But I take it from that last comment that there might be a few threads you would rather be consigned to history?

619IDH: Yeah. I know. Fuckin' thread killer.

iMac: In my defence, it was a review. It wasn't like it was some shitty "Haz this thread deaded?" post three months later.

619IDH: But yeah, Revitalized was actually my first thread ever. It had a different name then as well as a beginning that I refuse to acknowledge ever happened. Truth be told, I think I've only ever had three threads in the section over five years. "Only"

iMac: Stojy had that many in a week once iirc. There's the obligatory Stojy insult. BKB, if you're reading, that one was for you homie.

619IDH: Respect for the dead. I like it.

iMac: Come back soon Hulky. :( Is there anything from Anarchy Revitalized that you look back on fondly? Like a favourite storyline or promo that you still give yourself a pat on the back for to this day?

619IDH: Probably a good bit of my Punk/Michaels stuff. Looking back on it, it probably wasn't the greatest thing in the world like I was hoping it would be then, but I've never had more fun booking a feud. The stuff leading into my never-gonna-happen Wrestlemania I felt was pat-back worthy, too

iMac: Sad times that you never got around to posting that btw. Had the makings of something pretty special.

619IDH: One day, I'll resurrect the dead just to put some closure on that. So perk up, look to the heavens, and be happy I just gave you hope.

iMac: Amen to that. And what about the thread that you’re known for now? You are of course the man who presents AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair, one of the most consistently creative threads we’ve had in the last year or so. Tell us where the inspiration for it all came from.

619IDH: Oh dear. Strap in - this might be long.

iMac: As we say where I come from, fill yer boots, son.

619IDH: It spawned from many different things, the first one probably things I didn't like about doing a WWE thread - the legacy characters I couldn't get quite right (Trips, Undertaker, among others), the 12-14 PPV a year schedule, doing two full/recapped/full-recapped shows a week, that stuff. Then, I remember just wanting to do a style that just fit me. One I could use a bunch of guys I just like writing, no real scraps of fat to cut off. Took a lot of inspiration from the idea of 'what would ROH be like if it went mainstream'. And the notion that, well, the things I had planned for the fed just wouldn't fit in a WWE Thread (i.e. those ridiculous stipulations you've seen so far).

iMac: I wouldn't say the stipulation matches are ridiculous at all. Lucky 13 Battle Royal is pretty sweet imo.

619IDH: Of course, then there was the timeframe. 06-07 wrestling has my heart for some reason, so just saw all the pieces lying there in the real-life 07 (Heyman, Foley, JBL, Jericho, actual roster, etc...) and just started putting things together from there. And as for genuine inspiration, DEFINATELY a shitton came straight from the two greatest created feds to ever hit this place - PARA's EPW and Alcho's GWE. Still look at 'em for inspiration to this day.

iMac: Much love for 2007 threads.

619IDH: Thought you'd appreciate that, homie. But you're doin' it better than I ever did.

iMac: Aw shucks. :eek: Any favourite matches or promos from AOW so far?

619IDH: The initial series of matches between the Hooliganz/WGTT comes to mind, actually. But I can't count out Christian/Lashley's I Quit match though. WGTT/Mercs from the same PPV was my fave match, though.

iMac: God, that Christian/Lashley match. They'd have been rioting in the streets had that one happened in real life. Fantastic piece of writing though.

619IDH: Oh please. I've told you before that flattery gets you nowhere.

iMac: Seriously, read my review for that match. I went through hell on that one. I'd also encourage anyone who's not checked that show out yet to do so. Top stuff. Let's hear your thoughts on the current crop of BTB’ers? What are the threads that you’ll always tune in for?

619IDH: Wolfy's at the tip-top of course. Then we trickle on down to Legend's stuff. But beyond those two once-in-a-blue-moon guys, I actually check on pretty much every thread in the section, just don't say much. For those I have there's Melvis' stuffs, but only because I pity him, and keeping tabs on cp's growth and...who else...OH! That iMac fellow.

iMac: I hear he’s a great guy.

619IDH: I hear he's a prick, but his stuff makes up for it. Speaking of which, there's that Stoj fella too. See, I can play the 'pick at Stojy' game too.

iMac: We love you really Stoj. Stick around this time. Jobber.

619IDH: I second that notion. So forgive me. Jobber.

iMac: Yeah, he’s a jobber. <3 Are there any highlights in the section that have caught your eye lately? I know people have said it's been a slow year so far, but there's been some good stuff posted.

619IDH: Well, for starters, we actually have a Mod now.

iMac: Oh yeah. Congrats to Brye.

619IDH: He and Bad Guy's thread looks like it could go places. Hope I didn't just jinx that by saying that. But yeah. It might be a litte slow, but so far we've had, what 6-7 PPVs this year? I think all of them have delivered pretty well. If we're looking for consistent highlights, Kintaro and Nige are probably the two most consistent guys around. And I've seen several guys with experience putting up new ads. So I think the section as a whole has a rising stock at the moment.

iMac: Gotta say, I'm liking the whole kinda retro vibe going on in the section right now. Cynic's 1997 thread looks like it could be pretty good too.

619IDH: Oh, absolutely. Between he, Brye & Bad, and even that Szumi cameo given what he used to write all give us a 'going forward by going back' feel, I suppose.

iMac: Speaking of going back, you've been around the section for a while now. Are there any particular moments that stand out or any shows you consider a favourite from down the years?

619IDH: I think I have Wolfy's 'Mania 22 on file so I can look at it whenever I need to soak in its awesomeness. As for moments, there was that one time Wolfy and Szumi teamed up for a thread. I think it lasted five pages and they never wrote a show. Just a bunch of people splooging all up in the thread. No clue why that one stands out to me.

iMac: I guess that's when you know you've made it big. You don't even have to post a show to get the section creaming it's pants.

619IDH: Oh, and another prominent moment in my mind was that one time some dude, I think his name was FlyinStyles...? Or was it Backlash? Can't remember his name, but I remember him getting his panties in a wad about the IC and vowed to build his own e-stable to fight against it.

iMac: :lmao What on earth? When did that happen? And why am I only hearing about it now?

619IDH: Sit upon granpa's knee and let me spin ya a yarn, then. It was probably around...2008/early 2009ish maybe? Can't be bothered with a timetable, but I think it was around the time we actually stopped doing Newsletters because this guy was just beyond adamant in his desire to fell the Inner Circle. He couldn't take a joke and he even sent out PM's to a bunch of us who were jobbers then to "rise up against this oppression". I'll never forget that PM. Someone reading this please tell me what happened to that kid if anyone even remembers what I'm talking about.

iMac: Oh my. I guess in hindsight you should consider yourself lucky to be one of the chosen few to join the resistance.

619IDH: Perhaps I only mention it because it may be foreshadowing... :side:

iMac: When the revolution starts, can I please be sent a PM?

619IDH: Only the chosen will be called. A REVOLUTION IS COMING...

iMac: All hail Kirby?

619IDH: :lmao :lmao :lmao
But yes. You shall all bow to my adorable might.

iMac: Nexus Kirby to make a return to your sig please. Anyway, we’ve talked plenty about BTB’ing, so how ‘bout we find out more about you? Tell us as much, or as little I suppose, about the real life 619IDH as you wish.

619IDH: Hmm...I'm pretty uninteresting for the most part. Just some uni kid from probably the worst part of the states who does nothing but write and root for his baseball team and the whole wrestling gig.

iMac: Baseball fan? Who you rooting for?

619IDH: Been an Atlanta Braves fan for as long as I've been a wrestling fan. This is why we chop, bitches.

iMac: What do you think, does Chipper get the fairy-tale ending?

619IDH: If I wrote it? No, he'd probably lose his mind around the All-Star Break and go on a loony streak.

iMac: :lmao

619IDH: But since you said 'fairy-tale', hell yes.

iMac: OK, we'll leave the sports chat for another time. But yeah, Go Rays btw. Tradition dictates we end with some name association. You up for that?

619IDH: Bring it. But be gentle.

iMac: OK, let’s start at the top then. Wolf Beast.

619IDH: The pinnacle. The cornerstone. The great-grandfather. Simply the best and will probably always be the standard we all have to yearn for/stare at from a distance. Just wish he would stay for longer periods. The Undertaker, if you will.

iMac: Since we’ve mentioned him several times already, Stojy.

619IDH: I don't talk to a whole lot of people in the section that much, if at all, but from what I know of Stojy, he's a swell fella. Shows more promise in flip-flopping threads than most people will their whole lives. Doesn't deserve the jokes he gets. Jobber. Also, one of the best feedbackers in this joint.

iMac: Melvis.

619IDH: Ah, The King. Most chill guy I've ever met on this site. A terrific writing mind, awesome guy and we have a friendly rivalry going. Won't be friendly for long though, judging by the ammo he just pumped with that Extreme Rules. ~From your loyal subject, 619idh.

iMac: I call shenanigans. But yeah, a pay per view everyone should check out btw. Legend.

619IDH: Don't know him much beyond his posts, but another gold standard of this place. So good it pisses me off sometimes because I can never do an 06 thread if I ever wanted to 'cause it can't get much better than his.

iMac: Nige.

619IDH: As I've said before, probably one of the most consistent guys around. Been here for a while, doesn't go away a whole lot, and has had his fair share of greatness. Pretty cool guy from what I remember, too. Always remember him as the guy who gave me the best advice I've ever gotten in BTB - "SLOW DOWN"

iMac: A certain James Curran in the section would do well to heed that advice right now. The Bad Guy

619IDH: Of the many names he's known as 8*D. Guy's got a good head on his shoulders for this stuff and seems like a really cool duder. Hope he sticks.

iMac: And of course, his fellow attitude enthusiast, our current mod, Brye.

619IDH: All I know from him is what he exhibited in the BTB Tourney which was all pretty sexy. And plus someone needed to fill that void of Mod. Let's hope we don't scare him away :eek:

iMac: Let’s go for a blast from the past, although he’s been in and around the discussion thread recently. Szumi.

619IDH: Gonna be honest here - probably the first guy who has ever scared me from across an Internet connection. And by 'scared', I mean intimidated. I didn't read much of his stuff in his heyday, but looking back on it it's just straight awesome. He was intimidating in the sense that he knew what good writing/booking was, and he'd let you know it if you fell short. He really was The Furher.

iMac: Kingpin.

619IDH: Yet another cool cat who's been around the block around here. Glad he no longer Takes Kane Over Women.

iMac: :lmao cp954.

619IDH: I think I've called him a 'student of the game' on numerous occasions and he really is. The guy keeps getting better, almost like he really is studying this stuff.

iMac: Agreed. Keep on improving cp954. You mentioned him as an inspiration earlier, so Alcoholic.

619IDH: He was one of the first guys to ever take a peek at my first thread and I think he was the first guy I ever gave a review to, so he has a place in my iHeart for that. I said before his GWE thread was/is a huge inspiration because of how well put together it was and held together it stayed. Really wanna see him in action again.

iMac: It’s been nice to see him in the discussion thread lately. And another name you gave a shout out too, PARANoIR.

619IDH: Oh, PARA. The first 'established' name, I guess, to give me any kind of review/feedback/advice. Ran the best created fed in this joint; the 'Wolfy' of the created fed I suppose. Just remember him as the guy who first told me to 'don't put a limit on your creativity and let it loose'. Can't tell you how happy I was when the first response to AOW was PARA himself.

iMac: What about the sadly departed BKB Hulk?

619IDH: I was departed when BKB made his rise to stardom and didn't know him too well, seeing as how his style of booking...idk, didn't quite tickle my fancy. But he was still great at what he did.

iMac: KOP.

619IDH: One of my initial inspirations for even doing this. The "King of Realism", isn't that what they called him? Didn't/don't know him too well, but we are brothers through our love for the Braves.

iMac: Right, final three. Kintaro.

619IDH: I thought the Art of the BTB Fanboy was dead after Nige's groupies had died out, but Kintaro's solid stuff gave us Terry G.

iMac: Ah, that Terry G. He loved everything. DeeCee.

619IDH: I call Stojy grumpy a lot, but I think DC's the original grumpy uncle of the BTB family. But he delivers whenever he gets the motivation to write an opening post 8*D Bring back Chronicles, btw.

iMac: I’ve heard so much about them, but never actually checked them out. Must do that one day. Renegade.

619IDH: The awesome Aussie. Booked pretty basically, really, from what I remember but he knew how to let things build into ooey gooey goodness. Still waiting on Bad Blood, btw

iMac: I sent him a rep message once asking where that show was. Clearly fell on death ears. If there’s anyone I missed out, I apologise. But we’ve been doin’ this for three hours now. :eek: Let’s end with that 619IDH guy.

619IDH: Three? Clock just struck a fourth where I'm sittin' partner.

iMac: Three... not counting you, obv. :side:

619IDH: And no one said you had to spend 'em all with this jobber. :eek:

iMac: Ah trust me, it's been a pleasure.

619IDH: Read that in a Scottish accent. If nothing else, I got that out of this.

iMac: Och, gie's peace and dinae be a bawbag. Try read that in a Scottish accent.

619IDH: Wow that hurt my head more than reading Melvis' Booker T gibberish.

iMac: :lmao Well done, you've successfully dodged that final name association. Any final words of wisdom you wish impart on us all?

619IDH: This is booking and writing, not rocket science. You do this stuff how you want. If you wanna do something differently? Go right ahead. You have an idea that's out of the box? Throw it at us and hope it impales us. Don't wanna get on a soapbox on an endnote, so I'll just end it with a very generic 'do what makes you fuckers happy : )'

iMac: Well I'm gonna end with a call for everyone to check out AOW as it heads towards A Very Merry War. I promise you'll be highly entertained. And I guess all that's left to say is thanks a lot for agreeing to do the interview bro. Looks like we made it out alive.

619IDH: De nada, homes. Didn't mean to eat up so much of your time and hope I didn't bore you to tears.

iMac: You could never do that to anyone. On behalf of me, 619, and even Kirby, thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time.

Once again, a huge thanks to 619 for agreeing to do this. I hope you all find this as interesting to read as I did. Hopefully this (and subsequent interviews) can play their small part in bringing a bit more life to the section. Enjoy.
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