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The biggest pops you've heard? (not including returns)

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What are some of the biggest pops, that don't include stars making their return? One that comes to mind is the thumbs down promo from Batista, when he puts The Game through the table and signs to face him at Wrestlemania.
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Not going to repeat anything, so this isnt the biggest but Diesel coming back at this years rumble got a pop that I definatly wasnt expecting.

The Rock at No Way Out 2003 was massive. Although it was all boo's from the crowd, ive never heard so much hate for someone who was loved by so many. Insane.

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No, THIS > everything.
I love this video. I watch it at least once a month. It's an insane pop and might be the longest sustained reaction for a guy as the crowd is red hot starting at :45 until Austin gets "arrested." I would most definitely say its one of the loudest moments (if not the loudest) in WWE history.

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Hulk Hogan the night after Wrestlemania 18 in Montreal. That was a loud and long standing ovation. I've never really seen an ovation that lasted so long. It even brought tears to his eyes.

Here's another huge Montreal pop for Hogan in '02.

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