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Best Year in Pro Wrestling

The Best Year In Wrestling?

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This Includes:
Quality of Matches
Quality of PayPerViews
Quality of Superstar Ability
and Entertainment Value

Apologies for lack of options
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2011, The Miz Vs Jerry Ladder match, royal rumble with diesel. the rock speech ability

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I truly wanted to go for 1991 as Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 7 were absolutely amazing that year. It was just a pity Summerslam 1991 and Survivor Series 5th Annual was a complete waste of time (apart from Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect Intercontinental championship match).

I objectively went for 1992 instead. Excellent Royal Rumble match but slightly mediocre undercard, great Wrestlemania 8, brilliant Summerslam 1992 and a pretty decent Survivor Series 1992 featuring my favourite Bret 'Hitman' Hart vs Shawn Michaels match.

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2002 for me

HHH's return to MSG
Royal Rumble match, Vince/flair
Hogan wins title
Brock Lesnar - best 1st year of any wrestler
Bischoff debuts
Booker t and goldust
Rey Mysterio debuts
Summerslam - Angle/Rey, HBK/HHH, Rock/Brock
Smackdown 6 - Angle,benoit,edge,rey,eddie,chavo
Lesnar/Taker HIAC
1st Elimination chamber
HBK wins title
Torrie and dawn marie kiss

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MATCH OF THE YEAR: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit in a 3-WAY at Wrestlemania 20..

--Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H in their Rematch at Backlash 2004..
--2004 Royal Rumble won by Chris Benoit at Royal Rumble 2004..
--Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood 2004..
--Randy Orton vs Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match Backlash 2004..
--Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble 2004..
--Randy Orton vs Ric Flair in a Steel Cage Match Taboo Tuesday 2004..
--Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match on RAW..
--Chris Jericho vs Christian in a Ladder Match at Unforgiven 2004..
-- Edge vs Randy Orton for the Intercontinental title at Vengeance 2004..

MATCH OF THE YEAR: America's Most Wanted vs Triple X in a Six Sides of Steel at Turning Point..

--America's Most Wanted vs The Naturals in a Six Sides of Steel match 2004..
--Chris Sabin vs Michael Shane vs Chris Daniels vs Low Ki in the Ultimate X match 2004..
--The X-Division Gauntlet won by Hector Garza at Victory Road 2004..
--AJ Styles vs Kid Kash in a Tables Match 2004..
--Monty Brown vs Raven vs Abuss in a Monsters Ball match at at Victory Road 2004..
--AJ Styles vs Abyss in a Tables Match at the The Best Damn Wrestling Event Period 2004..
--AJ Styles vs Kid Kash in a Street Fight 2004..
--America's Most Wanted vs The Naturals in a Double Ladder match 2004..
--AJ Styles vs Frankie Kazarian vs Michael Shane in the Ultimate X match 2004..
--Jeff Jarrett winning the King of the Mountain match 2004..
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