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Hello people i hope u have read my other article about Feuds and enjoyed it. (Make sure u responed aswell). Anyway after much hard thinking i have made the 1st in what will hopefully be a long running series episodes of raw, smackdown and P.P.V's so enjoy.

J.R "Welcome everbody to raw, at the World's most famous arena Madison Square Garden and what a historic night it will be."
King "Why is the puppies going to be on tonight?!!"
J.R "No King but there is a huge main event for the World Heavyweight Title. It will be a fatal 4-way match, no eliminations, between HBK, HHH, Goldberg and Kurt Angle. plus don't forget that if Kane lose his hardcore title tonight he will also have to unmask!
(Hurricane music hits)
J.R "And lets kick it off with some crusierweight action"

Match #1 Crusierweight Title Hurricane vs Lance Storm vs Tajiri(c)
Tajiri and Hurricane double team storm with punches kickes double suplexes and eventually throw him outside. Hurri'c side headlock on tajiri. Tajiri pushes hurri'c into the ropes. Tajiri slides down, H'C skips over, Tajiri leap frogs over H'C. H'C off the ropes with a huge clothesline, tajiri then follow up with a Spinning wheel kick on H'C. H'C arm drags Tajiri, Tajiri arm drags H'C and Tajiri Kick-ups only to get springboard clotheslined by Storm. 1.2. Oh!! that was close luckily H'C broke it up otherwise it was over. H'C whips storm and follows up with a super dropkick and does the same to tajiri. H'C starts to take control with series of moves on storm and tajiri. H'C attempts hip toss on storm, storm counters and skips around H'C and hip tosses H'C over the top rope. Storm turns around only to get enziguried by tajiri. Storm on knees, dazed but he still ducks buzzaw kicktajiri takes a run at storm, but storm countered into a rolling half boston crab. Tajiri is about to give up but H'C breaks it up with a Shining Wizard. H'C covers storm oh! how close was that! H'C turns around and ducks a clothesline from tajiri but tajiri still sprays the green mist on H'C anyway. Storm lines up Tajiri an BOOM! the storm super kick. 1.2.3 its over we have a new crusierweight champ and it is the boring lance storm. **1/2 great C'W match.

(christian music hits)
Lililian Garcia " the following contest is for 1 fall and is a #1 contenders match. the winner will face the other winner from smackdown and face each other for the European title at Backlash"

Match #2 Christian vs Jeff Hardy
Jeff side headlock C'tian, c'tian pushes Jeff into ropes c'tian attempts flapjack but jeff counters into tornado ddt. Jeff dropkicks c'tian, jeff attempts a kick ctian catches jeffs leg and flips him backward, jeff get the wind knocked out of him. c'tian has jeff resting against turnbuckle a then executes a thunderous turnbuckle reverse tornado ddt. 1..2..holy crap how close was that u would not believe how close that was. C'tian puts jeff on top turn'b and attempts superplex, jeff though pushes c'tian of and executes a missile dropkick. c'tian puts the ref in front of him and jeff M.dropkicks the ref c'tian captilizes with a lo blow and unprettier c'tian covers jeff ............... no ref, booker t (from smackdown)comes out and book ends c'tian then puts jeff on c'tian an he escapes through the crowd. Charles robinson slowly counts 1......2...........3
**match ' it should be interesting on who jeff faces from smackdown it will be either Booker t or Matt hardy.

Match #3 Ladder match I'c title RVD (c) vs Eddie G
Eddie whips rvd, eddie leap frogs but does neat roll when landing. rvd split legged leap frogs eddie, rvd goes for dropkick, eddie holds on then does a springboard flip rvd moves, rvd standing backflip, eddie moves and does a leg drop, rvd moves and does a sitting buzzaw kick, eddie ducks both get up at the same time, the crowd goes wild. They shake hands, rvd goes for suplex, eddie flips over and executes a side back drop, rvd back flips over and goes for a bulldog, eddie shoves him forward, eddie runs up and hurricanranas rvd, rvd counters and handstand flips out, then forward rolls into a monkey flip on eddie, eddie flips and lands on his feet. they shake hands again rvd lays some more offensive moves and then goes for the ladder outside, rvd folds up ladder only to get the ladder dropkick back in his face by eddie. eddie sets up the ladder leaning against outside of the ring. rvd stops eddie and ends up catapulting eddie into the ladder. Rvd sets up the ladder in between the middle and bottom rope, rvd rolls in the ring and executes a ladder springboard corkscrew plancha. Rvd starts climbing ladder only to get missile dropkick of it by eddie. eddie climbs but rvd does an amazing ladder neckbreaker which leaves every1 oohing and aahhing, rvd does his rob..van..dam taunt and while the ref attends to eddies seemed hurt neck rvd grabs a 20ft ladder and slides it to the side of the ring. rvd puts a table in the ring and sets up 2 tables on the outside next to the ramp much to the crowds delight. rvd sets up the in-ring table puts eddie on it a climbs ladder looking for a moonsault off it. eddi climbs up the side futherest from the table after lo blowing rvd. Eddie then does a sunset flip like powerbomb of the 15t ladder and rvd crashes through the table. 'chants of HOLY SHIT' echo through the arena. both men are down and are exhausted. finally eddie climbs up the 15ft rvd shoves him down with and amazing superplex off it. rvd slowing climbs the 20ft ladder and jumps off with a 5* frog splash. eddie moves then executes his own frog splash off the turn'b. eddie climbs the 20ft ladder but rvd shoves ladder and eddie crashes through the tables with a sickening sound. rvd climbs the 20ft ladder and retains the title. *****match gr8 aerial display.

Match #4 Hardcore title Kane(c) vs Kevin Nash
Both men slug it out for about 5-10min exchanging blow for blow like no other big men matches. Things started to get outta control when kane grab a chair but Nash boots the chair back into kanes face. Nash signals for Jacknife, kane grabs the chair and before nash can let go of kane, kane whacks nash with chair and signals for chokeslam. HBK music hits, and HBK runs out. Kane gets distracted and chases HBK around the ring until nash flies through the with an amazing springboard plancha, HBK sets up a table and nash jacknifes kane through the table 1..2..3
J.R "Kanes gotta unmask,Kanes gotta unmask oh my god!!"
HBK on the entrance ramp, nash is talking to kane, kane slowing takes off the mask but its not kane its NATHAN JONES!!!!!!! Jones hits nash with mic and chases HBK up to the edge of the stage. Jones catches Sweet Chin Music and double hand chokeslam of stage through a couple of tables.

Eric Bichoff "Hello every1 due to what happen just before HBK can't wrestle tonight but i have found a replacement. Also, Kane u will now have to wrestle unmasked against an oppnent of his choice at backlash and u can thank HBK's replacement tonight introducing Nathan Jaones!

Match #5 (Main Event) World title HHH vs Angle vs Goldberg vs Jones.
Jones is taking it to angle on the outside and HHH is taking on Goldberg in the ring. After only 10mins chaos breaks loose, Jones spinning karate kicks angle and goldberg spears HHH, Jones from behind lo blos Goldberg and 2 handed kneeling chokeslams him 1.2.3 (HBK music Hits) "I will fac u at backlash for the title in a cage match." Jones turns around and gets speared, pedigree and agle slamed by all three wrestlers, then glodberg jackhammers jones through the ring as raw goes of the air.

Thank u very very very much for reading this episode of raw. if i get a good response i'll do a follow up episode of smackdown. Please respond and tell me ur thoughts about this and how it could be better thanks again
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