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I'm about to start my own WWE. The roster split continues but you must read the first show to see the huge changes and developments.

Possibly including new rosters *HINT HINT*, new titles *HINT HINT* and many other big changes *HINT HINT*. Expect pushes for some different stars, matches we all wana see and the most electrifying shows in sports entertainment. There is a new PPV calendar which
I will post at the same time as the first show and it will make sense when you see the changes. One change that I will reveal is to leave a longer than usual gap between Wrestlemania and the PPV before it which is done to allow longer, more significant buildups to matches for the superbowl of wrestling!!

The first show will be posted in 3 days time at the latest and trust me, it's gona rock!!!!

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HERE WE GO, the first show!! Oh and here's the PPV calendar.

Jan- Survivor Series
Feb- Bad Blood
Mar- Armageddon
Apr- King of the Ring
May- Backlash
June- Judgement Day
July- Summerslam
Aug- No Mercy
Sep- Vengeance
Oct- Royal Rumble
Nov- -
Dec- Wrestlemania XXI

RAW (March 15th)

A long and exciting highlight package roles showing the best of the best performing in one of the greatest nights in WWE history, Wrestlemania Twenty!!

The fireworks explode and pulsate through the arena and it’s time for RAW!!

JR: We are live in Detroit after one of the greatest, most amazing nights that I have ever experienced in the history of wrestling!! Hello folks, I’m ‘JR’ Jim Ross with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and King, what about last night!!

King: Well oh my god JR I don’t think words can describe it!! What a night, it was unbelievable!! But I can’t believe it JR, the Deadman is back, the Deadman is back!! Poor Kane did you see it JR, the Deadman!!

The highlights package roles of The Undertaker’s return and win against Kane in some eerie scenes that chilled the Garden.

JR: Yes King that was just one of the many shocks from last night. We also saw Eddie Guerrero retain his WWE Title against Kurt Angle, Trish betrayed Chris Jericho and the Rock ‘N Sock Connection was defeated by Evolution after the ‘legend killer’ Randy Orton RKO’d Foley and pinned him for the win. And don’t forget, after eighteen years of sacrifice and eighteen years of never giving up, Chris Benoit finally achieved his dream, made Triple H tap out to the Crippler Crossface and won the World Heavyweight Championship at the Garden on the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlemania Twenty.

‘No Chance, that’s what ‘ya got!!’ The CEO of the WWE Vincent Kennedy McMahon makes his way down to the ring with a briefcase, a clipboard whilst receiving some loud boos from the packed out stadium.

King: It’s Mr. McMahon!!! Yaaay Mr. McMahon!!!

JR: Now what the hell does he want?

King: Oh come on JR be nice, he is your boss.

Vince: I know, I know you’re all probably wondering what the hell I’m doing out here……

The crowd ROARS!!!

Vince: Alright!! Well I’m not gonna take up to much of your time I’ve just got a couple of rather large announcements that I’d like to make. But I can’t make that announcement unless I get some people down to the ring with me, so they can come on out now.

Several WWE superstars come down to the ring including Eddie Guerrero, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, John Cena, Billy Gunn, A-Train and Matt Morgan.

JR: Hey wait a minute, what’s ‘goin on here? These are all Smackdown superstars!!!

King: Hey JR, you’re right!!

JR: Now what’s this about? What is Vince McMahon up to?

Vince: Now the first announcement I’d like to make concerns all of the Cruiserweights and Women superstars on either roster. For all of you superstars the roster split is over!!! The Cruiserweight and Women’s Championship may be decided on either show and it can be defended on either show!!

The Smackdown superstars in the ring applaud and seem to approve of this announcement.

Vince: Now the next announcement concerns what I’ve got in this briefcase here. With the roster split as it is there are obviously two champions, the World Heavyweight Champion and the WWE Champion. Now if you are either one of these Champions you must be pretty damn good and you are on top of your respective brand, you are the one being chased by all the other superstars on your brand. But how would it feel being chased by the whole of the WWE? For a long time now it has been argued which is the better brand? Who is the better champion? Well there’s only one way to find that out.

McMahon opens the briefcase reveals a glittering new belt and holds it up to the crowd.

Vince: This is the new pinnacle in the WWE and the world of wrestling!! This is the WWE Undisputed Wrestling Championship!!!!

The crowd is stunned but they like it and give off some shocked cheers.

Vince: This will be the most sought after and coveted prize in wrestling. Every WWE superstar will give their soul just to get a shot at this title and only twice a year at Wrestlemania and the reinstated King of the Ring pay-per-view will this be decided!!!! If of course the current champion loses their brand title the WWE Wrestling Championship will be fought out between the new brand champion and the other brand champion on the next house show!!!

The crowd loves it and yells like made for the new top honour in the WWE.

Vince: Yes, and by now you’ve all probably noticed that these are Smackdown superstars or that is, they were. You see earlier this afternoon after the WWE’s single greatest night, the board of directors and I all had a meeting concerning the future of the company. And we all agreed that tonight, effective immediately there would be all new rosters!!

JR: What the hell? New rosters??

Vince: And all of these superstars now belong to the new WWE show, called FURY!!!

The crowd gives off some cheers for the new FURY superstars.

Vince: That’s right Fury, we need a whole new image for the WWE and Smackdown is no longer Smackdown. The second WWE show is WWE AGGRESSION!!! But common sense would tell you that nothing is quite that simple. Now with several Aggression superstars coming to the new Fury then obviously Aggression must gain some superstars of its own.


Vince: So the following superstars names that I read out will be required to pack their bags and leave the arena because they are now WWE Aggression superstars………………..Mark Henry….Rodney Mack….Garrison Cade…..Mark Jindrak…..Maven......Lance Storm…….Booker T……...Rob Van Dam……………Christian…………………Chris Jericho……………………….Shawn Michaels………………………….Chris Benoit…………………………………………and Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!!!


King: Oh my god!!! Stone Cold!!! Benoit!! They’re going to Aggression!!!!!

Booooo!!!! The crowd is going off!!!!

Vince: So as you can see, the WWE has had a major shakeup. Because of Benoit and Eddie Guerrero swapping shows they will consequently swap titles. Now tonight, in a historic match, it will be the now World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Guerrero…………..facing the current WWE Champion Chris Benoit for the WWE Undisputed Wrestling Championship!!!!

WOW!!! The crowd is shocked but excited and happy with the prospect of seeing this scintillating matchup!!!

JR: Oh my god!!! The Undisputed Wrestling Championship up for grabs tonight!!! Between two best friends!!! This is amazing!!!!


JR and King recap the announcements and what just happened before the break.

John Cena is approached by Terri backstage and asked how he feels being on Fury……..

Cena says he’s pissed that he got stripped of his US title but says that he’s going to make his mark on RAW. Cena says he’s gona take Orton’s Intercontinental title because Eric Bischoff has already granted him a title shot, tonight!!!!

A-Train’s music hits and it’s time for him to have his debut Fury match. ‘It’s time to play the Game!!!’ Triple H’s music rocks through the arena as The Game gets into the ring looking in an extra pissed off mood. A-Train gets on the mic and asks Triple H is his opponent seeing no one told him who he was wrestling tonight. Triple H says no and tells A-Train to get out of the ring, which A-Train does after contemplating for a few seconds. The Game starts complaining about both Benoit and Michaels going to Aggression and him not being able to get a rematch, or not being in tonight’s main event. Trips says that everyone knows he should be the first ever Undisputed Wrestling Champion and it’s a joke because he’s not even in the damn match!!

‘You think you know me!!’ The familiar music of Rob Zombie plays through the arena and it couldn’t be!!! It is……..It’s EDGE!!!! Edge is here!!! Edge is back!!!! After a year on the sidelines because of a career threatening injury, Edge makes his way down to the ring and the Edgeheads are going mad for their returning superstar!!!!

Triple H demands to know why Edge has come down here and interrupted him, who does he think he is?!! Edge tells Triple H that he’s interrupting Edge because it was him who was scheduled to wrestle A-Train, but, seeing you’re standing here……..WHACK!!! Edge slams Triple H’s head with a right hand and starts hammering away on The Game, HHH now comes back and their trading punches!!!! They break apart; Edge calls for Triple H to bring it but The Game backs away from Edge, slips out of the ring and slowly walks to the back!!!

Edge vs. A-Train

A-Train takes his opportunity by climbing back into the ring and hits Edge across the back of the head. A-Train hit a shoulder block and a backdrop but Edge quickly gets on top with a dropkick and then some snapping suplexes. Edge shows some amazing strength and slams A-Train down with an Electric Chair Drop which gets a 2.5 count. Edge tries to come off the top rope with a missile dropkick but it is avoided by Train who then plants Edge with a powerslam. A-Train comes at Edge with a clothesline which is ducked and Edge comes off the ropes with a diving elbow. A-Train powers out of an Edge headlock and hits a bodyslam on Edge. A-Train strikes away at Edge. Edge ducks a wild right hand and hits a suplex. A-Train is in trouble and takes another wild swing, its ducked……..Edgecution, 1……2.....3!!!! Edge wins in his WWE return match!!!

Winner: Edge

Triple H comes running down the aisle, and gets into the ring! Edge is ready though, and strikes first! Edge spins HHH around. Edge hits the Edgecution! Triple H has been left down on the canvas. The attempted ambush has backfired on The Game.


Eric Bischoff is with Jonathan Coachman and is approached by an irate Randy Orton complaining about his title defense against John Cena tonight. He says he’s not fit to wrestle after his triumphant win over Mick Foley and ‘Mr. Hollywood’ The Rock last night. Bischoff tells him to cop it so Orton just says that nobody can beat him anyway and he’s not worried about a punk like John Cena. Bischoff tells Coachman that seeing Tag Team Champions RVD and Booker T have gone to Aggression the titles are vacant so tonight it will be a Tag Team Turmoil match between The Dudleyz, The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Akio & Sakoda and Evolution!!!

Evolution’s music hits and ‘legend killer’ Randy Orton looks pretty confident after last night giving Mick Foley the RKO and pinning him to give Evolution victory at Wrestlemania Twenty. The Dr. of Thuganomics gets huge pops as he comes down to the ring as the challenger for this match.

Randy Orton(c) vs. John Cena- Intercontinental Championship

John Cena goes after Orton with right hands and knocks him to the mat. Now the Dr. of Thuganomics is stomping a mudhole on Orton in the corner, he’s fired up and the crowd love it!! John Cena misses a legdrop attempt after stalling too long. Orton hits a backdrop then places Cena in a reverse chin lock. Cena doesn’t give up and flips under Orton and turns it into a rollup, 1-2…….just two as Orton kicks out. Orton rocks John Cena’s head back with an uppercut and whips him from one corner to another. Orton charges at Cena in the corner but runs into a boot. Cena now tries to come off the second rope but is floored by a Randy Orton dropkick, pin, 1-2-Kickout!!! Orton isn’t happy but now goes up to the top rope. Cross body off the top rope!!! No!! It’s reversed into a body slam, 1-2……No!!! Man that was close, but Randy Orton is not going to give up his title easily. Orton is suplexed to the mat and now Cena looks for the FU. Orton staggers to his feet; he goes for it but no!! Orton turned it into a neckbreaker, it could be over….1…………2………..WOW!! He just kicked out!!! Orton taunts the crowd and calls for Cena to get up, RK-NO Cena shoves Orton into the ropes and then the back elbow connects!! Cena is up top but OUCH!! Orton shoved the referee into the ropes and made Cena overbalance falling and straddling the top turnbuckle. Wait a minute, FOLEY!!! Mick Foley’s walking down the ramp and Orton’s seen him. Orton yells at Foley whose standing just outside the ring daring Orton to come after him. Foley’s pleading for Orton to come after him, Orton goes for a vaulting body press to the outside and nails Foley in an awesome maneuver. Orton gets up and laughs at Foley on the ground and climbs back in the ring…………FU!!!!!! 1…………..2………………3!!!! It’s over!! John Cena pinned Orton!! Cena’s is the Intercontinental Champion!!!!

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: John Cena

John Cena celebrates his Intercontinental Championship win and Foley lifts his head off the floor and gives a crazy looking smile to the fallen Orton.

Kane is shown walking backstage with a very worried and anxious expression on his face. He seems to be worried about the Undertaker and he stops dead when he sees someone wearing a black hooded cloak, Kane is freaked and spins the hooded person around expecting to see the Deadman……..but it’s only Matt Morgan. ‘Oh!! Hey Kane do you like what I picked up at the merchandise store, it’s the Undertaker’s cloak!!!’ Kane goes crazy and beats the hell out of Morgan slamming him into a wall throws him through a door and then picks him up and chokeslams him onto the concrete floor!!! Morgan is unconscious on the ground with blood trickling from a cut above his eye!!

Tag Team Turmoil- World Tag Team Championships
The Dudleyz vs. WGTT vs. Akio-Sakoda vs. Evolution

Charlie Haas takes a right hand to the temple from D-Von and an early powerslam from D-Von Dudley on Haas. There’s a blind tag between D-Von and Ric Flair. Flair is in and starts hitting those famous, stinging chops on Charlie Haas. Ric Flair hits another couple of hard chops that leave Haas holding his red chest. Flair rakes the eyes and now tags out to Batista. Batista knees to Charlie Haas’ gut and he’s taking a lot of punishment in this match. Batista slams Haas down with a Body Press. Batista takes a swing at Bubba Ray on the apron but it’s ducked and Batista’s neck is bounced off the top rope. Flair is back in and tries to go after Bubba Ray but the referee interrupts and sends him back to his corner. Haas ducks a wild right hand from Batista and finally tags Shelton Benjamin. An arm drag and then Fireman carry by Shelton Benjamin, Batista comes at Shelton again and gets rolled up, 1 - 2- 3, Shelton defeats Batista!! Akio is quickly in and hits a right hand on Shelton Benjamin. Tornado DDT from Akio onto Shelton. Cover, but there's a last second kick-out and Sakoda is tagged in. Akio and Sakoda whip Shelton into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. The pinfall attempt gets a 2.9!! Shelton Benjamin elbows Sakoda in the face to break a headlock. There’s another blind tag this time between Benjamin and Bubba Ray Dudley. Flying shoulder tackle by Bubba sends Sakoda to the mat and then a backdrop, Sakoda is down and hurt. Tag between Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley. The Dudley Boyz whip Sakoda into the ropes and hit a double back elbow D-Von Dudley pins Sakoda but only gets two. D-Von Dudley strikes Charlie Haas off the apron, wait, rollup by Sakoda, 1-2-3!! The Dudleyz are out!!! Haas is in and downs Sakoda with a clothesline. Sakoda now reverses a sleeper hold with a mule kick and tags in Akio. Haas takes a flying neckbreaker from Akio and then a spinning bulldog in the corner, Haas is down but there's only a two count on the pin. Akio tags out to Sakoda again and he hits a bulldog off the ropes. Haas powers out of a headlock and makes the tag to Benjamin. Benjamin hits another arm drag into an armbar. Whip out of the armbar off the ropes but Sakoda is down again from a spinning heel kick. Cover, but there's a last second kick-out. Big backdrop on Sakoda, executed well. Sakoda counters a wrist lock with an elbow to the side of the head and then hip throws Benjamin. Benjamin gets up and is hit with a Samurai Driver that shook the ring!!! 1....2....3!!

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: Akio-Sakoda

Chris Benoit is in the locker room warming up for his match and is approached backstage by Eddie Guerrero. The two superstars stare at each other for a few seconds as these two friends are about to do battle in the biggest matches of their careers.

Eddie: Hey Chris

Benoit: Hey Eddie

Eddie: So how are you feeling? I mean, are you nervous??

Benoit: Nervous about what?

Eddie: Oh c’mon essay!! This is the biggest match of our lives homes!!! We have to wrestle against each other and you’re telling me you’re not nervous man?

Benoit: Hey, I am nervous ok, I feel sick to my stomach. I mean, you and me have been friends for years, and in possibly the greatest opportunity we’re ever gona get we have to do battle against each other.

Eddie: I know man.

Benoit: But Eddie, there can only be one winner, and I’ll be ‘doin my damdest, I’ll be giving my heart and soul to this match and it doesn’t matter who I’m facing in the other corner, get it?

Eddie: Hey, I get it man!!! Friendships are out the window, loyalty is gone man!!! But hey, when the match is over nothing changes. I am still the same to you as you are to me, forever. Whoever the winner is and whoever’s hand gets raised, I’m glad that’s it’s one of us who’s gona go down in history.

Benoit: You’re damn right.

The two superstars shake hands as the camera goes to a commercial.


WWE Undisputed Wrestling Championship
Eddie Guerrero v Chris Benoit

The two superstars dance around the ring before locking it up. Benoit pushes Eddie into the corner but the referee forces them to break. They lock up again and Eddie this time wins the test of strength by pushing Benoit to the mat. Benoit is back on his feet and the tension is obvious in this match. They move in again but Benoit kicks Guerrero in the mid section before they tie it up. Now Benoit hits some stiff chops that light up Guerrero. Eddie is whipped into the ropes and Benoit hits a back elbow and then puts Guerrero in a chin lock. Eddie is quickly up and out of the move but is again kicked in the stomach by Benoit. Benoit comes off the ropes but Eddie hits an arm drag and locks in an armbar. Chris Benoit rolls out of the move and gives Eddie another hard chop. Eddie takes a swing at Benoit but misses, German suplex by Benoit!! That hurt Eddie and Benoit’s looking on top at this stage. Benoit goes for a belly to belly suplex but it’s turned into a rollup, 1-2-Benoit just avoided the three. Guerrero advances at Benoit but is kicked to the stomach again and suplexed to the mat. Benoit hooks the leg for a two count. Benoit whips Eddie into the ropes and flips him onto his back and goes for the sharpshooter!!! Guerrero’s trying to avoid the move, Benoit can’t lock it in and Eddie kicks Benoit away. Benoit avoids a clothesline and wraps his arms around Eddie’s waist for another German suplex but Eddie hooks his leg up with Benoit’s and goes for the small package, 1……2……..OH so close for Eddie he nearly stole the win. Both men are on their feet and Eddie whips Benoit into the ropes, Benoit goes for an elbow attack but Eddie ducks and he hits the referee!!! The referee is down but Eddie gets Benoit to his feet and hits his own vicious chop that echoes through the building. Eddie hits the snap suplex, spins onto his feet still holding onto Benoit and hits another!!! And he does it again!!! Three suplexes by Guerrero to Benoit in a row!! Benoit is down and Latino Heat goes up top, Frog Splash!! WHAM!!! Eddie connected with the canvas as Benoit rolled out of the way!! Benoit’s seen his opportunity; he scampers over to Eddie and locks in the sharpshooter!!! Eddie’s screaming in pain!!! He’s gona tap Eddie can’t take it!! He’s Screaming!!! WHAT!?! SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! HBK just came from nowhere and nails Benoit with sweet chin music!! He nearly knocked his head off his shoulders!! Benoit is knocked out and Eddie’s crawling over to make the cover, it can’t happen this way!!! The Game!! It’s The Game!! Triple H pulls Guerrero off Benoit…..PEDIGREE!!! He pulls Benoit onto Guerrero, then he stops, wait he just rolled Benoit off Guerrero and now he’s putting Eddie back on top of Benoit!!!! Triple H rolls out of the ring and the referee crawls over to make the count, 1...........2................3!!!!!

Winner and new WWE Undisputed Wrestling Champion: Eddie Guerrero

IT’S OVER!!!! EDDIE GUERRERO HAS DONE IT!!! GUERRERO IS WWE UNDISPUTED WRESTLING CHAMPION!!! But why did Triple H change his mind!!? Eddie Guerrero holds the belt to his heart and is crying in celebration as the confetti falls and WWE Fury goes off the air!!!!

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ummm tell me when this is based cause Jericho will always be the first Undisputed champ.... other than that great chow Cabs... looking froward to seeing the rest.

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haha thanks guys for letting me no bout those mistakes, easy on me bout summerslam tho because in Australia our summer is dec,jan,feb so i got mixed up lol.

XIX was just a typo and i've changed it to XXI.

Ur rite bout Y2J but i did think about that and it's a different title with a different name, even tho it pretty much is the same. But i've still changed it 4ya.


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Ok, here are the official rosters before the second show, and the very first WWE Aggression!!

Eric Bischoff
Triple H
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Mick Foley
Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Sean O’Haire
Matt Hardy
Billy Gunn
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Bubba Ray
Renee Dupree
Rob Conway
Sylvian Grenier
Val Venis
Matt Morgan
Jonathan Coachman
Jim Ross
Jerry Lawler
Scott Steiner
Steven Richards

Paul Heyman
Chris Benoit
Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels
The Undertaker
Big Show
Chris Jericho
Rob Van Dam
Booker T
Lance Storm
Mark Jindrak
Garrison Cade
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Johnny Stamboli
Chuck Palumbo
Hardcore Holly
Orlando Jordan
Stone Cold
Michael Cole
Mark Henry
Rodney Mack
Theodore Long

and don't forget, in my best damn WWE ever booked, the cruiserweights and Women can appear on either show.

Shannon Moore
The Hurricane
Ultimo Dragon
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Chavo Guerrero
Billy Kidman
Jamie Noble
Tommy Dreamer
Spike Dudley

Torrie Wilson
Stacey Keibler
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Miss Jackie
Dawn Marie
Gail Kim
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