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Here is my take with all of the news recently surrounding The Batman which debuts June 2021.

1. Jonah Hill as The Riddler

To simply be honest Jim Carrey played The Riddler in Batman Forever, and he is a stand up comic who is known for comedy.

Jonah Hill is a man who I believe won an Oscar (or maybe just was nominated), something to The Riddler that Jim Carrey didn't. And like Carrey, Hill got his start in comedy making us laugh in hilarious comedies.

Just like Jim Carrey.

Do anyone see the point I am trying to make?

2. Getting Jeffrey Wright to play Commissioner Gordon

I think he will do a good job, though I do not feel it is a smart move financially to change over 80 years of history since Gordon simply is a white dude with a mustache. Changing this is probably not the smartest thing you can do, since it is ingrained in our minds of who Gordon is. An old tired white haired dude with a mustache.

James Woods as Commissioner Gordon would knock it out of the park methinks.

3. Robert Pattinson as Batman

Well considering 49% of people do not think he will pull it off has me concerned. When he is down and moody, will people have flashbacks of Edward Cullen from that abominable Twilight series?

He always struck me as a roto type. Pass the blunt please!

Either it will have a Spider-Man homecoming vibe? Where Zendaya is accepted (even though she didn't do as well as she should have) by the masses, or Flash Thompson is changed into an Indian dude, and it's accepted, or it could have a Fantastic 4 vibe?

Michael B. Jordan anyone? Where the fans are so irate you changed 80 years of history.

Making Catwoman or Batgirl a person of color is also not a smart move, since Halle Berry played her, and that film completely bombed!

Make her a Latina instead. For one I always thought Catwoman was Latina anyways. Can you imagine her when she rolls her r's as she says puuuurrrrfect!

I think sometimes casting different races is a good idea, but to put it simply, the intent is not to find the best actor that is suited for the job in looks, and skill- oh no! The intent is to simply find a person of color that will simply...do. Since this has been done so many times with changing races, and the acting is just plain bad.

Case in point Zendaya as MJ. A grumpy I am a millennial woman hear me roar no man is good enough for me type.

It is not done in the right way. It is done to be progressive, I get it, but also it is done for charity. See, we have a person of color in this film, and see, it shows we're not racist.

Now, there is not a racist bone in my body, but I do believe it is at times done for charity.

It should be done at times, but it should be done with the right intention.

Earth Kitt as Catwoman?

Love it!

Billy Dee Williams (at least I think that's his name) as Harvey Dent?

Love it!

Denzel Washington as Magneto?

I'm sure he'll be great!

Shows that displayed people of different ethnic backgrounds were Sesame Street and Star Trek Voyager to name a few.

It worked well on Sesame Street because it established itself as that. And it worked on Voyager because they could act and they all have great rapport with the characters. It was about the characters and not serving their own ego about who they are. They were great because they were the character, but it could be possible that when Catwoman, or Batgirl is cast, people will think yeah, maybe she did the job, but that's not the character. That is what people will think. You have to make people believe you.

Case in point Deadshot and Killer Croc were both black. They spoke and acted like African American men. But what it the actual character like? They missed many opportunities of exploring the actual character by changing their race.

Zendaya failed on many aspects in the Spider-Man films. And it makes me wonder what Peter sees in her. Ned was great! Tom was great! But grumpy haughty Zendaya? No thanks. I'm afraid that might happen in this Batman film.

They will talk about civil rights, and slavery and how it's wrong (which everyone already knows). This was touched on in Homecoming, and I felt it was unnecessary to the overall plot.

There are changes made with the character, the attitude, and the overall mood changes when you do these things.

Sometimes it works.

Sometimes it doesn't.

I just hope the film is good however because I love Batman, and it's great to be around people who love him as well.
The actor who portrays Flash in those MCU Spider-Man movies is Guatemalan, not Indian.

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Yeah but they've done this before with roles they knew they had something specific in mind for. It's just to cover their asses. As I said earlier, no Latina was ever an option. :shrug
I mean that's purely speculation. I did read that Zoe was his top choice from the start, but there was a hold-up because WB was worried about her Fantastic Beasts role causing a scheduling conflict. So maybe he wouldn't have bothered with the others if not for that, I dunno.

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They can make Batman a woman for all I care. There have been so many adaptations and reboots of Batman that they can change whatever they want. West's version had Bat Shark Repellent, while Affleck's version of Batman was a fucking murderer.

All I ask is that they make an actually fun movie.

If their new black Catwoman is fun, then cool. If she sucks, then that sucks. I'm not going to get butthurt about her race.

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God dammit just pay Christian Bale stupid money and get him back as Batman.

The least charismatic and most boring Batman? It's a no from me, dawg. And Christian Bale probably my favorite actor but he didn't take Batguy that seriously. Going off of Exodus and Terminator Salvation, he never takes the Blockbuster/Action movie roles seriously. He was dry as hell as Batman and he's too old for this version

More notes:

I like Jonah Hill, he'd have been a good ass Penguin. Only issue is that I really never cared for the Penguin. Riddler, I'm less convinced he was right for that part, if that's real.

Jeffrey Wright as Gordon is the best casting choice I've heard. He'll probably be the best version of Gordon we've ever seen - I think Jeffrey Wright is that good.

As far as people complaining about "raceswapping" - it's pure racism. There's no narrative reason that Gordon HAS to be white. There's no narrative reason that any of the characters has to be white. He's not a nazi. He's not a racist cop abusing his power against black Gothamites. There's no narrative reason, within the context of the fictional world, that his race has ever had to come into play. People who cry over that stuff are always making pure white supremacist arguments, y'all feel some type of way about the hierarchy being tweaked, nuff said. Time to get over it though. Similar to how Samuel L Jackson took that Nick Fury shit and made it more iconic than it ever would've been, Jeffrey Wright will knock Gordon out of the park and there ain't a damn thing y'all can do about it. Ditto for all the other roles going to people of color


People who doubt Robert Pattinson - such foolishness. He's got a strong jawline, moody eyes and he's an excellent, underrated actor. He'll be a great Batman. I don't care about public opinion prior to the movie because EVERYONE thought Heath Ledger would be a TERRIBLE Joker because he was known for Brokeback Mountain. So opinion polls don't mean a lick of dirt. Pattinson was an unexpected and therefore interesting choice. Once people get over the fact that they didn't see it coming, you realize he checks all of the Batman boxes on paper

I hope this Batman movie is more on the Joker end of the spectrum than the Justice League. Lil bit more grounded, lil bit more artsy fartsy

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'The Batman' Casts Paul Dano as The Riddler

Matt Reeves has found his Riddler for The Batman. Paul Dano has joined the film as the classic villain, Warner Bros. announced Thursday.

Dano's version of the character will be named Edward Nashton, a departure from the comic books in which he goes by the name Edward Nygma. Frank Gorshin and John Astin played the villain in the 1960s TV series, while Jim Carrey played him in 1995’s Batman Forever, directed by Joel Schumacher.

Robert Pattinson is starring in The Batman, with Zoe Kravitz to play Catwoman and Jeffrey Wright on board as Batman ally Commissioner Gordon. Jonah Hill was at one point eyeing a role in the film as either Riddler or The Penguin, but the deal did not come to fruition.

Created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, the Riddler — AKA Edward Nygma, or “E. Nigma” for people who didn’t make the connection — is a supervillain who aims to challenge Batman in a battle of wits, leaving clues and riddles for the world’s greatest detective to solve in order to catch him. Since debuting in 1948’s Detective Comics No. 140, he’s gone on to become one of the most high profile Bat-villains, appearing in movies, cartoons and video games across the past seven decades, stretching his question mark-ridden gimmick as far as it could go and then some, including spending some years as a good guy when he realized that it was just as much fun to solve crimes as it was to commit them.

Dano was recently nominated for an Emmy for his role in Escape at Dannemora. Dano directed, co-wrote and produced the critically-acclaimed film Wildlife. His film credits include Love and Mercy, Prisoners, 12 Years a Slave, There Will Be Blood, Youth and Okja, amongst others.

Source: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/batman-casts-paul-dano-as-riddler-1248494
I'm happy they chose The Riddler as the villain in the first movie of this new Batman series. I want to see "The World's Greatest Detective" challenged and fighting crime like never before on the big screen. I think we will see that with The Riddler as The Batman's first adversary.

People may cringe at Jim Carrey's campy performance as The Riddler in Batman Forever but I always found it entertaining.

Paul Dano's Riddler will be a more cerebral take no doubt.
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