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The Artistic Works of the WWE; Specifically Smackdown and the Beauty of the WHC

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From the words of Damien Sandow;
"Allow me to beg your indulgence for one moment."

You simple minded people do not understand the artistic beauty behind the current booking situation that Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus are in with their defining of the World Heavyweight Championship.

If you bothered to clean the faeces out of your eyes, you may be able to see the visionary and influential story that is behind this so called "common feud".

Let me talk.

Alberto Del Rio is the somewhat typical snobby, rich aristocrat, who can simply buy-out anything he wants in life, as shown by his vignettes previous to his debut, the cars he drives into the arena each night he wrestles, and his personal on-again off-again slave-esque 'ring announcer'. But there is more to his seemingly basic gimmick within this feud that you simple ignoramus' have yet to notice.

Sheamus is as you would all call, the generic Superman babyface character that many people are 'essentially forced' to love, as shown by his inability to be easily defeated, his continuous title retains, and his small array of signature moves. However, I, a more intellectual fellow, consider him much different to what the childish-minded hillbillies think.

The story is a modern, wrestling variation of the basic "overcoming the odds" story.

A rich and lucky aristocrat who has lived his life in perfection and harmony, via buying everything he has always needed, and even wanted, must work his way to become the proverbial 'top dog'; where he must defeat the typical man who has overcome the odds in his life; from seeing his uncle kick his cousins arse for drinking more than the legal limit of 6 beers at the age of 12 (in Ireland, trust me, I know these things. I'm more intellectual than you), and overcoming his fear of the sun (slightly), to rising above hate - defeating the long-standing Superman of the WWE in John Cena and becoming the champion, all the way to defeating and proverbially, as you would say, 'burying the entire (heel) roster', and becoming the eighth longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion of all time.

Mr. Del Rio clearly has trouble defeating the man who has worked hard his entire life, for this man had earned his status in life, whereas Del Rio had barely earned a thing in his own.

And there you are, my simple minded colleagues. The story of Alberto Del Rio, attempting to overtake the Goliath Sheamus.
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Expected it to be funnier tbh. 6.5/10
I see. The feud bored you so much that you had to resort to fantasy booking. None of what you speak is reflected in their "story". There's barely any "story" at all. I guess the matches tell their story and apparently it's Sheamus > Del Rio.
Expected it to be funnier tbh. 6.5/10
It's harder than I originally thought. :(
This couldn't go in the other thread why?
Something of epic proportions like this needs general recognition of all that visit the subforum of Smackdown, not just the other thread. ;)
Your pic distracted me and almost make me not want to read your stuff, but it wasn't bad.
I'm still trying to figure out if the picture is a feminine boy or a butch girl.
And pikatoise is gone, why?
Who would have thunk that behind a hip hop looking avatar and sig is a emo girl(?)
I dunno how I feel about Pokemon's new gimmick...
Oxitron, buddy, this was a certainly different read, but I think that this is the first thread of yours that I don't like. :S

I'm still trying to figure out if the picture is a feminine boy or a butch girl.
Indeed, it must be cheap heat like Miz faux hawk and Sandow pink ring gear... he should keep it and put more those style of pics instead of putting one of ADR that would fit more with the thread.
I can't help but wonder if the OP's boyfriend ever tries to put his dick in the ear gauges.

As for the idea behind the post, I didn't like it.
Come on guys, that isn't me.
I just googled a hipster and chose the most hate-able image!
That...might....makes sense if we cared about either wrestler. But we don't so it's really meaningless.
I dunno how I feel about Pokemon's new gimmick...
Hey, wait what?
And the pic was there why?
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