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Yes, I am referring to the comic relief stable that Santino unveiled some time in early 2011, consisting of him, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Evan Bourne. It was basically WWE just throwing all the guys they weren't using out there with Santino in order to fill out an 8-man tag match.

Little did we know that creative had plans for every single one of them. They would all go on to win a championship in the next year, with two of them becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

As long as they all turned heel on their leader Santino, I could see a DB, Mark Henry and Bourne stable. They'd be about as versatile as it gets in the ring.

Where was their "RAW 1000" reunion? :sad:

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They couldn't have a "reunion" for a few reasons:

1. Mark Henry is injured, and even if he wasn't, he's a heel.
2. Daniel Bryan is also a heel.
3. Evan Bourne is also injured.

Besides, what would be the point of a reunion in the first place since the stable only lasted for one night?
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