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Hey guys I’ve wanted to do one of these for ages but I’ve never felt like it’s been the right time until now. I think this current era is perfect for one of these projects so I am enthusiastic about succeeding, and hopefully being inducted into the Hall of Fame ( I kid I kid). I’m going to run things how I want them and I don’t really think I need to explain it to anyone because it’s my BTB i.e. severe cuts to roster, brand split is over. I don’t really have any impressive graphics or anything, so maybe if someone is impressed with my work they would be willing to make some for me. Also I don’t have a fancy back-story involving Paul Heyman booking a new company owned by Shane McMahon and starring Chris Jericho. Instead I’ll give you the roster, the champions and the results of the last PPV ‘Vengeance’ and we will go from there. I write to entertain so even if I entertain one reader or put a smile on one other persons face then it would have all been worth it. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading.


Alberto Del Rio

Beth Pheonix

Big Show


CM Punk

Cody Rhodes

Curt Hawkins

Daniel Bryan

Dolph Ziggler

Drew McIntrye

Evan Bourne

Heath Slater

Jack Swagger

Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso

John Cena

Justin Gabriel


Kelly Kelly

Kofi Kingston


Mark Henry


The Miz



Randy Orton

Rosa Mendes



Skip Sheffield

Ted DiBiase

The Undertaker

Wade Barrett

Zack Ryder


Jerry Lawler
Michael Cole
Josh Matthews (backstage interviewer)

Booker T
Josh Matthews
Michael Cole
Matt Striker (backstage interviewer)

Tag Team/Stables

Air Boom (Evan Bourne/Kofi Kingston)
Awesome Truth Coalition (Christian/The Miz/R-Truth)
The Browskis (Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder)
The Clique (Kevin Nash/Triple H)
From United Kingdom (F.U.K) (Drew McIntrye/Wade Barrett)
The Uso's (Jey Uso/Jimmy Uso)


WWE Championship

Current Champion: Alberto Del Rio

World Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Mark Henry

WWE Tag Team Championship

Current Champion: Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth)

Intercontinental Championship

Current Champion: Cody Rhodes

United States Championship

Current Champion: Dolph Ziggler

WWE Divas Championship

Current Champion: Beth Pheonix

Upcoming PPV: Survivor Series


Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena and CM Punk in a ‘Final Chance’ Match to win the Undisputed WWE Championship when he pinned Punk after a Pedigree by Triple H. Due to stipulations the two losers would not be able to challenge for a World Title until WM 28.

Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton in a ‘Last Man Standing’ Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in a ‘5 Pack Challenge’ to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Sheamus defeated Christian.

Beth Pheonix defeated Kelly Kelly to win the WWE Diva’s Championship.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Jack Swagger to retain the United States Championship when Vickie Guerrero interfered on behalf of Ziggler.

Awsome Truth defeated Air Boom, The Uso’s and F.U.K (Barrett and McIntrye) to win the WWE Tag Team Championship in a Tag Team Turmoil Match when The Miz pinned Jey Uso.

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I don't really know how to feel about this right now. It's interesting that you removed the brand split, and your roster looks pretty solid, but I dunno, it just hasn't really made me buzz. I think it's the lack of any real back story or anything regarding anyone or anything going on in your "alternate WWE". One thing I wish you would have done was have Slater and Gabriel stay as a tag team, but that's the only complaint I have right now, other then it just being kind of vanilla. That said, I will stick around and read your first show, and hope that it's a bit more exciting. Looking forward to it.

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Monday Night Raw
24th October
New Orleans Arena, Louisiana

We are welcomed to Raw by JR who is standing in the middle of the ring. He says last night was a huge Vengeance PPV, but nothing will compare to Survivor Series in 4 weeks time. He says at Survivor Series there will be two huge main events, firstly Team Triple H against Team Punk, and secondly Team Cena against Team Rock. He says that the combinations of those teams still have yet to be announced, but we can expect some formal team announcements tonight! JR adds that we will hear from all four team captains tonight!CM Punk comes outs to a decent reaction as he still sports the battle wounds from last night. Punk is livid that Triple H cost him the match him last night, and as per stipulation also cost him the right to challenge for a World Title until Wrestlemania. Punk says that Triple H has finally shown his true colours last night, when he was revealed to be behind the conspiracy. Punk has had enough and wants this whole thing to be over; Punk says that if CM Punks team beats Team Triple H he wants Triple H to stand down as COO of the WWE, that is if Triple H can make that decision by himself.

Triple H's familiar music hits to a chorus of boos as he is accompanied by Kevin Nash. They choose to stay up on the entrance ramp instead of coming into the ring with Punk. Triple H and Nash laugh about how dumb everyone was to think that Triple H wasn’t behind it from the beginning. He says the Clique has been reformed but just need some new members. Triple H says he will agree to Punk’s stipulation on the condition that Punk agrees on Triple H’s stipulation; that if Team Triple H wins then Punk joins the Clique! Triple H says he doesn’t mean some half hearted membership, but a fully blown membership. Punk asks the crowd should he risk his integrity by joining the Clique as a consequence of possibly ridding the WWE of Triple H. The crowd resoundingly agree, so Punk agrees.

WWE Tag Team Champions Awesome Truth (R-Truth and The Miz) defeated Air Boom (Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston) to retain their titles.

Match Note; A miscommunication between Bourne and Kingston towards the end of the match when Bourne was climbing the rope for Air Bourne Kingston tried to tag in. The confusion led to The Miz rolling Bourne up for the win.

Backstage w/ Josh Matthews: Jack Swagger says that he is still angry how he got played by that absolute ‘pig’ Vickie Guerrero last night at Vengeance. He says she has been using for the last couple of months to ensure that Dolph Ziggler retains the United States Championship, he says that if Ziggler has any dignity he will come out tonight and face him like a man. Not in a wrestling match but in a fight. Swagger says probably won’t happen because Vickie is the one with the balls in that relationship.

Lockeroom:The Miz and R-Truth are celebrating their title defence with their Awesome Truth Coalition buddy Christian. Christian says he was so overwhelmed last night with their win that he wasn’t thinking straight in his loss to Sheamus, but he says the point is that they are Tag Team Champions The Miz says they will go down as the must see Tag Team Champions of all time.

Triple H walks in to the room, and the ATC don’t look too happy to see him. R-Truth says he knew it was a conspiracy all along, The Miz asks why did they get fired and then rehired, and Christian says why did Triple H costs him his World Title. The Miz says Triple H should give them one good reason why they shouldn’t beat him up right now. Triple H says he knows he was going to receive mixed feelings, but he wants them to understand it was all necessary. He says they aren’t worse off after everything they stand here at Champions, and despite them not being World Champions that will come much later. He says he has a proposition of the three of them. How would the Awesome Truth Coalition feel about joining the Clique? He says he doesn’t expect an answer now, but think of the benefits. A main event match at Survivor Series and an opportunity of the COO to do anything he can for them. They quickly deliberate and agree to join. Triple H says to get their stuff and to move from this lockeroom into ‘The Clique’ Lockerroom.

Wade Barrett and Drew McIntrye known as F.U.K are hanging out backstage when Skip Sheffield walks past. Barrett says goodluck to Sheffield in his return match. Barrett says that they are always looking for a new member to join. Sheffield laughs and says Barrett hasn’t had the best luck in running groups. Barrett says this would be different because they are all from the UK. Sheffield walks off.

Sheamus defeated Skip Sheffield via DQ

Match Note: F.U.K made their way to the announcers table during the match and made aware of their dislike of America. Sheffield was impressive during the match but Sheamus was too good and hit the Brogue kick on Sheffield. During the pinfall attempt F.U.K made their way into the ring hence the DQ and attacked Sheamus. During the 2 v 1 beatdown Sheffield regain his composure and joined in on the attack. Sheffield hit Sheamus with a powerful powerbomb and celebrated with his new F.U.K team mates.

World Heavyweight Championship Mark Henry is limping backstage as some employees congratulate him on his victory last night. Someone yells out Mark and it’s the distinctive voice of Randy Orton. Orton is in a wheelchair and slowly wheels himself to Henry. Orton says there is only thing he wanted to say, and it is obvious that Orton really is having a hard time saying it. He uses all his might to get out of the wheelchair and onto his own two feet and says that Henry was the better man. They shake hands and Henry says it means a lot to him. He says they tore the house down last night and were in one of the most hellacious matches of all time. Henry says people are starting to cheer for him, respect him and like him, he asks Orton how to cope with this. Orton smiles and says they can talk about it later. Orton says Henry needs to prepare for his match tonight.

Divas Lockeroom:WWE Divas Champion Beth Pheonix is with her DOD partner Natayla, they are celebrating Beth’s victory last night over Kelly Kelly and promise to keep the title in the hands of the DOD for a very very long time. Kelly Kelly walks in and says that she is enforcing her re-match clause this Friday on Smackdown. Natayla laughs at the former champion and says that it will be bittersweet when Beth retains her title.

Zack Ryder is in the ring and says his opponent is the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. He says normally he would be shit scared but tonight his excited. He welcomes Henry down to the ring who receives a mixed reception from the crowd. Henry moves very slowly still feeling the effects of last night’s Last Man Standing Match. Ryder says if he can beat Henry tonight, will Henry give him a title shot next week on Raw. Henry says he is a fighting champion and agrees to the stipulation, he says just so Ryder knows there will be a new entrant into the Hall of Pain tonight and his name is Zack Ryder.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry defeated Zack Ryder

Match Note: This match went for a considerable length as Ryder exploited Henrys injuries from last night. Additionally Curt Hawkins made several run-ins i.e. putting Ryders foot on the bottom rope to avoid a pinfall. Henry at the end hitting 3 Worlds Strongest Slam’s to slam his authority into the match. Ryder needed to be helped to the back by medical staff.

CM Punk makes his way down to the ring as he congratulates Henry. Henry is in no mood for talking as he watches Ryder get carried away. Henry asks Punk why he shouldn’t send him to the hospital right now. Punk says it took Henry 15 years to win the big one and why? Punk says there is a conspiracy that has always been against Henry from his stupid skits with Mae Young to having to smile and waste away in tag teams. Punk says that Triple H has always been envious of a person biggest and more ruthless than he is. Punk says Henry has impressive physique but not the bodybuilder type that the office likes; he mentions less talented men have reached the top way before Henry did. Punk says this is Henrys chance to gain redemption for the last 15 years. Henry grabs Punk and says that he has heard enough… at Survivor Series he will be on CM Punk's team and will help rid the WWE of Triple H.

Jack Swagger is in the middle of the ring and he calls out Ziggler. He says if Ziggler doesn’t come out it just proves that he is a coward, and that Vickie truly has the balls. Ziggler comes out with Vickie who is pleading with him to go back, but Ziggler says he has had enough and runs to the ring. Swagger and Ziggler brawl! Fist go flying as both men put their best shots onto each other, security and backstage personnel run out to separate them. They are split apart by a heap of people as Swagger breaks free and attacks Ziggler. Ziggler is able to body drop him over the top rope onto the ground and then proceeds to springboard onto him! Ziggler tries to smash Swagger with a chair but Swagger kicks the chair out of the hands. Swagger picks up Ziggler and powerbombs him through the announce table!

‘Mr MITB’ Daniel Bryan & Ted DiBiase defeated Heath Slater & Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

Match Note: Standard tag team match. Bryan kicked Rhodes during the match causing Rhodes to be bleeding from the mouth. Rhodes had to leave the match and was escorted by doctors as Bryan and DiBiase were able to double team Slater until he eventually submitted to Bryan.

CM Punk makes his familiar way down the to the ring, he says that he and Bryan have never really seen eye to eye, but what they have done is worked their arses off in the independent scene to get to the top of the WWE. He says they both are smaller than what the WWE likes but no one can beat their hearts. He says he has been doing this whole thing to encourage guys with big hearts never to give up their dreams. He says a guy like Daniel Bryan is a lot more talented than a guy like Kevin Nash, but Nash will always have more chances. Punk says it’s all BS. Punk says his the voice of the voiceless, but nothing is better than allowing the voiceless to stand up and be heard. He wants Bryan on his team at Survivor Series. Bryan smirks and instantly agrees and says that the Clique better be ready to tap or snap.

Backstage:CM Punk is on the phone to someone and seems to be being told off, and is clearly heard saying ‘you can do both’. Punk says ‘you’ve always hated Triple H this is your chance at redemption’. The person hangs up and Punk looks in despair.

Lockeroom:The WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is celebrating in his locker room with Riccardo and Rosa Mendes. Del Rio and Mendes are seen to be having a loving moment. Del Rio says he has learned a lot and his reign will be much longer than his previous reign. Rosa whispers something into his ear and he laughs it off. He says he beat them both last night and they are nothing more than dogs so why would he want to help them out. Del Rio says tonight is all about celebrating as he tells Riccardo to leave so he can celebrate with Rosa.

In the doctors room Zack Ryder is having trouble moving as the doctors are concern about his neck. Cody Rhodes is also lying next to Ryder and complaining about the lack of treatment on his behalf. Rhodes says he is a true champion and they need to stop this blood before he dies. The doctor says Ryder is the priority at the moment, this infuriates Rhodes. Rhodes vandalizes the doctors room and assaults the doctor. He pulls Ryder up and says that he is a true champion and not some fake internet champion… he hits the Cross Rhodes on the cement floor! Rhodes spits blood onto Ryder and leaves the room.

John Cena comes out a mixed reaction and accepts the mixed reaction. He says it is a much better reaction than what he thought he’d receive. He says at Survivor Series absolute everyone is going to be behind The Rock, no matter who is on Team Cena. He says enough with the surprises he says The ROCK IS HERE. This gets a huge pop from the crowd. John Cena says he wants to bring it tonight!The Rock makes his way out to a huge pop from the partisan crowd. The Rock does the usual catchphrases and he finally sees eye to eye with Cena. The Rock says he hates Cena with every bit of his body and cant wait for Wrestlemania. He says he can finally get his hands on him at Survivor Series! The Rock says when choosing a team for Survivor Series, it was difficult he didn’t want anyone from the current era who felt threatened by him. He says instead he needed to use people he could trust and get the job done. The Rock this takes him back to the last time he was in a Survivor Series Match in 2001 when he needed to rely on 4 other men to ensure he still had a job. He says they were Team WWF. He says they comprised of Kane, Big Show, Undertaker, himself and Chris Jericho and they defeated the Alliance to all keep their jobs. He says this is just an important fight to ensure everyone knows how fake Cena really is, and to show that no-one from this era can compete with The Rock or the attitude era. The Rock says he is better than Cena 10 years ago and he still is better than Cena.

Cena says he has beaten all those mentioned and isn’t fazed by the Alliance. He says all those guys are retired or injured or should be retired. Cena says he has still at the top of mountain for 6 years while the Rock did for 3-4 years at most. Cena says he is in career best form and cannot wait to finally beat the Rock. The Rock says he has been hearing Cena talk smack about him for long enough and says tonight he has brought it. The Rock rips off his shirt and throws his sunnies. The Rock and Cena face each other one-on-one. The Rock says he wants to introduce Cena to his team at Survivor Series… the former TEAM WWF!

Big Show and a masked Kane make their way through the crowd, and simultaneously a very different looking Undertaker in more casual clothing i.e. his American Badass days, walks down the ramp. They walk all enter the ring to huge pops as Cena is surrounded by four very dangerous people. Cena looks slightly intimidated but still has his microphone. Cena says he has found three partners for Survivor Series and is still searching for a final one. Cena says two of his partners Randy Orton and Sheamus have left the building already. But his other partner WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is still here and will make up the numbers. The Rock asks where is Del Rio. Cena says he doesn’t know but he will come down and be able to help take all of the Rocks team out! Backstage Riccardo knocks on Del Rio’s locker room and after a while Del Rio answers, he is told of what is happening but he appears to have Rosa’s underwear in his mouth. Del Rio says not tonight, and that Cena can take care of himself.

Cena’s expression changes when he sees this on the screen, as the Rock immediately hits the Rock Bottom on Cena. Kane and Big Show pick Cena up and hit a double chokeslam and the Undertaker hits a tombstone on Cena. The Undertaker now has a microphone and says that is the conscience of the WWE and that this date of destiny has been waiting to occur for 6 long years. The Rock hits a Peoples Elbow as the crowd goes crazy for this whole assault on Cena.

The Rock says he welcomes his teammates out of their sabbaticals, and says he appreciates Kane returning to the state he likes him being in. The Rock says the one noticeable absence is Chris Jericho… The Rock says that Jericho screwed him 10 years ago but he is willing to forgive and forget he wants Jericho to redeem himself. The Rock says the final spot is for Jericho, and he wants his answer next week on Raw!

The Rock says they brought it tonight, but it will be nothing compared to what goes down at Survivor Series in 4 weeks time. The show finishes with The Rock standing over a beaten and battered Cena, as Kanes pyro goes off and all three of the giants pose.
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