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Welcome to a new fed called the Alliance. I decided to do this because I have always wondered what wrestling would have been like if the Alliance won at Survivor Series 2001, of course I know it was just a storyline and the WWF was obviously gonna win, but still. The roster will be split into two groups, WCW and ECW. There will be two weekly shows WCW Monday Nitro and ECW Anarchy Rulz, and a monthly Pay-Per-View. Superstars are only allowed to be on a show if they are booked in a match, a champion or have a meeting with either Stephanie or Shane McMahon. The Alliance will be based in the UK.

The rosters are as follows:

Shane McMahon
Jim Ross
Booker T
Steve Austin
Diamond Dallas Page
Billy Kidman
Gregory Helms
Chris Kanyon
Mark Jindrak
William Regal
The Rock
Chris Benoit
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy

Stephanie McMahon
Paul Heyman
Rob Van Dam
Tommy Dreamer
Lance Storm
Mike Awesome
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Justin Credible
Steven Richards
Triple H
Chris Jericho

The champions are as follows:

World Wrestling Federation Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin

World Championship Wrestling Champion: Chris Jericho

WCW United States Champion: Kurt Angle

WCW Tag Team Champions: The Brothers of Destruction

WWF Hardcore Champion: Shane McMahon

WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman

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WCW Monday Nitro Live From Wembley Arena, London!

The pyro goes off as JR and Paul Heyman welcome you to the first ever Alliance TV show! Here Comes The Money hits and WCW Chairman Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring, Shane grabs a microphone and begins to talk. He talks about how his and Steph's dream of The Alliance becoming the dominant force in sports entertainment has finally come true and that tonight will be the greatest Nitro of all time!


Match One: Billy Kidman vs X-Pac (Non-title)

X-Pac takes early control of the match with some shots to head. Kidman recovers with a desperation crossbody. Both men are down. X-Pac delivers a Bronco Buster to Kidman. Kidman hits a Missile Dropkick from the top ropes and sets X-Pac up for the Shooting Star Press. Kidman goes for the Shooting Star Press, but X-Pac rolls out of the way! Kidman tries to Superkick X-Pac, but X-Pac catches his leg, spins him round, kicks him in the gut and hits the X-Factor! X-Pac gets the three count and wins the match.

Winner: X-Pac via Pinfall


Commercial Break


Backstage with Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin and Booker are talking about their Fatal Four-Way for the number one contendership match for the WCW Title with Chris Benoit and Triple H. Austin believes that as he is WWF Champion, and the best wrestler on the WCW roster Booker T should let him win the match. However, Booker believes that as he is a five time WCW Champion Austin should let him win the match becasue the WCW Title is nothing around someone elses waist. Shane McMahon then comes onto camera and believes that it doesn't matter which of you two win the match as long as Benoit or Triple H don't, because he says it would bring shame to his WCW brand if either of them two were in a title match.


Match Two: WCW Tag Team Titles Match - Brothers of Destruction (C)
vs Rob Van Dam & Tazz

Taker and RVD start off the match and Taker is right on the assault, as he pummels RVD with rights and lefts in the corner. Taker looks impressive with a one arm Vertical Suplex and some Snake Eyes onto the turnbuckle. RVD hits a desperation Spinning Wheel Kick on the Deadman. Taker and RVD both make the tag. Tazz stands up to Kane and stares him down, until Kane nails him with an Uppercut. Kane hits a Powerslam on Tazz and makes the cover, RVD tries to break up the count, but Taker pulls him away and out of the ring, luckily for RVD Tazz kicks out. Outside the ring the Deadman throws Mr Monday Night into the steel steps and the barricade leaving him out cold. Kane then makes the tag to the Undertaker who attempts to Tombstone Tazz, but the Human Suplex Machine counters it impressively into a German Suplex. Tazz goes for the three count and Undertaker kicks out with authority. RVD is still down outside the ring, this leaves Tazz open to a double team. Kane comes back in the ring and him and Undertaker deliver a sickening Double Chokeslam on Tazz and get the three count.

Winners and Still WCW Tag Team Champions: Brothers of Destruction via Pinfall


Paul Heyman leaves his ringside commentary position and gets into the ring. Heyman says he would like to introduce the one, the only Stephanie McMahon! The owner of ECW makes her way down to the ring. Stephanie talks about the up and coming first Alliance Pay-Per-View, InVasion. She says that a record audience at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff will witness wrestling history as the road to WrestleMania begins! Steph says she would like to announce the first match for InVasion. After X-Pac's impressive victory over Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman he has been granted a title shot! The match will be a Ladder Match!


Backstage With WCW Champion, Chris Jericho

Y2J has just arrived at the Wembley Arena and is heading to the ring to join JR and Paul Heyman for the Fatal Four-Way match, when he bumps into The Rock. Jericho says to The Rock, "move it jackass!" This does not please The People's Champion who stands exactly where he is. "I say move it! I'm the WCW Champion damn it!" To which The Rock replies, "The Rock says you should shut your mouth!" The Rock turns round and walks off, but as he walks Y2J hits him with the WCW Title!


Commercial Break


Match Three: Number One Contendership For The WCW Title Fatal Four-Way Match - Steve Austin vs Booker T vs Chris Benoit vs Triple H

There is a count down from five, the pyro goes off and the WCW Champion makes his way down to ringside and joins JR and Paul Heyman for commentary. The four superstars in the match make their way down to the ring. The match begins with Austin taking on Benoit and Booker T taking on Triple H. Booker and Austin dispose of their opponents leaving just the two of them in the ring. The two partners stare down, until Benoit gets back into the ring and they begin to double team him. The Game gets back into the ring and begins to tackle Stone Cold. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho talks about how much of a jackass The Rock is, and it's his fault for starting on him. Austin and Triple H brawl outside the ring, but back in the ring Benoit manages to lock the Crossface in on Booker T! Austin takes out Triple H, gets in the ring and breaks the hold. Back at ringside Jericho is now talking about how he is the greatest superstar in the Alliance and could beat any of the men in this match. Whilst Booker T recovers from the Crossface Austin takes on Benoit and hits the Lou Thesz Press. Benoit is now down. Triple H gets back into the ring and hits Booker T in the face with a flying knee. Triple H hits a Pedigree on Austin! He goes for the cover but Booker T breaks it up. Booker T hits the Scissors Kick on Triple H leaving the Game and Stone Cold both out cold. Benoit gets back in the ring, Booker T goes for the Book End, but Benoit counters it into a Crossface! Booker T taps! Benoit wins the match and is the number one contender!

Winner: Chris Benoit via Submission


Jericho leaves his commentary position and attacks Benoit from behind with a chair. But here comes The Rock! The Great One "Lays The Smackdown" on Jericho and hits him with a Rockbottom! The Rock is only man left standing as Nitro goes off the air.

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ECW Anarchy Rulz Live From The ExCel Centre, London!

The first ever Anarchy Rulz opens with ECW owner, Stephanie McMahon making her way down to the ring. Steph welcomes everyone to the first ever Anarchy Rulz and that tonight will re-write the wrestling history book. She announces the following matches for the show:
  • Rob Van Dam vs DDP for the Hardcore Title
  • Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz in a Tables Match
  • Kurt Angle vs Booker T for the US Title


Coach Interviews Booker T Backstage
Coach asks Booker about his views on his US Title match against Kurt Angle. The Booker Man says he would like to thank the man, Shane-O-Mac for fixing up the match and that he is gonna walk out of London with the US Title! Angle comes on to the camera to a great ovation. The Olympian says, "are you sure about that Book?" The five time WCW Champion answers, "yeah dawg! Now can you dig that sucka!" "Oh I can dig it, I can dig that I'll make you tap, oh it's true! It's true!" Angle walks off.


Match One: Hardcore Title Match: RVD(c) vs DDP
As usual RVD gets a great pop as he makes his entrance. The match starts with DDP on the attack. But RVD comes back with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Mr PPV then gets out of the ring to find some weapons, he looks under the ring and pulls out a trashcan lid. DDP climbs out of the ring and attacks RVD from behind. Page now picks up the lid and goes to hit Van Dam with it, but RVD counters and hits the Van Daminator! Cover, 1-2- no somehow DDP kicks out! The brawl outside the ring continues, but ends when DDP throws Van Dam into a ringpost and rolls him back in the ring. Page goes for the cover, but The Whole F'n Show kicks out at two. RVD goes for a Superkick, but Page catches his leg, spins RVD around and hits the Diamond Cutter! But wait a minute, Rhyno is in the ring, DDP turns around, GORE! Rhyno hits the Gore on DDP and covers RVD, 1-2-3! We've got a new Hardcore Champion!

Winner and New Hardcore Champion via 24-7 Defence Rule: Rhyno

Rhyno is now in the parking lot and has jumped into a limo, but he is thrown straight back out. Out of the limo climbs Nick Patrick and Shane McMahon! He makes the cover, 1-2-3! Shane-O-Mac wins the Hardcore Title!

Winner and New Hardcore Champion via 24-7 Defence Rule: Shane McMahon


Commercial Break


Camera on JR and Paul Heyman

JR: What a shock Paul! This will probably not go down well with your boss Stephanie McMahon, that the first match on her show was ruined by her brother who wasn't even supposed to here tonight!

Heyman: Well JR, Steph will probably be happy her brother has won the title but her first ever match in charge of ECW was ruined so she maybe a angry too!

JR: Well Steph is expected to make a major announcement for InVasion later on, so perhaps we'll find out what her views on the events of the Hardcore Title match then.

Heyman: Perhaps, but don't call her Steph, it's Ms McMahon to you!

JR: I'll call her whatever I want Paul, she's not my boss. Anyway, on to our next match...


Match Two: Tag Team Tables Match: E&C vs Dudleyz vs Hardyz
The pyro goes off and the Dudleyz make their way down to the ring. They are then followed by their opponents, E&C and the Hardyz. The match begins with the Dudleyz and Hardyz both going for Edge and Christian. E&C jump out the ring and high tail it up the ramp, but the Hardyz and the Dudleyz chase them down. The three teams battle outside the ring for a while. Edge and Christian slowly slide away from the fight and head back down to the ring to get some tables. Matt Hardy and Bubba Ray Dudley continue to fight outside the ring, but D-Von and Jeff make their way into the ring and battle it out. Matt gets into the ring and hits a Twist of Fate on an unexpecting D-Von. Christian, who is outside the ring grabs hold of Jeff's legs and pulls him out of the ring. Matt turns round and walks right into a Spear from Edge. Bubba is now in the ring and he Scoop Slams Edge. D-Von climbs to the top rope, Bubba shouts 'Wassup!' and D-Von does a Diving Headbutt to the Groin of Edge. Bubba then instructs D-Von to get the tables, which he does. While this is going on Christian is bringing a table of his own into the ring. Christian then drags Jeff Hardy into the ring. He sets Hardy up for the Impaler through the table, but Jeff counters it into a Twist of Fate! Outside the ring the Dudleyz are dealing with Matt and Edge, but back in the ring Jeff has Christian set up for a Swanton Bomb through the table, he climbs up top, and hits the Swanton! The Hardyz win!

Winners: The Hardy Boyz via Swanton Bomb through the table


Backstage In Stephanie McMahon's Office
Stephanie is sitting at her desk writing something. Shane comes running in waving his newly won Hardcore Title. Steph quickly hides whatever she was writing in a draw. Shane runs around the room celebrating his victory. As the WWF Hardcore Championship is an ECW title he asks Steph if the 24-7 defence rule can be cancelled. Steph says it will only be cancelled if Shane can win title defence in next week's Anarchy Rulz main event. Shane replies, 'yeh sure! I'm Shane-O-Mac! I can beat anyone!' Steph then says, 'OK then so next week's main event will be the Hardcore Champion, Shane McMahon vs......The Big Show!'


Commercial Break


JR and Paul Heyman Talk

JR:Oh my god!

Heyman: JR, I'd be worried about your boss if I was you, he is in serious trouble.

JR: Well personally, Paul, I couldn't give a damn about my boss!

Heyman: Look JR, you are lucky to still be in a job after the Alliance defeated your precious World Wrestling Federation at Survivor Series last year. So I wouldn't would go bad mouthing your boss if I was you!

JR: What has my employment go to do with you anyway! So can you just get on with your job and call wrestling matches!

Heyman: OK JR, whatever you say, but you don't wanna end up like Michael Cole do you?

JR: The Michael Cole situation has or had nothing to do with either me or you, so let's just get ready for the next match!

Stephanie McMahon's Music Hits

JR: Well perhaps we won't be seeing the next match for a while, as here comes ECW owner, Stephanie McMahon!

Heyman: Wow JR! Your not as thick as I thought! I mean who do you think it was gonna be, Vince McMahon?

JR: Well..

Heyman: No of course it wouldn't be! Be quiet, I wanna hear what she has to say!

Steph: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us here to see wrestling history made, I mean who would of expected the Hardyz to win and Table match? And my brother, Shane to beat Rhyno for the Hardcore Title? No one, and that's why Anarchy Rulz is a revolution in wrestling! Anyway, I'm here to make a huge announcement regarding InVasion. To make InVasion the greatest PPV of all time we need the best matches. With Billy Kidman vs X-Pac for the Cruiserweight Title all ready announced, I would like to announce another match...... So, at InVasion there will be a tournament to face Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Title! The first match will be....Kane vs Triple H! The second will be.... Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle! And the third....The Undertaker vs The Rock! The winner's of the three matches will face Stone Cold later on in the evening in a Fatal Four Way for the WWF Title!

Steph leaves the ring and heads backstage

JR: Wow! What a huge announcement!
Heyman: Yeh what a tournament, but that's three weeks away. As you always say JR, we should concentrate on the next match...


We see both Kurt Angle and Booker T making their way towards the stage, and a commercial break is taken.


Match Three: US Title Match: Kurt Angle (C) vs Booker T
Sucka hits and Booker T makes his way down to the ring. Medal hits and the US Champ makes his way down to the ring to great ovation. Angle starts off in control with his usual technical mat style. Booker T then comes back into the match with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Booker then takes control and puts Angle in the corner. He begins to chop at Angle's chest, Angle comes back into it with some chops of his own. Angle then gives the Booker Man some strong rights. Angle hits two German Suplexes on Booker, he goes for a third, but Booker counters and hits Angle with a DDT. Both men are down, referee Charles Robinson begins the 10 count. Both men are up by the count of eight. Angle swings a punch at Booker, who returns the favour, the two go toe to toe with not stop rights and lefts. Booker kicks Angle in the gut, goes against the ropes and hits the Axe Kick! He goes for the cover, 1-2-no! Angle kicks out! Booker pulls the gold medallist up and goes for the Book End, but Angle elbows him in the head and counters it into an Angle Slam! He then locks in the Ankle Lock! But Stone Cold has made his way to the ring! Austin, who hasn't been seen all night pulls Angle off of Booker T and begins to hit Angle. Booker is soon disqualified.

Winner and Still US Champion: Kurt Angle via Disqualification


Stone Cold Continues To Assault Angle After The Match
Booker slowly gets to his feet and joins in. Booker holds Angle up for Stone Cold who then delivers a Stunner to a now bloody Kurt Angle. Booker and Stone Cold celebrate in the ring, but Chris Benoit comes out of the crowd and attacks Booker T! Austin leaves the ring and heads for higher ground and watches Benoit lock the Crossface in on Booker from the stage. Angle is now up and he joins in locking the Ankle Lock in on Booker! Booker T is now feeling the pain of the Ankle Lock and the Crossface at the same time as Anarchy Rulz goes off the air...

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i didnt no you had a btb so i like it, a great idea and like the rosters great shows and keep up the good work 9/10

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Good show so far, keep up the good work mate!

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I've decided I will do this BTB when I can. It's pretty hard when you run a forum.

March 25th 2002: WCW Monday Nitro Live From The NEC Arena, Birmingham!

The pyro goes off, and JR and Paul Heyman welcome you to Monday Nitro!

JR: And what huge main event we've got for you tonight!

Heyman: Yes JR, a great match!

A graphic for the main event is shown...

JR: It's gonna be Stone Cold, Chris Jericho and Booker T vs The Rock and Kurt Angle in a handicap match!

Heyman: Correct JR, and we will finally see Rock and Angle get what's coming to them!

JR: Oh kiss my Oklahoma ass Paul! What we really wanna see is those three ego-freaks get whats coming to them! Anyway, we kick off Nitro with a huge singles match!

Heyman: Yes JR, it's gonna the highflier Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam! Rob Van Dam, held the-

JR: Is this gonna be an ECW story?

Heyman: Yes it is, he held the ECW TV Title for 23 months JR, 23, can you count to that JR?

JR: Yes I can, and anyway this is WCW Nitro, ECW is Thursday's, so could you leave this story till then.


Match One: Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy
Both men come down to the ring with huge crowd pops, especially RVD. Van Dam is really up for the match after losing his Hardcore Title on Anarchy Rulz. RVD begins in control with a few rights and a Spinning Wheel Kick. However, Jeff comes back into the match with a Mule Kick. Hardy then takes control of the match, but RVD jumps out of the ring for a breather. Jeff follows Van Dam outside and ends up being Irish Whipped into the steel steps. RVD then rolls Jeff back into the ring to break the ref's ten count. Van Dam then goes for some Rolling Thunder, but Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy then springs to the top rope and dives down with a Corkscrew onto a dazed RVD. Jeff goes for the cover, 1-2- Van Dam kicks out. Van Dam's tag partner, Tazz, who wasn't even supposed to be here tonight has now made his way down to ringside. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate out of nowhere! He goes for the cover, but Tazz is distracting the referee. Matt Hardy now comes to ringside and attacks Tazz! While the brawl is going on outside, back in the ring, Jeff is up for the Swanton! He hits it! 1-2-3! Jeff wins!

Winner via Pinfall: Jeff Hardy


Backstage With Steve Austin and Booker T
Stone Cold and Booker T are talking bout their match tonight. Stone Cold, 'I don't trust this Jericho guy.' Booker, 'Me too dawg!' Jericho walks in, 'what are you two jackasses going on about!' Austin and Booker T stop their conversation. Austin, 'what?' 'I said, what are you two jackasses on about!' 'What?' 'I'm the WCW Champion Damn It! Listen to me!' 'What?' Jericho is starting to get very annoyed by now, Shane McMahon walks in just in time to stop a fight starting. Shane, 'woah guys! What's going on here? Do you wanna beat Rock and Angle or just fight between each other? Now Steve and Chris, shake hands.' Austin and Y2J shakes hands, Shane then leaves the room. As Shane leaves Austin give Jericho the middle finger and he and Booker leave the room too.


Commercial Break


JR and Heyman talk

JR: If you are you joining us, this happened before the break...

A replay of the backstage incident is shown.

JR: A little tension between Stone Cold and Jericho, do you think this will affect our main event tonight Paul?

Heyman: Don't be stupid JR, Chris Jericho and Stone Cold Steve Austin are just competitive superstars, and rightly so, they are both Heavyweight Champions of the world, and they will fully co-operate in destroying Kurt Angle and The Rock.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen we come to you for the first time on Pay Per View in next month at WCW InVasion!

The following graphic is shown advertising InVasion.

Heyman: That's right JR, WCW InVasion will be live from the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

JR: InVasion will be an historic event and we already have an historic event main event!

The following graphic is shown advertising the main event.

Heyman: Indeed, what an amazing match it's gonna be! The King of the World, the WCW Champion, Y2J Chris Jericho takes on the Canadian Crippler, Chris Benoit!

JR: One other match has been confirmed for the event, Billy Kidman vs X-Pac for the Cruiserweight Title!

The following graphic is shown advertising the match.


Match Two: The Undertaker vs Tazz

The chimes begin and head into Rollin' as the Undertaker and Kane make their way down to the ring.

JR: Now the Tazz requested this match to prove that he and RVD are better than the Brothers of Destruction. The Deadman accepted and he is so confident that he will win, that he added a clause that states if Tazz wins he and RVD will get another shot at the WCW Tag Team Titles at InVasion.

Tazz now makes his way down to the ring and is accompanied by RVD. The pair seem to have had a disagreement after Tazz failed to help Van Dam beat Jeff Hardy earlier on in the night. Tazz gives up talking to RVD and climbs into the ring. Tazz's facial expressions so that he is not afraid of Taker and that he is gonna make sure that Deadman Inc. isn't open for business tonight. Tazz looks up and stares into the eyes of the American Badass, Tazz swings the first punch, but Taker blocks it hits some lefts and rights on Tazz. Undertaker is now in firm control of the match. Van Dam is starting to look slightly worried as his tag team partner is taking a major beating. RVD then makes a quick jump onto the apron to distract the ref, but this wakes the Big Red Machine from his sleep and he runs into the ring from the other side and takes RVD out. Kane and Van Dam trade blows outside of the ring which distracts referee Nick Patrick. Back in the ring Tazz has managed to hit a desperation Belly To Belly Suplex. With Patrick's back turned Edge & Christian jump out the crowd, grab the Tag Team belts and nail an unexpecting Tazz and a dazed Undertaker. E&C then high tail it out of the arena. Kane and RVD's battle has made it's way into the crowd. The referee is now back in the ring and has seen both Taker and Tazz down, so he begins his 10 count. He reaches ten and both men are counted out, meaning a no result.

Winner: None, both men counted out


Commercial Break


Mean Gene Okerlund Interviews Edge & Christian Backstage

Mean Gene asks E&C why they just interrupted the Undertaker vs Tazz match. Edge replies, "it's very simple Mean Gene." Christian, "yeh, very simple." Edge, "if Tazz didn't beat the Undertaker, him and RVD couldn't have a Tag Title shot, leaving a shot open for us." Mean Gene replies, "a very sinister plan Christian, but why did you attack the Undertaker too?" Christian's answer, "we just can't stand the guy. I mean really, who claims to be dead, and rides a motorcycle?" E&C walk off, but walk right into trouble and right into the Undertaker & Kane. Undertaker spits and asks, "so how are you boys? How are you five second poses? How are your match interuptions!" E&C slowly back away, and turn and run. But Taker and Kane grab their hair. But wait a minute...GORE! Out of nowhere Rhyno hits a Gore which drives both Kane and Undertaker into the interview stage!


JR and Heyman Talk

JR: Oh my god! Paul can you believe what we just saw?!

Heyman: Indeed I can JR, from the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan. the Man Beast, Rhyno, just took out the Brothers of Destruction, the World Tag Team Champions in one second. The Gore JR, the most sickening move in the history of professional wrestling.

JR: Well the Man Beast better be careful because at some point the Tag Team Champions will get there payback.


Kurt Angle, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin are shown making there way towards the entrance stage


The 'Don't Try This At Home' video package is shown.


Match Three: Handicap Match: The Rock & Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho, Booker T & Stone Cold Steve Austin

'Can You Dig It Sucka!' hits an Booker T makes his way down to the ring. Paul Heyman points out that Stone Cold and Booker have worked as a team before and this could be a major factor in the match. In the ring Booker T is awaiting the entrance of his partners and opponents. The count down begins, the pyro goes off an the WCW Champion makes his way down to the ring. Jericho taunts the crowd by sticking the WCW Title out for the crowd to touch, but as a member of the crowd goes to touch it Jericho pulls it away and kisses it. Jericho taunts the crowd on the apron and then gets into the ring. The 'Glass Shatters' and the World Wrestling Federation Champion makes his way down to the ring. Stone Cold also taunts the crowd on his entrance with a few foul words. The Texas Rattlesnake climbs into the ring and parades the WWF Title on the top rope a few times. 'Gold Medal' hits and Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop. As Angle jumps in the ring, his three opponents leave it. 'If You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin?' echoes around the arena crowd go absolutely crazy as The Rock makes his entrance. The Rock gets into the ring a climbs to of the corners, staring down his opponents as he does this. Kurt Angle and Booker T start the match, the bell rings and Angle and Booker lock arms. Angle's amateur background helps him get the better of this one and he sends Booker to the ground. Booker T gets to his feet and tags in Chris Jericho. Y2J talks trash to Angle before slapping him across the face. This did not please the Olympian who came back with some big rights. Angle then delivers an impressive Snap Suplex. He makes the cover, 1, 2, no Jericho kicks out. Angle puts Jericho in a side head lock, Jericho counters out by pushing Angle into the ropes, Y2J then goes for a Clothesline, but Angle sees it coming ducks and hits a Clothesline of his own. The Gold Medallist then goes over to his corner and tags in The Rock. Jericho hesitates and Stone Cold in his hopes to avoid The Rock. This annoys Austin , who voices his feelings towards Y2J, it looks like the tension wis already starting to build between members of this team. The Rock does not move once during the whole incident, he just keeps staring at Jericho. Stone Cold makes his way to other side of the ring and The Rock's attention turns to the Texas Rattlesnake, the two biggest superstars in the business then trade blows. Lefts, rights, JR says that we haven't seen anything like this since WrestleMania 17, but Heyman shouts at him for mentioning the WWF. Austin begins to take control of The Rock, Stone Cold uses a few of his favourite moves, including the jump on the back of the head and the Modified Elbow Drop. Stone Cold also engages in some Mudhole Stomping, JR no longer gets so excited by this Stone Cold trademark. Stone Cold continues the assault, but The People's Champion hits a desperation DDT on the WWF Champion leaving both men down. Referee Earl Hebner begins his 10 count. He gets to 8 before both men make desperation tags. Kurt Angle comes in and takes out everyone, the freshly tagged in Chris Jericho, Booker T and the back to his feet Stone Cold. As the match continues Stone Cold and The Rock make there way out of the ring. Back in the ring the numbers game is slowly beginning to take control. Booker T and Chris Jericho double team Kurt Angle. Booker tries to whip Angle into the corner, but sends him straight into the referee. Chris Jericho takes advantage of the situation and goes and gets a steel chair. Booker T holds Angle up for Jericho to hit him with the chair, but Angle ducks and Y2J smashes the chair over Booker's head! Stone Cold has dismantled The Rock by throwing him into the steel steps outside the ringand gets back into ring. He attacks Angle from behind and Angle soon returns to floor where he was before. Austin sees Booker T flat out and he asks Jericho what happened, an argument begins and it results in Chris Jericho receiving a Stone Cold Stunner. The Rock is now back to his feet and in the ring but he is laid out by Austin with the chair. Kurt Angle returns to his feet and he begins to hit Stone Cold and Austin drops the chair. The ref is slowly getting back to his feet. Angle begins to take control and hits three German Suplexs on Stone Cold. As Angle continues to take the fight to Stone Cold, Booker T slowly gets to his feet. With the ref still dazed, Booker hits a Low Blow on Angle and Stone Cold takes control and hits a Stunner. Austin then grabs the legal man, his tag team partner who he took out, Chris Jericho's arm and drags him over to Kurt Angle and puts his arm over him. The injured Earl Hebner slowly makes the count, 1.......2........3! Stone Cold, Booker and Jericho steal it!

Winners via Pinfall: Chris Jericho, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T


Stone Cold and Booker Assault Angle and Rock after the match

After the match finishes Stone Cold throws Jericho out of the ring and he and Booker assault Angle and Booker. Before the assault can get hideous, 'Play The Game' hits and the unlikeliest saviour, Triple H sprints down to the ring with Sledgehammer in hand. Booker T and Stone Cold make a quick escape and run threw the crowd. Triple H is left standing alone in the ring as Nitro goes off the air...
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